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The Zheng family, which was doomed to decline because of his death, was successfully revitalized because of the strong participation of Yu Sinian, and the industry grew bigger and bigger.

Wanhuang has become a leading enterprise in the south. Now, under the control of Yu Sinian, it is also leading in the north. Its development momentum is grand, but it is very stable. It has opened up a large market and won the momentum of the top three real estate in the country.

In this case, normal people with brains will not think of divorce, but Zheng Shu is not one of them.

Several people quickly looked at each other, and cousin Zheng Hongming winked repeatedly with a slightly anxious expression.

The fourth aunt anxiously pulled the broken hair under her ear. “Ah Shu, what about Lin Xi?”

Lin Xi? It should be the little star.

Zheng Shu laughed inexplicably. “It’s just for fun, fourth aunt. You don’t want me to marry him, do you? When was the threshold of our house so low? ”

“I…” The woman’s elegance could no longer be put on. She faltered and reluctantly said, “That’s not what I meant. It’s not … You liked him before and want to give him a proper title. I can’t persuade you.”

“But fourth aunt, you don’t seem to have advised me.” Zheng Shu looked at her and smiled.

Although he doesn’t have a complete memory, just look at the eagerness of these uncles today. He knows they are eager for the original owner to divorce and expel Yu Sinian from Wanhuang.

The original owner is an uneducated straw bag and marries a vase star. These relatives immediately control the whole Wanhuang Group.

In the original book, everyone here must have contributed to the fact that the original owner was able to lose everything so quickly.

When fourth aunt heard this, her face suddenly changed. She seemed to have been poked at the center of the matter so much that she became angry and pointed out, “Ah Shu, what do you mean? Are you accusing me? Am I wrong to follow you? You want a divorce for a little star. Who doesn’t know about it in the whole S city? Does my face look good when everyone watches the jokes of the Zheng family? ”

Zheng Shu said casually, “That’s not what I meant. I just feel that all the people present here are elders. I am too young to understand. I made a mistake, and I didn’t realize it. But you have to persuade me, or it will cause an irreparable situation. What should I do?”

Fourth Aunt froze for a moment, “I…”

“You have to be persuaded, but the more others object, the more you will do it. What can we do?” The cousin suddenly interjected. The cousin suddenly said, “And it’s just a little star. If you marry, you will marry. The important thing is that you like it and you are happy.”

Zheng Shu looked, and the latter stood helplessly. He was the son of Uncle Zheng Jianmin and seemed to be very close to the original owner.

Zheng Jianmin came to his senses and looked at Zheng Shu disapprovingly. “Hongming is right, of course. We disagree, but what did you say? Even if it weren’t for this Lin Xi, you don’t want to live with Yu Sinian.”

Zheng Shu blinked. “Huh?”

“You said that Yu Sinian has a dead face all day, fierce and not gentle at all. He opposes everything you do. He cares about this and that much more than your father. This is not a wife. This is an ancestor.” Zheng Hongming smiled. “You don’t like him. Of course, we support you.”

“You also said that you didn’t know what ecstasy soup Yu Sinian had given your dad, so you had to let him hold your shares. Wanhuang should have for you, and as a result, he was in charge. If you hadn’t secretly made a paternity test, everyone would have thought that Yu Sinian was your dad’s son.” At this time, Zheng Chengwang bounced his stomach again and came back.

In disbelief, Zheng Shu looked back at Uncle Qin and whispered, “I also did a paternity test?”

Uncle Qin nodded helplessly. “Master, I did it myself. Have you forgotten?”

The veins stood out on Zheng Shu’s forehead. “Does Yu Sinian know that?”

Uncle Qin Bo sighed: “Everyone knows.”

Don’t you know that Director Yu, who is in charge of Wanhuang, has a bright ear and a clear eye? There are plenty of dog legs reaching his ears.

Zheng Shu: “…”

The original owner is idiotic and doesn’t even think. If Yu Sinian is the father’s illegitimate child, would it be good for them to get married?

He snapped a compliment in his heart.

“That’s not to mention, you scold people every day, a white-eyed wolf, a careerist, and take away your property, saying that sooner or later he will be kicked out of the house. As long as you get back the equity, you will let him have nothing, even if he kneels on the ground like a dog in the future. Ah Shu, did you forget about this?” The fourth aunt was calm now, and she snorted as she spoke.

Handfuls of invisible sharp knives were inserted into Zheng Shu’s chest, making him freeze in place. He turned his neck mechanically and looked at Uncle Qin. “Did I say that again?”

Uncle Qin followed another sigh and silently nodded.

Zheng Shu: “That Yu Sinian …”

“Everyone knows.” Zheng Hongming answered for him.

Zheng Shu: “…”

God, this brain deserves to be cannon fodder!

How can such a thing be known to everyone, for fear that others will not know that their marriage is unstable and there is no loophole to exploit?

The fourth aunt saw that his face was stiff, so she walked over to him calmly and was about to raise her hand to put his shoulders, but saw the sharp rivets on his clothes, so she couldn’t do anything, so she could only pat him on the back lightly. She could only pat him on the back and insincerely comforted him: “Ah Shu, Lin Xi is a little thing, and fourth aunt doesn’t like him either. If you don’t like him, we can replace him. We, the young master of the Zheng family, must be talented and good-looking. What kind of person can’t be found? So many famous families want to marry you. Do you have to hold on to Yu Sinian? Before he is willing to return the shares to you, let’s leave quickly and get back our things. That is the most important.”

Zheng Jianmin followed suit and persuaded: “That boy doesn’t show any malice, but he looks like a malicious character. If you make such a fierce noise and don’t give him face, can he live with you today without a divorce? Ah Shu, uncle is just worried. You have to be careful that he secretly retaliates you!”

“Yes, you see where he has demoted your uncles; the group company can’t hold it. We are really worried about how he will treat you.”

As soon as the words fell, the villa’s door suddenly opened.

Wearing gold-rimmed glasses, the tall and long-legged chairman of the Wanhuang Group walked in. His face was always expressionless, and his eyes were indifferent. However, when looking through the thin lenses, everyone felt the coolness of being pierced by ice on the back of the neck.

Zheng Chengwang, who originally planned to continue, shut his mouth instantly and even sucked his stomach subconsciously, and tried his best to make his stomach thinner as if this could reduce the sense of existence.

Zheng Jianmin, who had been sitting on the sofa all this time, also readjusted his sitting posture, looking at the huge gold ring inlaid with jade on his finger as if he hadn’t participated in the topic just now, and he was just an old man who came to visit his nephew.

The fourth aunt was the one who reacted the most. When she saw Yu Sinian, she stepped behind Zheng Shu, pulled her hair by her ears, and looked away guiltily, muttering, “Why is he back?”

As for the other collateral relatives, Zheng Shu looked over one by one. Some couldn’t even sit on the sofa and subconsciously stood up. Zheng Hongming seemed to want to say hello, but he froze in place and awkwardly laughed under the cold gaze of the other party.

This aura, this deterrent power, Zheng Shu blinked his eyes, making the presence of all scumbags, and made what they said just now a joke.

He also said that people with a foreign surname reacted like a cat to a mouse. If Yu Sinian had the heart, he would have changed the Zheng family’s face a long time ago. Is it the turn of these people to sow discord?

“Brother Sinian, why are you back? Didn’t you say you’re flying to Beijing tonight?”

Zheng Shu’s words broke the silence in the living room and made Yu Sinian stop. The latter glanced at Zheng Shu’s smiling face and replied, “I’m just getting a document.”

After speaking, he nodded to Zheng Jianmin’s elders, did all the etiquette, and walked past the living room and up the stairs again. His expression was indifferent the whole time. He seemed unsurprised by the purpose of the Zheng family’s gathering here today, and of course, he had no interest in it.

As the sound of footsteps going upstairs gradually faded away, everyone in the living room breathed a sigh of relief.

“I don’t know if he heard it?” Fourth Aunt whispered.

Zheng Hongming said: “Probably not. The door was just closed.”

“It’s nothing to hear. Isn’t everyone telling the truth?” Zheng Chengwang’s stomach returned to its original size. He seemed to feel that he had been intimidated by a younger generation, and was embarrassed, so he shut up again.

But no one answered at the moment. Yu Sinian is in the villa. When will he appear again?

Fourth aunt couldn’t sit down any longer. She picked up her bag and said, “Since Ah Shu isn’t going to divorce, there’s no need for us to stay any longer. We won’t disturb you. Brother, are we leaving? ”

Zheng Jianmin was waiting for this sentence. He turned to Zheng Shu and said, “Ah Shu, we elders must do it for your good. Think about what I just said.”

Zheng Shu didn’t stay. He raised his hands and made a gesture with a smile as a farewell. He replied, “Okay, I’ll discuss it with Brother Sinian later, between husband and wife. Honesty is the most basic courtesy.”

The corner of Zheng Jianmin’s mouth twitched, “Pretend I didn’t say anything.”

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Boss, Let’s Not Get Divorce.

Boss, Let’s Not Get Divorce.

Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Zheng Shu read a danmei novel with deep sadomasochistic love and was deeply impressed by a wealthy cannon fodder with the same name and surname as him. The cannon fodder is ignorant, arrogant and domineering, and suppresses the protagonist Shou beyond his means, and finally ends up being broken by the protagonist's gong. In Zheng Shu's view, this is completely avoidable! Because the young master has a domineering ex-husband, who was appointed by his father to be a business elite to manage the huge Zheng Group for him, and he is the only character that the protagonist in the book fears! It's a pity that the young master left him for a little star. A car accident caused Zheng Shu to become this cannon fodder, and in the bright and clean CEO's office, he wanted to divorce the big boss. ……hehe. He grabbed the divorce agreement and sent it directly into the shredder. He hugged his wife's golden thigh with embarrassment, and said affectionately: "Honey, I don't think our relationship has broken down, we can still fix it." The original owner is so stupid, but he is not stupid, he is the winner in life if he lies flat, what more fancy things are needed? Not only will he, not divorce, but he will also be a good husband.


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