MTIU Chapter 16

Cannon Fodder Stand In Lover - As a good Big Bro I am qualified to beat him

“Jiang Xuege, it’s urgent! Something bad has happened!” As soon as the phone call was connected, the first thing Wu Siyuan did was shouting in a hurried tone.

Jiang Jingtong had just finished attending a meeting in his company. Suddenly receiving a call from Wu Siyuan who hardly ever contacted him these few years, he frowned slightly. Why did this guy first greeting have to be spoken while yelling?  Fearing that Gu Siyuan would also yell his next answer, Jiang Jingtong put his phone away from his ears before asking,

“What makes you so flustered?”

Wu Siyuan continued to anxiously speak, “Shi Xuege has encountered some trouble. He just sent me a distress message, asking me to save him!”

Jiang Jingtong was skeptical. “That’s impossible. He was on the phone with me just yesterday.”

Wu Siyuan, “On the phone?”

If Shi Yuze hadn’t told him the real situation, or if Wu Siyuan was just a person who wanted to watch the fun without any real purpose, perhaps the matter would have ended with this unexpected rebuttal.

But Wu Siyuan was not, so he continued to pester, “But Shi Xuege clearly told me that he is currently being imprisoned. Have you ever been on a video call with him? Jiang Xuege, have you ever chatted with him face to face? Is it really Shi Xuege whom you’ve been on a call with?”

Hearing the series of questions, Jiang Jingtong finally realized that he hadn’t made any video call with Shi Yuanbai for the past two years, in other words, they had never seen each other’s faces directly. Their contact had always been through voice calls or text messages. In addition, it was true that Shi Yuanbai apparently had never posted a selfie picture. What he had been posting these two years were either landscape photos, food pictures, or all kinds of luxury goods show-offs.

Thinking about the situation properly, Jiang Jingtong suddenly found something was indeed fishy.

Shi Yuanbai’s behavior pattern in these past two years was full of questionable dynamics. Meanwhile, Jiang Jingtong, his closest person didn’t notice such incongruity. He didn’t even realize the change in Shi Yuanbai’s manner of speaking and so on during their conversations at all.

Jiang Jingtong couldn’t help but be flustered.

‘Isn’t this really bad?’ He didn’t even notice his husband’s changes at all.

‘Is that why Shi Yuanbai lost confidence in me, so he went to find Gu Siyuan for help instead?’

Thinking about what had happened to Shi Yuanbai in these 2 years, and then thinking about what he had been doing for that period of time as well, Jiang Jingtong held the phone in one hand and punch the wall next to him with his other hand.

Xuege?” Wu Siyuan called him when he suddenly heard a loud crash on the other side.

Jiang Jingtong felt the fist he used to punch the wall was a bit painful. He could only ask in a low voice, “Do you know where he is right now?”

Wu Siyuan quickly disclosed his guess, “Uh, the thing is, Shi Xuege sent me a picture of his current location, so if he hasn’t been transferred yet, he should be there…”

Closing his eyes, Jiang Jingtong fell into silence for a while.

Afterward, he decided firmly, “I will immediately send someone to monitor the place, and organize the preparation before going there.”

Wu Siyuan suddenly asked, “Then, do you want to tell Shi Xuege‘s family? President Shi seems to be very powerful, besides, he must have been worried about his younger brother’s safety as well, right?”

Jiang Jingtong snorted coldly. His eyes became grim when it came to Shi Yuze.

“Hha! Will he have any worries about his younger brother, really?”

For the past two years, Jiang Jingtong had always been suppressed by Shi Yuze.

Everything he had been planning had always been intervened by Shi Yuze and failed to be implemented every time. Now that such a misfortune befell Shi Yuanbai, it’s not surprising that Jiang Jingtong would actually wonder if it was Shi Yuze who was pulling the threads behind the scene. After all, Shi Yuanbai was so good, he was such an amazing person, how could he suddenly be imprisoned by someone when he’s working hard building a company abroad?

However, when his mind turned into the matter of Company, Jiang Jingtong’s complexion went pale in an instant.

‘If Shi Yuanbai has been detained from the beginning and has no freedom to do anything…then, who is running this Company?’

Could it be, that the so-called SOS message might be a trap?

If he went directly abroad, would he fall for the trap prepared?

It was at this point, that the clear and melodious voice from Wu Siyuan sounded, awakening him from his thought;

“—I think, it is still better to inform President Shi and ask for his help. If he refuses to go, then we can say that this imprisoning case may be related to him. But if he agrees and goes together to save Shi Xuege, even if it’s his plan, we can catch him on the spot!”

Jiang Jingtong analyzed the pro-cons and finally, he considered this idea acceptable. But then he noticed, “We?”

Wu Siyuan explained, “Uh-uh. I think I should go as well. Since Shi Xuege trusts me so much, I must live up to his trust in me. One more person means one more helper, right? I haven’t graduated yet, but I have a lot of acquaintances and partners I’ve met in these past 2 years, so I can help even just a little.”

Hearing this eloquent and confident answer, Jiang Jingtong was feeling sad instead.

That’s right, he still felt it was a pity that Gu Siyuan had become a person with considerable strength right now. He had become a person Jiang Jingtong couldn’t toy with or touch casually.

Even today, Gu Siyuan’s influence was actually on an equal footing with him.

With Gu Siyuan’s current development speed, in a few years, he might even become a rival for the entire Jiang Family. To put the matter worse, the Jiang Family kept going downhill recently, so it might not even need that many years.

Shi Yuze had been pressing his head down, and even putting his people in the Jiang Family’s Company. Jiang Jingtong was really unable to retaliate against him.

He gritted his teeth with full determination. Regardless of fake or real news, he had to get Shi Yuanbai back to his side as soon as possible!

So, Jiang Jingtong agreed to Wu Siyuan’s offer, “You can follow along, but don’t let other people know about this matter. Since you’re not familiar with Shi Yuze, I will be the one who tell him about this matter. Remember, don’t let others find out, alright?”

As a super professional (fake) CP fan who maintained his quality, Wu Siyuan truly hadn’t spread this matter to anyone else.

After all, he himself wasn’t sure if this imprisoning case was true or not. If it was just a farce or a trap, Wu Siyuan would surely face a big loss if he announced it beforehand.

Wu Siyuan’s plan was to go to the frontline and bravely embrace the danger to make a LIVE broadcast for his compatriots and allies who were waiting to watch with Melon Seeds at hand in the country.

Anyway, the group that would go to save the White Moonlight consisted of another Melon Eater[1]Someone who stood on the sidelines, watching gossip and excitement, whether it’s a good or bad thingwho was actually reluctant to be active. Even if Wu Siyuan didn’t make a LIVE broadcast, this colleague of his, Shi Yuze, would definitely make a broadcast by himself.

Wu Siyuan faced the upcoming action confidently.


On Jiang Jingtong’s side, he quickly ordered his assistant to book a flight ticket, saying that he was going to discuss business cooperation abroad. He didn’t mention anything else, and didn’t let any of his subordinates follow his trip.

But of course, the bodyguards must follow him to ensure his safety. He took his Jiang Family’s private bodyguards to go abroad with him immediately. Their flights were also handled by his assistants.

After sorting the preparation on his side, he contacted Shi Yuze and informed this Big Brother about what Gu Siyuan had told him.


To complete the Play properly, Wu Siyuan shared Shi Yuanbai’s distress message and the house he was detained at to Jiang Jingtong and Shi Yuze’s phone.

Wu Siyuan didn’t forget to share his next plan to have a journey abroad on his WeChat Moments.

Unexpectedly, even I, will have the time to go abroad as well. Don’t worry though, it’s not a long trip.

After he posted the status, however, the direction of the comments was a bit strange.

[Blind guess, it must be about a certain person.]

[Good guy. He actually goes to the front line just to eat Melon seeds.]

[Melon eaters enthusiast indeed!]

[Request the poster for a LIVE broadcast!]

Wu Siyuan uniformly replied to the comments, pretending to be stupid of the other’s hints.

I really don’t know what you guys are talking about. I just want to go abroad shopping. Whose fault it is that my fortune is really good recently? How can I taste all my hard work if I don’t  properly enjoying the sweet fruits myself?

Afterward, when Wu Siyuan opened a small group with his friends, he was bombarded with threats. They demanded him to provide them with the LIVE broadcast news from the frontline.

This small group chat was actually derived from the Four Dormitory Brothers, later it was added with Zhang Lianyue and Shi Yuze. Afterward, it was expanded with another member, namely Chen Xuyao’s two best friends. They had maintained a good relationship until today.

Wu Siyuan had to helplessly defend his virtue against their slander,

[You guys are too much. Why can’t I be a cute, and well-behaved messenger of Justice?]

The others didn’t believe his words, and refuted him directly,

[Okay, then, Our Justice Messenger must tell us what happened on the battlefield and the result, Please.]

[I beg our Justice Warrior who’s fighting in the frontline to help us poor people in the remote mountains to share the latest news.]

[On another note, will a certain Husband blow your dog’s head[2]your dog’s head, your dog’s life, your dog’s fate; using the word dog is a joke, similar to “your damn head”, kind of.?]

[Oh, that’s right. Calling you for help instead of a certain Husband…this is really…]

[Sir Warrior, are you hiding a lot of things behind our back?]

[Don’t tell me…are you one of the Fishes?]

Wu Siyuan angrily replied,

[Don’t ever suspect a dignified Single Dog! Even if I’m a Single Player, I’m totally cool, not in any Heat.]


After Wu Siyuan asked about Jiang Jingtong’s flight, at first, he planned to book a flight ticket by himself. But in the end, it turned out they didn’t have to, at all, because Shi Yuze had a lot of money and directly went there with a Private Jet.

Of course, the formalities of the flight, etc, were also done by Shi Yuze. The Boss after all still had to follow the rule.

As a braindead CP Fan of JiangShi, Wu Siyuan had to maintain his character. His CP Master didn’t like Shi Yuze, so Wu Siyuan had to pretend to dislike Shi Yuze as well in front of Jiang Jingtong.

Even if Shi Yuze had kindly provided the transportation freely, Wu Siyuan plastered an unhappy look directed at Shi Yuze. All the while, he kept muttering and saying sarcastic and mocking words, directly or indirectly implying this might be Shi Yuze’s trap.

It was Jiang Jingtong who tried his best to reconcile the relationship between the two guys. Despite thinking that Gu Siyuan’s rash action was a bit embarrassing, he actually felt smug and delighted in his heart. Gu Siyuan had said everything he wanted to say to Shi Yuze but was unable to!

Jiang Jingtong who originally felt nervous and tensed about this journey, couldn’t help but let out a burst of long-lost laughter looking at Wu Siyuan who constantly picked a fight with Shi Yuze.

Unbeknownst to him, both Wu Siyuan and Shi Yuze deeply felt his laugh was disgusting. Obviously, the situation of his own husband was still unknown, whether alive or dead, they didn’t know—Yet this guy still had the guts to laugh!

Shi Yuze thought that if he was still a good Big Brother who cared about his younger brother’s safety very much, he might have beaten Jiang Jingtong upside down.

His thoughts were so clear in his eyes that Wu Siyuan could understand what he was currently thinking.

Then, Wu Siyuan gave Shi Yuze a look, hinting, ‘Even if you don’t care about Shi Yuanbai, you can still pretend and beat this Scumbag to the ground.’

Shi Yuze realized, ‘Ah, it makes sense!’

This Gu Siyuan was able to get the trust without a shred of doubt both from Shi Yuanbai and Jiang Jingtong. Shi Yuze still unable to believe how those two scumbags actually trust a person who’s clearly not easy to mess with, no matter how amicable he looked. Both of them regarded Gu Siyuan as more trustworthy than even their family, friends, and even spouse.

Shi Yuze was speechless.

Even today Jiang Jingtong still felt that Gu Siyuan had always been supporting him and Shi Yuanbai and never tried to harm them.

Calling them pure or naive was an understatement, right?

For example, right now, shouldn’t Jiang Jingtong see how Gu Siyuan’s winking at him, telling him to beat a certain someone?

But after all, Shi Yuze was indeed itching to beat a certain dog’s head. So he rushed over and punched Jiang Jingtong directly.

“You bastard! What kind of situation it is, and you still able to laugh?!” Shi Yuze perfectly acted like how a good Big Brother who’s worried about his younger brother’s safety would be.

Anyway, Shi Yuze had always been acting flawlessly in front of others. Except for his own Shi Family, no one knew how much Shi Yuze despised Shi Yuanbai nowadays.

Jiang Jingtong was caught off guard by the sudden punch. Shi Yuze had already beaten him enough when he finally reacted and was about to fight back. But at this time the bodyguards and Wu Siyuan had already rushed over to separate the two of them.

“Don’t fight, don’t fight! We are on the plane right now. It is dangerous to fight. Let’s get off the plane first and we can fight to our heart’s content. Jiang Xuege, I suspect this Trashy Brother is having a guilty conscience right now. After we get off the plane, we will work together and beat him.” Saying these words, Wu Siyuan didn’t forget to throw a provocative look at Shi Yuze.

Shi Yuze rolled his eyes.

The Play was over for now.

On the other hand, Jiang Jingtong pushed Wu Siyuan away angrily. How stupid was this, saying the plan to get revenge on someone in front of his face, would they still have a chance to do this revenge when they get off the plane??

Let’s not mention that Shi Yuze also had a lot of subordinates waiting for his landing abroad. Forget about revenge beating, perhaps Shi Yuze would continue to tyrannically beat Jiang Jingtong for his own personal satisfaction.

The bodyguards he brought from the Jiang Family were also useless! How outrageous it was to wait until their Boss was beaten enough and then decided to separate them when Jiang Jingtong was about to retaliate?!

In this case, Jiang Jingtong was still completely unaware that Wu Siyuan was also no different than those useless bodyguards.

He didn’t know that Wu Siyuan was even regretting that he didn’t take advantage of the scruffles and under the guise of the messy scene, deliver some punch to Jiang Jingtong by the way.

Truly, he had lost a golden chance!



1 Someone who stood on the sidelines, watching gossip and excitement, whether it’s a good or bad thing
2 your dog’s head, your dog’s life, your dog’s fate; using the word dog is a joke, similar to “your damn head”, kind of.
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The Matchmaker Tool Is Uncooperative

The Matchmaker Tool Is Uncooperative

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Wu Siyuan is a tasker, bound to a self-proclaimed Cannon Fodder Supporting Actor System. His task is to be the Matchmaker Tool. They must promote and stimulate the romance development of the protagonists. The better he can promote the Protagonists romance, the better his reward would be! Wu Siyuan said, “Fine. I’ll be the Godly assist.”


Later, when the System looks at the dazzling F- at its Host’s task grade, then looking at the unrecognizable state of the CP’s romance, it finally realizes, “What kind of Godly assist have you offered?!”


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