MTIU Chapter 1

Cannon Fodder Stand In Lover - Give the Original's role back to the Protagonist

Lying on the hospital bed, Wu Siyuan earnestly listened to the wonderful sound of the Electrocardiograph, ushering the arrival of one of the most important moments in human life. 

‘Hhaaa…Finally I can leave this world. Such a joyful event must be worthy of celebration…’

The Electrocardiograph in the ICU started beeping rapidly, alarming the nurse in guard to shout for urgency, “Hurry, call the Doctor! The patient is in a critical condition.”

When the Doctor and Nurse rushed to his ward, Wu Siyuan cracked his eyelid slightly, revealing his dulled eyes.

The nurse tried to call Wu Siyuan’s family, only to be met with the Operator’s voice. Seeing that the phone number of his family could not be connected, in the end, she tried to reach out to Wu Siyuan’s friend in the contact list instead.

“Hello? Hello? Mr. Wu doesn’t seem to be able to hold on anymore.”

Soon Wu Siyuan felt the scene in front of him begin to blur. His eyelids lowered accompanied by the decrease of fluctuation in the electrocardiograph. Eventually, the wavy line stagnated into a straight one. 


[“Ding. Hello, dear Host. Let me introduce myself, I am a System you are bound to, it’s called Cannon Fodder Supporting Actor System.”]

Wu Siyuan vaguely responded, “You…” 

‘I have never made any contract to any System, where did this guy come out from?’

[“Dear Host, you can rest assured. As long as you fervently complete the task this System has arranged for you, you may get a chance to resurrect and even recovered from your illness. I believe that you must be very excited right now, after all, this is a precious opportunity. What you need to do is to listen to this System’s guidance. That being the case, if you fail to complete the task, it will be immediate obliteration.”]

There was no need to think, Wu Siyuan directly refused, “No, I don’t want to. You can go and obliterate me right now.”

[“But of course, you must be very happy…eh, what? You don’t want to?! This is impossible!”]

“Please don’t hinder me from dying peacefully, thank you.” Wu Siyuan said sullenly.

Originally thinking that as long as it told the Host it chose that he would be given a chance to go back to life, he would definitely be moved to tears and ready to become a diligent and honest subordinate for the System. In addition, the threat of being obliterated would also push the Host to finish the task conscientiously, but the actual reality, [‘Wait a minute, what the hell did this person say just now?’]

It quickly persuaded in the sincerest manner it could utter, [“You’re still so young, why do you have such a negative view of life? Look at the people outside, they are all trying to save you. Look at your friends, and see how sad they are. Even your family, though they haven’t arrived here yet, I believe they must love you very much. Are you willing to let them grieve over you?”]

“I am more than willing. Don’t you want to kill me? Hurry up and do it.” Wu Siyuan indifferently replied.

The System once again fell into a speechless state hearing Wu Siyuan’s response.

[“We are already bound, no matter what, you have to complete the task. You have no other choice.”]

Wu Siyuan chuckled. “Didn’t you say that if I refuse to do the task, I’ll be obliterated? Then, what are you waiting for?”

The so-called Cannon Fodder Supporting Actor-System was silent for a moment. However, the next second it immediately advocated the value of life toward Wu Siyuan, how to cherish life, the joy of being alive, and so on.

[“Host, considering your overly world-weary feelings, this System has made a new plan for you. I will make sure to let you see the beauty of life and the joy of a living being! Therefore, if you ever deliberately fail to complete the task, or do not actively contribute to the task, I will return you to your sickly body and let you live in such a body for a long time!”]

Wu Siyuan was fearless and continued to reply indifferently, “That’s fine by me. You can put me back into my unhealthy body. I’m already used to lying in bed and enduring pain anyway.”

[‘What a troublesome Host!  Unmoved to enticement, fearless to coercion!’] – The System complained silently.

Despite its inner grievance, it was still trying to put another condition, [“How about if you finish the tasks in several worlds, we will prepare you a new healthy body and have a new identity of your own choice? If you are unwilling to have any contact with your current friends and family, it is possible to give the Host a new life.”]

The System actually was not aware of the relationship state between Wu Siyuan and his family. Nevertheless, it was those words that finally attracted Wu Siyuan’s interest successfully. 

“Fine, fine. You just want to make me do the task no matter what, right?”

There’s a brief silence before the System replied reluctantly, [“…Yes.”]

Right now the initiative was not in its hands at all. It couldn’t even unscrupulously obliterate Wu Siyuan, since they were bound together. Contrary to the menacing threat, actually, if Wu Siyuan died during the tasks, the System would also perish alongside him. 

“Well then, let’s go right away. I don’t want to stay in this world any longer.”


Wu Siyuan was finally assigned to a new world by the System.

The task it talked about earlier was to do a good job as a Supporting Actor, contributing to the love journey between the protagonists, helping them to avoid any Love Obstacle, and pushing them to the peak of their romance! 

When Wu Siyuan had just gotten himself used to the body he was currently possessing, he saw a man looking at him affectionately. He had just arrived, the System hadn’t given him the plot of this world yet, consequently, who the hell this man was, he had no slightest idea.

“Hi? May I ask who you are?”

At this time, the System had already passed him the original owner’s memory from childhood to the current point in time. Even then, the man in front of him didn’t exist in any part of his memory. In other words, the original owner, and of course Wu Siyuan, had never seen him before.

The man who pretended to look at him with an affectionate gaze, immediately introduced himself, “Hello, Gu Xuedi[1]Xuedi: Junior Brother in academic levels, I’m your Xuege[2]Xuege: Senior Brother in academic levels, Jiang Jingtong from the Department of Business Administration, and I’m currently in my fourth year. We are both members of the Student Council, so I want to get to know you in advance.”

Listening to the man’s introduction, Wu Siyuan knew that the plot had officially begun. During this short period, the System had passed the plot to him one after another. Even if the information given hadn’t been sorted carefully yet, the name he mentioned was easy to find. That’s right, this man was the Protagonist of this world’s plot. 

‘Young Man, finding the cannon fodder Shou[3]Shou: Uke/Bottom/Receiver so early, what are you in a hurry for? Your Official Shou has not even left the country yet!’ Wu Siyuan was disgusted by this kind of person.

Regardless of his inner drama, Wu Siyuan quickly put an expression full of admiration for Jiang Jingtong on the surface. “It turned out to be Jiang Xuege! To be able to directly meet Jiang Xuege right after I entered the Student Council, it’s really my good luck!”

They conversed for a while, and after estimating that he had successfully given a deep impression in this Junior’s heart,  Jiang Jingtong finally left with satisfaction. As for Wu Siyuan, now that no one was bothering him after Jiang Jingtong’s departure, he had the time to slowly digest the plot given by the System previously.


It turned out that in this world he still had the name of Siyuan, though the surname was different. The original owner’s surname was Gu, hence Gu Siyuan.

Speaking about the Gu Siyuan, his role was to be a Cannon Fodder Shou in this world derived from a Danmei[4]Danmei: BL in ChineseNovel. Based on the plot he had received, then the so-called original plot should be in this way:

Jiang Jingtong was the original Protagonist Gong[5]Gong: Seme/Top/Attacker. There’s a White Moonlight[6]White Moonlight: The object of yearning in his heart, the Protagonist Shou. The aforementioned was his childhood sweetheart, Shi Yuanbai, whose identity was the youngest son of the Shi Family, and had one elder brother called Shi Yuze.

At a glance, the family background of the two was quite similar. But in a closer inspection, their status and position were actually rather different. Jiang Jingtong was the only son of the Jiang family, he was destined to inherit every single piece of his family. As for Shi Yuanbai, he was the second child, and his family didn’t plan to let him inherit anything. He could just be an idle Young Master for the rest of his life. Anyway, the elder brother, Shi Yuze, was already a great Heir and had no flaw in any aspect.

As the destined protagonist, how could Shi Yuanbai be satisfied with the arrangement of an idle Young Master? He was not reconciled. He felt that he was much better than his older brother. Therefore, after graduating from college, he chose to study abroad. After a few years, he returned to the country and finally compete with his older brother to seize the family inheritance.

On the other hand, the Protagonist Gong Jiang Jingtong was someone who couldn’t stand loneliness. When they were in college, Shi Yuanbai had always hanged him and refused to accept him openly. Therefore, in his senior year, when he met Gu Siyuan who was slightly similar to Shi Yuanbai, he immediately regarded him as the replacement of Shi Yuanbai, even deciding to marry Gu Siyuan when Shi Yuanbai left him to study abroad. From then on, Gu Siyuan was completely taken as a substitute for his White Moonlight.

During their marriage, Jiang Jingtong proved himself to be a Scumbag. The Stand-in lover at home was still alive and kicking, the other Stand-ins outside were already lining up. At first, Gu Siyuan thought that Jiang Jingtong would settle down and cure his Scumbag Illness after marrying him. But after all, once a Scumbag would always be a Scumbag. For several years, Gu Siyuan tried to endure and wait for the day Jiang Jingtong would change his mind. 

Alas, after being married for 7 years, when the White Moonlight finally came back to the country, what Gu Siyuan eventually got was a piece of divorce letter, and received zero cents for the divorce.


Looking at the plot, Wu Siyuan wanted to vomit. “Is Gu Siyuan really so stupid? He didn’t even get a piece of their joint property after the divorce? Didn’t the lovers of the scum Gong often send him pictures and videos of the scum Gong‘s cheating to provoke him before? Why didn’t he sue him in court for the derailment of marriage? I bet he could get half of the Scum Gong‘s property as compensation! What the heck??” 

The system hurriedly said, [“Host, calm down!”]

Wu Siyuan replied blankly, “I’m very calm. I’m just commenting. Why? Is it prohibited?” 


The next plot continued with the dog blood[7]Dog blood: those cliche and exaggerated plots drama between Jiang Jingtong and Shi Yuanbai, as well as the murder of the original owner, Gu Siyuan. In conclusion, right now, their task was to make Jiang Jingtong and Shi Yuanbai’s relationship have fewer detours, letting them fall in love with each other as soon as possible.

Looking at this pair of disgusting Scumbags, Wu Siyuan repeatedly agreed to the task.

“They are such a well-matched pair! A poor ghost in the likes of Gu Siyuan does not deserve to disturb their romance of the century! I will do my job well and let the two Protagonists enter the bridal chamber as soon as possible.” 

Receiving his grandiloquence, the System was rest assured and felt a lot of confidence for the day onwards.

Clenching his fist, Wu Siyuan vowed, “I will definitely let them enjoy the fruits of love and the fruits of marriage in advance.”


After concluding his deal with the System, he started to move away, walking and pondering at the same time. Wu Siyuan felt he was shouldering a new great ambition. He tried to rack his brain, conjuring one scenario after another, thinking about how to put Shi Yuanbai and Jiang Jingtong together as soon as possible.

He was wondering if it’s possible to use the Suspension Bridge Effect, cultivating feeling under the impact of external interference. A lot of couples got together because their friends and other people around were teasing and suspecting the said couple to have some relationship. As a result, they truly started to have feelings for each other. 

Besides, didn’t Shi Yuanbai study abroad to fight for his family’s inheritance? Then, as long as Jiang Jingtong said that he could help Shi Yuanbai to acquire the Shi family, would Shi Yuanbai still give up their sincere love and go abroad?

‘They should get married as soon as possible to avoid harming others!’


On another note, recalling the identity of the original owner, Wu Siyuan felt it was actually not bad. His family’s economic condition was adequate, there was no shortage of money. His family even owned and run a small company. It’s a pity for Gu Siyuan to be deceived by a scumbag, Jiang Jingtong.

He figured that in order to quickly have contact with Shi Yuanbai or Jiang Jingtong’s circle of friends as soon as possible, in addition to his status as a member of the Student Council, he also needed a better background. Therefore, he must make his family’s company grow and expand! In his original world, there was no chance to show his strength in any part of his life. In this world, he was excited thinking he might have the chance to pull his sleeve up and display his skill. 


To achieve his goal, Wu Siyuan started from the plot he had received carefully. He studied every piece of information and wrote down some important notes at various nodes of the plot, weighing the pros and cons of several approaches to accomplish the task.  

After a lot of consideration, it seemed like the best approach to finish the task was through Shi Yuanbai. As for the reason, it was no other than the fact that in the current timeline, there were already various Rich and Handsome Men with ambiguous relationships around him, aside from the Protagonist Gong.

Even if Gu Siyuan’s family background was not as good as those Men, unworthy to enter Shi Yuanbai’s eyes, nonetheless, he would not treat Gu Siyuan badly either. After all, It’s better to shoot the wrong target rather than let go of any possibilities.

After he made up his mind, Wu Siyuan rushed in a high spirit to his dormitory. Changed into a well-made suit, having well-groomed hair, he strode gracefully to the place Shi Yuanbai often stayed lately.

He was ready to make a chance encounter with the Protagonist Shou



1 Xuedi: Junior Brother in academic levels
2 Xuege: Senior Brother in academic levels
3 Shou: Uke/Bottom/Receiver
4 Danmei: BL in Chinese
5 Gong: Seme/Top/Attacker
6 White Moonlight: The object of yearning
7 Dog blood: those cliche and exaggerated plots
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The Matchmaker Tool Is Uncooperative

The Matchmaker Tool Is Uncooperative

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Wu Siyuan is a tasker, bound to a self-proclaimed Cannon Fodder Supporting Actor System. His task is to be the Matchmaker Tool. They must promote and stimulate the romance development of the protagonists. The better he can promote the Protagonists romance, the better his reward would be! Wu Siyuan said, “Fine. I’ll be the Godly assist.”


Later, when the System looks at the dazzling F- at its Host’s task grade, then looking at the unrecognizable state of the CP’s romance, it finally realizes, “What kind of Godly assist have you offered?!”


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