MGCM- Chapter 6.2

Ch. 6.2

    Hearing his words, his mom couldn’t help being taken aback.

    Shi Qingning’s words were not out of impulsiveness.

    The lives of patients with serious congenital diseases are completely different from ordinary people. Normal children will never know that when they complain about going to school every day, for people like them, it is an enviable and unattainable dream that they always hope for.

    Before transmigrating here, Shi Qingning had a congenital heart disease that was even more serious than Young Master Shi’s.

    And now when Shi Qingning just came to Shi’s new villa, he found a huge cupboard in the cloakroom of the bedroom.

    All kinds of schoolbags are stored in the cabinets which occupy an entire wall.

    From childish backpacks to cool hard shell bags.

    They fill the entire wardrobe.

    But unfortunately they were never used.

    “Going to school… can my baby’s body hold up?”

    Shi’s mother didn’t expect this answer, so she was obviously hesitant.

    “The doctor said that I have recovered.” Shi Qingning said, “I want to give it a try.”

    Although she was still worried, Mother Shi finally gave him a nod.

    “It is good.”

    After all, she promised him, and she didn’t want to be seen as a dishonest parent in front of her youngest son.

    Moreover, her youngest son’s serious attitude also managed to eliminate many of Mother Shi’s worries.

    He wasn’t saying it just on a whim.

    Her baby has really grown up.

    “Then I’ll discuss it with your father and brother,” Shi’s mother said, “and try to fulfill our baby’s wish as soon as possible.”

    Although Mrs. Shi has a gentle personality, she has always acted vigorously and was never one to procrastinate. Since she said she was going to discuss it, she immediately went to discuss it with his father and brother.

    Shi Qingning continued to rest in his bedroom for the rest of the time.

    As a patient with congenital heart disease, Shi Qingning can empathize with Young Master Shi’s longing for a normal student life.

    In addition to fulfilling his wish, going to school can also help him develop some skills.

    Most importantly, this would allow the original owner a chance to get out of these four walls and have normal interactions with his peers.

    At least he won’t be fooled by such an idiot like Jian Ren just because he was too lonely.

    Shi Qingning glanced at his tablet. Among the dozen or so webpages in the browser, except for some complicated theoretical terms, the rest were all pale green novel pages.

    Nearly ten of them all have the word “Transmigrated” in their titles.

    Reading novels in a novel world, to be honest, this feeling was quite strange.

    Shi Qingning looked at those interfaces, supported his chin with his palm, and thought.

    How about I write a novel about my own experience.

    Styled after the titles of those novels on screen.

    The name will be-

    “I Fulfill My Dream of Going to School After Transmigrating”.


    Haicheng, the old town.

    The low-rise buildings were crowded and dilapidated, and the walls made of mud bricks were covered with all kinds of dirty and messy stains. When you look up, you can only see the depressing gray and black colours, without a single clean place that can make people feel a little bit more comfortable.

    It looked very dilapidated and desolate.

    As it was getting late, there were few pedestrians on the road. The tall, thin, long-haired boy walked silently through several old buildings and finally entered one of them.

    The corridor was not very bright either, and the dark yellow light bulb flickered five or six times before finally calming down.

    The corridor was narrow and cramped, and the plastered walls in the room were pitted, as if they will fall down just by a stomp of one’s feet. Most of the old doorplates hanging on the wall have long since fallen off, and the few remaining ones are also on the verge of crumbling, the paint so mottled that it is impossible to see it’s original colour.

    The layout of the building was very peculiar, so much that people can feel dizzy after just a few steps. A few months ago, someone wanted to explore the secret room here, and put a lot of effort in putting up new house numbers on the residences of the whole building [1]I didn’t understand what the author wanted to say out here. If anyone knows do let me know in the comments so that I can make the changes.. Unfortunately, that person faced total loss.

    There is only one half-repaired empty house left in the building, and a dozen brand-new house numbers. The abrupt and inconsistent style makes the building look even more eerie and strange.

    The new house numbers are all hand-made hanging ones, and they haven’t been fixed yet. The boy fiddled with two of them when he went upstairs without leaving any traces.

    The boy stopped on the third floor, entered a room, closed the door, and walked slowly to the window.

    It wasn’t dark yet, and looking down from the papered window, you could still see the sneaky figure not far downstairs.

    Bai Yexi leaned against the window frame, stepped on the window sill with one foot, and looked down.

    Although it has been a long time since he saw this person, but it does not prevent him from recognizing that person.

    Tian Wenlong.

    It was this person that came to him in his previous life and falsely claimed to be his biological father.

    Compared with his oily face in the previous life, Tian Wenlong now looks much shriveled, and his messy hair is also grayed.

    Today was supposed to be the first time he found Bai Yexi here. When he walked downstairs, Tian Wenlong didn’t forget to rehearse his lines and practice his act again, trying hard to squeeze a kind smile on his haggard face.

    Not knowing that the person who he was doing it for, just found him disgusting.

    Without realizing it, Tian Wenlong quickly hurried up the small building along with that hypocritical smile on his face. His footsteps stopped on the third floor, he rolled his eyes twice, and finally stopped in front of a house.

    He stepped forward and lightly knocked on the door.

    The door was closed tightly, and there was no sound of movement inside. Tian Wenlong knocked a few more times, causing the dull knocking sound to echo in the corridor, making it look even more creepy.

    Just when Tian Wenlong’s smile was about to fade, the door finally moved.

    A young boy poked his head out from the door. His long hair were tied into a ponytail behind his neck, as confusion was written on his face.

    “Who is it?”


    Tian Wenlong was excited when he saw the ponytail, and immediately blurted out.

    “I am your father!”

    The boy visibly froze.

    Seeing that, Tian Wenlong immediately started crying.

    “I’m sorry for leaving you behind, I regret it! After so many years, I finally found you, let Dad take a good look at you!”

    The boy frowned, puzzled.

    “You…you got the wrong person, right?”

    “How is that possible!” Tian Wenlong said excitedly, “You are my son, how could I make a mistake!”

    The boy hesitated and said, “But I don’t know you…”

    “That’s because we’ve been apart for too long.”

    Tian Wenlong sniffed hard, because there was sputum accumulated in his throat, the sound of his crying was like a tractor being ignited and started.

    “But there was not even a day when I didn’t miss you, Xiao Ye, Dad misses you so much…”

    The boy was still puzzled.

    Seeing that he was still unmoved, and that he didn’t even open the door to let himself in, Tian Wenlong, who had been howling the entire time, also began to get a little anxious.

    He secretly glanced at the house number, and after confirming it, he let go of his only guilty conscience and spoke confidently.

    “What’s the matter with you kid, why are you still pretending to be confused?”

    Tian Wenlong’s expression turned cold.

    “Do you know that you are just the offspring of your mother and her younger brother’s adultery! I feel disgusted even when I say this, you shouldn’t be born… If it was in the ancient times, the three of you would have been drowned and killed!”

    Seeing that the boy was obviously deceived by his words and that the effect that he wanted had been achieved, he began to coax the boy again.

    “I’m the only person in this world who would still want you, don’t you know what’s good…”

    He was speaking with his head held high when he suddenly heard a rough male voice coming from behind the boy.

    “Who is it?”

    Immediately afterwards, a tall and muscular man with an impatient face appeared behind the boy.

    On such a cold day, the man was only wearing a racerback vest, and his muscles were particularly eye-catching.

    Tian Wenlong was stunned.

    Didn’t the information say that this little boy lives by himself?

    Why was there someone else then?

    “Don’t know.”

    The boy crossed his arms sideways and raised his chin.

    “Just an old man, he says that he is my father.”

    The muscular man frowned, “Your father?”

    The boy sneered.

    “My old man died seven years ago, and I even paid for his funeral.”

    He deftly reached out to touch the muscular man’s belt, turned his wrist and reached down into his pocket, and took out a cigarette case from there.

    He took out a cigarette and held it between his fingertips. Seeing that the muscular man was still looking at him, the boy couldn’t help raising his eyebrows.

    “What, you still don’t believe me?”

    His hand that was resting on that man’s thigh went upwards into the other’s vest, and his voice also softened.

    “That old man died a long time ago. The only person I call daddy now is you…”

    Tian Wenlong froze completely.

    He stared blankly at the two of them, then blinked hard and again looked at the house number. He even wanted to take out the address slip in his pocket for another look.

    “No, no, my son lives here…” He said incoherently, and looked at the muscular man in a hurry, “Maybe, maybe you are my son…”

    The boy sneered and leaned into the arms of the muscular man.

    “What’s the matter with you, old man? You call everyone you meet your son? This isn’t a good habit.”

    He raised his eyebrow, “How about you call me Grandpa?”

    Tian Wenlong was so angry that his face almost turned purple, and he tried to point at the young man’s nose with shaking hands, but before he could lift his hand, his nose was directly hit crooked.


    The screams like the howling of the ghosts and the wolves filled the whole small building, it was clear how tragic the beating was even without listening carefully.

    And the room next door across the wall could hear it most clearly. Bai Yexi, who was sitting sideways on the window sill, looked out of the window and lit the cigarette at his fingertips amidst the background sound of an old man howling.

    The night was dark, and the lights in the room were not turned on, only a dark red spark by the window was flickering on and off.

    A wisp of white mist started coming out, enveloping the boy’s indifferent silhouette.

    But it failed to ease the cold and hard outline of his face.

    The wailing outside the door turned into inarticulate begging for mercy, “Grandpa” and “Father” could be heard clearly one after another, so much so that it was almost impossible to distinguish them.

    Bai Ye lowered his eyes.

     It’s so boring.

    This world has always been like this.

    Dirty, malicious, lifeless.

    There were many cars driving by outside the house, and the continuous sound of horns and engines were mixed together, making it even more harsh.

    The car lights flashed across the window frame, and the flash of light illuminated a paper cup kept by the window.

    Bai Yexi paused.

    He reached out and took the paper cup.

    The paper cup was filled with soil, and the seeds planted before had not sprouted at all, but at some point a seedling quietly grew out, and two tender and thin green leaves grew on the top. So lonely.

     It was lemongrass.

    Bai Yexi looked at it for a while, then suddenly reached out and pressed the cigarette butt on the window frame.

    Not far from the window was a closet, one of the few pieces of furniture left by the landlord, Bai Yexi opened the door with his toe, and put the paper cup in.

    In a closed environment, compared with the cold window sill at night, the slightly high temperature in the closed is better than nothing.

    After putting the paper cup away, Bai Yexi pushed open the window, stepped onto the window sill with one knee, stood on his toes, turned over and jumped out.

    Even with a height of three floors, Bai Yexi easily stepped on the bumps outside the wall and landed steadily.

    Behind him, the now weakened screams were still coming from time to time, startling the birds sleeping on the trees.

    Bai Yexi raised his hand and pulled up his hood, causing his handsome and cold face to be hidden in the shadows, and walked outside.

    He could finally stop wandering aimlessly, and had a new direction to go to.

    He needs to practice the piano.

    Bai Yexi thought.

    After all, he has not touched the piano for more than twenty years.

    To be a piano partner.

    He needs to get his hands back in shape.


T/N: I am sorry to say but I am going to drop this novel. If anyone wants to pick it up, please do so freely. I only hope that whoever picks it up, please maintain the traslation quality (ofcourse, it will be best if you can even better it up) consistently. Because although I am dropping it, this novel is still my baby and hope that you all will also treat this as one because the novel is really, really worth your time.

Hope you enjoy your time translating (To whoever will be picking it up) and reading (To all of my dear readers)!

Hopefully, someone picks it up quickly!!! Fingers crossed🤞🤞🤞






1 I didn’t understand what the author wanted to say out here. If anyone knows do let me know in the comments so that I can make the changes.
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The Male God Has A Crush On Me

The Male God Has A Crush On Me

Score 9.3
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese

    Shi Qingning, who suffered from a serious congenital heart disease, entered a dog-blood novel. Although there were scumbags everywhere, he finally has the healthy body that he always dreamed of.

    After kicking the scumbag’s ass, Shi Qingning found out that he was just an unknown minor supporting role, and the dog-blood plot that he encountered was nothing compared to that of the protagonist of the novel.

    The genius who was supposed to shine brightly, was ruined by the so-called twisted plot.

    Shi Qingning: ? The fist is hard.jpg

    Shi Qingning, who most hated to see the destruction of a genius, successfully changed the plot. Watching the protagonist regain the flowers and applause that he should have gotten, Shi Qingning was extremely relieved, but suddenly saw the other party’s gloomy expression.

    Shi Qingning asked, “What’s the matter?”

    The protagonist lowered his long black eyelashes, and was silent for a moment before he said, “I have had a crush on someone for too long, but I don’t dare to tell.”

    Shi Qingning laughed, “How is this a problem, just go and confess. I’ll cheer for you.”

    Seeing that the protagonist was not depressed and world-weary due to the heavy injuries caused by the dog-blood plot, but also actively wanted to fall in love, Shi Qingning became more and more gratified.

    The cub has grown up.

    So that night, he realized exactly how big the cub had grown.


    In his previous life, Bai Yexi was very cold-hearted causing people to avoid him. He was like a walking corpse, without any hint of sadness or joy.

    Until that person appeared, after which Bai Yexi only had one wish.

    I want to see him smile again.



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