MTIU Chapter 24

Wu Siyuan knew that He Gaoyi and Le Tianhua had begun to work hard once again, but he didn’t try to suppress them. But instead, he continued his rotten[1]His bad intention, also perhaps insinuating how he was corrupting people to become He Gaoyi’s BL Shipper tricks as he did in the last world.

These days, individual fans couldn’t support him anymore. He Gaoyi who only had CP fans to rely on finding jobs, had no choice but to continue maintaining his current relationship.

Le Tianhua had no good time either. The previous schemes were first proposed by He Gaoyi. But in the end, it was him who had to suffer all the backlash.

He was also fed up with He Gaoyi’s cold violence recently. However, since the emergence of the two’s CP fans, they were bound tightly together with no way to escape.


Wu Siyuan didn’t care about the two Protagonists working hard and appearing on some TV stations together. Besides, not every TV station had his sponsorship. He really didn’t mind their re-exposure at all.

However, when Le Tianhua actually dared to rub off his popularity, Wu Siyuan wouldn’t sit still either.

There were several attempts to hype his presence using his previous identity as Qin Siyuan’s Stand-In. Afterward, the remark of “Little Qin Siyuan” started to appear in the media.

Though, it got ruthlessly suppressed soon after, and eventually, Le Tianhua no longer dared to use Qin Siyuan to promote himself.

In the face of absolute Capital, all calculations fell through!


The popularity of the Talent Show, “Imperfect Boy”, kept soaring. Wu Siyuan was naturally in a good mood. Along with his high spirits, the treatment of his employees, of course, improved as well.

The salary was increased, the welfare had improved, and the staff had only one job, producing the program more attentively.

Even the winner of the second round of auditions was given a newly launched jewelry[2]Qin Family’s jewelry brand by Wu Siyuan. There were merely 1,000 sets of this jewelry produced, and this boy could have one of them!

The person who got first place in the second round was called Xi Binbin, an independent contestant.

At first, he was still pondering on which Company should he sign with in the future, only to be frightened by Wu Siyuan’s generous reward falling from the sky.

A lot of people have been asking him about his future plans lately. Several prominent Entertainment Companies had also offered him to sign with them. Truth be told, Xi Binbin was having a hard time deciding.

However, Qin Siyuan’s sudden gift had given him new enlightenment.

So far in this Talent Show, he could see that Qin Yingdi was a generous person. If he were to sign into his Company, Qin Yingdi would definitely take care of him properly.

But Qin Yingdi had also previously stated that he wouldn’t force the contestants to choose a Company. He wouldn’t restrict anyone from winning the Talent Show just because they didn’t have a contract with him. Therefore, Xi Binbin had more time to observe and decide carefully.


On another note, Wu Siyuan’s new Variety Show, which focused to show the sweetness of love had begun to recruit staff. The locations had been chosen and the Director had also been decided.

Due to the popularity of “Imperfect Boy“, the Director trusted Qin Siyuan’s vision in this new Show.

Several married couples celebrities were also contacted by Wu Siyuan. After receiving Wu Siyuan’s guarantee, they were willing to travel in public.

Without any script, having no particular mission, it’s really a pure trip of several loving couples. Simply put, it’s just producing dog food[3]showing off affection and stuffing them into the audience.

This show was one of Wu Siyuan’s future plans. After this Love Travel was successfully produced, he would then start his next program.


These days, Wu Siyuan was keeping an eye on He Gaoyi and Le Tianhua, other than monitoring their movement, he had also marked those TV Stations they went to on his blacklist of sponsorship.

The two protagonists were reviving from their slumped state, there was even a huge influx of CP fans coming in. Some of the TV stations wanted to test Qin Siyuan’s attitude naturally. However, Wu Siyuan was true to his words, and even directly stopped the cooperation with those who had his advertisement originally.

His Family Company’s products needed to maintain their advertisement, but it was unnecessary to promote them so frequently either.

Besides, there were a lot of TV Channels nowadays. Even if there was one less TV station they could put their advertisement on, it was no big deal.

Recently, Wu Siyuan was also keen on investing in TV dramas and movies. He was also adamant in his rule, refusing to invest any of them that had even the shadow of He Gaoyi or Le Tianhua.

He Gaoyi and Le Tianhua were on the blacklist of Wu Siyuan’s investments. Naturally, the Qin Family Company followed in his footstep and directly bypassed anything related to the two of them.


Imperfect Boy” finally reached the 4th stage. There were not many contestants left on the scene.

At this time period, a Director suddenly began to contact Wu Siyuan,

“Siyuan, I heard that you have been interested in investment these days.”

Wu Siyuan didn’t deny it. “What’s the matter?”

The Director continued, “There’s a project lacking in investment. Qin Yingdi, are you interested?”

Wu Siyuan recalled the original plot. This Director seemed to appreciate Le Tianhua quite highly and had been supporting him all the way.

Comparing the plot to the information collected by his subordinates, it looked like this Director, Liu Tianhe, had already contacted Le Tianhua to join his Movie crew.

Wu Siyuan let out a chuckle. “Director Liu sounds like he’s a bit unclear about my investment requirements.”

Liu Tianhe was silent for a while.

“Qin Yingdi, why bother to pursue small things so persistently?”

Wu Siyuan snorted coldly. “Are you here to teach me what I should and shouldn’t do?”

Lu Tianhe wanted to say more, but Wu Siyuan directly hung up their phone call.

Afterward, Wu Siyuan called his subordinate,

“Regarding Liu Tianhe’s future plans, let’s put him on the same treatment as He Gaoyi.”

After explaining the new command, Wu Siyuan studied his next script.

Wu Siyuan intended to reduce the frequency of acting, but it’s necessary to maintain his job as an Actor as well. After all, what if just like in the previous world, the Original Owner suddenly returned? What should he do when he found the painstaking career he built was gone?

Wu Siyuan felt he was really a busy man.

The Qin family thought he was finally willing to return home and inherit the Family business. In this way, they had also started to let him take over some parts of their business.


On Liu Tianhe’s side, encountering Wu Siyuan’s rejection, he directly vented to the crew,

“This Qin Siyuan is too narrow-minded!”

The Assistant Director and the Editor on the side glanced at each other, there was no need to speak out loud.

It’s fine to be generous, but why did you have to blame the victim as narrow-minded for refusing to be generous?

Wasn’t it normal for the victim to refuse to support the perpetrator? Why should Qin Siyuan have to invest in Le Tianhua?

They shifted their gaze at Le Tianhua on the other side, who was amazingly able to coax and appease the enraged Liu Tianhe.

His logic was even more amazing, for him to dare propose to Liu Tianhe about asking Qin Siyuan for investment. Did he still have a face to ask?

Le Tianhua tried to comfort Liu Tianhe,

“Director Liu, you are so capable. Even if Qin Yingdi refused to invest in your project, there must be others who will be willing to do so.”

“He will regret it.” Liu Tianhe clenched his fist and swore.

It was the first time he got hung up on the phone in a humiliating way. It had to be said that in the Entertainment Industry, he was actually someone with considerable status in the circle!


Wu Siyuan, however, was currently checking his recent investment projects, as well as the progress of the adaptation of the IPs he had bought earlier.

Coincidentally, there’s a movie that’s quite similar to that of Liu Tianhe’s current project. At first, he didn’t plan to spend a lot of expenditure on this one, that being said, Wu Siyuan suddenly smirked and announced,

“Let’s do our best in this project. Find a good screenwriter, and we have to make this movie into a blockbuster!”

With the order and the increase of funds, The Xianxia Movie “The Fox’s Tale” immediately formed the shooting crew.

Wu Siyuan’s expectation was higher, naturally, the costumes and scenes should be planned well. Once again, the budget was increased by Wu Siyuan.

Zhu Chi who had just been eliminated in the “Imperfect Boy” late stage, and had quickly signed a contract with Wu Siyuan’s Company, was also hurriedly ushered to the Movie crew.

As for the Movie protagonists, Wu Siyuan invited two notable Actors, who had nothing to do with Le Tianhua, to act in the Movie.

Well, actually, these two Actors could have been related. In the original plot, these two were the Villain camp. Le Tianhua felt the two Actors looked down on him and was aggrieved subsequently. After the fans knew about this matter, needless to say, the two Villainous Actors immediately faced cyber violence for a long period of time.

In this case, Wu Siyuan really had confidence in working with these two people.

On the contrary, Zhu Chi, who should have been a passerby who had never appeared in the original plot, someone Wu Siyuan thought would have no problem, actually had an unexpected identity in his Douban’s[4]Similar to Reddit or Quora fake account.

‘Good guy. Isn’t this account Le Tianhua’s brainless fan in the original plot!?’

His Douban Account was one of those who were posting on Douban and repeatedly stepping on Qin Siyuan who had even quit the Entertainment Industry in the original plot.

At this moment, for the first time, Wu Siyuan felt his career might have faced a setback.

‘It’s impossible! My vision on how to judge people shouldn’t be wrong!’

Even if wanted to get angry, he was unable to do so after looking at Zhu Chi’s desperate face, whenever he couldn’t hand in his homework in time, ever since he was busy taking acting classes.

Zhu Chi understood that Wu Siyuan’s new movie project was of great significance. After all, Le Tianhua and Liu Tianhe were simply too shameless. They actually had the face to ask for Qin Yingdi’s investment, and still wanted to harm him afterward.

Even if Zhu Chi’s Major was in line with his career, he was still a newcomer. He had not been developed properly. Afraid of not being able to play his supporting role, Zhu Chi had been trying to go to the appointed classes and finally got some results, though the homework he handed over was not perfect.

Looking at Qin Yingdi‘s grim expression lately, Zhu Chi suddenly assured him,

“Boss, I promise to do a good job in the filming and slap that shameless Le Tianhua! Our crew is full of talented people, we will definitely surpass the movie made by that old fart Liu Tianhe.”

Wu Siyuan was surprised.

‘Awesome! It seems like my vision is good after all. As expected of me, there’s no corner I couldn’t pry![5]prying a corner: recruiting or turning other’s supporter/subordinate for one’s own


Liu Tianhe had been looking for investment. However, the investors were unwilling to offend the Qin Family behind Qin Siyuan. So, they chose to avoid any conflict.

In the end, a good friend of Liu Tianhe gritted his teeth and helped him by investing some money. Even then, the budget had to be reduced by half. Everything had to find a cheap replacement. It didn’t meet Liu Tianhe’s initial expectations at all.

Due to the low cost, a lot of special effects were made in a perfunctory. The Actor’s payment couldn’t be cut off, as well as some hardware equipment. After everything, they could only reduce another budget on costumes.

If there’s a specific control group, between Liu Tianhe’s crew and Wu Siyuan’s crew, just based on the costumes worn by the Actors, was like a comparison between an outer disciple[6]the lowest tier of disciples in a Sect and an inner disciple[7]the privileged class who are taught by respectable Masters in the Xianxia setting.

In addition, there’s also the performance of the Movie crew as a whole.

At first glance, Liu Tianhua’s movie crew was one word; shabby.

After Wu Siyuan found out about the investigation, he breathed a sigh of relief.

In this Xianxia play, their first showdown, He won.

Next, should be the matter of the plot and the Actor’s performances.

After the gossip about these 2 productions came to light, many people began to look forward to these two movies.

Wu Siyuan was forthright in funding, the Actors were also professional. He was paying attention to this project closely, therefore no one dared to waste time. The progress of the filming was nearly a month faster than expected. Wu Siyuan was able to save a lot of money in return.

He was greatly satisfied and threw all the saved funds for publicity!


Imperfect Boy” had just ended.

There were 2 finalists who, in the original plot, should have been He Gaoyi’s loyal younger brothers[8]followers who were chosen in the produced boyband.

It didn’t matter, because today, they were Qin Siyuan’s supporters instead!

They hadn’t had any friendship with He Gaoyi, and their current status was even higher than He Gaoyi could give them in the original plot. As long as they didn’t voluntarily seek death, create any scandal, or be revealed to have bad conduct in private, they could walk confidently for a long period, by boarding Wu Siyuan’s big ship.

It’s also worth mentioning that currently, the artists of Wu Siyuan’s Company directly or indirectly implied they have no good feelings for both He Gaoyi and Le Tianhua.

Everyone knew that Le Tianhua apparently persuaded Director Liu Tianhe to ask Qin Yingdi to invest in the movie he was participating in. The audacity of this person was truly astounding.

On another note, Wu Siyuan’s newly produced movie “The Fox’s Tale” had passed the review. Similarly, Liu Tianhe’s movie finished at the same time. They cut a large section of plots, simply due to the funding issues. That’s why their production was completed a lot faster.

Wu Siyuan was delighted when he knew of this matter.

He thought, ‘Perhaps after this movie becomes unsuccessful, Le Tianhua will also lose a backer. Therefore, he will have to continue working in pairs with He Gaoyi?’

After all, it was a bit strange that Le Tianhua worked alone without He Gaoyi’s participation in this movie.

In any case, Wu Siyuan couldn’t wait to see the next development of the two protagonists!




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1 His bad intention, also perhaps insinuating how he was corrupting people to become He Gaoyi’s BL Shipper
2 Qin Family’s jewelry brand
3 showing off affection
4 Similar to Reddit or Quora
5 prying a corner: recruiting or turning other’s supporter/subordinate for one’s own
6 the lowest tier of disciples in a Sect
7 the privileged class who are taught by respectable Masters

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