MTIU Chapter 11

Cannon Fodder Stand In Lover - A new Fish

‘…Legally married with Shi Yuanbai, huh…?’

Jiang Jingtong was dazzled for a moment. He felt his heart had even missed a few beats. It wasn’t like he had never fantasized about such a scenario, but could it finally be realized right now?

Clutching the phone in his hand tightly, there was another doubt in his mind, however. He felt it shouldn’t be like this, he and Shi Yuanbai shouldn’t have gotten to this point so quickly.

He should have fun for a few more years. Only then would he finally marry Shi Yuanbai. Afterward, they would stay loyal to each other and be in love for a lifetime.

But if he were to think more carefully, actually, getting married early was not bad either. He had pursued Shi Yuanbai for so long, getting married to him would definitely bring him peace of mind. Besides, there were many people eyeing Shi Yuanbai right now, if he didn’t hurry, Shi Yuanbai might even be snatched away from him. 

He was not completely unaware all this time. Gu Siyuan often told him about Zhang Lianze, or Young Master xxxx and so on, as Shi Yuanbai’s admirer. 

‘Heh~’ Jiang Jingtong chuckled. 

As expected, Yuanbai was indeed an excellent man who was coveted by a lot of people. But, so what? Didn’t he fall into Jiang Jingtong’s hand in the end?

That being said, for such an important matter that could be said to be a life choice, he still had to discuss it with his family. Either way, marriage with the Shi Family was also a win-win situation. 

His own family’s business seemed to face a lot of obstruction recently. There were always other people who robbed their chance at every turn. If they joined hands with the Shi Family, such petty hindrances should not happen any longer.  


When Jiang Jingtong and Shi Yuanbai were going on their short trip, Wu Siyuan monitored them secretly as well. 

Based on the original plot, when Gu Siyuan and Jiang Jingtong came to the place together, that was supposed to be 1 year later. At that time, supposedly, the two of them encountered various ups and downs in this place. In conclusion of their trip, it was that Jiang Jingtong’s heroic appearance and protective attitude had deeply touched the original owner.

Therefore, Gu Siyuan accepted Jiang Jingtong’s confession. 

However, Wu Siyuan regarded all the scenes as suspicious. He felt it might actually be Jiang Jingtong’s self-directed scenario and self-directed performance. Or else, how could such a well-managed Holiday Resort let hooliganism and street robberies happen as if the place was some kind of slum instead? According to Wu Siyuan’s understanding, the security management in that area was quite good, and there was no slum-like place nearby.

For this reason, Wu Siyuan found a private detective. The hired detective was the one he sent on a trip to follow and monitor Jiang Jingtong and Shi Yuanbai. 


On the same weekend, Wu Siyuan finally returned to the Gu Family’s house. He met Gu Yingzhuo and later followed him to work overtime, visiting their Cinemas. 

He felt that the Cinema’s equipment was wonderful and the flow of visitors was satisfactory. If he were to maintain this quality and quantity, he was confident in the possibility of expanding Gu Family’s Cinema business. 

Besides, his own investments had been getting better recently. The return rates had allowed him to fatten his current funds. The more he was involved in the business field, the more he got acquainted with the other Second Generations[1]Children from Wealthy/Prominent Family in his college. Chen Xuyao had even mentioned an idea to him if he might be interested in starting a joint company with several partners.

Gu Siyuan’s insight on investment was obvious at this point. Chen Xuyao felt since they were familiar, it was better to support and join each other to earn money. In the future, Gu Siyuan would definitely go back to take over the Gu Family’s Cinema business after graduation, at that time they could continue to cooperate. 

Who wouldn’t want to have the opportunity to make money? With his understanding of the Entertainment Industry coupled with Gu Siyuan’s investment vision, they would definitely gain a lot of money by investing in various Movies and Television series. 

Wu Siyuan pondered the pros and cons and eventually agreed to cooperate with Chen Xuyao.

Chen Xuyao brought Zhang Lianze to be included as one of their investors. However, the one who truly worked to study and decide on an investment project was Wu Siyuan himself. 

Somehow, Wu Siyuan had the illusion of being cheated by two Gold Masters[2]The original line literally means Two Uncles, those who hold money and command.

Regardless of Wu Siyuan’s illusion, the partnership of the three people actually gave Wu Siyuan quite a benefit. Unbeknownst to him, his status in front of other Second Generations had risen to a certain level. After all, both Chen Xuyao and Zhang Lianze’s status were not to be underestimated.

Zhang Lianze in the original plot was supposed to be one of Shi Yuanbai’s suitors. Before or after Shi Yuanbai went abroad, he was the one who contributed a lot of money. Even when Shi Yuanbai was abroad and had gotten in touch with that Mysterious Foreign Fish, Zhang Lianze still provided him with a lot of resources.

The Zhang Family’s business scope had encompassed other countries and had some influence internationally. When Shi Yuanbai decided to open a small company abroad to practice his skill, it was not him who was busy. It was Zhang Lianze who was busy before and after the establishment. In the plot, though it was said Jiang Jingtong cared about Shi Yuanbai and paid for everything he wanted, that was only the case when Shi Yuanbai expressed his will. Otherwise, he would only care occasionally if Shi Yuanbai didn’t tell any. 

Such a person actually was the one Shi Yuanbai fought to get, as a second marriage even.

It was unclear whether Shi Yuanbai’s choice was worth it or not.

However, for Wu Siyuan what’s clear was that cooperating with Zhang Lianze was very worthwhile! Even if Zhang Lianze just invested his money and sat aside in leisure to wait for dividends.


Jiang Jingtong and Shi Yuanbai had finally finished their short trip and returned back home. Wu Siyuan had no need to check but he was sure that their relationship must have gone to a whole new level.

Previously, when these two were still enjoying their romantic holiday, the detective Wu Siyuan had hired called him. Apparently, Jiang Jingtong and Shi Yuanbai encountered a small trouble, being robbed on the street by some gangster over there. The detective asked him if his employer wanted to help those two and call for the police.

The detective also added another piece of information, that the scene might actually be a Play Jiang Jingtong paid for the gangster to perform.

Wu Siyuan let them be, letting Jiang Jingtong succeed in his act as the Hero who saves the Beauty.

What’s important to him was, that he had successfully obtained the evidence of Jiang Jingtong’s hiring the gangster, JiangShi’s sweet and lovey-dovey pictures, or even a 3gp picture of their bedroom exercise[3]you know what that mean~.

Speaking about the last picture set, he had to applaud the detective’s ability. How on earth could he take pictures in their room in the first place? Really, Jiang Jingtong and Shi Yuanbai seemed to be a bit careless, ah~

Wu Siyuan settled the payment without any delay and even added a red envelope to Mr. Detective. It was an acknowledgment of his skill.

With this evidence, his hunch earlier was proved. Jiang Jingtong’s act as a Hero saving the Beauty, both to the original owner in the plot, and to Shi Yuanbai in this life, were all fake.

In the original owner’s case, he was quite naive and didn’t know the complex nature of society. Such a person was easily deceived by Jiang Jingtong to believe his performance. In Shi Yuanbai’s case, however, Wu Siyuan believed he would not be so innocent. Was he aware of it and decided to follow the flow voluntarily instead? 

Forget about Shi Yuanbai’s real feelings. Wu Siyuan stored the given pictures immediately. He picked out a few sweet and ambiguous pictures of their travels and shared them with Chen Xuyao. 

“Would you like to send it to your other friends and let them post the pictures on JiangShi Super Topic?”

Chen Xuyao’s move was remarkably fast after getting his hands on the pictures. It was not long for those photos to appear on the Super Topic. It was posted under the pretense that the poster accidentally took them while traveling.

[Guess what I saw when I went on a trip this weekend? Ahhhhhhhh!!! It’s so sweet! JiangShi CP is real!]

Afterward, several Local Tyrants accounts started their usual lottery drawing events again.

Xiaoyou and the several Fishes who were saved from the Sea King’s clutch before were made sure to receive these photos as well—For fear, they still had lingering feelings. It must be extinguished well!


Unexpectedly, the JiangShi sweet travel photos campaign was going so well that even the unknown Fishes actually came to confront Shi Yuanbai once he returned to the campus. 

They were just Small Fish and Shrimp. Nevertheless, after losing both Zhang Lianze and Wen Yongliang, Shi Yuanbai had to cherish those remnants and paid some attention to them.

When this matter blew up, Shi Yuanbai suddenly suspected it was caused by the brainless fan, Gu Siyuan.

Following his conjecture, he went to check the Super Topic. To his surprise, Gu Siyuan’s Weibo was deserted, there was no post or comments he left on Super Topic. He just posted some daily venting about his personal life.

Shi Yuanbai finally dispelled his doubt about Gu Siyuan as the one who spread his photos with Jiang Jingtong. On another look, there was actually a post that attracted his attention.

[Alas, I have to accompany my father to work overtime on weekends, checking if the employees’ performance. Gee, so exhausting~]

‘What’s Gu Siyuan’s family business, again?’

Shi Yuanbai started to consider whether this CP brainless fan could be turned into Shi Yuanbai’s brainless fan only.

On the other side of the city, Wu Siyuan, who was busy with the establishment of their joint company, felt a chill on his back. 

‘Who is it! Who is thinking of doing bad things to me?!’


From that day on, everything was going according to Wu Siyuan’s plan. The only exception, something beyond his wildest dream was Shi Yuanbai’s new attitude. 

He had no idea why an anomaly happened. Recently, Shi Yuanbai had frequently gone to see him.

Even if Wu Siyuan kept bringing Jiang Jingtong into their talks, it could not stop Shi Yuanbai from advancing forward. 

Wu Siyuan tried to maintain his smile and greeted him, “Shi Xuege, is something the matter?” 

He had just returned to the college area from finishing his business outside, and coincidentally, met Shi Yuanbai on his arrival.

Shi Yuanbai gave him a dazzling smile, one that anyone would surely be fascinated looking upon. “I was just passing by and saw you here, I think, why not say hello to Xuedi?” Then he casually asked, “Gu Xuedi seems to be busy these days.”

Wu Siyuan replied casually as well, “Not really, I guess?” Then he quickly grinned and asked Shi Yuanbai, “Shi Xuege, you must be on the way to meet with Jiang Xuege, right?”

The smile on Shi Yuanbai’s face stiffened. “He has a lot of things on his plate. I won’t disturb him.”

Wu Siyuan, “…” So you’re bothering me instead?

Shi Yuanbai continued to say, “To be honest, I don’t have many friends on campus. Xuedi, you’re one of the few friends I have.”

Nodding faintly, Wu Siyuan was actually helpless inside. ‘What’s the matter? Is it because the Fishes on his pond are cleaned up, and even the Shrimps are gone? Is this a new start of Fish farming?’

Seeing Gu Siyuan’s acknowledgment of the friend identity he gave, Shi Yuanbai’s eyes lit up. He proceeded to invite Gu Siyuan to have an afternoon tea with him.

Afterward, Wu Siyuan had to listen to Shi Yuanbai pouring over his feelings regarding Jiang Jingtong. Yes, he didn’t deny his relationship with Jiang Jingtong anymore. However, in this talk, he vaguely revealed a complaint that despite being together with Jiang Jingtong, he was unable to feel happy. Or in other words, Jiang Jingtong didn’t give him much happiness.

In addition, his relationship with his family was getting worse recently. Shi Yuanbai confided his difficulty, feeling as if he was an invisible person whenever he returned to his home. His family seemed to dislike him somehow, and he had rarely returned home as a result. His older brother, in particular, was becoming even more indifferent to him.

Being the one Shi Yuanbai confide in, Wu Siyuan gave neither the reaction nor any comfort. 

Shi Yuanbai could only reluctantly regard him as a Straight Man[4]The straight man here is not about sexuality, but about rigid men who are usually blunt and densewho had thick skin and low EQ.

Initially, he wanted to find an opportunity in between their talk to brush Gu Siyuan’s hand, what a shame, Gu Siyuan put his hand in his pocket the whole time, except when he was holding the cup to drink his tea.

There was no way to advance, Shi Yuanbai had no choice but to retreat for the moment.


After sending the Big Buddha[5]a joke to refer to something or someone with heavy responsibilities or care requiredaway, Wu Siyuan breathed a sigh of relief.

‘What the hell is this? Does Shi Yuanbai really regard me as a new Fish?’

It’s shameful to say, but just which part of him looked like a potential Fish?

After hearing Shi Yuanbai’s venting, Wu Siyuan decided to ask Shi Yuze about the real situation in the Shi Family, coincidentally, he found that Shi Yuze had apparently sent him a few pieces of new information:

[My dear younger brother seems to be in the same boat as Jiang Jingtong.]

[He seems to be in a hurry, otherwise, he will not accept Jiang Jingtong so early.]

As expected of Big Brother, he knew his younger brother’s nature quite well. Wu Siyuan replied,

[It’s good that they’re together.]

Unexpectedly, Shi Yuze was waiting for his reaction eagerly, because a new message was sent back in an instant. 

[Then this matter is settled. Let me tell you, the Jiang Family has been under suppression recently. I can get them married as soon as possible in this case.]

Wu Siyuan had yet sent him any hint, but this Shi Yuze was indeed an intelligent man.

He felt the people he met in this world were all  pretty capable. Once they were given an opportunity and guided in the right direction, they started to work on it swiftly. In his original plan, Wu Siyuan wanted to get stronger as soon as possible so that he could take on any scheme from the Protagonists. As a result, Chen Xuyao and his affiliates directly suppressed the Jiang family, giving them no chance to turn over. 

This Big Brother was even more incredible. Wu Siyuan hadn’t said his purpose in contacting him yet, but he understood everything by himself.

That’s right, what Wu Siyuan had always advocated was to make that wonderful pair of men be together as soon as possible to reduce the harm they caused to society. On the other hand, Chen Xuyao also wanted to make sure that after being together, even if they were not satisfied, they wouldn’t be able to leave each other. 

Especially after Wu Siyuan succeeded in bringing Shi Yuze on board, Chen Xuyao had more motivation to continue forward. After all, it was true that the Jiang Family might ask for help from the Shi Family. However, after the Shi Family kicked Shi Yuanbai out, it’s unlikely for them to offer any attention or help thereof.

At that time, when they continued to suppress the Jiang Family, Jiang Jingtong might have recklessly tried to bring down the Shi Family along. Shi Yuze would not keep quiet and might attack the Jiangs as well in that case.

The more Wu Siyuan imagined the possibilities ahead, the happier he felt. 

Good things were coming! 

He could imagine his mission in this world would be completed in the near future.




(T/L Note : I forgot to remind you guys, but there are a lot of switches between Wu Siyuan and Gu Siyuan. Gu Siyuan/the original owner is used when Wu Siyuan referred to the body in the original plot. Gu Siyuan is also used in the other character’s POV, such as Chen Xuyao, JiangShi, etc, because in reality, Wu Siyuan’s identity in the world is Gu Siyuan.)


1 Children from Wealthy/Prominent Family
2 The original line literally means Two Uncles, those who hold money and command
3 you know what that mean~
4 The straight man here is not about sexuality, but about rigid men who are usually blunt and dense
5 a joke to refer to something or someone with heavy responsibilities or care required
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The Matchmaker Tool Is Uncooperative

The Matchmaker Tool Is Uncooperative

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Wu Siyuan is a tasker, bound to a self-proclaimed Cannon Fodder Supporting Actor System. His task is to be the Matchmaker Tool. They must promote and stimulate the romance development of the protagonists. The better he can promote the Protagonists romance, the better his reward would be! Wu Siyuan said, “Fine. I’ll be the Godly assist.”


Later, when the System looks at the dazzling F- at its Host’s task grade, then looking at the unrecognizable state of the CP’s romance, it finally realizes, “What kind of Godly assist have you offered?!”


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