MTIU Chapter 19

Wu Siyuan originally wondered whether he would have to live in this world until he died.

Fortunately, the System that had been missing for several years was finally resurrected from its dead state.

[“Host, please prepare yourself, we’re going to leave.”]

Wu Siyuan reacted in confusion, “Ah? Leave? Then, what about this body?”

The System quickly replied, [“Oh, this body will be taken back by the owner, Gu Siyuan. Our Lord God decided that your mission in this world has been achieved, and ordered us to hurry go to the next world.”]

Hearing the announcement, Wu Siyuan was overjoyed. “I should have completed the task with a perfect score, right?”

Toward Wu Siyuan’s question, the System first asked him, [“Do you think the protagonists are happy?”]

Wu Siyuan affirmed confidently. “They should be. The task said to make them be together, cut a lot of unnecessary journeys and push them to the grand ending of their romance, if I’m not mistaken?”

The System continued to ask, [“Oh, then, did the protagonists end up loving each other?”]

Actually, the System asked the questions in order to briefly evaluate its Host’s completion rate. To be honest, it hadn’t checked the result yet. It was notified by the Lord God and hurriedly went here to pick up Wu Siyuan to go to the next world.

Even the System didn’t understand why the Lord God suddenly changed his rhythm. The original owner who usually was sent to the next reincarnation abruptly was offered another choice, to go back to living in this world instead.

Such a last-minute decision, the System was glad that its Host didn’t use the body of Gu Siyuan for his own private affair[1]such as establishing a romantic relationship, becoming a hidden Mafia Lord or other troublesome identities, or even just tattooing or making an irreversible change to the body. In this way, they had nothing to clean up and could just leave this world anytime soon.

Wu Siyuan, who was being asked if the protagonists end up loving each other, answered without hesitation, “They do! Definitely are! Just compare it to the plot you gave me before. Originally, at this point in time, they would have just gotten married for at most, 1 year. But look at them now, how many years have I cut off their wasted time, and how many years have they been married today! They married directly because they were able to realize their love earlier. That shouldn’t be a problem, I suppose?”

The System was a bit tangled.  It’s true that the Lord God had already judged its Host’s task as completed, and there’s no need to continue staying in this world. Though, the System wondered if it was just its illusion, the way the Lord God spoke at that time sounded a bit heavy and full of urgency.

Even so, the System really didn’t know how the task was deemed to be completed.

To make sure, it confirmed once again, [“Are they really in love?”]

Then, Wu Siyuan proceeded to eloquently explain the current condition according to both logic and emotion.

“As the saying goes, fighting and scolding someone is because you love and care about them. Their occasional quarrels are the proof of their deep affection. Weaving Green Hats to put on each other’s heads[2]cheating each other is just for fun. Don’t you see that they’re okay with it? After all, there are a lot of wonders in this world, and their quirky romance is just one of them. We shouldn’t judge or criticize others’ strange hobbies and use our own logic to decide their feelings.”

The System wondered, [“Really? So that’s how it is.”]

Wu Siyuan merely shrugged and added, “There’s no doubt. If you check and see their wedding moment, you’ll see that they’re so happy to the point of crying. Frankly speaking, I think we’re even eligible to apply a request for bonus to the Lord God. After all, in the original plot how many people have been driven to despair or even killed by the Protagonists. Right now, it’s not only the protagonists who are happy, but everyone else is also doing well.”

The System was tempted and even felt somehow unreal. [“I can even apply for a bonus…?”]

It was fooled, no, successfully convinced by Wu Siyuan’s grandiloquence. It thought, that asking for a bonus was a good idea. Actually, Systems also had their own assessment in their job. If there were a lot of casualties due to their Hosts’ actions in the task world, the System would fall under scrutiny. Sometimes when the problem was too serious, the System would be obliterated directly with no chance of appeal.

In Wu Siyuan’s first task, no one had died, and the life trajectory of the other cannon fodders had been smoothed out from their bleak ending. The System felt such a condition must indeed be worthy of a bonus.

Therefore, aside from bringing Wu Siyuan to the next world, the System was also applying a request for a bonus to the Lord God.

The Lord God who received the submission, “………”

Glancing at Wu Siyuan’s final score, and then looking at the received form of requesting for a bonus, there’s only one word;

The audacity!


When Gu Siyuan successfully returned to his own body, he felt like he had been immersed in a long dream. He lay on the bed all day, digesting the information he knew.

To begin with, apparently, he had been in contact with some…Being, called the Lord God. The past and future unfold in his eyes. At that time, there was nothing in his mind aside from frustration and regret. Without hesitation, he gave up control of his body and his fate thereof, to the Lord God. 

Such a life, for the so-called love, he ended up harming others and harming himself. He had foolishly trusted his so-called Beloved, his so-called Husband. Not only did he end up killing himself, but also implicated his precious family, causing them to also be pushed to the death door.

How ridiculous. To think that he once regarded himself as someone who could bring Jiang Jingtong to believe in one eternal love. How laughable. To think that he had ignored all kinds of gems for one Garbage, and even given up his whole future for it.

His friends drifted away from him after being unable to make him sober.

Obviously, his family’s status was good, even his own academic level was not bad. Yet, just to indulge Jiang Jingtong’s whims and to give him the warmth of a family, he was willing to be unemployed, gave up pursuing any career or ambition, and stayed as a full-time nanny instead.

Even acting as a nanny, he was treated worse than any actual nanny. A full-time nanny would have enough salary every month. Yet, in Gu Siyuan’s case, forget about any payment, he even add a body service to his obligation.

Yet, everything he had given up was all for naught. Jiang Jingtong despised him who had no charm and no accomplishment.

What’s even more ludicrous was, only after Shi Yuanbai returned to the country that he finally realized to whom Jiang Jingtong’s heart actually belong to.

He, the legal spouse, and of course those wild lovers, had no chance to compare, to begin with.

Even then, even when he decided to peacefully retreat without demanding a single cent, thinking he could be a good person who wouldn’t stand against true love, some people were still unable to let go of him. After the divorce, he was drugged by Shi Yuanbai and was framed to have a promiscuous relationship with Shi Yuze.

At that time, Jiang Jingtong had cursed him like he was some sl*t, and even ordered someone to beat him up.

Ha-ha. Really, this was Jiang Jingtong’s manifestation of LOVE.

Naturally, he and Shi Yuze did not meet a good end, both were sent to death one after another.

As for the Gu Family, in order to avenge him and bring the truth to light, were forced to end up with nothing.

However, the perpetrators were not punished in any form.

Good grief…what a ridiculous life.

Gu Siyuan believed in this memory and didn’t think the Lord God deceived and inserted a fake memory just to steal his identity in the world.

Because he knew himself. He knew that whatever happened was truly something he, Gu Siyuan, would have done in his understanding of himself. That’s why Gu Siyuan resolutely gave up his life in this world.

But he didn’t expect after he made such a resolution, he was given a chance to get his body back instead.

At that time he had already lined up, ready to reincarnate in a new world, when suddenly he was whizzed away by the Lord God and was stuffed back hurriedly into his original world.

He vaguely heard the Lord God was muttering something like, “Fortunately, I caught up in time. If I continue to let that Brat run rampant in that world, the whole plot will be completely turned upside down!”


Gu Siyuan opened his eyes while wondering what kind of earth-shattering action that person who used his body in this world had done, to even cause the aloof Lord God to become that anxious.

After digesting the memories of the Tasker (Wu Siyuan), he compared the Tasker’s actions to his own past[3]in the original plot actions. As expected, naivety was not a sin, but we shouldn’t be proud of it.

Even when the Tasker had just come to this world and hadn’t recognized Jiang Jingtong, he could already see the malice behind that guy.

If it were Gu Siyuan who was in his shoe, it’s guaranteed that he would still foolishly fall to Jiang Jingtong’s deception.

Afterward, he saw how the Tasker had played both Jiang Jingtong and Shi Yuanbai like a fool, and saw him make an alliance with his roommates and friends.

Looking at this series of events, Gu Siyuan couldn’t help but think, that his “last life” was a real failure indeed.

He continued to see how the Tasker bring his Father’s Company further and carried on his Father’s hard work.

It was a shame to think that he, in contrast, let alone developing his Father’s business to the next level, but actually gave up his own career for love. Simply outrageous.

Even the love that he chose, bore no fruits aside from a dozen or even countless cheatings. You really shouldn’t have believed the Cheating Man’s words. It’s better to be beautiful alone, it’s alright being single and continuing to improve himself.

If he’s tired from playing then take a rest, even when he felt no exhaustion, he could just continue to enjoy his life to his heart’s content.

Gu Siyuan got up from his bed, at this time he heard his father knocking on the door.

“Child, you’ve been laying around all day. Get up, it’s time for dinner.”

Then, while still banging on his door, Gu Yingzhuo started to talk about their Family’s Company and their newly released movies.

Gu Siyuan recalled the memories of his past life, in that life he had watched a lot of movies while being a house-husband. He also compared his memories to the memories that the Tasker had left him with.

Finally, a smile was formed on his lip, and he naturally responded to his father’s talk with the same enthusiasm.

How nice…

It’s really a happy thing to be able to talk and laugh with his family again.


In this life, he still maintained a good relationship with his original friends[4]the 4 roommate buddies and even gained other new friends.

The small WeChat group that the Tasker had been a member of, was still there.

When Gu Siyuan curiously opened the group, he found the other people were still currently gossiping about Shi Yuanbai.

Actually, even if Shi Yuanbai was hateful, but Gu Siyuan hated Jiang Jingtong even more. Not because of personal feelings, but because this hypocrite Scumbag was the source of everything, who irresponsibly ruined others’ futures.

That being said, Shi Yuanbai seemed to have no good time left.

The Jiang Family had completely collapsed. After declaring bankruptcy, the worth of the Company was not enough to cover the liquidation. Shi Yuanbai, as the legal spouse of Jiang Jingtong, was also given the responsibility to shoulder the debt with the other Jiang Family.

Meanwhile, Shi Yuanbai could only find work in a small Company, since the Major ones definitely didn’t want to see Jiang Family’s revitalization in any form.

But which person didn’t know the protagonists of the recent Hot news? As a result, Shi Yuanbai couldn’t even stay in one Company longer than 1 month.

His arrogance was finally exhausted. His older brother, Shi Yuze, really cut off his every path. He had nothing aside from the meager Shi Company’s share in his hand, and in order to preserve that little amount, he better not dream to stand against Shi Yuze.

Just like Shi Yuze had decided previously, in this life, the more Shi Yuanbai obsessed over something, he would make him unable to get it even more. Shi Yuanbai could just watch Shi Yuze’s glorious news all over the place, but everything had nothing to do with him.

At first, the Shi parents secretly wanted to support Shi Yuanbai. However after Shi Yuze found out about their action, he cut off their financial resource without any hesitation, leaving his parent with only the bare minimum legally calculated alimony, given every month.

On the other hand, Shi Dad and Shi Mom actually were afraid of being poisoned by Shi Yuanbai, so they had never dared to propose cohabitation either.

Shi Yuanbai could only live together with Jiang Jingtong in their only Villa left. That one property originally was given by Jiang Jingtong to appease him before the downfall began. Shi Yuanbai had transferred it to another identity in the real estate certificate, so it was saved from being confiscated by the authorities. But now, the properties had changed hands back to the owner, Shi Yuanbai.

Actually, saying his life was bad was not quite, but to say it’s good was definitely not the case, because even his own parents were reluctant to get close to him. He really could do nothing aside from staring at Shi Yuze with jealousy.

Looking at the gossip being shared in the small group chat, Gu Siyuan wondered if the case of Shi Yuanbai’s property manipulation were to be reported, wouldn’t the pair of Husbands walk to the prison hand in hand?

However, Gu Siyuan didn’t want to care about it.

He just wanted to enjoy and cherish the presence of his own family, from now on, he’d live his new life properly.


Wu Siyuan was brought by the System back to the System’s space. He was also watching the playback of his previous task with the System.

After witnessing the process, the System eventually had no doubt left. [“Host, you’ve done a great job!”]

Secretly weaving the threads in the dark while throwing convincing suggestions in the broad daylight, the protagonists’ Gong and Shou were completely grasped and obediently guided in the direction its Host wanted. As expected, danger came side by side with opportunities. It has taken a big risk by forcibly binding the Host before. Even if the Host’s mental health was questionable, but his intelligence covered all his flawed parts!

The System looked at Wu Siyuan and carefully asked him, [“Host, how about it? After experiencing life in this world, have you finally felt the warmth of a family?”]

Wu Siyuan replied casually, “That’s right, Gu Siyuan’s parents are indeed good people.”

He paused for a while, before continuing, “No, actually, there are a lot of good parents everywhere. Though, not everyone will have the blessing to have one either.”

Changing the topic, he urged the System, “Okay, hurry up, go to the next world!”




T/L Note: End of the 1st Arc~ Thank you for the comments, I hope you guys enjoy this first arc 🙂

The revenge may not be so satisfying, but I have to remind you that Wu Siyuan’s task is not revenge but to protect the Gu Family. And just like Wu Siyuan said in the previous chapter, both JJT and SYB brought their own downfall due to their own actions and choices, there’s no deliberate framing for the sake of revenge at all. 

Wu Siyuan after all is not Gu Siyuan. He has no reason to hate the protagonists and madly justifies himself to get revenge on them. The job he was given was “to make Gu family safe, not for revenge”. So, let’s adhere to the demand and be professional in the job~

Besides, no matter how satisfying revenge is, no matter how amazing the Gu Siyuan’s identity later become, if it were not enjoyed by the real Gu Siyuan but by the Tasker, what’s the meaning of getting revenge at all when the fruits were not tasted by the Victim?

Actually, the way every arc being concluded is the reason why I like this series.

Can any earth-shattering revenge be compared to the satisfying feeling of having their body given back and enjoying the fruits of counterattack? 🙂


1 such as establishing a romantic relationship, becoming a hidden Mafia Lord or other troublesome identities, or even just tattooing or making an irreversible change to the body
2 cheating each other
3 in the original plot
4 the 4 roommate buddies

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