MTIU Chapter 18

Cannon Fodder Stand In Lover - Love and Betray each other

As they arrived back home, Jiang Jingtong’s previous outburst had also settled down.

No matter how embarrassing his situation with Shi Yuanbai was right now, in order to preserve his reputation and maintain his face, he still had to show his concern for Shi Yuanbai in their hometown. Otherwise, it’s easy to spark gossip and slander in their circle.

Since their union was also a business marriage, they had to pay attention to their relationship so that it wouldn’t affect the Company’s image. If others knew that the couple was not in a harmonious state, it could affect their Business Partner’s trust, and the Jiang’s Company stock price might drop once again.

He had been in a precarious state for the past few years, so what’s wrong with having a few lovers to vent his frustration?

His romantic deeds didn’t even make a splash or scandal for others to see and joke about, so how could Shi Yuanbai dare to give him a Green Hat?

Jiang Jingtong kept his mouth shut and no longer make a fuss with Shi Yuanbai. However, as the Master of the house, his treatment represented the attitude of the servants. The days after Shi Yuanbai returned home, he had not lived a good life.

When did Shi Yuanbai ever feel such a poor treatment like this when he was in his Home court? The uncomfortable feeling of being neglected finally broke down and his fury soon erupted.

Jiang Jingtong’s response to his complaint was, “If you can’t bear to live in this house then go back to your own home.”


On Jiang Jingtong’s side, his life actually couldn’t be much better.

Recently he couldn’t even vent himself and meet his lovers. However, problems kept piling up. The Jiang Family’s Enterprise and even their affiliated Companies, had encountered troubles, both small and big issues. If it were not handled carefully, it could cause a Domino Effect and tumble their entire Business.

To put the matter worse, his Uncles both from his Father and Mother’s families were sued and reported to the authorities. It’s simply a mess everywhere, and Jiang Jingtong had been quite devastated these days.

That said, whenever he went back home, he couldn’t help but quarrel with Shi Yuanbai. One was due to his foul mood, and the other due to his resentment over Shi Yuanbai’s supposed betrayal.

Even then, he still felt that he loved Shi Yuanbai dearly in his heart, it didn’t matter even if Shi Yuanbai had apparently crossed his trust.

So that night, when they once again went into a quarrel, Jiang Jingtong let out what he had been buried in his heart,

“Shi Yuanbai, why are you so heartless? I love you so much, but how could you betray my love for you?”

Hearing such an accusation, Shi Yuanbai laughed in anger. “You love me? Sure enough, the highest degree of lying is to deceive oneself.”

Jiang Jingtong scoffed. “What do you mean? Didn’t I love you enough all these years? If it isn’t because of my deep love for you, I would have divorced you long ago. Would you still be able to live here with me?”

Shi Yuanbai laughed in mockery. He took out a stack of full-colored printing papers in A4 size and threw them at Jiang Jingtong’s face. He was not afraid of offending Jiang Jingtong at this time. Before the showdown tonight, he had let all the Bodyguards in the family enter the Villa. Therefore, he had no worry about Jiang Jingtong committing domestic violence.

Most importantly, he had also contacted his Xuedi, Gu Siyuan, to stand by and watch the time. If he didn’t come out within half an hour of the expected time, then Gu Siyuan should contact him. If at that time Gu Siyuan couldn’t reach him, then just call the police directly!

That being said, actually, the bodyguards present were somewhat enough of a guarantee. They were the ones whom Shi Yuze had brought abroad alongside him before, so they must know the priority.

Shi Yuze had no intention to make a clear break with the Jiang Family for the time being. For now, he didn’t want others to know about their families’ scandals. Even if he was unwilling, he still had to lend these rows of bodyguards to his Dear Younger Brother.


Meanwhile, outside the Villa, the dedicated Reporter with the surname Wu was broadcasting LIVE about JiangShi’s current showdown.

He was surrounded by mosquitos, even the mosquito repellant specifically brought by Wu Siyuan was of no use. He had already sprayed his spot once every 10 minutes. Instead of killing the buzzing mosquitos, sooner rather than later, it might be him who would be poisoned to death.

Chen Xuyao and the other friends in their small group gave him their heartfelt sympathy. Though, deep inside they felt a little bit of schadenfreude toward his misfortune.

[Unexpectedly…in Shi Yuanbai’s heart, you’re that one trustworthy guy he could rely on]

Wu Siyuan also wondered about this, and thought for a while before replying,

[Isn’t it because, despite my bad intentions, the fact is I haven’t tried to harm him openly?]

Wu Siyuan shrugged. In the end, even he, was also not a good person. After knowing the plot given by the System, if he didn’t resist fiercely, or if he didn’t come to this world at all, then the timeline would go according to the original plot.

Those two protagonists were truly disgusting and despicable people. It’s just their own selfish thoughts that led them to mistake Wu Siyuan, the villain, as a trustworthy confidant instead.

But to state the matter clearly, their current situation, was all caused by their own hands.

After all, no one had forced them to toy with other people’s feelings, either as a Scumbag Gong or the Venerated Sea King. It all came of their own volition.

PA[1]a sound effects of clapping or slapping!” Another mosquito was slapped to death as Wu Siyuan expressionlessly stared at the Villa.

‘It’s almost 30 minutes, so why didn’t Shi Yuanbai come out yet?’


Inside the Villa.

Jiang Jingtong took the scattered A4 Papers used to hit him before. It turned out the stack of papers was the countless pictures of him and his various lovers! His expression darkened visibly.

Shooting a dangerous look at Shi Yuanbai, he questioned him instead, “Have you been investigating me?”

Shi Yuanbai smirked, and playfully answered, “If I had, I wouldn’t wait for today to slap your face with the evidence.”

Shi Yuanbai had always thought his vision was not wrong when it came to the selection of his Fish and Shrimp. To think that he actually picked up this Garbage among his well-nurtured Fishes before, was simply a big blunder.

“You kept complaining that I gave you a Green Hat, but in the end, it has always been you who put stack after stack of Green Hats upon my head all this time! What else are you going to say?”

Jiang Jingtong hurriedly defended his actions in a panic, “I am a man, and Men always have physiological needs, but you weren’t here by my side. What can I do? Besides, it’s no more than an acquaintance relationship.”

At present, Jiang Jingtong was a little flustered, one sheet of pictures was enough to choke him down.

“So, you’re a man, but I’m not a man? I can’t have needs as you did?”

“Bicch!!” Hearing Shi Yuanbai’s rhetoric, Jiang Jingtong’s response was to automatically curse him as a slvt.

Shi Yuanbai really couldn’t laugh anymore facing this Scumbag. “Why, this one here is still not as good at swimming as you did, like a Duck[2]Implying JJT as gig0lo in the water. Oh, perhaps, not just ordinary Duck but the Number One Duck in the Capital? Busy with work during the day and going out swimming at night[3]derogatory phrase implying JJT selling himself like a bicchi, since JJT cursed SYB as slvt?”

“You!” Jiang Jiangtong exploded.

He wanted to hit the person in front of him, however, Shi Yuanbai was quicker and backhandedly slapped him in the face instead. As if it wasn’t enough, several fists were also delivered in succession.

Just when Jiang Jingtong was able to push him away and was about to retaliate, again, the bodyguards came to interfere at this time.

Shi Yuanbai kicked Jiang Jingtong who was slumped on the ground and warned him, “Listen, whether this marriage should continue or not, it’s not your place to decide. Even if these pictures can’t be legally recognized as evidence, I can share them publicly and let others see your fantastic performance throughout the years. Didn’t your Jiang Family is becoming colder[4]going downhill or about to be bankrupted recently? Maybe when others know you’re such an excellent Duck, many orders will come to you.”

“You…! Don’t you dare!” Jiang Jingtong yelled weakly.

“Why of course, I don’t.” Shi Yuanbai sneered at the end of his words.

After all, when he had finished venting his anger, the moment Jiang Jingtong was ruined, he would also follow his doom.

Shi Yuze had clearly stated that if he ever divorced Jiang Jingtong, even those bits of dividends left on his hand would have to disappear.

He had nothing left, in order to save these meager dividends, Shi Yuanbai must stubbornly keep his marriage afloat.

He turned his head and looked at Jiang Jingtong once again. “Oh, I forgot to say, it turned out years ago you set up the stage in our Vacation and paid the Thugs to harass me. How disgusting. You better not touch me anymore from now on, such a dirty person, who knows what kind of disease you’re carrying around.”

Jiang Jingtong couldn’t refute one bit. He could only continue to lay on the ground while being furious but unable to give a comeback. He kept warning Shi Yuanbai not to go, to no avail.

He really regretted it.

In the past, he clearly promised his heart to Shi Yuanbai. How could it become like this? Shouldn’t they be a happy and loving couple? When Shi Yuanbai had uncovered even the little secret he did in the past, he didn’t dare to imagine what else Shi Yuanbai might know.

When he thought about it, Jiang Jingtong hurriedly flipped over the stack of A4 printed pictures. All of his past and present lovers were in it, some of those he didn’t even recognize anymore.

If it was not Shi Yuanbai who had deliberately investigated him, then who the hell had been keeping an eye on him all these years?

When he chanced upon Xiaoyou’s picture, Jiang Jingtong felt a flash of inspiration in his mind.

He tried to contact Xiaoyou and wanted to question him about this matter, but the only answer he got was the bland Operator’s voice on the phone. He couldn’t get in touch with him at all.

When he asked his assistant to find Xiaoyou’s whereabouts, he was met with a dead end. It seemed like Xiaoyou had evaporated out of thin air, his trace was unable to be found at all. Right after he graduated from College, Xiaoyou disappeared completely, as if he had never existed in the first place.


After finishing his confrontation with Jiang Jingtong, Shi Yuanbai directly left the Villa and saw Wu Siyuan who was waiting outside.

Suddenly, he realized that it was this Xuedi who kept pushing him and Jiang Jingtong to be together. He wondered what role did Gu Siyuan play all these years, and what did he think inside his mind actually?

At first, because Gu Siyuan’s face was somehow resembling that of Shi Yuanbai’s, he heard the rumor that Jiang Jingtong had the idea of approaching Gu Siyuan.

When he came to this point, Shi Yuanbai quickly dismissed his sudden suspicion.

After all, Gu Siyuan was not familiar with Shi Yuze, and nor did he have ulterior motives, such as secretly liking him or Jiang Jingtong. In the final analysis, Gu Siyuan was likely a person who’s just deeply brainwashed by those CP fans and eventually became a fanatic JiangShi CP fan himself.

He gave a wry smile at Wu Siyuan and apologized, “Gu Xuedi, I’m really sorry, I’ve troubled you again this time.”

Wu Siyuan pretended to be unaware of Jiang Jingtong’s extramarital affairs they were confronting tonight, he continued to appease Shi Yuanbai, focusing on the supposedly current matter that he knew about[5]Wu Siyuan pretended to only know about the kidnapping matter,

“Perhaps after Jiang Xuege figures the matter out, he won’t be mad at you anymore. At the end of the day, you’re still the victim…”

Shi Yuanbai recalled those pile of pictures and then showed a bright smile. “Yes, I’m sure his anger will soon subside.”

After all, it’s his turn to retaliate back.

Shi Yuanbai really wanted to send gratitude to that good person who anonymously sent him a package of evidence. It really helped him a lot.

In front of him, the so-called good person Wu Siyuan, calmly hid his merit and fame. He didn’t even bother to shove his nose further into JiangShi’s affairs and left decisively after his role tonight had been resolved.


After the showdown that day, Shi Yuanbai and Jiang Jingtong’s news kept coming one after another. Even how many times Jiang Jingtong was beaten by Shi Yuanbai was reported in detail.

Following this matter, several of Jiang Jingtong’s lovers even posted on their Social Media about Jiang Jingtong’s countless seduction and empty promises to them in the past. They let all the netizens judge it themselves. Nowadays, to put it exaggeratedly, the whole world knew Jiang Jingtong was a Scumbag, they all sympathized with Shi Yuanbai.

Looking at how Shi Yuanbai, seemingly, stayed strong and kept his marriage with Jiang Jingtong nevertheless, everyone sighed and lamented that the Scumbag was really unworthy of Shi Yuanbai’s perseverance.

On the other hand, to appease Shi Yuanbai’s temper, or just to cooperate with the pretense, Jiang Jingtong had to spend a lot of money and even transfer two valuable houses under Shi Yuanbai’s name.

To make his reputation not as bad as it sounded, Jiang Jingtong tried to defend himself and let out the rumor that actually Shi Yuanbai was no better than him. He had also cheated and cuckolded Jiang Jingtong for so many years.

However, because there’s no conclusive evidence, even Shi Yuanbai’s former Fishes and Shrimp didn’t even show up to admit it, in the end, everyone dismissed it as Jiang Jingtong trying to slander Shi Yuanbai.

As a result of his defamatory words, the Jiang Family’s stock plummetted even further.

At the same time, another thunderous news also came. Jiang Jingtong’s Uncles were found to be guilty over a case of corruption and malfeasance. The two Uncles were immediately detained.

This time, the Behemoth Jiang Family finally fell.

The more devastated he was, the more Jiang Jingtong didn’t dare to divorce Shi Yuanbai. After all, not long ago he had transferred a lot of money and properties to him. He didn’t know what means Shi Yuanbai used, but when the authorities confiscated their private possessions, they didn’t find them as the common properties that should have been included to be seized.

The two of them hurt and smeared each other’s reputation, but clearly, neither of them benefitted from this.

The once enviable couple was reduced to a couple whom everyone could only shake their head once they heard the name.

The most indescribable result of them all that definitely amazed everyone who knew it, was the fact that Shi Yuanbai truly implemented the idea that he once said out of anger. That’s right, he did help promote Jiang Jingtong and sell his service[6]y’all know what service JJT offered~~~to the wealthy ladies…

Looking at this Scumbag Couple, Wu Siyuan whistled in awe. Actually, even without Shi Yuanbai’s full cooperation to sell his husband, Jiang Jingtong would still continue his old habit and find other new lovers even after they fell to such a point. After all, according to the original plot, Jiang Jingtong’s nature had never deviated from the same old routine.

When it reached this state, Wu Siyuan didn’t need to make any move behind their back. Because it’s not his turn to act anymore.

The downfall of Jiang Jingtong’s relatives actually was driven by Chen Xuyao’s older sister.

Previously, she suffered from depression and had to go abroad to stabilize her condition. Her depression was all due to those two people, apart from Shi Yuanbai’s frame-up, Jiang Jingtong’s also had the same responsibilities in pushing her to the abyss.

The Jiang Family was once a Behemoth, even Shi Yuanbai was once backed by Shi Yuze, therefore, originally Chen Xuyao’s older sister really had no hope to appeal. She had no choice but to go abroad to retreat from the eye of the storm and waited for a chance to take revenge later.

Originally, in the plot, their revenge would have no chance to be realized. But because in this life the roommate that Chen Xuyao met was Wu Siyuan, they finally saw the dawn of their vengeance.

Wu Siyuan swore he never intended to help and accommodate many people’s revenge. God above knows perfectly he just wanted Jiang Jingtong and Shi Yuanbai to be tied together and stopped harming others!

Now that those Scumbags had finally been tied together with no way to escape…it’s truly gratifying.

These days he even felt that Shi Yuanbai should be happier.

Their marriage life looked as peaceful as ever, outsiders guessed that the two Husbands must be content with each other. Jiang Jingtong was even willing to be sold by Shi Yuanbai, if this wasn’t love then what should it be?

Once every few days the couple would quarrel, even wrestling and grappling when the heat went too high. But that shouldn’t be a problem. After all, it’s normal for families to have some conflict every now and then, it’s just how the way life was.

Wu Siyuan was extremely satisfied. This time, it’s no doubt that he had achieved his Task’s goal, right? 


1 a sound effects of clapping or slapping
2 Implying JJT as gig0lo
3 derogatory phrase implying JJT selling himself like a bicchi, since JJT cursed SYB as slvt
4 going downhill or about to be bankrupted
5 Wu Siyuan pretended to only know about the kidnapping matter
6 y’all know what service JJT offered~~~
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The Matchmaker Tool Is Uncooperative

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Later, when the System looks at the dazzling F- at its Host’s task grade, then looking at the unrecognizable state of the CP’s romance, it finally realizes, “What kind of Godly assist have you offered?!”


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