MTIU Chapter 29

Cannon Fodder Movie Emperor - What's left until the mission succeed

Kidnapping was no trivial matter. The first action Wu Siyuan took was to immediately call the police and inform them about the current situation.

At the time he was waiting for help from the police, Wu Siyuan also encountered a minor car accident. Fortunately, he was able to dodge it safely, hence aside from the driver of the said car crash, there were no other casualties.

The police originally took Qin Siyuan’s kidnapping report as him being too concerned over things, yet after the car crash, they quickly dispatched some staff to the area where He Gaoyi stayed at.

As for the driver who almost crashed his car into Qin Siyuan, other than being sent to the hospital, he was also under the police’s observation.

Soon, the entry of, #QinSiyuanInACarAccident—–climbed onto Weibo hotsearch. Wu Siyuan had to come forward directly to refute the rumor, lest some marketing account would exaggerate this into #MourningForQinSiyuan.

Be it the police or netizens, all tried their best to investigate and dig the truth for the cause of Qin Siyuan’s car accident. When the Original Owner’s parents found out about the news, they also called him in no time. That said, though they seemed like they were in rage (after hearing the news), in their opinion, it’s better not to pursue this matter further.

There was a suspect Wu Siyuan had in mind, initially. With his parents’ peculiar persuasion, however, it just became clearer, who was the mastermind behind his car accident.

In the original plot, Qin Siyuan’s parents turned a blind eye and allowed his other family members to suppress him. In this life, they actually still expected Wu Siyuan to let those people go as well. Perhaps this was the custom of some Aristocratic family or something…,

‘The Fudge, dude!?’

They just wanted to prioritize their interests upfront, fearing the infighting within the clan would damage the family business. You have no choice but to bear and endure no matter what when it comes to the family, was what they would like him to do.

However, Wu Siyuan had an inkling that if he endured this one time, there would be another. Then, would he have to tolerate their transgression every single time in the future?

At first, Wu Siyuan wondered if the reason why the Original Owner was not particularly favored by his parents in the plot was due to his inability to bring benefit to the Qin family. Yet, in this life, despite it was obvious how much benefit Wu Siyuan had brought into the Qin family, their attitude didn’t change regardless.

His treatment was indeed slightly better compared to the Original Owner in the plot, especially when he was called back to visit the Qin’s Main house. But after getting along for quite some time, although his parents might still care about their own son (Qin Siyuan), they still put family business and clansmen first and foremost.

Perhaps everything that might affect the reputation of either clan and family business was considered as something that needed to be eliminated.

Just like before, Qin Siyuan’s reputation was about to be smeared. Therefore, when Wu Siyuan back then called home for help, they immediately took action to help take care of the matter. While in the plot, since Qin Siyuan was unwilling to bow down, or perhaps his parents thought their son was too befuddled for love, his parents had decided to let him be and watch him sink deeper into the mud.

Either way, Wu Siyuan couldn’t understand the direction of their logic. This time, when Qin(Wu) Siyuan almost met a calamity, the first thing they took special attention to was to make sure everyone forgives each other and brushes the matter off. They must settle the matter privately and talk about each other’s problems cordially.

For a moment, Wu Siyuan fell into silence.

However, the next thing he did was, bluntly confessed his suspicion over certain suspects in his mind to the police.

Recently he was cleaning up some pests in his Family Companies, and perhaps some of them were dissatisfied.

Fortunately, he was fine. The only important matter left at present was He Gaoyi, who might be kidnapped and held as a hostage.

Though, if he was really taken as a hostage, Wu Siyuan wouldn’t spend a penny to redeem him either.

‘Are you kidding me? Why would I spend money on He Gaoyi? I won’t spend money on things that can’t bring me more money!’

In this case, he had to urge the police to quickly monitor He Gaoyi’s situation already.

Actually, at the time when Wu Siyuan had a car accident, the officer who was sent to monitor He Gaoyi found some suspicious people in the area. One of them matched the description on the police’s Wanted list.

So toward Wu Siyuan’s urging, they were able to reassure him that everything was under their control. In fact, exactly for this reason currently, there were fewer officers staying in the police station. Wu Siyuan’s kidnapping attempt report had incidentally helped them a lot, because they were able to find the absconder on their arrest target. He Gaoyi could be guaranteed not to fall into any harm thenceforth.

Wu Siyuan didn’t forget to repeat once again,

“It was all thanks to He Gaoyi’s boyfriend, Le Tianhua, who came to ask for my help.”

This way, the police also found Le Tianhua. He was considered an important witness in this case.


The police waited for the whole afternoon to round every suspect around He Gaoyi.

Halfway through, another particularly foolish young man actually came over and was caught having some relation with this group of thugs.

The said young man was apparently, Qin Siyuan’s cousin.

When this cousin saw Wu Siyuan after he was escorted to the police station, he couldn’t help but madly curse him. The police kicked him and dragged him in for interrogation nonetheless.

Finally, the Original Owner’s mother called Wu Siyuan again.

“I know you are unhappy, but that shouldn’t make you act arbitrarily. After all, he is your cousin, you can’t do this to him.”

Wu Siyuan chuckled before replying, “In case he succeeds, let’s guess, how many years will he be sentenced otherwise?”

There was no immediate response from the other side of the phone. Wu Siyuan then continued,

“I’m doing this for his own good. Even if He Gaoyi’s status is not as good as he used to be, he still has many fans left. If something were to happen to him, many people would have called the police for him. Tell me, at that time, what will happen to the kidnappers? On the other hand, today is settled to be just a kidnapping attempt, so they may have a lighter sentence. See, am I not doing this all for his own good?”

The Qin Mother on the other side hung up their call directly.


Le Tianhua had been distracted all day. Only after he came to the police station that he finally felt a little more at ease. And when he saw Qin Siyuan, he finally breathed a sigh of relief.

He was worried that Qin Siyuan would ignore his report.

He Gaoyi, however, after knowing the ins and out of the matter, cursed him out loud,

“Qin Siyuan, damn you!”

Wu Siyuan simply shrugged, unconcerned. He merely spread his hands and said,

“The fault lies on you. If you hadn’t spread falsehoods telling how I still love you and must be deeply in love with you all day long, how could they determine you as a target?”

He Gaoyi was at a loss, unable to refute. Wu Siyuan continued on regardless,

“If you hadn’t spent all day attempting to do this and that, this kind of thing would never happen to you. So, everyone, let’s stay honest and don’t make trouble.”

He Gaoyi gritted his teeth in anger. But then he realized that Le Tianhua was also present in the police station, so he worriedly fretted over him,

“Why did you come here? Did Qin Siyuan implicate you again? Don’t worry, I will definitely get justice for you!”

Therefore, after some wrangling, Wu Siyuan “relented” and promised to “compensate” them with a place in a Variety Show. Though, the couple must have attended together. After all, the aforementioned program was a Love Show.

He Gaoyi and Le Tianhua knew that Wu Siyuan had produced a Love Show previously. The rating and popularity of the Show were fantastic, so they quickly agreed on the “compensation“.

The two of them really dare not make any more squabble, wouldn’t dare to make trouble or joke around.

The Love Show compensated by Qin Siyuan, however, was different from the previous one. This time, it’s about a couple’s daily life, and would then be more tiring than the one before (the couple’s travel show).

That being said, since it’s Qin Siyuan’s Show, they didn’t hesitate to aim for being a salted fish in the Show (instead of tiring themselves and working hard). If they could have one reason to pit Qin Siyuan with, no matter how petty or trivial it was, they would take it!

Wu Siyuan looked at the two protagonists and felt moved. He thought,

‘Look, how easy it is to make them feel content…’

As expected, one would grow up after facing winds and rains.

Even if the protagonists had yet experienced too many things, it’s not a hurry to make them taste hardship anyway. There was still a long way to the future. Let them finish the Major event of human life first.

Wu Siyuan didn’t waste time and quickly inform the Director of the program that the couple would take part in the Show.

Thus, the protagonists’ participation in Wu Siyuan’s Love Show was fixed~


He Gaoyi’s kidnapping case was solved quietly.

After this incident, Wu Siyuan made greater efforts to clean up the remaining dissidents.

To tell the truth, Wu Siyuan didn’t have real control over the business group. The person who held absolute power was Grandfather Qin. It didn’t matter if others accused him of being too much, as long as Grandfather Qin didn’t think so, then it’s not a problem. Wu Siyuan did his clean-up duty for the second, third time, and so on, and found that Grandfather Qin really have no opinion.

This time, due to the Police’s hard work and the fact that his Cousin was easily intimidated, all of the conspirators were all exposed.

Actually, if only one person pleaded guilty, others would not all be implicated. However, in reality, several of them had to squat together inside[1]the jail.

To Wu Siyuan’s surprise, Grandfather Qin’s reaction was far neutral compared to the Original Owner’s parents.

He just glanced at Wu Siyuan and said, “Just don’t force them into a dead end.”

On another note, the driver who caused the accident kept insisting that he was just not in a good mood that day. The car crash had nothing to do with others, and neither did he deliberately intended to hit someone.

Among the countless people and cars on the street that day, incidentally, Qin Siyuan’s car type apparently was the one he disliked.

And yet, after the polices retrieved the monitoring and found there were actually 2 identical cars in the vicinity that day, the driver couldn’t give a convincing answer as to why he chose Qin Siyuan’s instead. In addition, the other car actually was closer to the driver’s position, so the question of why it had to be Qin Siyuan’s repeated over.

The driver’s words were full of errors and omissions. However, since he was still being treated in the hospital, the police couldn’t forcibly interrogate him.

Being unable to extract an honest confession didn’t stop the police from investigating the driver, however.

When they checked the driver’s relatives, they discovered a large sum of money being transferred into one of their bank accounts recently.

After tracing from various directions, it was found that the sender was the assistant of Qin Siyuan’s Third Uncle.

Unfortunately, after they apprehended the said assistant, the clue was broken at that.

The assistant confessed that he was the one who wished to make Qin Siyuan have a car accident. As for the motive, he said he hold a grudge against Qin Siyuan because he had laid off his family previously (during his taking-over of the Qin Family’s business).

The evidence, the perpetrator’s confession, and their motives were all connected rationally. The case was stopped at this knot and was unable to move forward. However, there was still a big doubt left unveiled.

Besides, the fact that Qin Siyuan’s other relatives at the same time had attempted to kidnap He Gaoyi to threaten Qin Siyuan with, caused the police to feel the car accident was unlikely to be this simple.

Wu Siyuan gladly cooperated with the police in their investigation. Though, he admitted that his Third Uncle was indeed quite cautious. Wu Siyuan couldn’t find any clue that pointed to him either.

Should there be no more clues in order to persist in the investigation, then the case had to be closed as it was.

Wu Siyuan had to add more effort to find even the smallest information, in this case.


At the next Qin family gathering, no one was in a good mood enough to put a pleasant expression on their face.

Wu Siyuan didn’t mind. He listened to the way every one of them was trying to imply something or another in their words, but he simply hear them like a passing breeze.

Speaking of which, Grandfather Qin also joined in the family gathering today. He directly expressed that he supported Qin Siyuan, which worsened not only his children’s (The Uncles and Aunts) but also the expressions of his other grandchildren. Even the Original Owner’s parents had their expressions turned uglier at this moment.

There was something Wu Siyuan seemed to just have discovered from this dinner.

The fact that Qin Father and Mother were likely, never been on their son’s side all along.

If it were the truth, then in the original plot, apart from his naivety, in the tragedy that befell Qin Siyuan, would his parents actually have their hands in it as well?

‘…What role do they play in Qin Siyuan’s life?’

The interaction between Wu Siyuan and the Original Owner’s parents was harmonious before. He even felt a trace of concern from the two of them. Therefore, Wu Siyuan considered their cold-blooded nature as just them being a capitalist who cared about their career more than kinship.

However, if Grandfather Qin’s support for him actually caused their expression to change for the worse, then the previous assumption about his parents needed to be re-considered.

In the beginning, he thought he just needed to be a tool-man who escort the protagonists to the Wedding Hall.  But now, he had no choice but to investigate the real truth of the Original Owner’s life if he wanted to live safely.

In case he had neglected some things, one day he could drop dead unknowingly, and the task would fail.

‘That won’t do…’

‘…At this time, where in the hell does that damn System go, seriously!’

Clearly, It said that the soul of the Tasker and the System were bound. If something were to happen to Its host, this damn System would also have an accident, wouldn’t It?

So how come in these two consecutive worlds there is not even a shadow of the System at all? It said It had some other work, but just what things was It so busy with for the System to ditch him here alone?

Wu Siyuan heaved a heavy sigh.

‘My life is so difficult~’

‘Forget it. Let’s set He Gaoyi and Le Tianhua to shoot the Variety Show first.’

He still had to remind their Manager[2]Wu Siyuan’s subordinate to keep an eye on them. During this critical time, he really couldn’t afford any more negative news!

As for whatever the truth or secret beyond the known plot, let’s talk about it after the Protagonist Gong and Shou acquired their Red Book[3]marriage certificate.




T/N: …Not me feeling hollow after finishing the latest volume of a novel I like, only to realize I have to wait for another 2 or 3 years for the next volume, lol. 

I just hope the Author took some vacation, relax, gain more inspiration, and..please don’t end the novel in 2 more volumes! I’m willing to wait for another 10 years, so give me at least 5 more volumes QAQ


1 the jail
2 Wu Siyuan’s subordinate
3 marriage certificate
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The Matchmaker Tool Is Uncooperative

The Matchmaker Tool Is Uncooperative

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Wu Siyuan is a tasker, bound to a self-proclaimed Cannon Fodder Supporting Actor System. His task is to be the Matchmaker Tool. They must promote and stimulate the romance development of the protagonists. The better he can promote the Protagonists romance, the better his reward would be! Wu Siyuan said, “Fine. I’ll be the Godly assist.”


Later, when the System looks at the dazzling F- at its Host’s task grade, then looking at the unrecognizable state of the CP’s romance, it finally realizes, “What kind of Godly assist have you offered?!”


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  2. What did the driver think that this sh*tty reason “I just dont like the car model so I had an impulse to hit them” would be enough for the police to not suspect him?😂 I mean, I wouldnt believe that kind of reason, and even if it was true, in a way its intentional murder, he would still be sentenced. Of course those relatives of the original owner might do something to free him or smth. Either way, its still a sh*tty reason.

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