MTIU Chapter 21.1

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Facing Wu Siyuan’s unexpected response, all the reporters present were dumbfounded at the same time.

Qin Siyuan’s attitude was way too calm and collected for the current situation. He didn’t look like someone who was in trouble.

One of the reporters thought it wasn’t bad to add more excitement at this point. He quickly raised his hand and reported, “I’m broadcasting LIVE here!”

Wu Siyuan shifted his gaze in his direction and flashed him a smile.

Wu Siyuan’s manager and assistant should be nearby, but they failed to prevent these reporters from swarming up. Even the hotel management neglected their customer’s privacy by letting them in. There were simply too many abnormalities, regarding how irrelevant parties could enter the Hotel freely.

Wu Siyuan recalled the original plot in his mind:

It seemed like the Media had bribed some Hotel Staff to enter. It was also another intentional guidance from the two protagonists.

If it were going in the same direction as in the original plot, then the two of them must have also stayed at the same Hotel, laughing at Qin Siyuan’s misfortune while cuddling on the bed.

Qin Siyuan was not aware of this fact. The one he thought was responsible for the scandal was Le Tianhua. Under He Gaoyi’s several attempts of coaxing and placating, Qin Siyuan was even persuaded to believe that He Gaoyi had nothing to do with the previous trouble. Even after his image was affected by the scandal, he decided to continue investing and supporting He Gaoyi to develop his career in the Entertainment Industry.

Wu Siyuan had to wonder, ‘How could someone be this foolish?’

Then again, it’s not really surprising either, since there were actually quite a few silly and foolish people actually existed in the world.

At present, his manager had asked the bodyguards to clear the scene. However, how could Wu Siyuan be satisfied with such an ending? In the midst of mean questions that the reporters vied to throw one after another, Wu Siyuan simply interrupted their speech,

“Do you want to know the truth? Why don’t we ask He Laoshi directly?”

The reporters enthusiastically agreed in unison. Wu Siyuan and his colleagues stayed on the 10th floor, and He Gaoyi’s assigned room was on the 8th floor of the same Hotel.

“Why don’t you all turn your LIVE broadcast? I’m afraid the audience may doubt the authenticity otherwise.”

The reporter who first said that he had his LIVE broadcast on looked at the comments in the broadcast room, undoubtedly, all of them were immediately full of malicious words.

[Nowadays, even Mistress can be so arrogant.]

[Le Tianhua is truly miserable. Qin Siyuan doesn’t treat his stuntman as a human being. Deliberately making trouble for him in the crew, and now even the boyfriend was robbed. Damn Mistress!]

[Qin Siyuan, get out of the Entertainment Circle!]

[I feel nausea just looking at his arrogant attitude.]

Even if Qin Siyuan’s fans tried to help clarify things in the LIVE broadcast room, on Weibo, or on other platforms, it was bound to no avail. If anything, the fans were brought together to be scolded by the other visitors.

As Wu Siyuan led the reporters to head downstairs, he first warned them, “Quiet down.”

Then he added, “Also, allow me to present some recording to everyone in the meantime.”

There was actually a recorded video, shot by Paparazzi Rong last night, but Wu Siyuan didn’t plan to use it for now.

Previously, the Actor He Gaoyi always claimed himself as a single man. But in this scandal, since Qin Siyuan’s stance as the suspected Mistress was easier to draw hatred, all of the attention and scorn turned toward him. Though occasionally there were also some people who disapproved of He Gaoyi, even if he might have lied to Qin Siyuan for not having a boyfriend, but so what? Wasn’t it normal for people who cheat to use this excuse?

However, Le Tianhua deliberately let others break the news that Qin Siyuan took advantage of his identity to oppress his stuntman, that’s Le Tianhua, and even forcibly robbed He Gaoyi to be his own boyfriend. The photos taken and published by the Paparazzi were also ones in which He Gaoyi was offering a flower to Qin Siyuan with a heavy expression, with no joy on his face. It didn’t look like someone who was confessing his love at all.

But now, when the people heard the recording given, all the reporters at the scene quickly shifted their gaze toward Wu Siyuan.

The actual dialogues recorded by him last night were clearly replayed. They listened to this recording while walking on the stairs, directly to the 8th floor instead of waiting for the elevator.

Once they reached the 8th floor, the recording was also over.

The audience in the LIVE broadcast room was silent for a moment, but in the next second their comments quickly began to brush the screen once again.

[If it’s true, then He Gaoyi is a damn Liar!]

[Qin Yingdi didn’t accept him at all! He’s obviously not a Mistress!]

[There must be a conspiracy! All of this must be the conspiracy of the two bitc*es, He Gaoyi and Le Tianhua!]

[Qin Yingdi has done well, who stipulates someone must accept any confession!?]

[Then all of this should be He Gaoyi’s intentional design, right? He wants to hype up using Qin Yingdi’s reputation!]

He Gaoyi’s fans naturally refused to believe it. However, the sound in the recording was clearly broadcasted. In this case, they quickly found another target to shirk the responsibility away.

[He Laoshi must not have any relationship with Le Tianhua at all. It must be Le Tianhua himself who wanted to make a scandal with He Laoshi and Qin Yingdi!]

[He Laoshi is single!]

[Don’t spread rumors or believe any gossip, we must wait for He Laoshi to clarify!]

The reporters still had a lot of questions to ask, but when they saw Wu Siyuan’s confident look, they suddenly realized,

‘Wait a sec, there shouldn’t be an even more staggering scene inside He Gaoyi’s room today, right?’


The crew’s Director actually had appeared on the scene for quite a long time. After all, the important Actor in his new Movie stumbled upon a scandal and was blocked by reporters, so as a Director he had to come forward.

What he didn’t expect was that apparently Qin Siyuan directly solved the matter swiftly on his own. The Director was also present when he played the recording earlier. At this point, it was obvious the trouble was a premeditated scheme to bring down Qin Siyuan. Who was going to gain benefit from all of this, needless to say, it must be the so-called miserable victim, Le Tianhua.

Le Tianhua had the ambition to enter the Entertainment Circle. His look was slightly similar to Qin Siyuan’s and he had been working as his stuntman to this day. He was reluctant to debut under the banner of Little-Qin Siyuan. But if Qin Siyuan was no longer in the Industry, then everything would be different.

The Director and Qin Siyuan had been good friends for many years. He absolutely didn’t want to see the situation where his old friend was being framed maliciously. But now, if He Gaoyi was indeed problematic, he didn’t bother to care. He could simply open another casting for He Gaoyi’s supposed role.

Wu Siyuan saw the Director’s acquiescence[1]about lifting He Gaoyi’s true scandal. In the original plot, this Director had also never believed the nasty rumors spread about Qin Siyuan outside.

In the original plot, Qin Siyuan had been tolerating He Gaoyi everywhere and was particularly attentive to him. Afterward, even if the Director continued to shoot the movie, due to Qin Siyuan’s worsening reputation, no one wanted to appreciate the finished product. It was exactly due to this reason that Qin Siyuan’s resources later began to be transferred to Le Tianhua’s hands.

Back to the present.

Wu Siyuan gestured for the Director to come forward. The Director then walked over and began to knock on He Gaoyi’s hotel room several times. Everyone else stood on both sides, holding up their equipment, unwilling to let any moment slip out from their camera.


He Gaoyi had yet woken up from his sleep. Last night, he got unbearably furious after his carefully planned move was overturned out of the blue. Never did he expect that Qin Siyuan would actually reject him mercilessly. He was sure that prior to his confession Qin Siyuan had shown a sign of being fascinated by him.

After the failed confession, he could only go back to the Hotel stifling his anger. Fortunately, the sensible Le Tianhua came to calm him down. The two of them had their late-night exercise until dawn, and currently, Le Tianhua was still sleeping on the bed with him.

Coincidentally, this Hotel room was designed so that when you stood at the door you could clearly see everything inside. Therefore, as long as He Gaoyi opened the door, the people outside could directly see that someone was sleeping on the bed behind.

The Director was knocking on the door in an urging manner, saying there was something important and he asked He Gaoyi to quickly come out within 10 seconds.

He dared to do so since he had confidence in Qin Siyuan. Just now, Wu Siyuan looked at him and wordlessly mouthed, ‘I have other evidence, not just a recording.’

Therefore, the Director couldn’t care less about what He Gaoyi would face once he opened his Hotel room.

The two protagonists hadn’t looked at the phones yet, which should have received several text messages.

One should be from the Management of the Hotel, informing him that Qin Siyuan had abruptly brought all the reporters downstairs.

Another one was from the Reporter they bribed, recounting the fact that Qin Siyuan apparently owned some evidence in his hand.

He Gaoyi had no chance to look at those messages, unfortunately. If he did, he probably wouldn’t open the door no matter what.

So the moment when his Hotel room was opened, he was blinded by the overwhelming flashing lights and the sounds from the cameras continued to click by. What Wu Siyuan had encountered not long ago, was what He Gaoyi who was only wearing a pair of shorts, experienced in return.

At the same time, the group of reporters also noticed another person was left on the bed.

Some reporters forcibly pushed He Gaoyi aside and broke through the door, rushing inside and wantonly capturing the scene.

Furthermore, they also had their LIVE broadcast on. When they shot the mottled bedsheet and the unspeakable condition of Le Tianhua’s body, what else was there they found it hard to understand?

These two people must have been colluding to step on Qin Yingdi and rack some attention to themselves.

10 hours ago, Le Tianhua complained that Qin Siyuan had robbed him of his boyfriend.

But now, 10 hours later, he was sleeping on the same bed with this so-called boyfriend.

Could it be, that because He Gaoyi failed in his confession last night, the two of them instantly make up and reconciled?

That was hardly believable. It was obvious that there was no breakup in the first place. In this case, it must have been He Gaoyi who intended to cheat and deceive Qin Siyuan.

More importantly, Le Tianhua seemed to know about it and deliberately made such posting on his Weibo, hinting and guiding others to accuse Qin Yingdi. If they succeeded in their plan, Qin Yingdi might not be able to continue his acting career.

So, the audience who unscrupulously scolded Qin Siyuan not long ago, likewise, chewed out He Gaoyi and Le Tianhua with no reservations.



1 about lifting He Gaoyi’s true scandal
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The Matchmaker Tool Is Uncooperative

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Wu Siyuan is a tasker, bound to a self-proclaimed Cannon Fodder Supporting Actor System. His task is to be the Matchmaker Tool. They must promote and stimulate the romance development of the protagonists. The better he can promote the Protagonists romance, the better his reward would be! Wu Siyuan said, “Fine. I’ll be the Godly assist.”


Later, when the System looks at the dazzling F- at its Host’s task grade, then looking at the unrecognizable state of the CP’s romance, it finally realizes, “What kind of Godly assist have you offered?!”


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