MTIU Chapter 28

Cannon Fodder Movie Emperor - Out of Mental Hospital

Ever since they took the role of a vicious couple, He Gaoyi and Le Tianhua’s resources began to dwindle once again. The diversity of roles offers and chances to act narrowed further. Almost all the acting offers given to them afterward had similar roles, making it difficult for them to develop forward.

For 2 consecutive months, aside from some gigs and occasionally doing LIVE broadcasts, there was no drama or film to act in.

The two people felt a restlessness in their hearts, even then, they didn’t dare to quarrel with each other as they did before, lest some paparazzi photograph their fight unknowingly for the second time.

In contrast to their dire state, Wu Siyuan had a very fulfilling experience these days.

After the two protagonists were confirmed to be unable to make any more trouble, he went abroad for a vacation.

Shopping never failed to evoke delight, and shopping without minding the budget limit was especially efficacious in reducing stress.

He felt he had shouldered too much pressure this year. Being distressed about all kinds of miscellaneous troubles all day long. Worrying over He Gaoyi and Le Tianhua, afraid that they would suddenly make another scandal on the hotsearch.

The two protagonists could make a scandal about being caught kissing on the side of the road for all he cared, but they absolutely couldn’t make a headline about being caught in a quarrel!

It’s really a pity that Wu Siyuan didn’t have 3 heads and 6 arms to do multiple tasks, preventing the protagonists anytime and anywhere, and guiding them about things they should and shouldn’t do.


There would be another new drama in the TV series Wu Siyuan invested in.

After calculating the time, he thought this TV series might have suitable roles for He Gaoyi and Le Tianhua. Though, there wouldn’t be many scenes for them either.

The TV Series was called “Wedding Preparation“. It told the journey of a couple, from acquaintance to lover, and how they lived their lives afterward striving forward together for their future. To get married, they had worked hard to accumulate funds to buy a house, cars, and the like.

Especially, the preparation for important things they should do before marriage; How to meet each other’s parents, how to propose, how to prepare for the Wedding photos, even preparing for the catering and choosing the wines for the party, etc, were all included in the drama.

In this series, He Gaoyi and Le Tianhua’s roles were the Main Character’s friends. The roles were depicted to have helped the Main Characters frequently and had a good relationship with them. Their roles would have significant parts, particularly during pre and post-Wedding scenes.

Wu Siyuan felt such opportunities were great to make the protagonist Gong and Shou understood these Wedding preparations in advance. After all, it’d definitely, be of use in the near future.

The roles they got in this TV series were obviously much better than the ones in the scripts they had received prior, therefore neither He Gaoyi nor Le Tianhua felt reluctant to accept. Besides, these roles had quite a lot of scenes to play, so both of them had no dissatisfaction to speak of.

They were fed up with gigs, not only did it exhaust one’s body but the income was also unsatisfactory. These days, they felt they really couldn’t be picky with jobs anymore.

However, after the news that the two of them had entered the filming crew, a hotsearch concerning their affair emerged once again.


Those who didn’t know thought they really were going to get married, so waves of congratulatory messages flooded their Weibo.

Only after a while did they find out it was a misunderstanding. It turned out the two people actually had just joined the crew of “Wedding Preparation“.

He Gaoyi and Le Tianhua silently looked at each other. This hotsearch about them actually had almost overwhelmed the popularity of the leading Actors in the said drama.

For the protagonist Gong and Shou whose edges and corners had been smoothed out by the hard reality, this unprecedented popularity only had them worried, fearing the Leading Actors would be displeased.

Fortunately, the Main Actor and Actress in the play seemed unbothered, at least on the surface.

Wu Siyuan, being a senior Shipper that he was, naturally, didn’t forget to add another push at this time:

Keep Dating and Loving Each Other-posted:

[Even if it’s a misunderstanding before, but after filming this Wedding Preparation Series, will our HeHe and LeLe give us the real good news soon?]

Right after Wu Siyuan’s posting, a bunch of other netizens rushed to support his idea.

Honestly speaking, He Gaoyi and Le Tianhua’s popularity was not as high as it used to be. Sometimes, Wu Siyuan’s senior Shipper account on Weibo had more reactions than their official accounts.

Such a post inevitably put He Gaoyi and Le Tianhua in an awkward situation.

God only knows the complicated feeling that the two protagonists felt when they saw this post. However, the poster’s account had a lot of fans and was quite famous. Most importantly, He Gaoyi and Le Tianhua both knew this account was a Local Tyrant[1]rich and prodigal CP fan of theirs!

When they saw the remarks posted by this Local Tyrant fan, the two couldn’t help but feel a headache.

‘Do we look that affectionate to you? Can you sober up and stop overthinking things??’

‘No, actually, can’t you please pay less attention to your Idols’ private life?’

Toward these unspoken pleas of the Protagonists Gong and Shou, Wu Siyuan forthrightly said, NOPE!

One posting on Weibo was not enough. Wu Siyuan proceeded to start another lottery event, choosing lucky winners from netizens who wished the “Good News” about their CP to become true.

This Weibo thread turned out to be popular. It had been discovered by many marketing accounts, and was then lifted into the hotsearch yet again.


This time, the protagonist Gong and Shou stared blankly at each other. How they wished to blow up this doghead Local Tyrant fan!

‘What the hell do you mean by Marriage?’

‘We work in the Entertainment Industry, how stupid are you to expect an Entertainer to marry early?!’

Ever since the scandal with Liu Tianhe, He Gaoyi couldn’t help but feel a thorn in his relationship with Le Tianhua. Similarly, after constantly being scolded, and receiving He Gaoyi’s venting and violent burst, Le Tianhua was unwilling to marry him as well. This was a topic they both tacitly avoided talking about.

On the other hand, Wu Siyuan, while waving a fan in his hand, was also desperately adding firewood to heat up their feeling once again.

Today, our diligent and valiant worker-XiaoWu, was still working hard to accomplish his Task like always.


Wu Siyuan was willing to take over the Qin Family business affairs, therefore he was not being urged to go back home and quit the Entertainment Industry completely.

One Movie per year was fine.

And Wu Siyuan was starting to pick an uncomplicated Movie to act in after the production of his own Show was over.

That’s right. The main point in his selection was, It’s not difficult!

He was backed with Acting Golden Finger yet he couldn’t put away the worry if he could actually act as good as the Original Actor Qin Siyuan.

It was a fact that the Original Owner was gifted in Acting, though he was also way too ignorant for his own good. For him to actually believed He Gaoyi’s bullshit was simply a wonder. Obviously, he’d know the truth if he dared to open his eyes, unfortunately, he chose to close them instead.

In the plot, even after his complete withdrawal from the Entertainment Circle, Qin Siyuan was still in a precarious situation.

His parents only had one son, Qin Siyuan, and this son of theirs couldn’t make good achievements in the Entertainment Industry. Years of education were wasted to no avail, and he got cheated miserably by a nobody.

It’s not only the person who got taken advantage of, even his money was taken along.

If it weren’t for them being old already, they would like to abandon this candidate and start to train another one.

Though, since it was a Family Business, that also meant they had a huge Clan involved within. There were a bunch of cousins, nieces, nephews, and so on around Qin Siyuan. Since the heir apparently could be easily deceived by others, the question of whether he could properly manage their Companies was brought into being.

After some suggestions, Qin Siyuan finally was assigned to a small Company for trial. And yet, after being tricked by some of his relatives, the said small Company also lost its entire funds.

His Parents then had to support another capable young generation from the side branch outside their Main Family.

And Qin Siyuan, who had to return home, became nothing.


Wu Siyuan understood the fact that not all people had a keen business insight. However, after having oneself cheated of not only body, feelings, but also money; one ought to have some vigilance for fear of being duped once again, no?

In any case, the almighty plot of Rich Family Drama had eventually come to grace Wu Siyuan.

Wu Siyuan’s ability to do business was obvious to all, so once he returned to the Qin Family home, there was nothing to censure him with. But the aforementioned relatives who dug the pit for Qin Siyuan in the plot, were still there.

Wu Siyuan calmly listened to the eloquence of the cousin in front of him in order to entice him into a pit.

If he hadn’t seen a lot of scenes where every single person was quietly digging pits for the protagonists[2]the previous Couple, Jiang Jingtong and Shi Yuanbai in the past mission, he might have really believed this cousin’s rhetoric.

However, Wu Siyuan had seen too many of these scenes, and these people were just playing leftover tricks.

After collecting evidence, Wu Siyuan kindly sent this cousin of his, directly to the Police Station that is.

No worries, it’s not for a long stay. Just a few years. Wu Siyuan sincerely wished his cousin could reflect on the meantime, and if he wanted to complain, he might ask for his own parents’ help. Anyway, none of them had good intentions in their mind. It’s good to fight while inside. Hopefully, they would be taught to be proper human beings once they came out.

After one person was mercilessly sent to crouch in jail, the others immediately gave up since they knew there was no possibility.

As expected, however, the parents of the said cousin came to Qin Siyuan’s house to seek justice for their son—-only to receive Wu Siyuan’s ruthless counterattack. If it wasn’t for the intervention from other family members, Wu Siyuan really wanted to “take care” of this cousin’s family of his, properly.

The way Qin Siyuan let his ruthlessness be known, caused the rest of the Qin Family to start thinking otherwise.

If Qin Siyuan continued to develop while maintaining this attitude, perhaps in a short while, even the elders’ power would be taken by him!

For now, this group of people jumped out like grasshoppers in the Autumn[3]a phrase, meaning creating a nuisance. Though, this much was within Wu Siyuan’s expectation, to begin with.

In this world, Wu Siyuan didn’t have much communication with the Original Owner’s parents. Their primary objective was to have an heir. This heir should conform to their ideals. Just like how the Original Owner’s performance in the plot, who later they deemed as unfit at all. Therefore, in the original plot, after the Company that was trusted to Qin Siyuan became bankrupt, his parents were utterly disappointed with him.

Wu Siyuan was very familiar with this kind of family relation.

There was no feeling of surprise after knowing how the Qin Parents and Son got along with each other. Just keep a lukewarm relationship with them, and did what he ought to do, that’s it.


All kinds of attempts to tackle Qin Siyuan proved to have no result.

After finding out there was no chance to retaliate against him in business, the bothersome relatives began to think of some other vicious means to attack him.

They knew Qin Siyuan cherished his career as an Actor, so they decided to give him a little problem.

That being said, it turned out Qin Siyuan had not received any activities at all for the past 6 months!

If Wu Siyuan knew what they thought about, he would tell them with a helpless expression,

‘What kind of Movie do you want an amateur like me to shoot? I’ll be embarrassed if the Director actually is satisfied with the product of this half-assed Actor.’

Still, the relatives didn’t give up and keep trying to look for Qin Siyuan’s weakness.

It was this time that they finally directed their gaze at He Gaoyi. They wasted no time and quickly contacted Le Tianhua to deal with his so-called “Rival” in love (Qin Siyuan).

Here goes the plan;

They would kidnap He Gaoyi. Afterward, they’d threaten Qin Siyuan to compromise about some matters, thus forcing him to give up some benefits, or something and another. It’d be best if they could also use this chance to deal with Qin Siyuan personally. Anyway, that’s the plan.

However, Le Tianhua actually looked at these relatives as if he was looking at some mentally retarded people.

He felt that this group of people might actually be the escaped patients from some nearby mental hospital. Even if they were Qin Siyuan’s family, that didn’t mean they could shirk away from treatment!


‘Excuse me, these people actually think He Gaoyi, that He Gaoyi, to be Qin Siyuan’s weakness??’

In fact, Le Tianhua might have thought the same if it was a few months ago. But today even if he was threatened to believe, he still wouldn’t believe it!

Not only did the idea was ridiculous enough, but they even planned to kidnap He Gaoyi to threaten Qin Siyuan with. Wasn’t this actually pushing He Gaoyi to join the queue of reincarnation early?[4]a.k.a death

Even if he resented He Gaoyi’s cruelty; how that guy had once told him he would love him for the rest of their life, yet when their economic condition worsened, He Gaoyi actually dared to resort to violence with him; even so, Le Tianhua’s resentment was not enough to wish for He Gaoyi’s death.

The people seeking him today were clearly not your usual normal people. If Le Tianhua were to refuse their cooperation he might not be able to leave here unscathed. But if he agreed to let them kidnap He Gaoyi, it’d really cost someone their life.

For the first time, Le Tianhua prayed in earnest for his acting skill to be flawless enough to deceive these mentally ill people.

He recalled how Qin Siyuan recorded his failed scheme before, and just as he wanted to follow his action, he was warned by these psychotic people,

“What do you want to do?”

Le Tianhua could only reply with, “I want to exchange contact information with you. This kind of thing can’t be solved in an instant, right? There must be further instruction to convey later.”

Qin Siyuan’s Uncle thought inwardly, musing that this no-name celebrity was too simple and could be easily deceived, so he just laughed and allowes Le Tianhua to cooperate with their plan better.


After leaving the meeting place, Le Tianhua quickly called He Gaoyi and told him not to trust anyone, because someone wanted to deal with him. On the other side, He Gaoyi, who still wanted to ask questions, had already been hung up by Le Tianhua.

Afterward, Le Tianhua found the contact information of Qin Siyuan’s assistant and proceeded to call Wu Siyuan,

“Qin Siyuan, please take care of your patients!”

“…Patients?” Wu Siyuan was dumbfounded. For all he knew, Grandfather Qin was still safe and sound in the nursing home.

“Several people who claimed to be your Uncle and your relatives came to me and said they want to kidnap He Gaoyi, to teach you a lesson and curb your arrogance! So please, take them to see a Doctor quickly!”

To say it exaggeratedly, the whole world knew Qin Siyuan had nothing but enmity left toward both He Gaoyi and Le Tianhua, yet the so-called family members actually were ignorant of it!

Those people didn’t dress like they had no money on their hands, yet they still didn’t know trivial things that could be known by casually searching through the internet. In addition, they had been talking to Le Tianhua normally, but at some point, they would often  have a sudden burst of anger out of nowhere. No matter where you looked at it, they resembled more and more like the patients from a mental hospital!

After Le Tianhua successfully told Wu Siyuan about the general situation, he hung up the call.

Now, even if Qin Siyuan wanted to ignore their matters, for the sake of his good reputation, he couldn’t possibly stay idle.

Exactly. Wu Siyuan was indeed furious.

‘What the hell! If you guys have something to say, just come and confront me outright! Why do you have to go and bother my Task’s objectives?!’

Poor his protagonists Gong and Shou, with Wu Siyuan here, they already had enough in their hands. So what are these relatives trying to join the fun for?!



1 rich and prodigal
2 the previous Couple, Jiang Jingtong and Shi Yuanbai
3 a phrase, meaning creating a nuisance
4 a.k.a death
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The Matchmaker Tool Is Uncooperative

The Matchmaker Tool Is Uncooperative

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Wu Siyuan is a tasker, bound to a self-proclaimed Cannon Fodder Supporting Actor System. His task is to be the Matchmaker Tool. They must promote and stimulate the romance development of the protagonists. The better he can promote the Protagonists romance, the better his reward would be! Wu Siyuan said, “Fine. I’ll be the Godly assist.”


Later, when the System looks at the dazzling F- at its Host’s task grade, then looking at the unrecognizable state of the CP’s romance, it finally realizes, “What kind of Godly assist have you offered?!”


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