MTIU Chapter 2

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Wu Siyuan knew that Shi Yuanbai liked to hang out at their college’s English corner recently. He even got the nickname of Prince of English among the students. But in reality, he just wanted to meet all kinds of potential stocks in the area. He was a legit King of the Sea[1]The Sea King: Chinese slang for players! Fishing all variety of small and big fishes. After all, according to the plot, as Shi Yuanbai returned to the country, there were many men from all walks of life who helped him with all his troubles, including the issue of framing Gu Siyuan.

Therefore in this life, let’s make the protagonists be at ease without any trouble. They could just sit idly and don’t have to do anything. Gu, no, now Wu Siyuan wouldn’t even take any revenge or something. He just wanted to live in peace.

‘To achieve my lifetime harmony, I will complete the task well, and let the two protagonists get married quickly!’

For this purpose, he must first establish a good relationship with those two people. He had to be a good matchmaker, and make sure that the two parties involved realized that they are a match made in Heaven.

In many cases, two people might not really like each other, but they eventually got together affected by the constant matchmaking and booing from others.

Yes, now, Wu Siyuan was about to make such a scenario happen. It didn’t matter if Jiang Jingtong and Shi Yuanbai really love each other or not. He had to cheer and boo the two of them constantly. What about embarrassment? No way, it’s not him who’s going to be embarrassed, it’s the target of his booing!

The Protagonist Gong had already visited him today, Wu Siyuan felt his small Temple could not afford such a Big Buddha[2]A polite saying to refuse unwarranted/unwanted offer. Then, let’s give this Big Buddha to the Protagonist Shou! Even if Shi Yuanbai was unwilling, he had to, and Wu Siyuan would make sure he would be willing no matter what.

Wu Siyuan who was mentally prepared, put on his best smile and started walking over to Shi Yuanbai’s possible spot.


Precisely to Wu Siyuan’s prediction, Shi Yuanbai was chatting with a lady at the A University’s English corner. The Young Miss was his classmate, Zhang Lianyue, the daughter of the Zhang family. Coincidentally, her older brother, Zhang Lianze, was one of the potential stocks whom Shi Yuanbai fancied. In order to get close to Zhang Lianze, he had to start patiently by making a good relationship with Zhang Lianyue first.

When Zhang Lianyue saw Wu Siyuan coming over, she immediately exclaimed to Shi Yuanbai excitedly, “Yuanbai, didn’t I say before that I saw a Xuedi who looks like you? He’s here, look at him!” Zhang Lianyue pointed at Wu Siyuan, then waved her hand to greet him.

Zhang Lianyue was also a member of the Student Council. She was also in her senior year and had already begun to hand over responsibilities to the next generation of the Student Council. Therefore, she was quite familiar with freshmen. Gu Siyuan had spoken to her several times, and they got acquainted thereby.

Wu Siyuan’s eyes gleamed with joy in response to Zhang Lianyue’s greeting. Even if they couldn’t be considered a close acquaintance, it didn’t matter. This Young Miss was a good potential helper! it gave him a link to brush his presence in front of Shi Yuanbai.

As an obedient Junior, Wu Siyuan ran over, and first greeted Zhang Lianyue, “Hello, Xuejie[3]Xuejie: Senior Sister in academic levels!” Then he turned his gaze at Shi Yuanbai in surprise, “Could you possibly be, Shi Yuanbai, Shi Xuege?”

Shi Yuanbai looked at Gu Siyuan[4](T/L Note: There are a lot of switches between Wu Siyuan and Gu Siyuan. Gu Siyuan/the original owner is used when Wu Siyuan referred to the body in the original plot. Gu Siyuan is also used in the … Continue reading) and smiled slightly, raising his eyebrows and said, “Oh? Xuedi knows me?”

In his heart, however, Shi Yuanbai sullenly grumbled, ‘What part of this bumpkin looks like me? Is Zhang Lianyue blind? This little bun also smells like a green tea with lotus flavor[5]The combined version of Green Tea Bitch: a scheming person, and White Lotus: Those who appear naive and innocent, bah!’

Seemingly unaware of the spite in Shi Yuanbai’s eyes, Wu Siyuan smiled and answered, “Of course, I know you, Xuege! You’re our Idol when I was still in High School. All the students envy your good grades. The Principal and Teachers often use your achievements to encourage us.”

Shi Yuanbai’s expression was faint, but there was a hint of pride in his tone as he replied, “Really?”

‘Well, this bumpkin is quite good, he still knows what should be said. Though the smells of green tea are still lingering.’

Wu Siyuan nodded vigorously. “Yeah! When I heard Xuege is admitted to A University, I worked hard to be accepted here as well! I just really want to see and meet Xuege!”

Shi Yuanbai responded lightly, “Then, you’ve seen me now.”

He meant, ‘So, just go and roll away!’

Of course, Wu Siyuan decided not to hear the implication and instead kept saying, “Sure enough, even now Xuege is famous in the College. Actually, uh, my classmates and I want to know more, Xuege, you, are you and Jiang Jingtong Xuege currently dating?”

Shi Yuanbai immediately understood Gu Siyuan’s malicious intention when he finished his words.

‘What the hell, so what if we’re together or not, did this Bumpkin think just because others said he looks like me, he could just go and seduce Jiang Jingtong otherwise?’

Before Shi Yuanbai could comment, however, Wu Siyuan quickly said, “We all want to see the two Xuege being together! Xuege‘s love stories are well-known even when I was still a freshman in High School. You guys are so sweet! I just want to witness my Ship end in HE[6]HE: Happy Endwith my own eyes!”

Zhang Lianyue who was standing nearby immediately covered her mouth and laughed. She was amused, thinking, ‘I’ve heard of people who work hard to chase Superstars, but I’ve never heard of people who work so hard to chase the Happy End of other couples!’

Even Shi Yuanbai himself was caught off guard by the unprecedented answer. The reason Gu Siyuan seemed like he was trying to brush his presence in front of him was…not at all what he initially expected of! He thought, at first, this Gu Siyuan’s intention was to replace his position beside Jiang Jingtong.

Or, could there be another purpose beyond this Green Tea Bun‘s words? After all, it’s rare for people to be truly innocent nowadays. Inwardly he guessed, Gu Siyuan’s attempt to get closer might be in order to use him as a stepping stone.

Shi Yuanbai furrowed his eyebrows. “Jingtong and I are just friends, our relationship is not the one you imagined.”

Wu Siyuan pretended to be shocked and in disbelief. “How could this be? Xuege, are you serious? Although I’m still a freshman now and it hasn’t been long since I’ve been admitted here, but I’ve heard a lot about the two Xuege these days. There are also posts discussing the two of you on our College’s forum. I thought before, there might be good news coming out from the two of you soon.”

Shi Yuanbai nodded. “Yes, what I said is true.”

In his eyes, Jiang Jingtong was only a qualified spare tire. The kind of spare tire with less maintenance needed. He just needed to wave his hand for Jiang Jingtong to trot over immediately. They were just in the state of being closer than a friend, but still not a lover. Since Shi Yuanbai could use him at any time, he didn’t have to confirm the relationship with Jiang Jingtong. It’s enough for them to hang out occasionally.

They were all men anyway, Shi Yuanbai was well aware of what kind of low-life men were. They’ll treat anything like a treasure as long as they hadn’t tasted it yet.  That’s also the case with Jiang Jingtong. If they did confirm the relationship, he felt that Jiang Jingtong might not treat him better. So, he just kept the relationship as it was now, and maintain the image of Unattainable Flower.

Shi Yuanbai’s firm denial obviously had caused Wu Siyuan to wilt pitifully. Though he also knew better when to stop and didn’t force his Play further.

Looking at his state, however, Zhang Lianyue laughed and kindly suggested, “Gu Xuedi, you’re really funny. Yuanbai is still single. Don’t make this kind of misunderstanding. If Yuanbai has someone he likes, it will be bad if the person hears and misunderstand as well.”

Wu Siyuan reluctantly nodded. “Yes, I also know that Twisted melons are not sweet[7]Forcibly pushing people to be together might not end up well. Even so, I will always be a Shipper [8]Fans of a couple or a Ship of the two Xuege!”

Afterward, Wu Siyuan turned to look at Shi Yuanbai and praised him with all kinds of pleasant words he could muster.

As the recipient, Shi Yuanbai didn’t feel embarrassed and accepted the compliments with a smile. He just didn’t bother and inwardly thought,

‘Well, forget it. Let’s ignore this little Green Tea for the time being. It seems like he has some scheming in his hands. With the reputation of my look-alike, I’ll just let him take a bit of limelight.’  

He reminded Wu Siyuan gently, “Don’t talk nonsense again and say anything about me and Jingtong. When you go back, clarify this thing to your classmates as well. The two of us are really just friends.”

Pursing his lip, Wu Siyuan stubbornly kept his opinion. “Xuege, don’t worry, we CP fans will keep this matter within our circle in the Super Topic[9]A function in Weibo similar to subreddit. Since Xuege doesn’t like me talking nonsense, I won’t bring up this matter in front of you two in the future.”

Shi Yuanbai grabbed the keywords quickly. CP fans? Super Topic? Was this not the term often used among the Star Chaser in the Entertainment Industry? Then, the circle Wu Siyuan talked about was…?

He twitched the corners of his mouth and asked, “Don’t tell me you guys have created a Group Chat for me and Jingtong?”

“Pfft!” Zhang Lianyue couldn’t hold back her laughter. “Hahaha! Xuedi, you really are so amusing!”

Wu Siyuan pretended to be startled, looking abashed as if someone had discovered a secret of his. “Hey…Xuege, this, just pretend you don’t know.”

On the surface, Shi Yuanbai put a displeased expression on his face, while in his mind he concluded,

‘This Green Tea turns out to be a real brainless fan, so there is no apparent threat.’

He didn’t care whether Wu Siyuan have a CP Group Chat or whatever. If anything, he could use this excuse the next time he had the need to coax Jiang Jingtong.

But still, he curiously asked, “Do you really think that Jiang Jingtong and I are a good match?”

Wu Siyuan immediately put a perfect analysis that a CP fan or a Shipper would say about their Ship, “Yes, you two are! In terms of appearance, talent, and temperament, the two of you are well-matched! Coupled with your family backgrounds, you two are simply perfect for each other!”

Shi Yuanbai sneered. “I’m the second child in my family, while Jingtong is the only son in his family. He will inherit the Jiang family’s company in the future. In other words, we are not on the same stage at all.”

Staring at Shi Yuanbai with a solemn look, Wu Siyuan said firmly, “Xuege, you are incredibly awesome, it’s possible for you to catch up with Jiang Xuege‘s footsteps in the near future.”

Hearing what he said, Shi Yuanbai gave him a look of appreciation he rarely gave to others before.

There were many Second, Third, Fourth, and so on sons who were as unwilling as him to accept their fate. But in the end, most of them would resign themselves over the arrangement. However, he, Shi Yuanbai would never be content! Why could his brother inherit the family business? Meanwhile, he could only be an idle Rich Second Generation?

Obviously, he was not worse than his older brother. Then why did his family decide he couldn’t do what Shi Yuze do?

For this reason, Shi Yuanbai felt this Xuedi‘s vision was not bad, at least Gu Siyuan knew that he was truly capable.

In all honesty, what Wu Siyuan said did come from his heart. He sincerely admitted that Shi Yuanbai was indeed capable. In the original plot, he had drugged his brother and Gu Siyuan at the same time, and proceeded to film the scene of the two of them entangled with each other. Truly the depiction of, killing two enemies with one stone.

As to whether he could catch up with Jiang Jingtong, then the answer must be Yes, he would, in no time! At present, Jiang Jingtong’s romantic deeds were not so many. As long as Shi Yuanbai increased his speed, he might be able to catch up with the number!

At any rate, now that Wu Siyuan had succeeded in brushing his presence in front of Shi Yuanbai, he had accomplished his intention. He tactfully decided to end today’s Play thereafter.


Speaking about the original owner’s family, it could be said as average, even if they owned a small Company.

On the other hand, according to his designated objective, to plan ahead and prevented himself from being pitted[10]pitted: being schemed on by the two Protagonists, Wu Siyuan had to have proper standing. After all, the protagonists’ backgrounds really fell into the category of difficult to be offended. In the days onwards, Wu Siyuan must prepare for the battle himself.

In the original plot, after Gu Siyuan was killed by those two Dog-men, his family members didn’t even have the power to take revenge for him. All evidences were collected to no avail. Therefore, he had to strengthen himself well. So that in the future, even if those two Dog-men joined hands, he would not be afraid to confront them head-on.

Wu Siyuan decided to call the original owner’s parent first, reporting his well-being, and then slowly inquire about things he needed to know. It couldn’t be helped. Gu Siyuan had the habit of keeping in touch with his family.  Even if Wu Siyuan felt a little timid, worrying the original owner’s family might sense something was amiss during this call, he still had to do it.

His family’s Company seemed to be a small enterprise, dealing with small-scale businesses. If he wanted to expand it, then he had to consider the timing. Additionally, he also needed to study, and learn about the Company’s business in detail, to be able to plan the Company’s future appropriately.

To his surprise, the cheap[11]Cheap Father/Brother/Friends etc, are ways to joke about those we acquired so easily or for free.father in the phone call was so happy when he knew Wu Siyuan suddenly cared about the company’s affairs. The Old Man thought;

‘As expected, when my son grow up, he’ll finally care about his family’s business!’

Of course, the original owner’s father, Gu Yingzhuo, knew everything that Wu Siyuan wanted to know and explained it to him thoroughly.

“Don’t worry, Dad, I will study hard and make our company develop well in the future.”

Listening to his son’s words, Gu Yingzhuo only felt that the hard work in the past was not in vain. This son was his treasure, and his Company was his hard work. Now that his son was finally interested in the Company, he couldn’t help but wonder, for this son to suddenly have a change of mind could it be someone in the College had said some unpleasant words to him?

He had to interrogate and let this son spit out the truth!



1 The Sea King: Chinese slang for players
2 A polite saying to refuse unwarranted/unwanted offer
3 Xuejie: Senior Sister in academic levels
4 (T/L Note: There are a lot of switches between Wu Siyuan and Gu Siyuan. Gu Siyuan/the original owner is used when Wu Siyuan referred to the body in the original plot. Gu Siyuan is also used in the other character’s POV, such as Shi Yuanbai and Zhang Lianyue here, etc, because in reality, Wu Siyuan’s identity in the world is Gu Siyuan.
5 The combined version of Green Tea Bitch: a scheming person, and White Lotus: Those who appear naive and innocent
6 HE: Happy End
7 Forcibly pushing people to be together might not end up well
8 Fans of a couple or a Ship
9 A function in Weibo similar to subreddit
10 pitted: being schemed on
11 Cheap Father/Brother/Friends etc, are ways to joke about those we acquired so easily or for free.
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The Matchmaker Tool Is Uncooperative

The Matchmaker Tool Is Uncooperative

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Wu Siyuan is a tasker, bound to a self-proclaimed Cannon Fodder Supporting Actor System. His task is to be the Matchmaker Tool. They must promote and stimulate the romance development of the protagonists. The better he can promote the Protagonists romance, the better his reward would be! Wu Siyuan said, “Fine. I’ll be the Godly assist.”


Later, when the System looks at the dazzling F- at its Host’s task grade, then looking at the unrecognizable state of the CP’s romance, it finally realizes, “What kind of Godly assist have you offered?!”


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