MTIU Chapter 15

Cannon Fodder Stand In Lover - Greetings, little dark room

The matter of studying abroad, even if Jiang Jingtong was unwilling to accept, Shi Yuanbai’s decision was set in stone. There was no reliable reason he could utter to stop.

But after hearing Gu Siyuan’s hint about the benefit Shi Yuanbai might bring him when he went abroad, Jiang Jingtong eventually decided to believe in Shi Yuanbai. Though actually, the thing that caused him to acquiesce the most was his own guilty conscience. He was dreading, wondering if Shi Yuanbai actually had found out about his Peach Blossoms outside.

These days in order to lessen his guilty feeling, he seemed to have changed his mind and was no longer spending his time with any of his Lovers. Even with the newly acquired, that female secretary of his, he had become a lot colder. He seemed to treat her no different than any other subordinate as if he was an upright and honest Boss.

On the contrary, it was Shi Yuanbai who was dissatisfied with Jiang Jingtong’s recent change. The way Jiang Jingtong had been guarding his body like a precious jade, and how he had been going home on time every day, really gave Shi Yuanbai a lot of inconveniences instead. It cut off his time from keeping in contact with his “good friends“. Shi Yuanbai couldn’t help but feel suffocated inside.

Previously when Shi Yuanbai needed him the most to get the marriage certificate, Jiang Jingtong didn’t try to be a good husband, seemingly immersed himself in his career. But now that he’s about to go abroad, he started to make a fuss and pretend to care.

In spite of everything, Shi Yuanbai had to accept and tolerate it for the time being. He could only keep his front, pretending to be happy and start another lovey-dovey Play with Jiang Jingtong.

Wu Siyuan who knew the truth but watched the false fronts those two Protagonists put on, was feeling complicated. The two newlywed husbands kept posting and sharing their happy moments on their social media. He wondered if such a fake marriage where the couple pretended to be affectionate in front of others, existed in real life after all.

They only need to pretend to love each other in front of their spouse, and of course, pretended to be affectionate in the public’s face.

Maybe this was love. This was love that a Single Dog like Wu Siyuan would never understand.


The day when Shi Yuanbai went abroad finally arrived.

Wu Siyuan had to once again put on his mask as the Number One CP fan. He followed other people in a group, consisting of Shi Yuanbai’s Fishes and Shrimps, as well as his normal friends, to reluctantly send him off at the Airport.

Jiang Jingtong was there, seemingly unable to leave his spot, and couldn’t bear to let Shi Yuanbai leave.


Obviously, this moment should be an important heartbreaking scene in another couple’s romance movie, but why should he, Wu Siyuan, have to be here as well and put on a mask of a CP fan?

He could have stayed at home, lying uselessly on the couch like a salted fish.

Or he could have finished his homework, the 2,000 words essay hadn’t been completed yet.

Wu Siyuan really wanted to be everywhere but here.

He thought when the plot had been finished, he could take a break from doing the task. But the System hadn’t come back yet, and he really didn’t know until which point should his task be considered completed.


Jiang Jingtong felt a little at a loss. He felt as if a large part of his heart had been dug out. An important piece of his life seemed to be taken away at this moment. He had sent his important person away with his own hands.

At this moment he knew very well how many people here who were sending Shi Yuanbai actually hold a feeling for him. Looking coldly at this crowd, he remembered them one by one inside his mind. In the future when Shi Yuanbai went back home, he promised himself to make these people would have no place to appear!

There would be at least 2-3 years before Shi Yuanbai could go back home. Jiang Jingtong estimated this period was enough for him to wipe out these nuisances.

Among the irritating crowd, unexpectedly, Jiang Jingtong found a dazzling presence.

The person was watching the plane taking off with the same sad expression on his face.

Just like Jiang Jingtong, that guy must have been aggrieved to part away with Shi Yuanbai.

Jiang Jingtong felt a slight regret in his heart. He shouldn’t have pursued Shi Yuanbai hastily. At least, if he wasn’t so impatient, he could have tried that dazzling man’s taste.

Today, unfortunately, Jiang Jingtong really didn’t have the courage to tease or had a crooked thought about that guy, Gu Siyuan that is. Not only because Gu Siyuan’s company had recently become a dark horse in the circle. But most importantly, Gu Siyuan was really not as easy to handle as when he was still a freshman.

In addition, Gu Siyuan and Shi Yuanbai were good friends, for as long as he knew. If he reported something bad to Shi Yuanbai, it would be troublesome.

Even without laying a finger on Gu Siyuan, nowadays Jiang Jingtong had to suppress all of his trysts as secretive as he could. He couldn’t let others know, not even his good friends in the circle.

In the past, when he didn’t spend his time pursuing Shi Yuanbai, he would also go with his group of friends and have fun somewhere. But he had stopped doing that recently. After all, what if one of his good brothers actually became Gu Siyuan’s acquaintance? What if one day his good brothers had a slip of their tongue and shared his “having fun moments” with Gu Siyuan? Who was Gu Siyuan again, the number one CP fan and Shi Yuanbai’s apparently good friend. It would definitely cause a big fiasco!

So, nowadays, even Jiang Jingtong’s basic requirement to his Lovers was, for them to keep their mouths shut.

…Little did he know that Wu Siyuan had already collected a bunch of pictures of his secret rendezvous in his possession.

Jiang Jingtong’s lovers might not know Wu Siyuan, but they must be familiar with Xiaoyou.

Xiaoyou who could no longer get any benefits from Jiang Jingtong had changed his source of income by becoming Wu Siyuan’s channel of information. Wu Siyuan and the other people in his group provided him with an information fee whenever Xiaoyou sent any news. Besides, Xiaoyou’s family was still under Chen Xuyao’s protection. Xiaoyou really didn’t mind becoming their informant.

The photos and evidence of Jiang Jingtong’s affairs was something he collected for future purpose. Wu Siyuan was not in a hurry to use them.


After Shi Yuanbai had gone abroad, Wu Siyuan for the first time, truly ushered in his quiet and leisure life. His mental condition had been getting better. He didn’t need to be annoyed to death by the two Scumbags’ pestering on his daily life.

He devoted himself to his study and managing his Company seriously.

His new joint company had raked in gold recently by investing in two Hit Movies in a row. Chen Xuyao didn’t hesitate to shout at him, “My Good Brother!” In his eyes, Gu Siyuan not only had countless inspirations but was also outstanding at making money.

Even though Zhang Lianze basically didn’t really put his attention on his small investment in their joint company, the total revenue actually had astounded even him.

The Zhang Family was a Business Goliath, but Zhang Lianze had just graduated from college and hadn’t gotten much chance to show his prowess in the field yet. He didn’t expect that the money he invested in Gu Siyuan actually gave him more than his current dividends on his Family’s Company.

The total of the Box Office was in the Billions. How much money did Gu Siyuan invest again? The rate of return was five times the expenditure, approximately. Even after they added other miscellaneous funds during the production, the net revenue shared between the 3 Investors was still an astonishing number.

Chen Xuyao even flew back directly from his holiday resort. That guy was smiling ear to ear, that even his exposed teeth could blind the people around him.

Wu Siyuan was pissed off and quickly pushed him to the company. “Since you’re so idle, go back to the company and work hard!”


The ones who were in a happy mood were not only Wu Siyuan and his co-partners. Even his father was smiling widely these days. The Gu Family cinema business had successfully opened several new chains. Gu Jingzhuo even boasted that he would strive to spread the Gu Cinema all around the country.

In conclusion, during these 2 years, everyone was enjoying a happy life, and Wu Siyuan was even more so, without the Scumbag’s popping out to test his mental capacity.

Occasionally, he saw Shi Yuanbai’s social media who posted some landscape pictures abroad.

As for Jiang Jingtong, he seemed to be in a good situation as well.

His Family Business was so-so, neither had an improvement nor facing besiege from their rivals as it did before. His Lovers had also been changing one after another.

Xiaoyou had completely broken up with Jiang Jingtong, however, he was still able to collect Jiang Jingtong’s news with his new lovers.

Looking at his ability, Wu Siyuan really wanted to recommend him to be a paparazzi after graduation. That guy really had both the skill and patience!


Another year had passed.

During the Summer Vacation before Wu Siyuan entered his 4th year in college, he suddenly received a distress message from Shi Yuanbai.

[I’ve been imprisoned, help me!]

After sending the SOS message and the picture of the house he was detained at to Wu Siyuan, the number he had used could no longer be contacted.

Wu Siyuan, “!!??”

The shock he felt from receiving such an SOS message out of nowhere caused him to accidentally dropped his phone to the ground.

‘Wait a minute! What kind of plot development is this?!’

There was no such a bloody plot[1]something dramatic, like a badly written telenovelain the original story he had received from the System before.

It was true that Shi Yuanbai hadn’t come back to the country at this point in time according to the plot, however, when he finally went back later, he should be completely alright, a well-nourished Sea King going back from fishing in the Foreign Sea!

‘Could it be such a hidden plot really happened in the background?’

This time, Wu Siyuan had completely integrated himself into Chen Xuyao’s circle. Some people did regard him as an upstart who had just gotten rich recently. However, with several friends from the Aristocratic families by his side, Wu Siyuan was able to hold his ground in the new environment.

Therefore, after receiving this message, Wu Siyuan hurriedly asked Shi Yuze who should have been paying attention to Shi Yuanbai’s situation.

[What happened to your dear brother?]

Shi Yuze seemed to be busy with his work. It took him a while to reply.

Now he already knew that one mysterious person who had been cooperating with him was none other than Wu Siyuan. He called Wu Siyuan directly instead of replying to the message,

“He asked you for help?”

“Uh-huh. But I don’t know if Jiang Jingtong knows?”

Shi Yuze snorted coldly. “My dear brother, how could he dare to contact Jiang Jingtong for this? If he dares to ask Jiang Jingtong for help, wouldn’t he be afraid his husband would know how many green hats he has put on him from abroad?”

Wu Siyuan didn’t really think so. Whose green hats accumulation were taller between those two Scumbags, it was hard to say.

“Well, no one can comment about how others live their own married life. What I want to say is, shouldn’t we tell Jiang Jingtong if we’re about to save his beloved husband?”

Shi Yuze fell into silence for a while, before agreeing, “That’s right. What you said makes sense.”

Wu Siyuan then quickly asked him, “So, you do know where your dear brother’s current position is, right?”

“The person he played with is someone he shouldn’t provoke. He doesn’t even know who the other party really is, or what his true identity is, but he went to provoke such a person regardless. He deserves to face this end. What I didn’t expect is that, he actually get the chance to contact you. Before that, he was completely controlled by that person shortly after he went abroad. It seems like he is finally regaining his spirits and was able to contact you for help at last.”

As he finished listening to Shi Yuze’s answer, there was an incomprehensible look on Wu Siyuan’s face. He was currently feeling incredible inside.

‘Did Shi Yuze just tell him that Shi Yuanbai actually has been trapped in a little darkroom right after he went abroad?’

More importantly, this Big Brother actually knew this news but he just kept watching Shi Yuanbai struggling over his imprisonment?

That being said, since Shi Yuanbai was detained and had no freedom, then what about those landscape pictures and food pictures he uploaded on his Social Media? Did that mean even Shi Yuanbai’s phone was controlled by others?

On the other side, Shi Yuze realized that the words he said just now might sound wrong, so he quickly speak his defense,

“I also just found out about the matter recently! After I saw him going abroad and setting up a Company there, I thought he must have been well. So I put my attention focused on his Company’s relationship and deals with Jiang Jingtong in the country. I didn’t expect the one who sent the message and managed the front business to deceive us, is not my dear brother but that person.”

“Then, do you know where Shi Yuanbai is being held right now? Will he be moved to another place after sending an SOS message?”

Shi Yuze frowned and said his opinion, “Actually, you can just leave him alone.”

Wu Siyuan replied nonchalantly, “Where there are Plays, there will be Melon Seeds, and there must be Melon-eaters. How should I say, as a professional braindead CP fan, I must maintain my quality intact?”

Shi Yuze, “…”

He couldn’t help but rub his brows on the other side of the phone call. He tried to express his concern once again, “There may be danger following behind.”

“Can’t you solve it?” Wu Siyuan carefully asked this Big Brother.

“Well, not that I can’t. Fine, alright. You will follow us to go there in that case. I’ll have to trouble you to inform Jiang Jingtong.”


After finishing his phone call with Shi Yuze, Wu Siyuan couldn’t help but feel a little excited.

‘This climax, this peak of Conflict in the plot is damn exhilarating!’

He guessed the current plot might go in this direction;

First, the White Moonlight who had not returned home for a long time actually has been imprisoned by others. Whereas the Scum Husband who lived by himself in the country was indulging with his rows of Lovers.

Afterward, the Scum Husband who was in the country would finally have to go to rescue his precious White Moonlight…only to find that the pure and pristine treasure in his heart actually had lost the innocence in both mind and body!

When they finally went back to the country, the Scum Husband would make a big fuss and sue for divorce…only to be slapped speechless after the White Moonlight threw him the evidence of his own cheatings.

Later on, the relationship between the two Husbands would break up, however, since they got married for the benefit of their families, they couldn’t divorce each other. The family of both husbands would scold and blame each other, but no matter what, they still couldn’t get out of the absurd state.

‘Is this the decline of morality or the distortion of human nature, let me, a professional (fake) CP fan to further explore the truth!’

Wu Siyuan quickly gathered his wandering thoughts.

He definitely, must keep himself from accidentally laughing during his next call with Jiang Jingtong to inform his White Moonlight‘s SOS!


1 something dramatic, like a badly written telenovela
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The Matchmaker Tool Is Uncooperative

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Later, when the System looks at the dazzling F- at its Host’s task grade, then looking at the unrecognizable state of the CP’s romance, it finally realizes, “What kind of Godly assist have you offered?!”


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