Magical Girl 4


Ever since transmigrating to the interstellar world, Pei Huan had hardly encountered anything good. She had no money, no identity, no job, no friends, no education, and no place to live.

Every job interview ended in failure, and she was often mocked as a cheesy and naive fool, a low-level motivational speaker who only knew how to smile.

In desperation, she could only barely make ends meet through part-time jobs these days.

But at this moment, she no longer cared. The previous hardships had become insignificant. Perhaps all of this was a necessary path to temper her mentality.

Otherwise, how could she have met her destined soulmate here?

Even though he was a boy, even though he looked half-dead now and didn’t seem eager to live in the future, Pei Huan believed that their friendship would not be diminished because of this!

Pei Huan stared at Lu Shang with great satisfaction.She rested her chin on her hands, her face filled with uncontrollable joy. Her sparkling eyes twinkled with sincere light, like those of an enthusiastic puppy.

Looking at his face, his figure, and his dexterity, not to mention his inability to meet her gaze and the awkward and resistant expression on his face, it was all incredibly adorable!

“Maybe I came here just to meet you,” she said with a smiling face, naturally revealing this statement without any pretense, as if it were the most reasonable fact.

Lu Shang’s heart momentarily stopped. He instinctively pressed his lips and looked at the girl beside him. She met his gaze without any hesitation, her lips curled up, and her smile grew even wider.

In that instant, his jumbled thoughts dissipated like a gentle breeze, leaving only the pure smile of the girl imprinted in his eyes.

He was almost bewildered and at a loss, thinking: How could she say these cheesy words so naturally…?

Was it talent?

And, wasn’t this smile a bit too dazzling?

Inside the small and dilapidated hotel room, every movement of the blonde girl carried a peculiar allure. It was as if she had stolen all the colors from the room. Even though she was just sitting there, the vibrant vitality within her body was overflowing.

Lu Shang had to admit that in his short 16 years of life, he had never seen anyone as lively and healthy as her.

She was completely different from the self-proclaimed elite that he had been accustomed to. She didn’t fit with the entire sunless interstellar world. It was as if she had descended out of thin air from some beautiful world.

Although her enthusiasm seemed a bit excessive.

He felt like he could almost see a tail behind the girl, swaying vigorously with eagerness.

Thinking like this seemed a bit impolite, so he stiffly averted his gaze and dismissed the thought.

However, could she please stop looking at him like that…

It was too intense. He felt like her gaze was piercing through him. How should he respond to this expectant look?

Fortunately, this atmosphere, which only made him feel awkward, was soon broken.

Pei Huan, who had been attentively admiring her friend’s beauty, seemed to suddenly realize something. She lowered her head and glanced at the terminal.

“It’s 10 o’clock,” she belatedly said, “it’s time for my part-time job.”

“I have to go out, and I won’t be back until very late. You can go ahead and sleep, no need to wait for me.”

Lu Shang saw the hesitant expression on the girl’s face.

He was somewhat puzzled. It was already 10 o’clock, did she still have to go out for a part-time job?

Pei Huan casually combed her messy hair with her fingers, put on a jacket, and walked towards the door.

From Lu Shang’s angle, he could clearly see the words “Taikang Men’s Health Clinic” behind her.

Combined with the girl’s seemingly precarious financial situation, he suddenly felt a wave of silence about his own predicament.

But strangely, he also felt a sudden sense of sinking relief.

If that’s the case, it wouldn’t be a problem either. After all, she had given him this life.

Pei Huan was completely unaware that her spiritual friend’s thoughts had gone astray .

She felt just like a salaryman who had just brought home a cat but had to go to work, unable to bear it in her heart.

I’m going out. What if something happens to my cat/soulmate at home!

Without me, how will my cat/soulmate survive!

But a poor wallet might make it impossible for people to survive, so Pei Huan had no choice but to lower her head and put on her shoes, while reluctantly saying to Lu Shang, “Friend, rest well. There’s water and food in the cabinet.”

She couldn’t help but turn her head and take another look at Lu Shang before she opened the door.

Lu Shang endured her repeated glances as he supported his weary body until the door was slowly closed.

His dark eyelashes blinked twice, and he let out a slight sigh of relief.

In the next second, the door that had already been closed was swiftly pushed open again, revealing half of the girl’s face. With the contrast between the brightness of the room and the darkness of the corridor, her eyes sparkled remarkably.

“Friend,” she puffed up her face and warned earnestly, “Don’t do anything dangerous, okay?”

Otherwise, even if he’s at the gates of hell, she’ll come and bring him back.

“Do you hear me, dear friend?”

Pei Huan repeated seriously.

Lu Shang gazed at her from a distance, and after a long while, he sighed and compromised, “Lu… Shang, that’s my name.”

“Okay, I’ll remember it,” Pei Huan revealed a brilliant smile. “I’m Pei Huan, a former magical girl, and currently aspiring to be an idol.”

Pei Huan walked briskly down the stairs. As she passed by the front desk, the boss lady was chatting with a guest, her face full of smiles. When she saw Pei Huan passing by, she shifted her attention and smiled, “Heading to work part-time again?”

Pei Huan nodded calmly and walked out of the hotel.

A faint voice from behind asked an irrelevant question, “It’s already ten o’clock. What kind of part-time job can you do at this hour?”

“Well,” the boss lady chuckled lightly. “Who knows?”


Around 11 o’clock, a completely black-clad customer entered the Silver Iron Bar. However, strange-looking people were so common here that no one found it odd.

She was wearing an oversized coat, and a loose hood covered half of her face. The lower half of her face was tightly concealed by a mask covered with advertisements.

A bunny boy, dressed in a revealing outfit, couldn’t help but mutter in his mind: Is this some kind of vampire who can only go out at night? Why would they dress like that?

However, his professionalism instantly transformed his expression into a courteous smile. He sweetly asked, “Guest, are you coming to Zone A tonight? I’ll be performing there at midnight.”

The bunny boy playfully raised his eyebrows, and the snow-white bunny ears on top of his head wiggled.

“No need, Flend.” Pei Huan replied in a muffled voice from under her mask. She pushed back her hood, revealing her flowing gold hair. “It’s me. It’s not like you didn’t know that I’m broke.”

“Pei Huan?” Flend’s smile instantly collapsed. He smoothed his furry bunny ears, put his hands on his hips, and asked in an annoyed tone, “Why are you dressed like this?”

“I thought,” Pei Huan’s gaze wandered for a moment as she whispered, “maybe I could encounter something…”

“Alright, alright.” Flend didn’t seem too concerned about what she said. His pink eyes were fixated on the customer behind Pei Huan. He dismissed her, “Go inside and change your clothes. You’re on duty in Zone E tonight.”

“But what about tonight’s performance in Zone A?” Pei Huan asked hopefully.

“Don’t even think about it.” Flend dismissed her, “How could we let a minor go on stage? We’re a proper bar.”

Yeah, a proper bar.

Pei Huan sarcastically commented in her mind. A proper bar does not allow minors to perform on stage, but they let minors work as security guards.

She had originally applied as a resident singer.

But the boss arranged for her to work as a security guard, and not just any security guard, but the underling of the boss.

Was she really that unsuitable?

Pei Huan put on the security uniform, tucking her hair into the hat. Even the smallest size here was still a bit loose on her. She confidently zipped up the zipper to the top, walked past the lively dance floor and the booths illuminated by swirling lights, and positioned herself against the wall.

The deafening music pounded her eardrums, as if hosting a grand death metal rock concert in her skull.

Although she didn’t get the desired position, Pei Huan still quite liked this job because it provided her with a good opportunity to observe the interstellar world.

She silently leaned against the wall, surveying the entire venue. In fact, even if she made a sound, it would be drowned out in the ocean of music.

The humans, or rather, some of them who were definitely human, wildly wriggling on the dance floor, but they were far from Pei Huan’s understanding of humans

Everyone seemed to be a bit… human and not human.

Just like Flend’s ears and tail. The first time she saw them, she thought they were just decorations. Who would have thought he was a genuine bunny boy!

Also, Pei Huan’s supervisor, the head of the security team, Kan Jin, was over 3 meters tall, with half of his body made of machinery. Pei Huan had witnessed him being hit on the head with a wine bottle by a troublemaker, and black engine oil oozed out from his skin.

She had initially thought that the barcode-like lettering imprinted on people’s necks was a trendy tattoo, but now she knew it was a mark of artificial humans.

But what was the difference between artificial humans and humans?

Her soulmate was an artificial human, but Pei Huan didn’t feel that he was any different from herself.

“Pei Huan, why didn’t you go to Zone A tonight? Did you give up?” Kan Jin, the captain of the security team, approached while patrolling, uninhibitedly laughing. Tonight, he and Pei Huan were on duty together.

He was a big guy, with solid muscles that bulged out the security uniform. Troublemakers usually backed down when they saw his burly figure; he had a great deterrent effect.

But Pei Huan knew that deep down, he had a gentle and kind heart.

“The boss would rather have me box live than let me perform on stage.”

“Don’t be discouraged.” Kan Jin encouraged, “There’s an idol group performing in Zone E tonight. You can learn from them.”

“Idol?” Pei Huan seized upon the first term that came to her mind. “The DropSan Girls?”

“No! We can’t afford such big shots!” Kan Jin waved his hand. He was actually quite afraid of that group, just watching them on the screen gave him goosebumps. “They seem to be a small group. The boss said they didn’t cost much.”

Even so, Pei Huan was still looking forward to it. It was her first time seeing an idol group perform offline.

Would they be the kind of stimulating group that Shenshu mentioned?

And what kind of stimulation would that be?

Pei Huan glanced at Kan Jin beside her and suddenly felt that if there were three burly guys like him dressed in pretty skirts, singing cute songs and performing adorable dances, it would be quite stimulating, right?

Well, she seemed to understand something.


At midnight, the idol group that Pei Huan had been looking forward to finally took the stage!

After the intense and passionate dance performance by the previous group of transparent figures, the bar emcee shouted at the top of his lungs, “Next! Let’s welcome the idol group Astar to bring us their song – ‘A Star’!”

“Applause! Where’s the applause?!”

Pei Huan’s eyes lit up. She exchanged a greeting with Kan Jin and squeezed her way to the front.

Suddenly, a biker gang member who had been blocking the way with his arms was bumped into by someone. He angrily widened his eyes and turned around, fiercely sticking out his tongue, “Which bastard is it? Don’t you have eyes? Huh?!”

“What?” Pei Huan shielded herself from the splattering saliva with her sleeve, pleasantly surprised, “Are you trying to rob me? Making me hand over all my belongings? Or are you making me take full responsibility?”

After the biker gangster recognized Pei Huan’s face, his expression froze for a moment, then immediately fell to his knees. “I’m sorry, Big Sis! It’s my fault for not having eyes! For the past half month, I’ve been avoiding your route and taught all the fools who have no eyes a lesson.”

“It’s my fault! Please forgive me, Big Sis!” After speaking, he smoothly dropped to one knee and obsequiously lit a cigarette for Pei Huan.

“Make way! What are you looking at? Have you never seen such a powerful, strong, stunning, and one-of-a-kind Big Sis?!” The biker gangster indiscriminately cursed, “Keep staring! Do you want to die?!”


No wonder she hadn’t been able to make any extra money recently, even when taking the small routes.

Pei Huan sighed sadly.


Amidst the gaze of the crowd, three figures emerged on the transparent stage that extended above the crowd.

As the colorful mist dispersed, their figures gradually became clear.

Pei Huan could hardly believe her eyes. These three girls looked completely human, with flesh-colored skin and intact limbs. They had normal faces, without any trace of machinery or animalistic features.

They appeared to be ordinary human girls, no different from Pei Huan.

With their adorable faces, fluffy skirts, and colorful bows, this was exactly the image of idols that Pei Huan was most familiar with!

Could this really be happening?!

Pei Huan gazed at them with anticipation, and her heart blossomed with joy: she was ready to join them!

“So ordinary, are they really idols?”

Someone shouted, earning an angry glare from Pei Huan. But because she couldn’t pinpoint who said it, she had to look around in a 360-degree circle, continuing her angry glare.

Amidst the buzzing discussions, the voice continued loudly, “Are you guys oga?”

The girl with blue hair in the middle clenched the microphone tightly and answered with a trembling voice, “No.”

Perhaps due to poor contact, the microphone made a “tearing” sound.

The girl’s face instantly turned pale. Her teammate frowned as if to say something but was stopped by her.

“Mermaids, witches, angels, demons, elves, beast-types, dragonkin?” the voice kept on, “Veela, mechanical beings, ghosts, zombies, cthulhu-types?”

“N-No, none of those,” the blue-haired girl answered helplessly. She had beautiful orange eyes, but at this moment, they resembled the shattered sunset on the water’s surface, shimmering with ripples. “We are… just ordinary humans. Is that not allowed?”

“Eh—” the person’s complaining voice was cut off halfway, abruptly ending.

Finally locking onto the target, Pei Huan somersaulted from above the crowd and stomped him to the ground with one foot. She joyfully exclaimed, “It’s allowed, it’s allowed! We want ordinary humans! We want ordinary humans!”


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Can the Magical Girl find Successful Employment in the Interstellar World?

Can the Magical Girl find Successful Employment in the Interstellar World?

Status: Completed Author: , Native Language: Chinese
【Witness how the Magical Girl Pei Huan, together with her teammates, achieves the highest idol group in the whimsical future interstellar world!】 The Magical Girl Pei Huan, who upholds love and peace, unexpectedly travels to the interstellar world. In this peculiar and technologically advanced world, the Magical Girl's ability to transform in a second and her inherent holy light skills are completely useless! In order to successfully find employment in the interstellar realm, Pei Huan decides to leverage her strengths and start from being an underground idol. Even in the interstellar world, she will use her warm smile to spread love! --- Astar is an underground idol group comprised entirely of androids. No fame, no attention. They were like moths fluttering in the corner, slowly consuming the last embers of their lives. Until a girl joined them. That girl always spoke with ridiculous slogans, but when she stood on the stage, she shone like the most brilliant diamond, radiating an incomparable light! Under the girl's leadership, Astar gradually rose from an unknown underground idol to a somewhat famous above ground idol, and ultimately became a national idol sweeping the interstellar world, aiming for the throne of the legendary interstellar idol! --- Even though it was a futuristic society with technological advancements at its peak, the happiness index of the population was pitifully low. People were lazy, disillusioned, apathetic, lacking motivation, and addicted to the emptiness and illusions of the virtual world, unable to extricate themselves. Until the appearance of that singer. With her warm smile, she illuminated all confusion and darkness. When she sang, the overcast skies of the planet saw the golden rays of sunlight for the first time. Regarding this legendary singer, the most demanding creator of stars evaluated her as follows: "It is as if a heartless deity took pity on the lost lambs in the darkness and allowed an angel to descend to the world."


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