LPM Volume 1 Chapter 2


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When I opened my eyes, I took a deep breath, almost like I took a long swim, and finally broke through the surface of the water after a long period of time.

Was it all an elaborate dream? And why do I hear the sound of a crying baby… Is this a hospital?

Err… If this was really the hospital, then why am I lying on the stone tiled ground with a baby right beside me?

As I tried to squirm, I soon came to the realization that I couldn’t. It feels like some kind of cloth is wrapped around my entire body, stopping me from moving even a tiny inch.

My vision slowly began to clear, and I found myself staring at a gigantic pair of doors made out of thick stone. It seems like I am lying in a courtyard of some sort.

Seriously though, what the hell is up with the size of that door!? It’s so huge! Gigantic would still be an understatement. Is this perhaps a church? What other sort of place would have doors this large, made out of stone to boot?

I found a lot of strange looking plants growing all around me, grass, grass, grass… that’s probably grass too… and several piles of wet wooden things.

I am certain that I’ve never been to a place like this before; I lived in the cities all my life. Am I in the countryside?

Is all this just a dream?

If that is really the case, then why is the sound of rainfall so deafening!? I can also feel the wet droplets falling, and rolling down my face.

The gigantic stone doors creaked scratchily as someone came out from the building.

Oh my, it’s a beautiful Nun… She seems to be saying something, but I don’t think I understand any of it.

What a huge bust too! I think I can see it bouncing – Nonononono, no naughty thoughts! I shouldn’t be thinking about something like this right now…

As the Nun continues to babble in a strange language that I cannot understand, she knelt and took hold of the baby lying right beside me.

I watched the Nun swiftly dash back into the building, leaving me all alone outside in the rain.

Gee, thank you very much.

Shoutings in the strange language were heard from the opened door. It seems like the Nun is shouting something to someone, and the craggy voice of an old lady shouted back at her.

The building- let’s just call it the church for now – Other loud noises came from within the church. Which begs the question ‘why the hell is a grown up man like me lying outside the church in the rain’?

Wasn’t I just having a heart attack in front of my computer after playing search Minecraft for several hours straight?

More shoutings were heard from inside the church, and this time a male dressing like a priest stepped out from the door.

… Technically, I don’t think this guy would fit the appearance of an actual priest since he isn’t dressed like the priests that I knew of. Same goes to the Nun. They are all garbed in strange garments that look nothing like the stereotypical ‘priest robe’ or ‘nun habit’ that I am used to. Is this really a church of Christ?

I suddenly realized that the priest also had horns similar to a cow protruding out of his head, with the big flapping ears to match.

Frozen completely in shock, I wondered if I stumbled upon a cosplay convention of some sort.

Hang on… if those big ears are actually flapping, then does it mean that those are real? Am I actually seeing a demi-human now? A beast man?

The horned priest had a kind smile on his face as he knelt down and scooped me up into his arms…

Are people all so large, or did I just suddenly shrunk down?

I tried to protest since I was not fond of skin contact from people that share my gender, but all that I managed to get out was a squeak.

How is he holding me up? I am an overweight man who has at least a hundred kilos (220 pounds) on me. How strong is this guy? And why is this priest holding me in his arms anyway? I would have preferred to have the nun hold me instead. I would have been so close to those two large buns…

Is it because that he is a beast man with superior strength compared to a human?

As I stared into the eyes of the priest, I saw his eyes reflect the image of a baby with brown hair, and I came to the realization that said baby with brown hair was actually… me.

I tried to shout, and was rewarded with the universal crying scream of a baby. And since I can feel that I am able to consciously control the pitch, I guess that’s my voice now.

The other baby was already out of the rain-soaked swaddling cloth, and was having the water wiped off from its body by the nun from before and by another much older nun.

Oh my, the other baby is a girl. Sorry for seeing you naked in your birthday suit. My sincerest apologies.

It took me a few more seconds to look over her, and what caught my eye was her unnaturally black hair.

It looks like there is silver sand dust mixed into it, making her hair look like a night full of stars.

Of course, such a strange coloration instantly reminded me of the strange Enderman from earlier.

The first Enderman I’ve ever encountered in six years straight, with strange and noteworthy coloration, being able to kill someone wearing a full set of diamond armor in one hit.

And this baby girl has the hair color that matches the color of that strange enderman. A coincidence? I think not!

There was also a fact that the girl has a necklace with an Ender Pearl on it. As I stared at the necklace, I realized that the baby girl was staring at me as well. As I established eye contact with her, the images of an enraged Enderman bashing me to pieces flashed through my mind, sending shivers down my infantile body.

The image only lasted for a split second, and after it cleared away, all I saw was the eyes of the girl staring intently at me.

Something very upsetting seemed to have happened, as the Priest and two Nuns gave out sudden exclamation of shock and dismay. The baby girl was then swiftly deposited onto a stone pedestal, and another wave of shocked exclamation were given as strange signs and letters floated into the air.

The strange signs and letters don’t look like any of the language I have seen before. It’s not English, or Spanish, Japanese, not Russian, French, Arabic or Chinese either. In fact, I can safely state that this language has nothing related to any of the languages on Earth.

The priest then reached his hand out toward the baby girl, touching her on the forehead, before muttering a string of even stranger sounding words. The string of words sounds almost like a song, as it is evenly structured and even has a sort of rhythm behind it.

Then the hand of the priest began to glow, almost like magic.

Magic? Magic! Of course!

If I wasn’t a baby, I would have probably screamed in shock.

Seeing all of this, I came to the conclusion that I am probably no longer on Earth.

It seems like I am being reborn as an infant into a strange new world.

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Let’s Play Minecraft In A World of Swords and Spells

Let’s Play Minecraft In A World of Swords and Spells

Status: Ongoing Type: , Released: 2016/07/13 Native Language: Chinese
Dying from a heart attack when playing Minecraft was definitely not the way I thought I would die. Being reincarnated afterward was also not what I thought would happen. But I guess having another chance at life is a great thing! Now, how am I going to live in this world of Swords and Spells?


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