MTIU Chapter 21.2

Cannon Fodder Movie Emperor - I'll let you know the feelings of being a despised Rat

Le Tianhua was currently curling on the bed, the shame made him want to find someplace to crawl and hide. The audacity of these people to break into a private room was beyond him. There was not a single thread on his body, and he didn’t dare to move around. He pulled the quilt with a tightening grip, afraid that it’d slide down.

He Gaoyi was also admonishing these reporters angrily. “Breaking into a private room and taking pictures without any consent is against the law! What the hell is with this Hotel management? They shouldn’t let irrelevant parties enter casually!”

Wu Siyuan interjected at this time, “Upstairs, I experienced the same situation not long ago. They directly rushed into my private room, just like they did right now. I wonder who called these reporters to come here. Do you think perhaps there’s a problem with this Hotel in the first place?”

The video cameras shooting for the LIVE broadcast were originally focused on Le Tianhua and He Gaoyi. But now listening to Qin Siyuan’s words, the cameramen awkwardly avoided any contact with his eyes.

Wu Siyuan continued, “By the way, the purpose of my visit is to ask He Laoshi for an explanation. When you confessed to me last night, didn’t you state that you were single?”

Then, shifting his gaze in the direction of Le Tianhua he added, “So, did you get a boyfriend right after your confession fail?”

He Gaoyi clenched his back molars and said with a dark face, “That’s right!”

Wu Siyuan nodded and threw another question, “I haven’t seen the situation on Weibo or other online platforms yet, but early in the morning, I was blocked and questioned by these reporters, regarding the claim about me being a Mistress. So, this young man is your boyfriend whom you broke up with hastily and also reconciled with overnight?”

“…Yes.” He Gaoyi could only continue to admit this ridiculous premise, otherwise, he would be regarded as cheating.

“Your ex, or currently has become your boyfriend once again, apparently let out an accusation about me suppressing him in the crew, as well as claiming that I have induced you to confess. Can you tell me what exactly is going on?” Wu Siyuan fixed his gaze at the two people solemnly.

“He Laoshi, I have never asked you to act nicely to me, nor did I ever take the initiative to order you around, similarly no one was forcing you to confess to me either. Why don’t we see the monitor in the production crew to confirm the truth?”

He Gaoyi took a deep breath. “No need, that’s all done on my own accord.”

He had to admit those words and couldn’t help glaring at Le Tianhua after. A waste who couldn’t accomplish anything but cause trouble instead!

Qin Siyuan never had any conversation with Le Tianhua all this time. He had never been in any contact with Le Tianhua in fact. If they continued to investigate, he would have fallen into another trouble undoubtedly.

“It was my own fault, it is me who have wronged him. He said those words out of resentment. After Qin Laoshi rejected me last night, only then that I realized who the person I really love, so-,”

Without waiting for him to add another bullshit, Wu Siyuan cut him off, “So I deserve to be wronged? I deserve to be splashed with dirty water[1]being framed or wrongly accuseby you?”

There were quite a lot of Virgin Mary in the LIVE broadcast room who immediately brushed new comments.

[When others have asked for forgiveness, we have to be magnanimous as well. Qin Yingdi, everything has passed, let’s just make up with each other.]

[That’s it. Poor He Gaoyi, he was forcefully filmed and photographed this early in the morning.]

[Apologize? Which sentence has he said contained an apology within?]

[Qin Yingdi was also blocked by these reporters early in the morning, so when it comes to He Gaoyi he was said to be miserable, but Qin Yingdi deserves to be scolded as a Mistress?]

[Hey, who knows if those 2 actors deliberately design and act on this script?]

[That’s right, to produce a sound one needs 2 palms to clap.]

[Just when did the Victim’s Blaming-theory start again?]

Once this sentence came out, everyone started to pay attention to it. After all, how could there be a lot of coincidences happening in a row?

On one hand, He Gaoyi was ready to confess his love, but on the other hand, Le Tianhua was posting a grievance about being robbed of love, deliberately hinting that Qin Siyuan had stolen his boyfriend. Even after He Gaoyi failed in his confession, he didn’t delete his previous Weibo posting.

But when we thought about it some more, in case Qin Siyuan didn’t have the real confession recording and dared to bring these reporters to He Gaoyi’s room, then the label of Mistress would have no chance to be washed out from Qin Siyuan’s identity.

He Gaoyi brazenly expressed that Le Tianhua was just feeling wronged, but in fact, it’s not him who had truly been wronged in all this farce.

In the end, afraid that the Hotel’s reputation would continue to deteriorate, the management finally sent some staff to usher those reporters outside.

However, the reporters had all been satisfied with the abundant materials they gained in the short period.

Wu Siyuan merely looked at them with a faint smile on his lip.


After Wu Siyuan and the Director left the scene together, the Director finally heaved a relieved sigh. “Luckily, you’re quick-witted. Now, go back and have some rest. The good news is, we won’t start filming until tomorrow.”

The Director felt that Qin Siyuan wouldn’t stop at this conclusion. In this case, he had to prepare to search for another Actor to replace He Gaoyi’s role. Naturally, his hunch was definitely on spot.

When Wu Siyuan, his manager, and his assistant later returned to his room, the manager Su Lin kept scolding He Gaoyi who was throwing dirty water[2]framing or falsely accusing someone on his artist along the way.

Su Lin had long seen that He Gaoyi was harboring evil intentions, but previously Qin Siyuan actually trust that scumbag instead.

Even after repeatedly trying to remind Qin Siyuan and doing some precautions, they still didn’t expect this one out.

It’s good that Qin Siyuan turned out to be not that stupid. Unexpectedly he could muster an idea to record the real confession scene and use it to expose the truth today. As for what would He Gaoyi needed to confront later, even the Director Di Zhiyong didn’t care about him either. He believed Qin Siyuan wouldn’t be so muddle-headed to let them go after all this.

Wu Siyuan indeed had no plan to let this slide off either.

He had to beat the two protagonists to the bottom of the abyss first, before slowly manipulating them to achieve his task later.

So, he promised his manager that he wouldn’t commit any mindless feat.


Since Qin Siyuan swiftly clarified the scandal in time, the brand he endorse had not gotten their chance to question him yet.

Besides, now that the truth was known, there was no need to rebuke Qin Siyuan for anything. They could just tacitly continue their harmonious cooperation.

Wu Siyuan called Paparazzi Rong, “It’s your chance to provide the light and guide the ignorant people to their right path.”

“What about the next move?” Paparazzi Rong asked him.

Previously, when Paparazzi Rong went back to his own Company, he found that his Boss had received a call from some important person, to have a heart-to-heart talk. Afterward, they had no other choice but to fully cooperate with Qin Siyuan.

Truth to be said, Qin Siyuan’s own background was something that couldn’t be underestimated. Aside from being the heir of a world-famous jewelry brand, he still had some relatives with prominent status.

In the original plot, Qin Siyuan was not willing to accept any help from his family, while his family also intended to convince Qin Siyuan to go back home and inherit his family earlier, so they also didn’t take the initiative to help either.

But when it was changed to Wu Siyuan right now, he simply had nothing to be concerned about. Just directly call his family for help!

The young master was being bullied, of course, the family immediately began to intervene that very night.

Wu Siyuan himself didn’t plan to continue being an Actor in the Entertainment Industry. He really had no interest[3]actually has no skill to act, lol, unlike the Original Owner who really appreciated Acting. Wu Siyuan, on the other hand, was fond of paying others to act instead.

He had the capital at hand, so why did he need to tire himself? If he could have just sat and received money, there’s no need to stand and work his ass off!

After explaining to his manager, Su Lin, he added in the end, “Just wait, this is only the beginning.”

Qin Siyuan had always been an assertive person, and Su Lin had always trusted him. And now looking that apparently, his wit was also getting better, Su Lin became even more at ease to let him handle things.

Su Lin, “Don’t worry, I will let the Company properly investigate the Hotel’s poor service this time. We won’t let them get away easily.”

The Movie Crew was also showing their tough response. They quickly found a new Hotel and left the previous one straight, on the same day of the incident.


Once the video of He Gaoyi’s confession was published, the situation online soon erupted.

Despite the sound quality being quite poor and the conversation could hardly be heard, but when combined with the sound recorded by Qin Siyuan that he had posted on his own Weibo, it was easy to comprehend.

Additionally, the fact that the Movie Crew had moved out from the previous Hotel at once was also known. Before the Public relations department of the Hotel had the chance to steer off the focus, they had been criticized severely by netizens.

Who’d dare to stay in this Hotel in the future? The Privacy of the customer could actually be poorly managed, even the reporters were able to block someone right on their door.

The Hotel quickly fired some of the staff who were involved, trying to alleviate their loss.

Those few staff who got dismissed didn’t stay silent and directly exposed the fact that He Gaoyi and Le Tianhua had bribed them to let reporters in.

The world didn’t lack Clever Ghosts[4]The use of “Ghost” is a joke, similar to how in English “Bastard” didn’t always mean literally as Illegitimate children but used as a joke, each one of them kept a recording of the protagonists’ call.

In less than 24 hours since the scandal broke out, the truth had taken a sharp turn. Qin Siyuan was able to go against the storm. Everyone could only admit that He Gaoyi and Le Tianhua were such a wretch. A wretch whose every clandestine move was even stupidly recorded with clear evidence.

It was obvious that everything was a premeditated scheme, designed solely for Qin Siyuan to jump into the pit.

However, it’s not the end of the matter.

He Gaoyi grieved on Weibo about being subjected to Cyber Violence. He apologized and asked for forgiveness from Qin Siyuan, saying that he was momentarily blinded by impulse and he didn’t intend to hurt him.

Then, Le Tianhua echoed on his Weibo, confessing that what he had done was out of his deep love for He Gaoyi. In short, he didn’t expect his personal sentiments was taken as pouring dirty water on Qin Siyuan. Due to this case, he had to face Cyber Violence and hence suffered from depression.

The fans of those two disgusting scumbags collectively went to annoy Qin Siyuan’s Weibo and demanded him to let his own fans stop scolding their idol anymore.

In their words; The two people have suffered from depression, what else were you expecting them for? Were you going to force them to die? Moreover, Qin Siyuan was already a well-known and successful Actor, so this little scandal wouldn’t affect him. Besides, the truth had already been made clear, shouldn’t he tolerate them a little and let the matter off already? Could it be, that he wanted He Gaoyi and his boyfriend to apologize on their knees? Did he have no heart at all?

Naturally, not only Qin Siyuan’s fans, but some passersby found it as outrageous.

Why did when your Idol is being scolded you cry injustice for the Cyber Violence, but when it came to scolding Qin Siyuan you take it for granted?

Wu Siyuan had yet taken any action regarding the turbulence on the internet. Later, he just directly stated on his Weibo that he would not accept any form of apology. He didn’t forget to mention Paparazzi Rong’s News Account in his statement:

[“I won’t accept any apology. It has done me significant harm and affected me, personally. Even now, I still can’t accept the day when I have been wrongly scolded as a Mistress. Thank you to this Reporter for helping me to present the truth. I didn’t expect such Wonderful Things would happen after I left that night. Fortunately, there are still good people in this world. Thank you @paparazziRong”]

Netizens hurriedly clicked on the link to Paparazzi Rong’s Weibo to see what the Wonderful Things were. There was actually another new video, following the previous confession video.

[“Man acts, God watches. @stuntmanLeTianhua, When you maliciously scheme on others, there’s no trace of depression that could be seen. @HeGaoyi, Listening to your wicked intention, it’s really hard to think this is the man who was confessing affectionately just before.”]

In the attached video, it recorded how just right after Qin Siyuan left the confession scene, Le Tianhua immediately ran over and gave He Gaoyi a hug, blatantly asking him if the confession had succeeded.

Then the audience listened to these two people talking about their plan to use Qin Siyuan as a stepping stone and brought him to ruin.

{He Gaoyi, “Don’t worry, he may find it a bit abrupt tonight. Next time, I will definitely be able to cheat him. His resources will soon be ours, and later you can step on him to enter the Entertainment Industry.”}

Wu Siyuan watched how the netizens were being made speechless by such a brazen proclamation, and the corner of his lip couldn’t help but raise.

Well…it’s just the beginning.


He Gaoyi, who was found to commit a foul trick, was directly fired from the Movie Crew. He was also required to pay the fine as compensation to the crew for the loss in accordance with the contract he signed.

The brand He Gaoyi was currently endorsing likewise immediately terminate the contract.

In an instant, He Gaoyi and Le Tianhua became an existence similar to a Rat crossing the street, that everyone wanted to shout and beat upon the sight.

The darkness in the Entertainment Industry was no longer a secret. However, it’s the first time everyone directly witnessed such a nasty scheming being exposed clearly.


Wu Siyuan’s Company was quite busy lately.

Suing Le Tianhua for spreading rumors, and suing some of the News Accounts for the same reason. They also had to handle the follow-up regarding how the Hotel management claimed their responsibility in this matter. Other people who were involved directly and indirectly were silently written down as well, waiting for the best time to pay back their actions in the future.

Wu Siyuan’s filming went smoothly. With the Golden Finger provided by the System, coupled with his own ability to learn, there was at least no major difficulty.

There was another plan he had been thinking about these days. Nope, not for the two protagonists, of course, they must receive their due lesson later, but let’s give them some time to properly taste the feeling of sinking into despair for now.



1 being framed or wrongly accuse
2 framing or falsely accusing someone
3 actually has no skill to act, lol
4 The use of “Ghost” is a joke, similar to how in English “Bastard” didn’t always mean literally as Illegitimate children but used as a joke
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The Matchmaker Tool Is Uncooperative

The Matchmaker Tool Is Uncooperative

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Wu Siyuan is a tasker, bound to a self-proclaimed Cannon Fodder Supporting Actor System. His task is to be the Matchmaker Tool. They must promote and stimulate the romance development of the protagonists. The better he can promote the Protagonists romance, the better his reward would be! Wu Siyuan said, “Fine. I’ll be the Godly assist.”


Later, when the System looks at the dazzling F- at its Host’s task grade, then looking at the unrecognizable state of the CP’s romance, it finally realizes, “What kind of Godly assist have you offered?!”


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