The Drifting Incident at Qingtai Mountain

Chapter 15: The Drifting Incident at Qingtai Mountain

On this side, Village Head Liu also urged everyone to start eating the dishes and have a few bites before drinking. Liu Dazhu’s culinary skills were truly impressive, and everyone praised the food without reservation. Du Yufeng suggested, “Dazhu, with such great cooking skills, it’s a pity to stay tucked away in this remote mountain valley. Why not open a restaurant in the county town? I guarantee you’ll make a fortune!”

Liu Chuankui cursed, “Look at his clumsy appearance! He has four daughters but hasn’t given birth to a son to carry on my Liu family name. He can forget about leaving Xiaqinghe Village in his lifetime.”

Liu Dazhu, who was busy serving the dishes, awkwardly laughed upon hearing those words.

Du Yufeng glanced meaningfully at Zhang Yang, implying that Village Head Liu had openly challenged Zhang Yang, the family planning director. It was up to Zhang Yang to decide how to handle it.

However, Zhang Yang seemed completely oblivious, engrossed in eating and drinking. Although he had been navigating the political arena for just a few days, Zhang Yang had made significant progress. This was Xiaqinghe Village, the territory of Village Head Liu Chuankui. If Liu Chuankui stomped his feet, the entire village would tremble. Zhang Yang wasn’t afraid of him, but he also didn’t see the need to confront him.

They were being treated to good food and wine, so why spoil the mood by discussing family planning work? Besides, it wasn’t just Liu Dazhu’s son who had exceeded the birth limit in Xiaqinghe Village. Zhang Yang had his own ideas. He would find an opportunity to make a move on Liu Dazhu later. If he wanted to have more children in the future, it would be even more difficult. That’s called strategy, that’s the art of leadership. With these thoughts in mind, a sinister smile appeared on Zhang Yang’s lips.

Liu Chuankui’s intention behind saying those words was also to test Zhang Yang’s reaction.

Seeing that Zhang Yang remained unfazed and didn’t get angry at his arrogant remarks, he felt pleased. It seemed that this new head of the Family Planning Office knew how to handle things.

Dealing with the issue of his son having more children should be easier. Liu Chuankui raised his wine bowl and proposed, “It is an honor for all of us villagers that the township leaders have come to Xiaqinghe Village for guidance. I propose a toast to everyone, let’s drink first in celebration!”

Liu Chuankui gulped down the wine from his bowl. Before he could finish it, he heard a panicked voice from outside the door, exclaiming, “Dazhuzi, something happened! Your daughter, Zhao Di, got hit by a motorcycle!”

Everyone was startled. Liu Dazhu rushed out without even taking off his apron, holding a spoon in his hand. Liu Chuankui, despite his constant desire for a grandson, had deep affection for his granddaughter. When he heard that his granddaughter had been hit, his face changed color, and the wine bowl in his hand fell to the ground, shattering into pieces. Trembling, he stood up and said, “I… I’ll go take a look…”

but his legs were already weak.

Du Yufeng stood up and said, “I’ll go take a look!”

He went outside and started his car. Just as he was about to drive away, Zhang Yang opened the door and got into the passenger seat.

“Boss Du, I’ll go with you!” he said.

Du Yufeng nodded and stepped on the accelerator, heading towards the road on the right side of the elementary school.

Although Liu Dazhu had left first, he was soon left behind because he was walking. On the road, about three hundred meters from the school, little Zhao Di sat on the ground crying loudly. Several children with balloons made of condoms surrounded her. When faced with such a situation, the children panicked and talked all at once. Two timid girls were so frightened that they cried along with little Zhao Di.

Du Yufeng stopped the car, and Zhang Yang was the first to jump out. He approached little Zhao Di and checked her injuries, confirming that they were just minor scrapes. Only then did he feel relieved.

By this time, Liu Dazhu and others had also arrived. Zhang Yang whispered to Du Yufeng, “The child is fine, just some superficial wounds, and she’s a bit scared.”

Suddenly, he noticed Du Yufeng’s pale face and followed his gaze. On the mountain road covered by the setting sun, five motorcycles were racing and chasing each other. Could those be the street racing gang that Du Yufeng mentioned?

Du Yufeng had already rushed back into the van, and Zhang Yang followed suit. With so many people on the other side, he was worried that Du Yufeng would be overwhelmed alone.

Du Yufeng looked at Zhang Yang and nodded approvingly. Then he cursed, “Damn it, today I won’t rest until I catch every one of these bastards!”

Now Zhang Yang truly experienced the boldness ingrained in Du Yufeng. Driving the van, they veered off the road, racing along the sloping mountainside and bumpy mountain trails towards the direction of Jinhouban. The van jolted violently on the mountain road, and at certain sections, all four wheels even left the ground.

Despite Zhang Yang’s courage, he couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat. Night had unknowingly fallen, with moonlight casting dappled shadows through the gaps in the trees. Du Yufeng, relying on his familiarity with the mountainous roads and exceptional driving skills, steadily controlled the van. In order to intercept the street racing gang before Jinhouban, they had to choose the nearest route.

Finally, the van burst out of the forest and onto the main road. In that instant, Du Yufeng slammed on the brakes, then swiftly turned the steering wheel to the left. The rear wheels of the van lost traction, executing a perfect drift. Just as the van was about to plunge into the abyss on the other side of the road, the entire vehicle successfully completed the turn. Zhang Yang’s heart nearly leaped into his throat during that moment. After all, Zhang, the high-ranking official, had fought hard for this second chance at life, and he didn’t want to recklessly squander it.

Du Yufeng furrowed his brow tightly, his full attention focused on the motorcycles ahead. The last motorcycle was less than 500 meters away. Du Yufeng gritted his teeth with a fierce killing intent, a look that Zhang Yang had only seen on a rebel named Cheng Yaojin.

Among the five motorcycles racing on the mountain road, two were Honda 800s, one was a Kawasaki 750, one was a Yamaha 1000, and the most eye-catching one was the red Bugatti 1000 leading the pack. Each of these motorcycles was worth over 50,000 yuan and shouldn’t have appeared on mountain roads. The five motorcycle riders simultaneously noticed the unexpected arrival of the van.

If they were on a flat road, it would be effortless for them to overtake and leave the Sanghua River van behind. However, they were in the mountainous region, specifically on the treacherous and intricate section of the Jinhouban on Qingtaishan. It was their first time riding on this stretch, and the complex and dangerous road conditions forced them to slow down.

To make matters worse, they were facing a seasoned expert familiar with the mountainous road conditions, a fearless police officer known for his recklessness. Du Yufeng gripped the steering wheel with one hand and pulled out his handgun with the other. He handed the handgun to Zhang Yang and said, “Let them see the handgun, force them to stop!”

Zhang Yang took the handgun, feeling a bit unfamiliar with it. He rolled down the window and extended his arm with the gun, shouting, “Stop! All of you stop!”

Several motorcycle riders, upon seeing the gun inside the van, mistook them for robbers. Instead of stopping, they accelerated and charged forward.

Du Yufeng cursed under his breath and stepped on the gas. Due to the treacherous terrain, he couldn’t easily overtake them, fearing it would cause casualties. He shouted at Zhang Yang, “Can’t you say you’re a damn police officer?”

Zhang Yang shouted back, “I’m a damn police officer!”

The motorcycle riders clearly didn’t believe his words. Why would a police officer not be driving a police car? Besides, Zhang Yang wasn’t wearing a police uniform either.

Du Yufeng’s gaze fell on the seventh bend in the distance, where the road was relatively wider. It seemed like the perfect spot to overtake and intercept all five motorcycle riders.

He loudly warned Zhang Yang, “Hold on tight!”

He slammed the accelerator, and the van raced forward, successfully overtaking two of the motorcycle riders at the bend.

The motorcycle riders started to have a whole new understanding of the capabilities of the Songhuajiang van. It became apparent that the final outcome of a race depended not only on the performance of the vehicles but also on the skills of the driver, especially on winding mountain roads like these.

Du Yufeng’s exceptional driving skills were showcased to their fullest extent. He maneuvered through five consecutive bends at high speed, leaving the four motorcycle riders behind. Ahead was the sixth bend, and the rider in the red BYD was already aware of the approaching Songhuajiang van. He visibly accelerated, instantly widening the gap between him and the van.

However, Du Yufeng sensed something was amiss. His intuition told him that at this speed, the rider wouldn’t be able to successfully negotiate the upcoming bend. He accelerated even more, attempting to intercept the motorcycle before it went over the cliff, forcing the rider to brake. But the rider misunderstood his intention.

Like a blazing flame, the red BYD charged into the dense darkness of the night. When the rider realized the nearly 90-degree turn ahead, panic set in, and he slammed on the brakes. However, it was too late. The tires screeched against the road, emitting a piercing sound, and a burnt smell permeated the mountain breeze. The rider screamed as he was thrown off the motorcycle, plummeting into the pitch-black abyss below. After a while, a muffled explosion could be heard.

Du Yufeng slammed on the brakes with all his might, leaving two dark tire marks on the ground. His expression became extremely heavy. Everything in front of him was not what he wanted to happen. The situation had completely spiraled out of control.

The four motorcyclists behind him slowed down, clearly witnessing the entire sequence of events unfolding ahead.

Zhang Yang pushed open the car door and jumped out. The other riders looked at the gun in his hand, hesitating to continue forward. They quickly turned their vehicles around and fled in the opposite direction.

It took Du Yufeng a while before he got out of the car. He appeared somewhat nervous. He retrieved the gun from Zhang Yang and holstered it. Zhang Yang approached the edge of the cliff, bowing his head to look down. There was a fire burning in his line of sight, most likely ignited by the motorcycle’s explosion after it fell. Falling from such a height, it was highly likely that the person had turned into a bloody mess.

Zhang Yang turned to look at Du Yufeng and asked in a low voice, “What should we do?”

Du Yufeng’s mood had hit rock bottom. He roared in anger, “How the hell should I know?”

Zhang Yang glared at him without backing down. “Why the fuck are you yelling at me? Regardless, the situation has already happened. We need to come up with a solution. Just shouting won’t do shit.”

Du Yufeng calmed down when he was yelled at. He took out the package of Hongshan tea, lit a cigarette, and took a strong drag. “You stay here and keep an eye on the scene. I’ll go back and get help!”

Zhang Yang looked at Du Yufeng with a touch of sympathy and nodded. “Drive safely!”

Du Yufeng patted Zhang Yang on the shoulder, his despair evident on his face. What happened tonight was far from trivial, and he already had a sense of his bleak future. He whispered to Zhang Yang, “Xiao Zhang, don’t worry. I will bear all the responsibility for this matter. It won’t affect you.”

Zhang Yang felt a warmth in his heart. In this situation, for Du Yufeng to say such words proved that he was a responsible person. Zhang Yang smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I’m not someone who shies away from trouble. I won’t evade my responsibilities for tonight’s events.”

The two men locked eyes, seeing gratitude and trust in each other’s gaze. Du Yufeng threw half a package of Hongshan tea to Zhang Yang. “You wait here. I’ll be right back!”

As he watched Du Yufeng drive away, Zhang Yang couldn’t help but sigh. Although he didn’t know what kind of impact this incident would have, one thing was certain: it wouldn’t be easily brushed aside. It could even bring misfortune to someone.

Zhang Yang took out a cigarette from his pack, imitating Du Yufeng by holding it in his mouth, only to realize that Du Yufeng had left without leaving him a light. He shook his head helplessly. The night had grown darker, and a faint mist had begun to rise around him. Zhang Yang boredly jumped in place for a couple of times, but he suddenly seemed to hear a cry for help.

At first, Zhang Yang thought it was his imagination, but upon careful listening, the voice seemed to be coming from below the cliff—sharp and faint.

“Help… Save me…”

The voice was fragmented by the mountain breeze. If it weren’t for Zhang Yang’s exceptional hearing, he would have easily missed it.

Zhang Yang approached the cliff, crouching down and clearing his mind. He focused on distinguishing the voice in the night wind. The faint cry for help continued, “Save me…”

This time, Zhang Yang could finally confirm that there was someone below the cliff. The person calling for help must be the rider who had gone over the cliff due to the racing accident. It was astonishing that the rider’s life had survived such a fall.

Du Yufeng had just left and wouldn’t be back immediately. Unfortunately, fog had begun to settle in the mountains, and it was becoming denser. If Zhang Yang didn’t go to rescue the person in time, once the fog thickened, finding the target would become even more challenging. What worried Zhang Yang the most was that falling from such a high cliff, the motorcycle rider was likely seriously injured. Without timely treatment, they might not hold on until they were found.

Zhang Yang sighed and muttered to himself, “It’s been many years since I last used my lightness technique!”

Taking a deep breath, he grabbed the edge of the cliff and relied on the support of his arms. Zhang Yang was already suspended above the thousand-zhang-high cliff. He had practiced martial arts since childhood and was able to climb a thousand-zhang-high cliff with his bare hands at the age of ten.

Although he had set aside this skill for over thirteen hundred years, he hadn’t become rusty with time. Zhang Yang slowly descended along the steep cliff, adapting to the environment.

Initially, he didn’t have much confidence in his current level of lightness technique, but as he got accustomed to the cliff’s conditions, his movements became more and more fluid.

As he approached, the sound became clearer. The fog grew denser, greatly affecting Zhang Yang’s visibility. He carefully searched for every available handhold and called out loudly, “Where are you? I’m here to rescue you!”

Upon hearing that someone was actually coming to rescue her, the voice grew excited. “I’m below you, trapped by a rock!”

“No need to state the obvious. I know you’re below me!” Zhang Yang discerned the location of the voice amidst the fog.

From the tone, he could tell it was a young girl speaking. It was hard to imagine that the bold and skilled rider who had just raced ahead on the treacherous Eighteen Turns was actually a woman.

Although Zhang Yang was a master of lightness technique, his clothes had been torn in several places by the thorns and branches on the cliff, leaving him a bit frustrated. He was wearing an expensive suit worth over a thousand dollars, and he intended to hold this girl responsible for the damage.

“I’m here! Hurry and save me!” The girl’s voice sounded weak and breathless through the fog.

Impatiently, Zhang Yang responded, “I know, it’s foggy. I can’t get there that quickly, damn it!”

As he spoke, he followed the sound and climbed towards it. Below, there seemed to be a flickering light. Zhang Yang followed the light and finally found the unfortunate girl under a pine tree growing on the cliff.

The girl still wore her helmet, holding a flashlight that flickered. Thankfully, the flashlight served as a signal, allowing Zhang Yang to locate her within a short time. The fog was thick, and although they were close to each other, neither could see the other’s face clearly. The girl had ridden her motorcycle off the mountain road and down the cliff.

The motorcycle had fallen, but luckily she landed on this pine tree. However, she then broke some branches and continued to fall. Fortunately, her body got wedged in a crevice between the cliff’s rocks. She was fortunate to have survived, but unfortunately, her left leg, which was caught in the rock crevice, was in excruciating pain. It was likely that her leg was broken, causing the sharp, piercing pain.

Zhang Yang clenched one hand in the crevice of the cliff and gently patted the girl’s helmet with the other hand. “Hold on, endure the pain. I’ll get you out of here!”

The girl nodded clumsily. In fact, anyone wearing such a large helmet would appear a bit clumsy. Zhang Yang extended his right arm through the girl’s armpit, and inevitably, his chest pressed closely against her amazingly elastic bosom. The girl glared fiercely at Zhang Yang through the visor of her helmet, but she quickly realized that no one would risk their life to climb down a cliff just to take advantage of her. He must not have intended it.

To be fair, Zhang Yang indeed had no intention of taking advantage. He tightened his grip with his right arm and exerted a little force to lift the girl upward. The girl let out a piercing scream, “Ouch! It hurts so much! You idiot! Are you trying to kill me?”

Zhang Yang was annoyed by her insults and retorted, “Shut up! If you keep whining, I’ll just leave you here. I can’t be bothered with you!”

The girl was in so much pain that tears streamed down her face. “It really hurts. It’s too tight inside, and I can’t get out…”

Zhang Yang took the flashlight from the girl’s hand and shone it up and down on the stone crevice that trapped her. Then he reached his hand into the crevice and gently felt around the base of the girl’s left leg. The girl protested angrily, “What are you doing? Get your dirty hands off me! Ah…”

Zhang Yang applied a little more pressure, causing the girl to scream in pain.

In a low voice, Zhang Yang said, “Your left thigh is broken. It’s really troublesome.”

He estimated the thickness of the rock trapping the girl and whispered, “Hold onto my neck. I have to break this rock in order to free you.”

The girl looked at Zhang Yang’s blurry face in the fog, and she felt a sense of despair. On this cliff, where there was no way up or down, and with no tools at hand, it seemed nearly impossible to break the hard rock.

Zhang Yang whispered, “Hold onto me tightly!”

The girl hesitated for a moment but ultimately reached out her arm and securely wrapped it around Zhang Yang’s neck. At this moment, she felt like a drowning person, and Zhang Yang was the unfortunate straw she clung to for survival. In her heart, she thought that fate had been somewhat fair to her, at least it didn’t let her die alone.

“What’s your name?” Zhang Yang asked in a low voice.

“Why does it matter?” the girl asked, wary and in pain.

Zhang Yang smiled faintly and said, “Just in case you die, so they can put up a tombstone for you!”

“You bastard!” the girl cursed angrily, but she felt that Zhang Yang’s words made sense. The hard and cold helmet pressed against Zhang Yang’s head. “I’m Chu Yanran!”

“Zhang Yang!” Zhang Yang shouted his name, and his right hand covertly circulated his internal energy, delivering a full-force strike to the rock that trapped Chu Yanran. This palm strike seemed ordinary, but it contained profound internal energy and technique.

Zhang Yang had to ensure that the rock was shattered, while controlling the force within a certain range, avoiding the internal energy from affecting Chu Yanran and causing further harm. This palm strike was derived from the essence of the Void Martial Fist. Superficially, the rock showed no changes, but internally, it had already been shattered by Zhang Yang’s powerful internal energy.

Chu Yanran was unaware of the changes happening around her. She stared blankly at Zhang Yang until she heard the continuous cracking sound. It was only then that she realized the rock trapping her was shattering. The rock finally split apart completely.

Amidst cries of astonishment, Chu Yanran’s body plummeted. She tightly clung to Zhang Yang’s neck, while Zhang Yang reached out and embraced her slender waist with a firm grip. Both of their weights were supported by Zhang Yang’s left arm. The mountain wind was bitterly cold, but it couldn’t disperse the dense night fog. However, due to the thick fog, Chu Yanran was unaware of the dangers of her surroundings.

Though Zhang Yang’s vision far exceeded that of an ordinary person, in such dense foggy weather, he could only see a distance of less than two meters ahead. From their current position to the top of the cliff, there was roughly a distance of 230 meters. Climbing up barehanded should pose no problem for him, but now with Chu Yanran added, the difficulty naturally increased significantly. The heavy helmet made Chu Yanran feel suffocated, so she reached out, took off the helmet, and threw it away carelessly.

Zhang Yang exerted a great deal of effort to help Chu Yanran climb onto his back. With her on his back, he began using both hands to climb the rock. Chu Yanran lay on Zhang Yang’s broad spine, her delicate body trembling incessantly. The pain in her left leg grew increasingly intense as they moved.

Suddenly, she bent down and bit into Zhang Yang’s shoulder. This subconscious act caused Zhang Yang to let out a miserable cry. His hands loosened, and he slid along the cliff for a meter before grasping onto a crevice in the rock again. He roared in anger, “Are you crazy? If you want to die, go die on your own! Don’t drag me with you!”

However, Chu Yanran still didn’t release her bite. The trembling of her delicate body became even more intense, and Zhang Yang grimaced as he endured her torment. He didn’t dare to use his internal energy, afraid that the force backlash would send this girl flying. It turns out that being a good Samaritan isn’t so easy these days.

Zhang Yang understood that Chu Yanran’s biting wasn’t out of revenge, but rather to numb the pain by clamping onto his shoulder. He could only consider himself unlucky. Besides, that piece of flesh she was biting had gone numb anyway. After stabilizing his mind, Zhang Yang began to climb upward slowly.

However, another challenge soon arose. Zhang Yang felt Chu Yanran’s arm strength was weakening. To prevent her from slipping off his back, Zhang Yang had to free his right hand and support her buttocks. Even with strong lightness skills, climbing a high cliff with just one hand was difficult, especially while carrying Chu Yanran on his back.

Zhang Yang complained bitterly, “Hey, can’t you endure the pain a bit? Just grit your teeth, and we’ll make it up there. Do we have to fall to our deaths together?”

Chu Yanran nodded, but the intense pain prevented her from speaking. She tightened her grip on Zhang Yang’s neck with all her strength. Zhang Yang chuckled, “I said you can hold on, but I didn’t say you should choke me. Do you want to strangle me?”

In a trembling voice, Chu Yanran reprimanded, “Hurry… stop with… the useless talk…”

Zhang Yang couldn’t help but laugh. He didn’t expect this girl to have some character. Despite finding it amusing, Zhang Yang didn’t have much confidence in Chu Yanran’s endurance. He reached back and tapped a point on her buttocks. The point he tapped was the tail cleft, located between the coccyx and the anus. When struck, it could hinder the circulation of qi along the meridians, preventing the qi in the dantian from rising and temporarily making the injured forget the pain.

Chu Yanran had no idea about the mystical nature of Zhang Yang’s finger technique. She thought he was taking advantage of the situation and using his finger to poke her. Filled with embarrassment and anger, she bit him again, this time with full force. As the sudden relief of pain washed over her body, she bit down harder, causing Zhang Yang to scream in agony. Zhang Yang felt extremely frustrated, thinking, “Dogs bite Lv Dongbin without recognizing the good intentions. Doing good deeds is damn difficult.”

Du Yufeng had just arrived at Shangqinghe Village when a dense fog descended. Although he was skilled at driving, he didn’t dare to continue in such foggy weather. He parked the car in the village and called Liu Chuankui and four young villagers to accompany him to the accident site.

Thankfully, Liu Chuankui led the way because in such foggy conditions, others wouldn’t be able to find the right direction. Du Yufeng only mentioned that there had been an accident without providing specific details to the others. The group walked through the thick fog, deep in some places and shallow in others, for over half an hour before reaching the accident site.

Du Yufeng shouted for Zhang Yang for a while but received no response. His heart sank instantly. The incident had happened so suddenly, and he had lost his composure. In hindsight, he shouldn’t have let Zhang Yang wait here. In such foggy weather, what if he accidentally slipped and fell off the cliff? Du Yufeng felt remorseful and also a hint of relief. If Zhang Yang had really fallen off the cliff, wouldn’t there be no evidence of what had happened?

But immediately, his conscience began to despise himself. “Du Yufeng, oh Du Yufeng, how despicable you are. You should be responsible for your own actions. How could you entertain thoughts of evading responsibility?”

Liu Chuankui raised his loud voice and shouted, “Zhang Yang, Director Xiaozhang!”

His resounding voice echoed in the valley for a long time, lingering in the air. Just when they were feeling discouraged, Zhang Yang’s voice came from below the mountain. “I’m down here!”

Although Zhang Yang’s voice wasn’t loud, it had a strong penetrating power, clearly reaching everyone’s ears. Liu Chuankui was the first to locate the source of the voice. He leaned over the edge of the cliff, squinting his eyes and looking down. He vaguely saw flickering lights below. Overjoyed, he exclaimed, “Director Xiaozhang is down there!”

Du Yufeng was also overjoyed upon hearing the news. Through this, he realized that he was still a person with a conscience. Although he had entertained some selfish thoughts earlier, he quickly recognized his mistake.

After the joy settled, the group simultaneously noticed an unbelievable reality. How did Director Xiaozhang climb down? This cliff was known as “Ghost’s Despair,” and there hadn’t been any known survivors from falling off it. Even the local mountain dwellers dared not attempt to scale this steep cliff. Yet Director Xiaozhang, a family planning worker, had managed to climb down. What surprised them even more was what followed.

When Director Xiaozhang climbed back up, he wasn’t alone. He was carrying a girl dressed in black leather attire on his back. The girl’s face was pressed against Zhang Yang’s shoulder, so no one could see her true appearance. Du Yufeng, with his keen police intuition, immediately deduced that this young girl was undoubtedly the one who had been driving the red BYD and speeding along the mountain road.

A heart that had sunk to the bottom of the valley suddenly lightened. As long as she was alive, the nature of the whole incident would develop towards the best possible outcome. Truly, when one reaches the end of the road, there will be light. Du Yufeng’s world regained its clarity. He was a person who knew gratitude, and he acknowledged deep down that this fortunate turn of events was all thanks to Director Xiaozhang’s actions.

Zhang Yang’s suit was torn in several places by thorny branches, and his face had several bloodstains, but he remained spirited. Judging from his calm demeanor, this guy should have abundant physical strength.

Du Yufeng wanted to take over Zhang Yang’s burden, as they still had to walk a stretch of mountain road on the way back. Unexpectedly, Chu Yanran clung to Zhang Yang and said, “I’ll let him carry me. Don’t touch me, anyone else…”

Seeing that she was not in immediate danger, Du Yufeng naturally regained his confidence from before and sternly said, “You dare to make conditions? Today, you’re suspected of hit-and-run and reckless driving on the mountain road. I will charge you with the crime of endangering public safety!”

Chu Yanran’s leg pain had subsided considerably. Once she started to recover, she became unyielding. She sneered and said, “So, you’re a police officer, right? Does being a police officer give you the right to break the law? Does it give you the right to take lives? Listen to me, if you don’t press charges against me, I’m prepared to sue you. Who do you think you are, a little police officer showing off? Believe me, I can have someone peel your skin off! Ouch…”

A sudden intense pain shot through her left leg. Zhang Yang had lightly bumped into it. Chu Yanran’s forehead broke out in a cold sweat as she looked at his proud and upright back of the head. She wished she could slap him across the face. She was certain that he did it on purpose, but even if he did, what could she do about it? Chu Yanran sadly realized that she was surrounded by his influence. When you’re under someone else’s roof, you have to lower your head. It was wise to play the role of a pitiful person and just get through tonight, no matter what.

Every person present immediately had a whole new understanding of Zhang Yang’s abundant physical strength. Carrying Chu Yanran without any pause, he swiftly arrived at Shangqinghe Village. He maintained his calm and relaxed demeanor, even causing Du Yufeng, who prided himself on his physical strength, to pant slightly. Du Yufeng pondered to himself, it seems that Director Xiao Zhang’s reputation of single-handedly defeating 43 strong men in Shangqinghe Village was not a mere rumor.

The work team was arranged to stay in a row of bungalows behind the village committee. Originally, this place was the village activity center, but the villagers were far less enthusiastic about chess and other activities compared to gambling. Moreover, the village committee did not allow them to openly gamble here.

As a result, this place soon fell into disuse. After some minor renovations by Secretary Liu, it was transformed into six resting rooms, usually used by village officials for rest. When visitors from the township arrived, it served as a guesthouse for temporary accommodation. Though the conditions were a bit simple, everything was neatly organized.

Liu Dazhu, accompanied by his daughter Zhao Di, was also waiting on this side. By now, Zhao Di had recovered from her fright. Sniffling, she recounted the incident, explaining that the vehicle that hit her was a Happiness 250 motorcycle. Although the children in the mountains couldn’t usually identify specific vehicle models, the Happiness 250 was commonly seen in Qingtaishan, so this child’s identification was spot-on. She could even recite the license plate number without missing a single digit.

Du Yufeng finally realized that he had been chasing the wrong person. But thinking about the situation at that time, it was difficult for anyone to determine who had hit the child. Chu Yanran was still lying on Zhang Yang’s back, and the pain had started to resurface. Her body trembled uncontrollably, her face buried in Zhang Yang’s shoulder. Whether it was tears or sweat, it had completely soaked through Zhang Yang’s shoulder.

After Liu Dazhu realized that the incident had nothing to do with them, he immediately left with Zhao Di. The other members of the work team, upon hearing that nothing serious had occurred, returned to their rooms to sleep. Their main task was to inspect grassroots work, and it was Du Yufeng’s impulsive actions that had caused this trouble. Although Guo Daliang didn’t say anything, his proactive avoidance made his stance clear. Tonight’s events had nothing to do with him.

Liu Chuankui took a sip of dry tobacco and appeared to be contemplating deeply. “It’s foggy tonight, and we won’t be able to take her to the township clinic. How about you all rest for now, and we’ll take her to the hospital early tomorrow morning.”

Chu Yanran, upon hearing the old man’s attempt to delay addressing her injury, was furious inside but unable to muster the strength to speak due to the pain.

Watching Liu Chuankui leave and close the door, Du Yufeng and Zhang Yang were left dumbfounded. It seemed that they had to handle everything themselves tonight. Du Yufeng sighed with a tinge of guilt. “Brother, I’ve dragged you into this mess.”

Zhang Yang smiled and said, “No problem, you go get some rest. I’ll take care of this girl.”

Du Yufeng was taken aback. He felt that there was an underlying meaning in Zhang Yang’s words. Although he couldn’t see what Yanran looked like, her figure should be good. Zhang Yang wouldn’t… do anything inappropriate, right?

Though he thought it was unnecessary, Du Yufeng still said, “Zhang Yang, we are government officials!”

Zhang Yang knew that Du Yufeng’s mind had gone astray and chuckled. “Boss Du, you can go out first. I’ve learned some bone-setting techniques before. With this girl’s leg broken, we can’t let her suffer throughout the night.”

Du Yufeng finally realized his misunderstanding and awkwardly smiled, stepping back towards the door. “Zhang Yang, I’ll be outside keeping watch. If you need any help, just call me!”

Seeing Du Yufeng closing the door behind him, Zhang Yang gently placed Chu Yanran on the bed. In the dim light, her black hair cascaded like silk upon the white bedding. Her skin was fair as snow, and her delicate eyebrows furrowed due to the pain, adding a touch of pitiful charm to her beautiful face. Her eyes were tightly shut, and her long and curved black lashes trembled like butterfly wings. Her nose was straight and refined, while her gracefully pursed lips appeared slightly pale, revealing a hint of stubbornness and confidence.

Zhang Yang hadn’t expected to save such a beautiful girl. His gaze traveled from her elegantly curved fair neck to her heaving chest. Only now did he have the leisure to reminisce about the sensation of being pressed against her on the cliff.

Although Chu Yanran had her eyes closed, she could still feel the other person’s gaze upon her. Finally, unable to bear it any longer, she opened her eyes, revealing deep and clear eyes filled with anger. This gaze made her exude an indescribable sense of wildness.

“Have you seen enough…hiss…”

The pain made her unable to suppress a moan.

Zhang Yang sighed sympathetically. “Your left thigh is broken!”

He pulled a chair and sat across from the bed, maint

“Take me to the hospital…”

Chu Yanran’s words always carried a hint of command, which made Zhang Yang feel uncomfortable.

He shook his head. “There’s heavy fog outside now. Going to the hospital would be suicidal.”

“You bastard…” Chu Yanran cursed, her target of anger not clearly defined, more like a venting from the depths of her heart.

Zhang Yang rested his chin on his hands, adopting a detached attitude.

“Does it hurt?” he asked.

“No shit…” Chu Yanran was on the verge of crying from the pain.

“Your left thigh bone is broken. If it’s not promptly set, you might end up disabled. It’s a pity, such a pretty girl like you. If you become crippled, walking in the future will probably be jerky, and if it gets worse, you might have to rely on crutches,” Zhang Yang said cheerfully. He didn’t have much sympathy.

Watching Chu Yanran suffer, he even felt a perverse sense of pleasure. If Chu Yanran knew what he was thinking right now, she would probably have the urge to kill him.

Chu Yanran knew that Zhang Yang was deliberately scaring her, but she still felt scared. For a girl, the frightening thing was not death but losing her beautiful appearance. Chu Yanran could almost envision herself limping, and tears began to flow uncontrollably.

Zhang Yang remained indifferent and said, “As long as there are green mountains, there will always be firewood to burn. There are many people in this world who are disabled but determined. I believe you won’t be disheartened because of this.”

Chu Yanran, enduring the pain, shouted, “If I become crippled, you’ll be the first person I’ll kill.”

“Girl, you shouldn’t disregard your conscience. I painstakingly carried you back from the cliff, and instead of being grateful, you want to repay me with animosity. Are you even human?”

“I’m in such a miserable state, and you’re making fun of me… Are you even human?”

If Chu Yanran could move freely, she would have given Zhang Yang a hard slap, making sure he would never dare to take pleasure in others’ misfortune again.

Zhang Yang chuckled, “I have a quirk, I naturally enjoy others’ misfortunes. My happiness has always been built upon others’ pain.”

“Pervert…” Chu Yanran retorted tearfully.

Having teased enough, Zhang Yang stood up. “Chu… what’s your name?”

“Chu Yanran!” Chu Yanran was getting exasperated with this guy. She considered herself a great beauty, and yet this brat couldn’t even remember her name. It’s the little things that reveal a person’s intelligence, and this smart guy Zhang Yang should have left a deep impression on a beautiful young girl like her.

“I’ve learned a bit about bone-setting. How about letting me give it a try?” Zhang Yang unusually displayed a humble attitude.

What other choice did Chu Yanran have? In her desperate situation and unable to go to the hospital, she could only let him try. “Fine.”

Zhang Yang approached Chu Yanran and hesitated, “But… I have to remove your pants first…”

A faint blush appeared on Chu Yanran’s pale face. This guy was shameless, saying anything that came to his mind. She bit her lip and said, “Get out! Even if I’m in excruciating pain… I won’t let you touch me!”

Zhang Yang laughed, “You really have no conscience! If I had malicious intentions towards you, I could have taken advantage of you on the cliff earlier and then thrown you off to cover my tracks completely. Why would I go through the trouble of carrying you here? Let me tell you the truth, you’re not the only stunning beauty in the world with two legs. However… it’s the first time I’ve seen a beautiful woman with a limp!”

Chu Yanran was almost driven to the edge by Zhang Yang’s words.

Zhang Yang approached the bed and reached for her belt. Chu Yanran fiercely guarded her belt with both hands, her face showing an expression that could devour Zhang Yang whole.

Zhang Yang chuckled, “Don’t be like that. We’re all fellow Chinese. Don’t give me that bitter and deep enmity look. Rest assured, I’m only here to treat your injury. I have no ulterior motives. Don’t believe me? I’m a government official.”

Chu Yanran looked at him skeptically, her face full of disbelief and disdain. “You? A government official?”

Her words were filled with scorn and contempt.

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Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Native Language: Chinese
Almost everyone knows that the greatest hero of the late Sui Dynasty was Li Yuanba, but very few know that the greatest genius of the late Sui Dynasty was Zhang Yizhen. This is undoubtedly related to the hero complex of the Chinese people. Our Chinese nation has always had heroic figures revered throughout the ages, while traitors are remembered for their infamy. It's easy for someone like Zhang Yizhen, a greedy and lustful fellow, to be overshadowed in the chaotic world.   Zhang Yizhen was not a hero. Although he was highly skilled in medicine, he never did anything without expecting something in return. If you wanted him to treat you, you either had to have money or be beautiful. Most of the rich people he treated gave him money, and most of the women he cured were exceptionally attractive. Such anecdotes about this unscrupulous doctor are too embarrassing to be recorded in official history.   Zhang Yizhen met a tragic end. Despite his advanced martial arts skills, he first drank poisoned wine from Emperor Yang of Sui and then was shot by a thousand Imperial Guards. The cause of this unfortunate event was his selfless act of saving the life of the Empress, who was in a difficult c hildbirth. He felt extremely wronged by this outcome. He had done a good deed by saving the lives of the mother and child, only to end up with such a fate. Truly, an eternal injustice.   DEmperor Yang didn't feel any remorse, saying, "Damn it! You dared to touch my woman. You're lucky I'm only killing you!"   Scientific research in later xgenerations proved that the energy of resentment can transcend time and space, leading to an overwhelming accumulation of grievances. Therefore, Comrade Zhang Yizhen became one of the millions who traversed through time and space, luckily enough. 


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