MTIU Chapter 17

Cannon Fodder Stand In Lover - How dare you giving me a Green Hat!

Before they knew it, the Private Jet soon landed at their destination.

During this short flight, Wu Siyuan acted like he had undergone a huge change; from despising Shi Yuze since his CP Master hated him, to admiring Shi Yuze who, apparently, looked like, a good older brother who cared about Shi Yuanbai wholeheartedly.

He even patted Jiang Jingtong’s shoulder, persuading him to understand Shi Yuze’s situation. He earnestly conveyed his opinion to Jiang Jingtong, telling him that Shi Yuze’s beating him up earlier was just his way of expressing his extreme worry for his younger brother. In short, he told Jiang Jingtong not to hold a grudge, don’t take the beating he received too seriously, and please understand and empathize with the anxious Big Brother, Shi Yuze.

Jiang Jingtong could only laugh angrily. He really wanted to beat Gu Siyuan and make this guy recall his own action prior!

Who was that guy who keep insinuating Shi Yuze’s insidiousness and sending sarcastic words earlier? Who kept indirectly mocking Shi Yuze as the mastermind before?

Whereas, Shi Yuze didn’t respond but only snickered inside. He still couldn’t believe how Jiang Jingtong could be easily manipulated like this by Gu Siyuan.

The person was standing blatantly right in the limelight, yet Jiang Jingtong and Shi Yuanbai were still unable to realize Gu Siyuan’s involvement in the whole process of their romance until their marriage. They never suspected that the way they were today was all driven and manipulated by Gu Siyuan.

Shi Yuze was becoming more familiar with Chen Xuyao and the other people in their small group these days. He knew why Chen Xuyao and his Chen Family kept targeting Shi Yuanbai and the Shi Family before. The other people, he also knew, more or less, they had suffered bad luck due to either Jiang Jingtong or Shi Yuanbai.

He didn’t mind it, they hadn’t gone too far. After all, these days, the way he treated those two Scumbags was far worse than other people.

The real wonder was, how could Jiang Jingtong and Shi Yuanbai completely trust Gu Siyuan and never once did they suspect him of holding bad intentions over them?

Right now in front of Shi Yuze, he saw how Gu Siyuan was comforting and coaxing Jiang Jingtong to calm down.

Suddenly Shi Yuze had an absurd thought, ‘Fortunately, Gu Siyuan didn’t join hands to suppress and force Jiang Jingtong’s Company to go bankrupt.’

Or else, he was afraid the Jiang Company would no longer exist today.

‘Really…what an incredible conman, indeed.’ Shi Yuze silently watched the interaction between Gu Siyuan and Jiang Jingtong, looking at how, due to Gu Siyuan’s persuasive words, Jiang Jingtong’s temper had gradually calmed down.


After they successfully landed in the foreign country, they immediately followed the people that Shi Yuze had arranged long before, and went directly to the place where Shi Yuanbai was likely to be detained.

Speaking of which, today was a society ruled by law. Shi Yuze didn’t worry that much about encountering any accident. Besides, the bodyguards he brought were not just a bunch of paper figures.

Once they arrived at the destination, fortunately, Shi Yuanbai hadn’t been moved yet.

Shi Yuze was not good at pretending and didn’t bother to contact any authorities to enter the vicinity in a fair and righteous method. He just forced the people he brought inside and let’s talk about any problem that might arise later.

Inside, Shi Yuanbai was found lying on the bed. He was in a poor state, and his physical fitness was alarmingly bad. His face was pale, and there was no light in his pair of eyes. It was completely different from what he looked like 2 years ago.

He was wearing an ill-fitting nightgown with an iron chain bounding his ankle to the bed.

The moment he saw Gu Siyuan, a glimpse of excitement finally appeared in his expression.

Yet, he saw behind Gu Siyuan were Shi Yuze and Jiang Jingtong. So he hurriedly said,

“Save me, please set me free quickly! I have been imprisoned here for 2 years.”

Shi Yuanbai’s voice was hoarse, but Wu Siyuan still felt an admiration inside, because, from the way he appeared right now, it seemed like his mind and consciousness were still clear and sober. Was this the power of someone who was worthy to be crowned as a protagonist? After all, if any other person had been trapped in a small dark room for 2 years, it was highly possible for their senses and clarity to be greatly affected.

On the other hand, when Jiang Jingtong witnessed the situation Shi Yuanbai was in, he was completely infuriated. Unfortunately, he could only roar for his incompetence because he still didn’t know who was the culprit behind.

At this moment, Shi Yuze was standing idly by. Jiang Jingtong was only roaring furiously, but still, hadn’t moved not even one inch.

Seeing this absurd situation, Wu Siyuan, who should have been the uninvolved party, really couldn’t stand it.

So he quickly asked the bodyguards to open or break the chains. Then, he ordered Jiang Jingtong to change Shi Yuanbai’s clothes, before he walked out.

At this time, suddenly a man appeared, leaning his back against the doorframe, folding his arms in front, and greeting them with a chuckle,

“Trespassing into someone else’s house and daring to kidnap my lover, Mr. Shi, I believe this is not a good thing, is it?” The person who spoke was a foreign guy, speaking in immaculate Mandarin.

‘Oh-ho? Is this what they call a Shura Field[1]when lovers, spare tires, etc, gathered at the same place accidentally or not?!’

Wu Siyuan immediately changed his state in this very second, from an enthusiastic well behaved-Xuedi into a Melon Seeds Eater-Xuedi.

Between the Foreign Fish and the Legal Husband,

…let’s see, who’d finally win the little pure white flower, Shi Yuanbai! Would it be the Foreign Yandere Fish who liked to play in a small dark room, or would it be the legally married Scum husband, Jiang Jingtong?

Needless to say, if he could actually choose, Shi Yuanbai would definitely choose to return to his home country. He wouldn’t even have the desire to go abroad anymore in his lifetime!

As for Jiang Jingtong, when he heard the unexpected statement, he exploded, “What lover? Who the hell do you say is your lover?!”

The Foreign Fish laughed at Jiang Jingtong and replied, “Why of course, it’s your partner. Your husband is insanely beautiful, I can barely hold myself.”

As if his answer was not outrageous enough, he added, “For your information, even before you two got married, the two of us have always been a pair of lovers.” Then, his voice suddenly turned colder as he continued, “Who would have thought that he actually got married to someone else without telling me anything.”

The Foreign Fish seemed to have the ever-changeable face when in another second his expression turned into that of a shy and nervous smile. “Thankfully, for the past 2 years, we could finally become one, realizing our relationship as a pair of Husbands. How do I say it, your husband is, incredibly tempting, I’m afraid I can’t let you take him away from me.”

‘Hmm? This, this, this is, so damn exciting! So, the next plot is, are those three would eventually enter the holy land of Threesome?’

My Dear God! What kind of youthful romance drama was this!

The problem was that Shi Yuanbai couldn’t stand this Yandere Fish anymore, how could he still have the desire to combine the two together?

Wu Siyuan honestly, from the deepest of his heart, really wanted to applaud excitedly at this moment. He could barely hold on to his excitement watching this unprecedented drama.

He glanced at Shi Yuze, who apparently was also glancing at him. Both people wanted to ask each other what to do next.

But Wu Siyuan obviously had no identity to intervene in this Shura Field, therefore, he could only graciously let the responsibility fall upon the Big Brother, Shi Yuze.

In the end, Shi Yuze had to work hard, exuding the Boss aura, with his strong tone and decisive actions, he put pressure on this Yandere Fish and warned him not to dare to be presumptuous. The Yandere Fish could only watch helplessly as the enraged Jiang Jingtong took Shi Yuanbai away.

Actually, had it not been for Shi Yuze’s stern order, Jiang Jingtong would have left directly without even taking Shi Yuanbai with him.

Because right now his mind was full with; ‘I was cuckolded, the Great Me actually was cuckolded, I was given the fuckin’ Green Hat!’


In Anime or Donghua, the characters sometimes would have question marks popping out from their heads. Right now, Wu Siyuan could imagine he might be exactly in that situation. Besides Wu Siyuan and also Shi Yuze, even the bodyguards brought here were full of question marks.

With one look at Jiang Jingtong’s current state, they would understand what he was thinking in his mind.

Before they went abroad, the bodyguards were sympathizing with Shi Yuanbai’s misfortune. They regarded Shi Yuanbai as a miserable little husband. He had gone abroad for 2 years and even had to suffer an accident. In contrast, the Scum husband at home was cheating left and right, changing little lovers one after another. With such wild affairs, the fact that Jiang Jingtong hadn’t contracted any strange disease was simply his good luck.

However, after they arrived abroad and saw Shi Yuanbai’s situation, they suddenly realized that this pair of Husbands was a match made in Heaven. Both were incredible people in their own right!

Just now, before they walked away, according to the narration of the Yandere Fish, it seemed like Shi Yuanbai was a Sea King, a powerful King of the Sea at that. Despite his style being different from that of Jiang Jingtong’s frequent lover-changes, his prowess was still commendable. Really, how young, how energetic!

In this case, all the people present honestly couldn’t understand why Jiang Jingtong was furious.

Didn’t the two of you cuckold each other? Didn’t the two of you both are diligently planting trees and grassland on top of each other’s heads? Shouldn’t it be a good thing to be both Greened?

At this point only Shi Yuanbai was unaware of Jiang Jingtong’s deeds, so he felt at a loss and didn’t know how to react.

Looking at him, Wu Siyuan rubbed his hands together excitedly. It was for this moment that he had accumulated the evidence of Jiang Jingtong’s derailment for more than 2 years, wait, it’s almost 3 years now.

The time for that little inventory to finally be of use has come!


After the fiasco that day, Jiang Jingtong felt as if he was the most miserable man on earth. He resented Shi Yuanbai’s derailment. As for how he himself was cheating with little lovers, of course, he also felt guilty, a little bit, before. But now that he knew how Shi Yuanbai had cheated on him, even that tiny guilty conscience disappeared without a trace.

How those two Husbands would quarrel behind the closed door, Wu Siyuan, Shi Yuze, and the bodyguards didn’t know. In short, the next day, they could clearly see how Shi Yuanbai’s eyes were red and swollen, definitely from crying too much.

On the other side of the continent, in Wu Siyuan’s small group chat, the members had frantically demanded Shi Yuze and Wu Siyuan for the hot news gained on the frontline.

The little reporter-Wu only told them of things that could be shared publicly.

[The target has safely been rescued. The culprit is his Yandere Foreign Fish. Thank God, President Shi was there, or else, it’s impossible to take the imprisoned little husband away smoothly.]

It’s obvious that such a small report wouldn’t be enough to satiate the hungry members. They demanded that they needed more news, they wanted more details!

Then, Wu Siyuan kindly added another sentence in his report,

[Wait for a wonderful drama after we go back home.]

Unexpectedly, Wu Siyuan was reluctant to share about private matters, but it was Shi Yuze who actually started to break the news in advance.

Wu Siyuan who was holding his phone and saw the incoming chats in their group was shocked.

‘Big Brother, I didn’t expect it’s you who could be so blunt and unfeeling instead!’

On another side, Jiang Jingtong and Shi Yuanbai were currently arguing and even brought up divorce. Shi Yuze heard their quarrel and snorted coldly.

“Do you think I am clueless about how many pickles[2]JJT keeps his lovers tightly, so it’s like keeping pickled veggieyou’re hoarding at home?”

Jiang Jingtong’s expression turned stiff instantly. His guilty countenance was transparent. Even the way he spoke, his tone and mannerism had suddenly changed, not as aggressive as before.

Shi Yuanbai was a smart person, after all. He could guess immediately that Jiang Jingtong must have done a lot of forbidden things behind him as well.

Now, staring back at him, Shi Yuanbai let out a smile that was not a genuine smile at all. Since Shi Yuze was aware of it, then he could also obtain the news and find the evidence by himself later.

He sneered. “Do you think marriage is as simple as holding a celebration, and you could divorce when you feel like it? You know that I’ve been forced against my will, but as my husband, the first thing you care about is the issue of whether you’ve been given a Green Hat or not, instead of the fact that I’ve suffered some injustice?”

At this moment, Wu Siyuan added the tension by looking at Jiang Jingtong with an angry and disapproving stare, as if Jiang Jingtong had committed a heinous crime.

Jiang Jingtong had no choice but to dodge his eyes and look somewhere else. In his opinion, he had done nothing wrong. He was a man and he had physiological needs. What was wrong with seeking cooperation with others to fulfill his needs? Besides, he never acknowledged or took any of his lovers to his house. Most importantly, the only one he loved was Shi Yuanbai!

Even so, he didn’t dare to speak out those words. There was Shi Yuze, the blood-related brother of Shi Yuanbai, and even Gu Siyuan the number one brainless CP fan. Let’s not forget the rows of bodyguards behind Shi Yuze, thrice as many as the bodyguards he brought from the Jiang Family. He had already seen how vicious and scary Shi Yuze was. He really had no chance to win if he were to retort and start a fight!

He couldn’t do anything aside from shutting his mouth and looking at Shi Yuanbai resentfully.

“Ah, about the pickled things? What is that about the pickles?” Wu Siyuan felt the excitement was not enough, so he had to set fire once more.

The bodyguards were helplessly looking at Wu Siyuan, seemingly, oblivious state, with a hint of admiration in their eyes. Of course, more than anything, they also felt curious and wanted to hear more!

Shi Yuanbai gave Wu Siyuan a Good Job!-look.

The secret he had been covering for years had been known by others today. Well, It didn’t matter anymore. But he had to know how many despicable deeds Jiang Jingtong had done behind his back!

Shi Yuze looked at Shi Yuanbai coldly, and curtly ordered him, “Go back first.”

Then, he turned his gaze to Jiang Jingtong and said meaningfully, “It’s easy to discuss your divorce, when the time comes, the two of you can decide it yourself.”

On the flight back home, the Private Jet was engulfed in silence, no one was uttering any word.

But if stare and gaze could be translated and heard, then this journey must have been damn noisy, as boisterous as a vegetable market.

Among them, Shi Yuanbai was the most serene. Perhaps it was his relaxed feeling after breathing the air of freedom once again.

On the other hand, Jiang Jingtong kept clenching his fist with complicated emotion.

While on another corner, Wu Siyuan was secretly busy, organizing and packing a bunch of materials to be sent to Shi Yuanbai’s mailbox at a designated time.

For now, Shi Yuanbai had nothing. The so-called foreign company he built didn’t belong to him, but to that Yandere Foreign Fish. In his home, he still had nothing aside from a few dividends from the Shi Company shares left on him.

Shi Father and Shi Mother also had no shares left, forget about any important position in the Company. Except for Shi Yuze’s strictly calculated alimony every month, they had nothing. To say it bluntly, they were old enough to die and had no power to fight for the family property.

In this case, Shi Yuanbai had no other choice but to cling to Jiang Jingtong tightly.

…Until he could find another worthy Fish in the future.

When that time came, no doubt, he’d definitely kick out Jiang Jingtong as far as possible. After all, when someone didn’t leak this farce, Shi Yuanbai would still be an innocent and pure Flower. When Shi Yuanbai was rescued, no one took pictures or recorded videos, hence there was no proof or evidence to leak the matter out.

…Except Wu Siyuan that is.

However, even if he did take videos and pictures, Wu Siyuan himself didn’t intend to share them with others. It’s just another handle he had to keep in case of future trouble.

Looking at the chats going on in the small group, he merely smiled.

Their chats were discussing the current matter, and finally concluded that it was a low probability, for Jiang Jingtong to dare resort to divorce right away.

The way of Heaven is reincarnation, even the Heaven forgives any Soul and gives them another chance.

So, shouldn’t these pair of Scumbag Husbands be forgiving to each other as well?


1 when lovers, spare tires, etc, gathered at the same place accidentally or not
2 JJT keeps his lovers tightly, so it’s like keeping pickled veggie
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The Matchmaker Tool Is Uncooperative

The Matchmaker Tool Is Uncooperative

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Wu Siyuan is a tasker, bound to a self-proclaimed Cannon Fodder Supporting Actor System. His task is to be the Matchmaker Tool. They must promote and stimulate the romance development of the protagonists. The better he can promote the Protagonists romance, the better his reward would be! Wu Siyuan said, “Fine. I’ll be the Godly assist.”


Later, when the System looks at the dazzling F- at its Host’s task grade, then looking at the unrecognizable state of the CP’s romance, it finally realizes, “What kind of Godly assist have you offered?!”


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