MTIU Chapter 12

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After being inexplicably regarded as a new fish by Shi Yuanbai, Wu Siyuan was convinced that both Protagonist Gong and Shou were two sides of the same coin[1]The same kind of people. They both had wonderful brain circuits. Perhaps it was the reason why they were attracted to each other as the main Protagonists in the end.

He had just been disgusted by Shi Yuanbai’s grace, yet another moment Jiang Jingtong came over to brush his presence.

This guy was likely to be someone who didn’t want to accept defeat or let go of his prey. In addition to expressing gratitude to Wu Siyuan for helping him in his pursuit of Shi Yuanbai, he suddenly said a lot of irrelevant things.

“…Sometimes, I don’t know why, but you appear in my mind.”

“It’s not just about feeling grateful, it’s something more.”

“Ah, never mind about me. I guess I’m just a bit confused.”

‘Who cares about you, hurry up and scram!’

Wu Siyuan felt he was plagued with bad luck today for getting both protagonists to come and disgust him in turn.


On the other hand, Xiaoyou had also sent him a new report. It was said that after coming back from the trip with Shi Yuanbai, Jiang Jingtong immediately visited him. He didn’t feel ashamed to inform Xiaoyou that he had finally gotten his hand and be together with Shi Yuanbai, but if Xiaoyou didn’t mind, he could continue to follow him, though don’t think about having any real identity in their relationship.

Wu Siyuan curiously wondered, “Didn’t he already start feeling bored with you before? Why did he keep coming back to you?”

To which Xiaoyu guessed, “Maybe, because he hasn’t found another better lover yet?”

Wu Siyuan, “Alright then, it’s up to you to decide what’s your next move.”

If Jiang Jingtong and Shi Yuanbai were to be married, Wu Siyuan expected their married life should be extremely exhilarating. Maybe one day they would meet accidentally when they were about to book a room with their respective Lover and Fish, and the scene would be;

“Why are you here?!”

“That should be my words, why are you here?!” 

Wu Siyuan couldn’t hold back his laughter and quickly shared this joke with his 3 roommates.


Even if Wu Siyuan started a new joint company with Chen Xuyao and Zhang Lianze, in reality, he was still a student after all. He couldn’t fully invest his time to manage and operate the company, so he hired a Manager to help him. The person he picked was recommended by his father. Actually, Zhang Lianze had also suggested some people, but after considering various aspects, the most suitable one was the one recommended by his father.

So far, everything was going well in his life.

Unfortunately, the same could not be said for his Campus life.

Being attacked at the same time by both Protagonist Gong and Shou had truly scared Wu Siyuan somewhat. To be exact, he was afraid that he couldn’t hold on and would puke in front of them accidentally from utter disgust.

He also heard the news that the Shi Family had an internal dispute recently, due to the inheritance matter. Father Shi was dismissed from his position as the General Manager. The one who dismissed him was Grandpa Shi. In the future, Father Shi would have no power to put his hand into the Company’s affair.

Just like how the previous Shi Yuanbai, Father Shi could only wait at home for dividends.

It was said previous, because the current Shi Yuanbai was deprived of this privilege.

Father Shi’s sudden dismissal was the final piece for Shi Yuanbai to be convinced that his move to drug Shi Yuze’s meals had been exposed.

It was no wonder that his family’s attitude toward him had changed drastically. His parents were still saying that they were on his side, however, even when they said so, his parents were reluctant to have a meal with him.

As for his older brother, Shi Yuze, he had cut any contact with Shi Yuanbai directly.

If Shi Yuanbai dared to make any more fuss, even the remaining shares that belonged to him were likely to be deprived as well in any way possible.

Under various pressure, as he entered the last semester in his College, Shi Yuanbai started to directly or indirectly mention the matter of marriage with Jiang Jingtong. This was the only way out for Shi Yuanbai to rescue himself from the current predicament. As long as he and Jiang Jingtong joined forces, they would definitely be able to take control of the Shi Family.

He was confident, because his Parents were now completely on his side after his Grandfather’s decision to demote them from the Company.

His father understood various matters and the inside condition of the Shi Family business very well. Besides, after working for years his father had his own Party placed in the Company. With the Jiang Family’s support coupled with his father’s hidden hands, he didn’t believe he still couldn’t snatch the Company from Shi Yuze.

Shi Yuanbai shared his aspiration with Jiang Jingtong directly, but of course, Jiang Jingtong was very much interested to take a part in it.

At first, he had asked his parents to contact Shi Yuze for cooperation. But now that he heard Shi Yuanbai’s plan, he felt this proposal was even more attractive. It was better to join forces and directly seize the Shi Company rather than mere business cooperation.

It was for this reason that they got engaged directly during the winter vacation. The official marriage was planned to be held after their graduation.


Even after reaching this point, Shi Yuanbai didn’t seem to give up on his plan on going abroad. Therefore, the matter of their official marriage was something Wu Siyuan most looking forward to as well as worried about the most.

In order to stabilize the advance of his allied forces, Wu Siyuan had been persuading Chen Xuyao to reduce their attack on the Jiang Family. He put forward the pros and cons and told him the advantages of letting Jiang Jingtong and Shi Yuanbai officially get married first. It would be striking two birds with one stone.

Fortunately, on Shi Yuze’s side, he was also inclined to see Shi Yuanbai and Jiang Jingtong smoothly get their marriage certificate. He wanted to know what his dear brother would continue to do.

To achieve his grand plan to ensure the two Protagonists get married smoothly, Wu Siyuan had to endure and work his ass off in the remaining 6 months of their last semester.

Good grief. When those two were not together, he had to worry about how to make them together quickly.

Now that they finally were together, he still had to bother about how to maintain their relationship from being broken.

On one hand, he was worried that Jiang Jingtong’s various disgusting deeds would be discovered by Shi Yuanbai. On the other hand, he was also worried that Jiang Jingtong would realize Shi Yuanbai’s true face.

But really, those two Protagonists were really a pair of Fishing Master[2]Experienced Player/playboy. They had just gotten engaged officially, and they had already started to go fishing again!

Shi Yuanbai’s pond previously had been cleaned up by Wu Siyuan and Co. Aside from the Fish from overseas, there was only one Fish left. Apparently, the Fish had just entered the pond recently. This was a Fish who hold a competitive desire toward Jiang Jingtong. When Shi Yuanbai and Jiang Jingtong were not officially together, this Fish had no interest in Shi Yuanbai.

Now that the two were engaged, the Fish‘s goddamn desire to defeat Jiang Jingtong finally appeared.

He just wanted to win over Jiang Jingtong, he didn’t care which aspect he won at.

Huang Zixuan, the Fish‘s identity hated Jiang Jingtong for a long time. It was because Jiang Jingtong had always been the child of someone else’s family[3]a usual phrase to refer to those amazing kids our parents used to compare to us, he was used to being compared to Jiang Jingtong. Over the years he got used to such a state and continued to compete and compare with him.

Now, as long as he could give Jiang Jingtong a green hat[4]making someone get cuckolded, it would mean his win!

Actually, in the original plot, it was Gu Siyuan, whom Huang Zixuan tried to hook up with. It’s a pity the Gu Siyuan didn’t like him. After Jiang Jingtong found his stand-in husband was seduced, he decided to destroy the Huang Family.

But it would be a different matter when it came to Shi Yuanbai.

According to the rumor these days, Huang Zixuan had invited Shi Yuanbai to dinner several times. Even Jiang Jingtong had started to feel suspicious. He asked Wu Siyuan for help as usual.

[You seem to be close with Yuanbai recently. Do you know who he has been going to have dinner with lately?]

The news came to Jiang Jingtong’s ears rather quickly, even if the places where Shi Yuanbai and Huang Zixuan visited supposedly were good at protecting their customer’s privacy.

Huang Zixuan was truly serious and rigorous in his way to plant a green grassland on top of Jiang Jingtong’s head[5]another way to say giving others a green hat—So, this guy definitely must not be exposed before the two Protagonists got their marriage certificate!

In this regard, Wu Siyuan hurriedly replied,

[We are close recently because I am a CP fan of the two Xueges. Shi Xuege often finds me asking for advice about how to make the wedding beautiful and impressive.]

Jiang Jingtong didn’t mind that Gu Siyuan forget to answer the other topic he inquired about earlier. He got interested in the wedding topic mentioned instead.

[Oh? So what advice did you give him?]

Wu Siyuan replied;

[Honestly, not of importance. This matter is better to hand it over to the professionals. But if possible, It is best to make it as big as possible!]

That way, the whole world knew you were married!

It would be best if the System could use it to judge how extremely happy those two Scumbags were when they finally got married.

[Indeed. Our wedding must be big and grand. Then, did Yuanbai mention anyone he was close with lately?]

Wu Siyuan pondered for a while before finally typing his answer.

[When Shi Xuege talks with me, most of the time he only mentions Jiang Xuege. I really don’t know about his other friends.]

Looking at Wu Siyuan’s reply, Jiang Jingtong put down his doubt. It seemed he was just overthinking the matter. Shi Yuanbai and Huang Zixuan were already familiar before, so right now it should also be a normal social interaction.

On Wu Siyuan’s side, he was truly troubled.

‘Shi Yuanbai, aren’t you a Sea King? When you go fishing, how can you still be discovered by others!’

Consequently, Wu Siyuan the fake CP fan had to be busy sorting out the situation properly.

He arranged his words carefully and sent a message to Shi Yuanbai.

[Shi Xuege, you and Jiang Xuege really can’t wait to stuff me with dog food[6]Similar to PDA every day 😆]

‘..Giving Gu Siyuan dog food?’ Shi Yuanbai was at a loss looking at this accusation.

He knew Gu Siyuan’s brain circuit was abnormal. That guy often took his words as showing off his relationship with Jiang Jingtong, taking them as him providing sugar to the CP fan. Having said that, he hadn’t spoken to Gu Siyuan at all today.

‘Then, is it Jiang Jingtong who is looking for Gu Siyuan?’

He was glad that Gu Siyuan always told him everything about Jiang Jingtong every visit or contact with him. In this case, he could determine that there was nothing happening between those two.

If so, what caused Jiang Jingtong to find Gu Siyuan this time?

[What did Jiang Jingtong contact you for?]

[It must be because Jiang Xuege is jealous of me! He wonders why Shi Xuege and I are seeing each other a lot lately. Then, he worries about whether you are seeing other people often, thinking if he did something wrong.]

Shi Yuanbai felt his heart skip a beat. He was considering the possibility of Jiang Jingtong discovering something about him. He gathered his composure, tried to sort out the recent events, and then replied to Gu Siyuan.

[He is just being paranoid.]

[I know right! That’s why I said Jiang Xuege is just giving me dog food, he must have cared about Shi Xuege too much!]

Exhaling a breath of relief, Shi Yuanbai felt fortunate that Gu Siyuan had sent him this message. It seemed like someone informed Jiang Jingtong that he and Huang Zixuan went out to have dinner together. If that’s the case, then Shi Yuanbai should think of a way out.

Marrying Jiang Jingtong was a must thing to do to make his comeback. He must not make Jiang Jingtong feel any doubt thereby.

Afterward, Shi Yuanbai began to slow down his pace and reduce his contact with Huang Zixuan or other Fish and Shrimp. He spared a lot of time accompanying Jiang Jingtong and going out with him in return.

The turn of events in Jiang Jingtong’s eyes proved what Gu Siyuan had said before. Shi Yuanbai really just cared and worried about their marriage too much.

Then, as if to appease Shi Yuanbai’s tension, he happily assured him, “Don’t worry, our wedding must be the biggest and most grand!”

These words successfully gave Shi Yuanbai peace of mind, as well as other Jiang-affiliated Families, telling them the Jiang Family would never go down so easily.

As for Shi Yuanbai, though he didn’t understand why Jiang Jingtong suddenly give him this reassurance, he was relieved regardless, for this marriage to be taken seriously. He had heard some news that the Jiang Family was going downhill lately. But hearing Jiang Jingtong’s assertive tone, it must not be something worth worrying about.

It was normal for businesses to have opponents. It was a trivial matter to be intercepted by others. Especially for the Jiang Family, this kind of problem should have been no big deal.

Jiang Jingtong and his family kept every Company’s matter under wraps. Generally, no one knew about it aside from the opponent themselves.

Therefore, when Shi Yuanbai’s suitors told him the news about the Jiang Family, he didn’t believe it at all. Later, with Wu Siyuan’s assistance, these new suitors were made to acknowledge that Jiang Jingtong was Shi Yuanbai’s true love. From then on, the new suitors were gradually retreating as well.

Wu Siyuan the initiator, realized that this kind of brainwashing method really worked wonders.

Perhaps the power of frequent brainwashing was the reason why there were a lot of marketing accounts[7]Gossip Accounts on Weibo. They kept posting some unidentified rumors yet a lot of people still believe them. Some things if they were done frequently, were destined to have people who got brainwashed by them.

Obviously right now Jiang Jingtong and Shi Yuanbai were not deeply in love, but others thought they were very compatible and seemed to be surrounded by happiness.

In this way, the marriage after graduation had finally been determined.



1 The same kind of people
2 Experienced Player/playboy
3 a usual phrase to refer to those amazing kids our parents used to compare to us
4 making someone get cuckolded
5 another way to say giving others a green hat
6 Similar to PDA
7 Gossip Accounts
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The Matchmaker Tool Is Uncooperative

The Matchmaker Tool Is Uncooperative

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Wu Siyuan is a tasker, bound to a self-proclaimed Cannon Fodder Supporting Actor System. His task is to be the Matchmaker Tool. They must promote and stimulate the romance development of the protagonists. The better he can promote the Protagonists romance, the better his reward would be! Wu Siyuan said, “Fine. I’ll be the Godly assist.”


Later, when the System looks at the dazzling F- at its Host’s task grade, then looking at the unrecognizable state of the CP’s romance, it finally realizes, “What kind of Godly assist have you offered?!”


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