MTIU Chapter 25

Cannon Fodder Movie Emperor - Gold will always shine like Golds...if you were one, that is

The publicity of “The Fox’s Tale” was already well-planned, even then, the promotion brought by He Gaoyi and Le Tianhua’s Shippers was actually better than the Official ones.

It’s indeed all thanks to their support. The original novel “The Fox’s Tale” was initially thought to be difficult to make an adaptation for. There were a lot of questions regarding the logic of the original work. And those rhythms brought by those CP fans online actually tempted the audiences to look forward to the adaptation instead.

It was widely known that Qin Yingdi had spent quite a sum of money on this Movie project. From Actors to the Set, and of course Costumes, they were all made according to the resplendence description of the Original Work.

That’s good news for the audiences, though, whether the adaptation could be successfully presented or not was still a wonder.

On the other hand, since Wu Siyuan brought He Gaoyi’s CP Fans to go wilder, even Liu Tianhe’s reputation was impacted and had been deteriorating ever since.

In all honesty, Wu Siyuan didn’t really do anything particular. He simply brought the CP fans to stand up, it was them who started rushing in various directions by themselves. In this way, Wu Siyuan merely shook his head helplessly,

‘Nowadays, CP Fans are simply too easy to get brainwashed and led around~’

Wu Siyuan’s status among the CP fans was that of an aloof, honorary Elder in the pack. He didn’t manage or took charge of the group, just simply popping out once in a while to deliver some more brainwashing, completed by sending out red envelopes and gifts. Even so, he was deeply loved by He Gaoyi and Le Tianhua’s Shippers!

For example, at this time, in the Movie shot by Liu Tianhe, only Le Tianhua was chosen to partake in it, much to most fans’ dissatisfaction.

They’re obviously a Couple Team, how could Le Tianhua abandon He Gaoyi and act in a movie alone?

Le Tianhua was a mere stunt man, it’s baffling for him to suddenly get a Third Male Lead role in a Movie.

The CP Fans were dissatisfied, they rushed to question Liu Tianhe, protesting why didn’t he recruit He Gaoyi along with Le Tianhua.

Besides, in addition to being a couple with Le Tianhua, He Gaoyi’s acting skills were also exceptional. Therefore, it’s simply unfair not to put the two of them together!

Originally, Liu Tianhe didn’t have any intention to respond to the netizen’s urging. However, due to sudden impulse or God knows what, he actually replied to the accusation,

[“Does Le Tianhua have to be tied up with others? He’s an independent individual. Nobody can’t do without anyone. Gold will never fail to shine its luster!”]

Wu Siyuan was the first person to screenshot this posting and forward it to the CP Fans group.

Love each other-Big Brother posted:

[What does this stinky old man mean?! [Image.jpg]]

FYI, Liu Tianhe was not that old. He’s only in his forties. Yet, due to the bad impression he gave in the previous investment incident, Wu Siyuan’s perception of him couldn’t help but keep getting worse. Even if he’s rather young, but his brain definitely wasn’t!

There were some fans who liked Liu Tianhe and were not a fan of Le Tianhua. In this case, they couldn’t wait to support their favorite Director.

[I believe in Director Liu’s vision.]

[Some people are really funny. Your Idol wants to have some job, but that doesn’t mean Director Liu should cater to his needs.]

Afterward, another different comment appeared,

[I heard that Liu Tianhe originally looked for Qin Yingdi to invest in this project.]

[The quality of the Movie shot by Director Liu is guaranteed.  Looking for Qin Yingdi must have been out of courtesy, to give him a chance to make a fortune. Pity, that Qin Siyuan is unwilling to invest. Just wait, he’ll definitely regret his decision.]

[That said, right now, it seems like the project invested by Qin Yingdi, “The Fox’s Tale”, looks quite amazing.]

[Are you sure? Can the Actors selected by Qin Siyuan be compared to that by Director Liu?]

[In any case, I’m honestly a bit expectant of the final product.]

Backed by the mess stirred by the CP fans, netizens suddenly realized Le Tianhua’s role as the Third Male Lead was a bit unusual.

For whom did Liu Tianhe do this? It’s not like he never came out in person before, but at that time, it was because the problem was almost beyond saving. He had to come out in consideration of the Actor’s Company or some other important reason. Basically, he had never done this kind of endeavor.


Wu Siyuan rubbed his chin, ‘This won’t do.’

The progress shouldn’t be this fast. He couldn’t help but feel somehow troubled.

‘When your Daddy[1]It’s from the joke: Call me Dad!—referring to the superior/upper position party as Dad/Father/Daddy feels unhappy, this Gold Father[2]a joke since WSY is an investor, so he’s giving money to others, in other words: Gold Father of yours must vent his annoyance.’

Wu Siyuan immediately checked the recent investments and the related companies. After finding out the one who ended up investing in Liu Tianhe, he set his sights on the said investor.

There’s another investment Company under Qin Siyuan’s name. It was his family who forcibly shoved the responsibility into his hand, and Qin Siyuan never paid any attention to it. It was only after Wu Siyuan came to this world, that he began to study and take over these Companies with great care.

There’s nothing happier than making money, and nothing more pleasing than not having to work as an Actor!

Being an Actor was simply dreadful for Wu Siyuan, he kept recalling the stress of being dominated by the Director before. Obviously, he could collect money while lying down, why did he have to work his ass off, acting every day? Was his daily acting in front of those CP fans not good enough?

Anyway, he eventually found the investor, which turned out to be Liu Tianhe’s friend. Since this person helped the enemy, then it’s simple, it mean he’s not in his own Camp.

The investor recently invested in a project, and the plan was submitted to his investment Company. So, Wu Siyuan politely rejected this promising project.

This project was something that needed to be done in urgency and required a hefty sum of money. While it may look promising, actually once the upcoming National Policy came down, it’s going to get frozen all over. After all, not long ago, Wu Siyuan was informed of the latest news about the trend of relevant policies.

On the surface, this investment was too risky whereas the returns weren’t worth the effort. But underneath,

‘Wasn’t this clearly tailored to target this Gold Father?’

That said, after the investor knew that his plan was rejected, he blew up and scolded Qin Siyuan as a petty and stingy person.

Wasn’t it just because of some unknown celebrity?! Was it necessary to hold a grudge to this extent and even implicate him? Qin Siyuan shouldn’t mix his private grievances with public matters, right?

Other parties saw the ending of this one investor, and their hearts that were still around the corner[3]fickle, still has the intent to test bottom-line were immediately settled.

He Gaoyi and Le Tianhua were indeed becoming popular recently, however, they’re still not worth the shot. Compared to Qin Siyuan as well as his huge backing in the name of the Qin Family, it’s really not worth gambling over some little income.

At first, the staff in Wu Siyuan’s investment Company didn’t understand either. Was it really worth it to reject some promising project due to personal grievance?

Even so, ever since Wu Siyuan took over the Company properly, they had been working and following him obediently, so they dare not say anything. Besides, Qin Yingdi didn’t seem to care whether he was raking profits or not.

But a month later, they realized Wu Siyuan’s decision was really worth it!

A sudden Industrial reorganization, accompanied by the implementation of new policies, came crashing down like a wave. And that Investor’s project was also washed away along with a lot of assets involved.

Let’s not mention any profit, even being able to reduce the loss to a minimum was considered lucky.

At this time, everyone looked at Wu Siyuan with a different gaze:

‘What the hell is wrong with this guy! With this business acumen, what kind of Actor is he still going to be?!’

It’s not like being an Actor was bad, but if it was just about money couldn’t you do it in your Company? Wasn’t it easier to make money through business?


Finally, “The Fox’s Tale” produced by Wu Siyuan, and “The Blue Sky” directed by Liu Tianhe, would hit the screen simultaneously.

[Ohhh! This, this is really…! The two have been compared since the production time, and now, they can finally compete for a head-on!]

[Based on the Movie preview, “The Fox’s Tale” has already won. As long as the Actors and the plot are not a bummer, it won’t be bad generally.]

Both Movies were released on the same day. It was not only Wu Siyuan who was concerned about it, but the media were paying attention to this topic as well.

Soon, reviews for both Movies came out.

The premiere audiences and the media were all vigorously sharing their reviews on one Movie in particular, “The Fox’s Tale” that is.

On the contrary, what kind of loser did “The Blue Sky” end up getting stamped with?

The CGI was rubbish.

The Costumes and Props couldn’t be more inferior compared to those in “The Fox’s Tale“.

Most importantly, what kind of acting did those Actors have?

To be precise, the so-called Gold who’ll always shine like Gold, a.k.a Le Tianhua, what the hell, even some third-rate Actor was better than him!

Such a result, naturally led everyone to wonder about the real relationship between Liu Tianhe and Le Tianhua.

Before the Movie was released, Liu Tianhe was already in controversy, and now, it’s just gotten even worse.


What about Wu Siyuan? Well, he was currently calculating the Box Office, counting the money they would get after.

On the 1st day of screening, they had recovered most of the funds.

The next day, they started to make a profit.

And the final Box Office reached up to 3 Billion Yuan[4]Around $450 Million. In reality, 3 Billion Yuan in revenue means, it will enter the Top 10 highest-grossing Movies in CN, much to Wu Siyuan’s surprise!

It had to be remembered that their project was a Xianxia Movie, not a Sci-Fi Blockbuster or Patriotism Movie[5]Top 10 of CN’s highest-grossing Movie are indeed dominated either by Sci-Fi, Comedy, or Patriotism. See More Here, yet they still reached this astonishing amount.

In contrast, Liu Tianhe’s “The Blue Sky” was fortunate enough to recover its funds, as for how many profits it earned, well, forget it.

Such a beautifully concluded battle, needless to say, drove Qin Siyuan’s fans to mock Le Tianhua harder.

[At first, I want to step on Qin Siyuan…alas, I failed.]

[Now, I want to be like gold, it’s true that Gold will always have its luster…alas, it turns out I’m not Gold.]

[I’m Just a bed bug who lived by sucking other people’s blood~]

Le Tinhua was ridiculed so badly that he didn’t dare to show up.

Right now he really wished to go by himself and stay away from He Gaoyi! His once gentle and caring boyfriend had changed for the worse. No more coaxing, right now He Gaoyi only knew how to vent his anger. Whenever something went slightly wrong, he’d definitely shirk the blame and vent his fury.

But the worst of it, they couldn’t get rid of each other.

They could only find jobs if they were paired as a couple!

Le Tianhua originally hoped his project with Liu Tianhe would be his shortcut, unfortunately, hope and reality were like Heaven and Hell.

Liu Tianhe kept telling him that he had more sense and ability compared to Qin Siyuan in acting. Even if he wasn’t as well-known as Qin Siyuan right now, he could make a name for himself in no time.

But the result? Well…


Wu Siyuan ignored the two Protagonists for the time being.

After the Movie result came out, it was meaningless to add more stampede to the already flattened people.

His Love Show was about to start. It’s not a LIVE broadcast but was close to Reality Show.

A few couples went out to have a  Trip without any deliberate drama.

But of course, some inevitable conflicts between couples were there to embellish the Show. Some noisy arguing, or some minor disagreements. But in the end, everything would be settled down peacefully.

Wu Siyuan simply shrugged.

Traveling with other people could never escape from minor to major conflicts.

It’s not just between couples, even between friends some disagreement would pop out. One wanted to head to the East, and the other was eager to go to the West. If it were a 1-day journey, no doubt, it’s going to be a huge mess.

Fortunately, the real married couples Wu Siyuan had invited to the Show were not a plastic-business only-couple. They would quarrel from time to time, but it’d also be over in no time.

On the contrary, their adorable quarrels increased the fun of their trip and gave the audience more amusement.

Wu Siyuan could even confidently say that these couples would unfailingly gain a new wave of fans after filming his Show. After all, his Tourism Show had displayed their other sides and unearthed some trivia. Their previous formal image might collapse, albeit on a good note.

Wu Siyuan was optimistic about this Show. Not only for money but also for his own important Task.

Aside from brainwashing in the CP Weibo Super Topic and the CP Fan group, he could only advance slowly to finish his Task.

Having said that, Wu Siyuan felt he had contributed quite a lot to the Protagonists’ romance up to this day.

For example,

His Talent Show helped the Protagonists to reduce several rivals in love at once.

Those fresh young men had changed their fate from being either He Gaoyi’s younger brothers or Le Tianhua’s admirers.

See, didn’t he work hard enough and even gain some achievements by the way?

That’s it!

‘After my System come back, let’s apply for another bonus like the last time to the Main God!’



1 It’s from the joke: Call me Dad!—referring to the superior/upper position party as Dad/Father/Daddy
2 a joke since WSY is an investor, so he’s giving money to others, in other words: Gold Father
3 fickle, still has the intent to test bottom-line
4 Around $450 Million. In reality, 3 Billion Yuan in revenue means, it will enter the Top 10 highest-grossing Movies in CN
5 Top 10 of CN’s highest-grossing Movie are indeed dominated either by Sci-Fi, Comedy, or Patriotism. See More Here
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The Matchmaker Tool Is Uncooperative

The Matchmaker Tool Is Uncooperative

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Wu Siyuan is a tasker, bound to a self-proclaimed Cannon Fodder Supporting Actor System. His task is to be the Matchmaker Tool. They must promote and stimulate the romance development of the protagonists. The better he can promote the Protagonists romance, the better his reward would be! Wu Siyuan said, “Fine. I’ll be the Godly assist.”


Later, when the System looks at the dazzling F- at its Host’s task grade, then looking at the unrecognizable state of the CP’s romance, it finally realizes, “What kind of Godly assist have you offered?!”


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