MTIU Chapter 20

Cannon Fodder Movie Emperor - Do I have to accept every Love Confession?

The first thing Wu Siyuan saw once he opened his eyes after arriving in the new world was a man, with an affectionate look on his face, holding a bouquet of flowers in front of him.

“Siyuan, I’ve liked you for a long time, let’s start dating.”

It was nighttime. There was a row of candles arranged in a heart-shaped being lit on the ground.

Taking out his mobile phone, Wu Siyuan quickly pressed the record button on it.

In this case, right now, the Qin Siyuan who was being confessed looked like his mind was elsewhere. He even had the heart to play with his mobile phone at this kind of moment.

Wu Siyuan, however, noticed that someone else was currently taking pictures of this scene sneakily, and he let out a faint smile.

“You like me, but do I have to return your feelings?”

The man standing opposite him was stunned. He was about to say something but Qin Siyuan continued to speak,

“I’m someone who dislikes over-the-top confessions or flashy proposals. Especially doing it in a public place, just what do you want to achieve exactly?” He spoke clearly and loud enough to even be heard by the party who photographed the current scene secretly.

The man hurriedly explained, “I thought you’d like it.”

Wu Siyuan chuckled. “It’s what you thought, not mine. Besides, do you really like me?”

There was a brief pause before the man replied, “Of course I like you! I am sincerely here to confess my heart to you.”

Wu Siyuan crossed his arms in front of his chest and ignored the man in front of him who kept stubbornly offering his bouquet of flowers.

“Whether it is sincere or not, I think you know it best in your heart.”

Wu Siyuan saw that this guy was having a guilty conscience. Based on his experience in the previous world, there must be a lot of questionable problems in this man’s actions!

Finally, Wu Siyuan dropped the last words, “Besides, I like someone who has both good looking appearance and personality, but, Are you?”

Afterward, Wu Siyuan directly left and ended his recording.

As for the man, he was still standing at the same place even after Wu Siyuan had walked quite a distance away, looking like he had been hurt by Wu Siyuan’s response.


Wu Siyuan walked and turned toward a corner, ready to look at the final products the hidden photographer should have taken earlier.

Currently, the System had, finally, finished transmitting the original plot of this world to him.

It turned out the disgusting man who confessed to him earlier was the Protagonist Gong, He Gaoyi. Whereas the body Wu Siyuan was in was the cannon fodder Supporting Character. To be exact, the Character who had the role to be the stepping stone for both Protagonists of this world to fly to the top.

According to the original plot, if the confession by He Gaoyi prior was successful, then the Original Owner, Qin Siyuan, would also successfully be branded as The Third Party. Later, the Protagonist Shou, Le Tianhua, who worked as Qin Siyuan’s stuntman would use Qin Siyuan’s scandal as the Third Party in his relationship with He Gaoyi, to be his stepping stone in the Entertainment Industry.

Qin Siyuan, the Original Owner in this world, was known as Movie Emperor (Yingdi). He had won the award of Best Lead Actor in 3 distinguished Film Awards, owning abundant resources and lofty status. He Gaoyi attempted to get close and seduce Qin Siyuan in order to gain those rich resources. It was something he and his couple, Le Tianhua, had planned beforehand.

As for Qin Siyuan, originally he had a good impression of He Gaoyi, therefore after several ambiguous hints from He Gaoyi, he accepted his confession just now, in the original plot.

Unfortunately for the Protagonists, as soon as Wu Siyuan arrived in this world, the confession was destined to doom.

Not only the confession plan was ruined, but even the true scene was also recorded by me!‘ Wu Siyuan thought happily.

After all, the Protagonist Shou Le Tianhua who had known He Gaoyi’s plan tonight, had secretly posted some vague foreshadowing on his Weibo, just half an hour ago before the confession happened. Le Tianhua later would complain about the injustice of how his boyfriend was robbed, and finally with such accusation and backed by the Photos taken by the hidden Paparazzi, it was a foregone conclusion for Qin Siyuan. Afterward, the Protagonists would also justifiably rob Qin Siyuan of all his resources, endorsements, and roles in movies.

Thinking about it, Wu Siyuan smiled and continued to stride approaching the said Paparazzi.

This Paparazzi actually was not someone deliberately paid by He Gaoyi, but just one of the usual Paparazzi who followed Qin Siyuan everywhere to get his news. Taking pictures of any news was their job, it’s normal for them to appear in this scene.

The said Paparazzi who saw a smiling Qin Siyuan shuddered.

“That, Qin Yingdi[1]Qin Yingdi: Movie Emperor Qin, you can’t-,” There was some panic in his heart after being caught red-handed, however, the desire to make money gave him the courage to say, “1 Million! Give me 1 Million Yuan and I’ll delete all the photos immediately.”

“Did you shoot some videos?” Wu Siyuan asked him instead.

The Paparazzi’s eyes flickered, “…No, I didn’t.”

“If you recorded a video, we can make a deal to give you a chance for your News Platform to gain fame.”

Everyone’s goal was to make money. If the News Platform disclosed the true story at an appropriate time, it would gain the label of Justice Bringer. They would attract a lot of attention and gain the favor of a wave of people.

With a good reputation, it’d be easier to make more money in the future.

Paparazzi Rong’s swallowed a mouthful of saliva. “How…What do you mean?”

Wasting no more time, Wu Siyuan quickly ushered Paparazzi Rong away.

There was also a partner of his nearby, but Wu Siyuan advised him to stay where he was and continue to record He Gaoyi’s next actions. The most important thing was to record a video, it’d be even better if the sound could be included, since there might be surprises later.

As a result, Paparazzi Ding stayed obediently, while Paparazzi Rong followed Wu Siyuan to discuss their deal.

In the original plot, despite Qin Siyuan being the Movie Emperor and the only heir of a Family engaged in the jewelry business, he could still be kicked down from the pedestal by those two garbages.

Therefore, Wu Siyuan decided to directly prepare a straight road to Rome for the two True Love Protagonists this time.

After all, when they had exhausted Qin Siyuan of his value as the stepping stone in the Entertainment Circle, the two Protagonists didn’t instantly get a Happy Ending. They still had to confront a long journey of face-slapping a row of cannon fodders and exposing the Evil Director, for them to finally be together in the original plot.

Wu Siyuan thought, ‘Matching those two people together way earlier should be easy in that case.’

That night, the cooperation between Wu Siyuan and Paparazzi Rong progressed smoothly and harmoniously. They talked while waiting for the good news from Wu Siyuan’s own contacts. When the time came later, Wu Siyuan would cooperate with Paparazzi Rong’s News Platform to achieve a win-win situation for both parties.


On another note, tomorrow, Wu Siyuan had to start joining a Movie set.

That being said, his acting skills, really, left nothing to speak of…

Wu Siyuan directly admitted that it’s difficult for him to shoulder such a heavy responsibility his current identity had brought him!

Fortunately, the System finally showed its use.

[“Host, I have opened the Golden Finger[2]Cheats, Plug-Infor you to have the acting skill of a Pro. Well, at least, you won’t embarrass the original performance of the real Qin Yingdi.”]

Tomorrow’s Movie Set, He Gaoyi would also join the Set with him.

As for the Protagonist Shou, since there was no need for a stuntman, Le Tianhua would have no scene to come.

Tomorrow, was also the beginning of the Original Owner’s demise from being framed and suffering Cyber Violence.

It seemed like the good Play was about to begin, and Wu Siyuan was really looking forward to it.


After making sure Wu Siyuan could finish the task with no problem, the System hurried to leave on another job once again.

Due to the experiences and performances in the previous world, both the System and Wu Siyuan were full of confidence.

Besides, Wu Siyuan apparently had gained a new understanding of task completion. As long as the Protagonists were put together in advance, the task was deemed to be concluded!

In this world, such a task was really simple, considering the power and ability brought by the Original Owner’s status.

Wu Siyuan leisurely went to the Hotel room booked by the Movie crew and went to sleep with peace of mind.

Little did he know that on the internet, Qin Siyuan had been scolded bloody by netizens that very night.





All kinds of hashtags on a similar topic were climbing high on Weibo hotsearches[3]Similar to Twitter trending topic overnight.

Passersby and haters who didn’t know and couldn’t care less about the real story rushed quickly to bombard Qin Siyuan’s Weibo, scolding his fans and leaving hate comments on his page.

Qin Siyuan’s latest Post that was sent just right after he arrived at the Hotel tonight had been washed away in the upcoming torrents.

2 Million comments were reached in a short time, presumably, the amount of attention would still rise higher the next day.


In the morning, after Wu Siyuan cleaned up, he went to open the door and was met with a group of reporters waiting outside of his Hotel room. Without caring if their remarks might have any impact on Wu Siyuan, they quickly aimed the muzzle at him,

“Qin Yingdi, how could you be willing to become the Third Party?”

“Qin Yingdi, you know that He Laoshi[4]It’s similar to the Japanese honorific -san, e.g Panda-sanalready has a boyfriend, why should you force him to be with you?”

“Is it true that Qin Yingdi has been making trouble for He Laoshi‘s boyfriend, Le Tianhua, all this time?”

Wu Siyuan smiled, quietly listening to the accusations, and asked them instead,

“Are you LIVE broadcasting right now?”




Hi. I apologize for the late update, but let’s begin the 2nd Arc~!


1 Qin Yingdi: Movie Emperor Qin
2 Cheats, Plug-In
3 Similar to Twitter trending topic
4 It’s similar to the Japanese honorific -san, e.g Panda-san
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The Matchmaker Tool Is Uncooperative

The Matchmaker Tool Is Uncooperative

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Wu Siyuan is a tasker, bound to a self-proclaimed Cannon Fodder Supporting Actor System. His task is to be the Matchmaker Tool. They must promote and stimulate the romance development of the protagonists. The better he can promote the Protagonists romance, the better his reward would be! Wu Siyuan said, “Fine. I’ll be the Godly assist.”


Later, when the System looks at the dazzling F- at its Host’s task grade, then looking at the unrecognizable state of the CP’s romance, it finally realizes, “What kind of Godly assist have you offered?!”


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