Rebirth in the Gynecology Department

Chapter 1: Rebirth in the Gynecology Department

Everyone knows that the greatest hero of the late Sui Dynasty was Li Yuanba, but few know that the greatest genius of the late Sui Dynasty was Zhang Yizhen. This has a lot to do with the hero complex of the Chinese people. Our nation has always revered heroic figures throughout the ages, while traitors are remembered with infamy. Someone like Zhang Yizhen, a greedy and lustful fellow, is easy to overlook in the chaotic world.

Zhang Yizhen was not a hero. He was a skilled doctor, but he never did anything for free. He only treated those who had money or beauty. Most of the rich people he treated paid him well, and most of the women he cured were exceptionally attractive. Such anecdotes about this unscrupulous doctor are too shameful to be recorded in official history.

Zhang Yizhen died a tragic death. Despite his martial arts skills, he drank poisoned wine from Emperor Yang of Sui and then was shot by a thousand Imperial Guards. The reason for this misfortune was his selfless act of saving the Empress, who was in a difficult childbirth. He felt extremely wronged by this outcome. He had done a good deed by saving the mother and child, but he ended up with such a fate. Truly, an eternal injustice.

Emperor Yang didn’t show any remorse, saying, “Damn it! How dare you touch my woman? You’re lucky I’m only killing you!”

Later scientific research proved that resentment can transcend time and space, leading to an overwhelming accumulation of grievances. Therefore, Comrade Zhang Yizhen became one of the millions who traversed through time and space, by sheer luck.

“I refuse to accept this!”

In the small conference room on the third floor of Chunyang County People’s Hospital, a desperate and hoarse shout suddenly echoed. This shout startled Vice Dean Zhou Yanling, who was giving a specialized lecture on the differential diagnosis of ovarian tumors. The conference room fell silent, and all eyes turned to the young boy sitting in the back row.

Zhang Yang’s heart raced as he widened his eyes, stunned by everything around him. He was surrounded by white robes and caps. Was this a funeral hall? He blinked, and saw men and women sitting together, some even secretly holding hands and cuddling under the table. The couple sitting to his right had their hands inside each other’s coats. Goodness, were they planning to have sex in broad daylight? Zhang Yang shook his head vigorously. Was this the Hall of Judgment? It didn’t look like it.

After a moment of silence, almost everyone in the conference room burst into laughter.

Vice President Zhou Yanling was known for her meticulous and rigorous academic studies. She had a stern personality, and few dared to joke with her, not even the hospital staff, let alone these newly graduated interns. Zhou Yanling’s chest rose and fell. After some emotional brewing, her anger finally erupted. “Get out of here!”

Zhang Yang continued to observe his surroundings in a dazed state. He didn’t realize that the old woman on the stage was scolding him until Zhou Yanling repeated her words for the second time. He scratched his head, showing no intention of standing up, and smiled in a way that made people want to punch him. He clasped his hands in a fist, bowed, and said, “May I ask, madam, are you talking to me?”

As soon as he said that, the laughter in the conference room became uncontrollable, as if they wouldn’t stop until they lifted the ceiling.

Zhou Yanling turned pale with anger, her lips trembling slightly. She pointed at Zhang Yang and said, “Do I have to say it again?”

Yuan Wenli, the head of the Science and Education Department, rushed over as she had been watching quietly. She reached out and grabbed Zhang Yang’s right arm, scolding him sternly, “Zhang Yang! Come with me!”

Zhang Yang gently freed his arm from Yuan Wenli’s grip, stood up, and straightened his clothes. Damn it! He was so unlucky. He realized that he was also wearing white mourning clothes and a hat. But after a moment’s thought, he decided that mourning clothes were better than funeral clothes.

“Zhang Yang, come out quickly!” Yuan Wenli, the head of the Science and Education Department, knew both Zhang Yang’s and Zhou Yanling’s families. Deep down, she still felt protective of this young man.

Zhang Yang glanced at Zhou Yanling, who was glaring at him from the stage, and shook his head. He thought to himself, “A fierce woman like her is as dangerous as a tiger. I’d better stay away from her for now!”

Seeing Zhang Yang leave the conference room, the group of interns burst into laughter again. Zhou Yanling’s expression softened slightly. “Alright, let’s continue with the lecture…”

Inside the Science and Education Department, Yuan Wenli looked at Zhang Yang with an expression of anger and disappointment. She pointed her finger at Zhang Yang’s forehead and said harshly, “You unruly boy, what do you have to say for yourself?”

Zhang Yang was puzzled by her sudden gesture. In his experience, only the promiscuous women in the red-light district would behave like this. However, Yuan Wenli was middle-aged, plain-looking, and lacked any charm.

He didn’t think she was someone involved in that line of work. Could it be that she was attracted by his charm and had ulterior motives? Zhang Yang had seen all sorts of people in his travels. He took a step back and said solemnly, “Men and women should keep a distance. I hope you will respect yourself, sister-in-law.”

Hearing Zhang Yang’s words, Yuan Wenli felt a mix of anger and amusement. She grabbed a magazine from the table and swung it at Zhang Yang’s head, saying, “You unruly boy! If you don’t behave yourself, I’ll tell your father what happened today!”

Zhang Yang became more anxious when he heard this. His parents had died when he was young, and this woman wanted to tell his father? He sighed and said, “My father passed away many years ago.”

Yuan Wenli knew Zhang Yang’s family situation well. She knew that his father had died when he was one year old, and his mother had remarried another man. Zhang Yang’s stepfather had two sons and a daughter of his own, so he treated the children unfairly.

Zhang Yang had been beaten many times since he was young. Thinking of Zhang Yang’s pitiful background, Yuan Wenli couldn’t help but sigh, “Zhang Yang, you finally passed the entrance exam for the Medical School. It’s not easy for a Medical School student to do an internship at a county-level hospital.”

She subtly reminded Zhang Yang to cherish what he had now and implied that she had helped him get the internship at the county hospital.

Zhang Yang rubbed his hands in his large pockets and discreetly pinched himself. He felt the pain clearly. Zhang Yang was not a fool, and he was almost sure that he was alive. In his understanding, dead people shouldn’t feel anything. But he still had some doubts.

Everything he saw was unfamiliar to him. In his memory, whether it was the Sui Dynasty or the Goryeo Turkic, there was no such style of dressing. He cautiously asked, “May I ask, sister-in-law, am I dead?”

Yuan Wenli shook her head helplessly and reached out her right hand to check his forehead. “You brat, you don’t have a fever. What’s wrong with you today? You’re talking nonsense.”

Zhang Yang suddenly thought of the concept of reincarnation. Maybe the heavens had seen his grievances and generously given him a chance to be reborn. Since he was here, he might as well accept it. As long as he could survive, how bad could things be?

Yuan Wenli didn’t want to scold this poor boy with such a tragic background too much. After scolding him for a while, she earnestly lectured him. Then, she personally escorted Zhang Yang to the conference room. Unfortunately, the lecture was over, and Zhou Yanling had left, so he couldn’t apologize to her.

As an old neighbor, Yuan Wenli had done her best. She brought Zhang Yang to the gynecology outpatient department and found Vice President Zhou Yanling, who was holding a specialist clinic there.

Outside the department, Yuan Wenli reminded Zhang Yang a few more times. Zhang Yang was gradually accepting reality. He knew that if he spoke up, he might cause trouble, so he simply kept his mouth shut and nodded obediently to show his compliance with Yuan Wenli.

It was already four o’clock in the afternoon, and there were no patients in the gynecology outpatient department at the moment. There were only five interns gathered around Vice President Zhou Yanling, listening attentively to her teachings.

Zhou Yanling liked playing the role of a teacher. Although she didn’t smile on her face, she explained each student’s doubts in a soft and patient voice, giving off a sense of tireless guidance.
In fact, Zhou Yanling had already noticed Yuan Wenli and Zhang Yang’s arrival. But she didn’t acknowledge Yuan Wenli actively. After the lecture ended, someone had told her about Yuan Wenli and Zhang Yang being old neighbors.

Zhou Yanling understood right away that this matter would probably be swept under the rug. As colleagues in the same organization, they had to save each other’s face. But she was really annoyed by that Zhang Yang guy for making trouble during a public lecture.

“Director Zhou!” Yuan Wenli always had a sweet smile on her face when she spoke. She was popular in the hospital. As the head of the medical education department, having a too easy-going temperament might not be a good thing. Because of Yuan’s leniency, the interns in the hospital tended to slack off. Zhou Yanling had made up her mind. She would bring up this matter at the weekly department meeting and give Yuan Wenli a good lecture.

“Oh, Xiao Yuan, what can I do for you?” Zhou Yanling was a vice president, and she could show some authority when she wanted to.

Yuan Wenli’s smile became brighter. “I’ve brought Zhang Yang here to apologize to you. I scolded him well at the medical education department just now, and Zhang Yang has realized his mistake. See, he came to apologize to you in person.” She nudged Zhang Yang forward from behind.

Zhang Yang got the hint and walked up to Vice President Zhou. He said sincerely, “Director Zhou, I was wrong!”

Zhou Yanling showed a faint smile. As a director, she had some tolerance. It wasn’t worth getting angry with an intern. What bothered her was Yuan Wenli. It was a minor incident. Why did she have to make a fuss about it by accompanying the intern? Was she being petty? Zhou Yanling waved her hand and said, “Everyone makes mistakes, but you should learn from them. Just be more careful in the future!”

Zhang Yang nodded. He decided to speak as little as possible. Although the other party spoke Chinese, it lacked the elegance he was used to in his previous life.

Zhou Yanling looked at the badge on his chest. “Zhang Yang? From Jiangcheng Medical School?”

A slim girl with a ponytail walked over from the side. “Director Zhou, we’re in the same group. We’re rotating in the gynecology department this month!”

The girl’s name was Hong Ling, a student from Jiangcheng Medical University. She was also Zhang Yang’s team leader in the county hospital. The team had six members, and besides Hong Ling, the other five were all male.

But Zhang Yang was assigned by Yuan Wenli forcefully. The other five were all five-year undergraduates from Jiangcheng Medical University, while Zhang Yang, although studying clinical medicine for five years as well, started from junior high school.

He only obtained a college diploma after graduation. In the medical field, where diplomas and educational backgrounds were emphasized, a college graduate had no clear prospects for the future. Therefore, the other team members rarely paid him any attention.

At that moment, a seductive woman in a tight red outfit walked into the gynecology clinic. Her curly hair was dyed burgundy and lazily draped over her shoulders. She wore silver stilettos that were seven centimeters high, which accentuated her slender legs. Her posture and stride were mesmerizing.

Yuan Wenli said goodbye to her politely: “Director Zhou, you must be busy. I’ll take my leave now!”

Zhou Yanling nodded absentmindedly.

Before leaving, Yuan Wenli winked at Zhang Yang, signaling him to obey. Zhang Yang wanted to leave with her, but he heard Zhou Yanling’s indifferent voice say, “Zhang Yang, come and help me take the patient’s medical history!”

Zhang Yang was startled. He was slowly getting used to his new role. He nodded and sat down at the table opposite Zhou Yanling. He secretly glanced at the patient from the corner of his eye. She was dressed very provocatively. Even the singers at the Lingerie Club wouldn’t dare to wear something so daring. Fortunately, Zhang Yang had already seen too many surprises today, so he was somewhat numb.

The young woman looked at Zhang Yang and then at Zhou Yanling. A faint blush appeared on her delicate and pretty face. It was her first time undergoing such a medical examination with five male students present.

Zhou Yanling smiled lightly. “Don’t worry, we’re just asking about your medical history.”

Hong Ling pushed the medical record in front of Zhang Yang. The cover read “Lin Xiaoli, female, 23 years old, unmarried, self-employed.”

Zhang Yang opened the medical record and looked at Zhou Yanling. She encouraged him, saying, “Ask without hesitation!” It meant that she was there, so he shouldn’t worry too much.

Zhang Yang cleared his throat. “Miss, what symptoms do you have?”

His words were quite shocking. Zhou Yanling looked at him helplessly, silently cursing him for being clueless. The surrounding classmates had to stifle their laughter.
Lin Xiaoli bit her lower lip, and her long, curved black eyelashes trembled slightly. Since she knew Zhang Yang was an intern, she didn’t mind too much. “I… I always bleed when… when I’m intimate with my boyfriend.”

Zhang Yang was completely baffled and asked seriously, “Miss, please forgive my ignorance, but what do you mean by ‘intimate with your boyfriend’?”

Lin Xiaoli saw the puzzled look on Zhang Yang’s face and guessed that he was rather naive. She chuckled softly, feeling a tinge of embarrassment as she clarified, “I mean… having sex.”

“Having sex?” Zhang Yang’s eyes widened in shock. He was well-versed in crafts and cooking, but he had never heard of “having sex” before.

One of the five interns, a young man, couldn’t stand it any longer and walked out with a flushed face, bending his body slightly.

Zhou Yanling watched him go without surprise. She knew that most of these male students who had just started their internship in the gynecology department had trouble controlling their hormones. They would imagine all kinds of scenarios when they heard words that were even slightly suggestive. This kid must have felt a physical reaction and went out to hide his shame.

Lin Xiaoli was clearly a modern woman. She didn’t seem to mind repeating the explicit term. She patiently explained, “It means… er… sleeping together…”

Zhang Yang finally understood what Lin Xiaoli meant and nodded, “Oh, so it means sleeping together!” He couldn’t help but glance at the cover of the medical record, where the word “unmarried” was clearly written. He inwardly sighed, thinking how immoral she was.

She had done such things before getting married and came here for consultation without any guilt. It was a sign of the moral decay of society. He composed himself and continued to ask, “Miss, may I ask when did you experience bleeding during your first time sleeping with your partner?”

Lin Xiaoli was irritated by his rude question and glared at him, saying, “The first time, I think it was when I was sixteen…” As soon as she said that, she realized her mistake and blushed, snapping, “Are you asking for my medical history? Are you insane?”

Sixteen years old! Another male student covered the hem of his coat and walked out hastily. This was not a medical history inquiry at all; it was more like a live porn show.

Zhou Yanling couldn’t take it anymore. These medical school students were really incompetent. If she let him continue asking, it would be a huge embarrassment. She coughed and said, “Hong Ling, you take over the questioning. Zhang Yang, you’re responsible for taking notes!”

Zhang Yang felt relieved to stop the interrogation. Hong Ling seemed much more experienced than him, and Lin Xiaoli was more comfortable with a female doctor. However, Zhang Yang faced a new challenge.

It was his first time using a fountain pen. He still held it as if he were holding a brush, but he quickly adapted and found the knack for writing. He wrote down the questions and answers between Hong Ling and Lin Xiaoli with ease, occasionally glancing at their expressions and gestures.

Zhang Yang finished filling two pages with his handwriting after Hong Ling asked him the questions.

Zhou Yanling took the medical record from him and her expression changed instantly.

Zhang Yang felt a bit smug. He had written many prescriptions for young ladies in the past and they all praised his calligraphy. He was very confident in his penmanship.

Zhou Yanling had to admit that the kid had a good hand. But as a medical record, what he wrote was four words… utter nonsense. She didn’t want to scold him in front of the patient, so she quietly tore off the two pages he wrote.

Zhang Yang thought to himself, “Director Zhou must have a good eye. She probably likes my work and wants to keep it for herself.”

Zhou Yanling stood up and asked Lin Xiaoli to go to the restroom and empty her bladder before going into the gynecological examination room next door. Then she turned to the four interns and said, “I’m going to do a gynecological examination. You should all come with me and learn.”

The other male students blushed at once, except for Zhang Yang. Hong Ling was the first to follow her inside. Zhang Yang was always curious, and his curiosity grew stronger after he was reborn. He stuffed his white coat pockets and followed her too. The other male students were too embarrassed and stayed outside.

Lin Xiaoli saw Zhang Yang coming in as well and her face turned even redder. She said to Zhou Yanling, “Director, can you ask him to leave?”

Zhou Yanling said with a blank face, “He is an intern doctor, and you are the patient. You came to the hospital for treatment, so why are you making a fuss? Just take off one leg of your pants and lie down on the bed!”

Lin Xiaoli bit her lip. She had never undressed in front of a young man before, but she was not a conservative person. She thought about what Zhou Yanling said and realized it was reasonable. She was here for medical treatment, so there was nothing to be ashamed of. She turned her back to Zhang Yang and took off one leg of her pants.

“You have to take off your underwear too!”

Zhou Yanling’s casual words sounded like thunder in Zhang Yang’s ears.

Lin Xiaoli finally overcame her embarrassment and took off her small black lace panties. She got on the gynecological examination bed and put her legs in the lithotomy position.

Zhang Yang gaped at the lush valley between Lin Xiaoli’s smooth and white legs. Was this a dream? How could this woman undress so easily? Didn’t she have any sense of modesty? He suddenly remembered the scene of delivering a baby for Emperor Yang Guang’s favorite concubine. A chill ran down his spine. Was this a trap? Yang Guang had killed him for touching his woman. Would history repeat itself?

His mind was filled with complicated and conflicting thoughts, but his body reacted instinctively to what he saw. His white coat bulged out noticeably at the lower part.

Hong Ling saw Zhang Yang’s change and her face turned red. She looked away quickly.

Zhou Yanling explained the method of dual diagnosis patiently. Zhang Yang saw her fingers enter that wet pink place and felt his face heat up and his heart beat faster. Director Zhou was really amazing! She didn’t even let women go.

After Hong Ling practiced with Director Zhou’s help, Zhou Yanling looked at the stunned Zhang Yang and said, “Now it’s your turn to try the dual diagnosis method!”

Zhang Yang nodded. She invited him kindly, so he couldn’t refuse. He reached out his hand, but was stopped by Director Zhou’s icy stare. “Don’t you know how to put on gloves? Do you have no idea of sterility?”

Zhang Yang nodded sheepishly. He had watched Hong Ling put on gloves before, so he knew how to do it. With Zhou Yanling’s guidance, his shaky index and middle fingers moved closer to the target. He hadn’t touched a woman for more than a thousand years, so it was normal to feel a little nervous.

Even though he wore rubber gloves, Zhang Yang could still feel the warmth inside Lin Xiaoli. She was tense and her body tightened involuntarily. Zhang Yang felt the sudden squeeze clearly.

Zhou Yanling asked, “What do you feel at the cervix?”

“It’s very tight…” Zhang Yang said without thinking.

Hong Ling and Zhou Yanling both blushed this time. Zhou Yanling said curtly, “Get out!”

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Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Native Language: Chinese
Almost everyone knows that the greatest hero of the late Sui Dynasty was Li Yuanba, but very few know that the greatest genius of the late Sui Dynasty was Zhang Yizhen. This is undoubtedly related to the hero complex of the Chinese people. Our Chinese nation has always had heroic figures revered throughout the ages, while traitors are remembered for their infamy. It's easy for someone like Zhang Yizhen, a greedy and lustful fellow, to be overshadowed in the chaotic world.   Zhang Yizhen was not a hero. Although he was highly skilled in medicine, he never did anything without expecting something in return. If you wanted him to treat you, you either had to have money or be beautiful. Most of the rich people he treated gave him money, and most of the women he cured were exceptionally attractive. Such anecdotes about this unscrupulous doctor are too embarrassing to be recorded in official history.   Zhang Yizhen met a tragic end. Despite his advanced martial arts skills, he first drank poisoned wine from Emperor Yang of Sui and then was shot by a thousand Imperial Guards. The cause of this unfortunate event was his selfless act of saving the life of the Empress, who was in a difficult c hildbirth. He felt extremely wronged by this outcome. He had done a good deed by saving the lives of the mother and child, only to end up with such a fate. Truly, an eternal injustice.   DEmperor Yang didn't feel any remorse, saying, "Damn it! You dared to touch my woman. You're lucky I'm only killing you!"   Scientific research in later xgenerations proved that the energy of resentment can transcend time and space, leading to an overwhelming accumulation of grievances. Therefore, Comrade Zhang Yizhen became one of the millions who traversed through time and space, luckily enough. 


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