LND Ch23part1


Young Master Zheng Shu’s private life is chaotic, surrounded by many men and women. Finally, he has settled with Lin Xi, but he harbors evil intentions.

Yu Sinian hoped he could have a healthy relationship and find a slightly capable and decent wife, but he never thought that he would even think of the Xie’s Xie Chengfeng.

At the thought of Xie Chengfeng’s going too far at the meeting, Yu Sinian knew that under the cynical appearance of this cousin, there was a huge ambition hidden. Zheng Shu is a simple man; even a small fry like Lin Xi could trick him, but he couldn’t walk back and forth in the Xie family.

So he changed the subject directly without waiting for Zheng Shu to ask, “How was tonight?”

As soon as he mentioned this, Zheng Shu was excited. “Well, of course, didn’t you see I went home before 10 o’clock?”

Yu Sinian couldn’t help smiling when he thought of the photo that deliberately highlighted the gate and garden.

The guarantee was conveniently placed in the desk drawer. He did not expect the owner to pay so much attention to it, which made Yu Sinian feel that his attitude was too perfunctory, and he thought about finding a folder to keep it properly.

“By the way, wait a minute.” At this time, Zheng Shu jumped from the sofa and simply ran away.

Yu Sinian was leaning on the seat, holding his mobile phone and propping his head, looking at the window and waiting patiently. He noticed dull footsteps, and his eyes seemed to see Zheng Shu too lazy to wear shoes and stepping barefoot on the floor.

Soon, the footsteps stopped, and Zheng Shu said, “I’ll show you the results.”

As if to free up his hands to read something, he clamped the side of the phone under his chin and moved his mouth very close to the microphone. As for the voice, it was amplified in Yu Sinian’s ear together with his breathing through the headset. He was thousands of miles away but felt very close for no reason.

Yu Sinian consciously removed his mobile phone from his ear, cut out the interface, and then opened the photo.

He pressed his finger on the screen and opened it slightly. He enlarged the photo and checked the content.

The list explains Zheng Shu’s harvest tonight, and a signed agreement has been implemented, which is simply neat and beautiful.

“Those cash transfers won’t come back. I checked Lin Xi’s account, and it was all spent. I won’t make enough money by selling him. So I changed it to something else; the rest is not bad. Brother Sinian, do you think I have done this well?”

Although Zheng Shu is asking, his tone is confident. Even a husband and wife who have already torn their faces will haggle over every property.

“beyond imagination.” Yu Sinian spoke highly of it and felt for the first time that the words Zheng Shu spoke in his office that day were not because he was forced to fool, nor were they coaxing him. It was because he wanted to abide by the decision he made.

This boy has really changed.

Zheng Shu’s smile instantly expanded. He turned around the room and finally asked the long-awaited question, “So … let bygones be bygones?”

“Well, let bygones be bygones.”

Oh yeah!

Zheng Shu shook his fist silently, and he could finally draw a rest for the original owner, and then the next step would be his future.

He asked cheerfully, “Brother Sinian, when will you return?”

“Tomorrow at 10 o’clock morning, and you must arrive. Tonight, you make a preliminary case, inform Zhu Wenhai, and come to Beijing for field investigation tomorrow afternoon …” Yu Sinian seemed to be talking with Fang Jie about his work. When he heard Zheng Shu’s voice, he consciously asked, “What did you say?”

Zheng Shu: “…”

After drinking, he has to return to work, and tomorrow is the weekend. Zheng Shu feels that as a profit-making capitalist, it is inhuman for him to continue to disturb and pull people to chat.

He whispered, “Are you going back to the hotel now?”


Yu Sinian’s voice was tired, and Zheng Shu felt a little distressed, so he said cleverly, “Then I’ll hang up first, and you have a rest.”


After Zheng Shu hung up the phone, he thought about it and sent a message to Fang Jie.

Fang Jie is following the boss’s orders, sending a notice of tomorrow’s meeting in the senior management group, and frantically @ everyone, three in a row, for fear that these will never be seen. Still, he also asked them to reply if they received it.

Looking at the time at 22: 59, everyone in good health has slept. However, it was promoted by Yu Sinian. Like the big boss, the working machines soon replied one after another and said that they would attend on time tomorrow, cleanly and uniformly.

Fang Jie forgot about the weekend and planned to nap after learning from the boss. However, as soon as he closed his eyes, he felt his mobile phone vibrating. He opened one eye and took a glance. When he saw someone coming, his spirit was suddenly shocked. He consciously looked back at Yu Sinian, hesitated momentarily, and chose to reply.

Yu Sinian came to Beijing this time, although it lasted for a week, but he held several positions and had many things to do.

Unable to step down as Wanhuang’s president, he still had to work diligently to manage the company for Young Master Zheng. In the afternoon discussion, all of them are high-end players, and their opinions collide, which inevitably opens up new ideas. Like-minded people sniff the meaning in a word, and it is easy to walk together and establish preliminary cooperation.

The next step is to reach an agreement and implement it as soon as possible.

Fang Jie didn’t even go back to his room with his computer. He followed Yu Sinian directly to the top suite of the hotel. He was ready to stay up late and draw up a case. He thought about ordering two cups of coffee later to refresh himself.

But as soon as they got to the room, they met the hotel housekeeper with a dining car at the door.

Seeing Yu Sinian looking over in disbelief, the housekeeper bent down and said politely, “Mr. Yu, this is your supper.”

The meal is very simple, with three dishes and one soup. The meat and vegetables seem balanced, but the meal is not much. You can eat a few pieces per plate, and they are gone. It is especially suitable for filling your stomach at night. There are two servings, obviously including Fang Jie.

“Did you order?” Yu Sinian asked.

Fang Jie shook his head, but he picked up the phone and showed the chat interface to the boss.

[Which hotel are you staying at? What’s the room number of Brother Sinian? ]

Young Master Zheng didn’t hide his petty thoughts and asked openly.

Fang Jie had no reason to refuse and answered.

Yu Sinian took him with him on this business trip. Fang Jie is not to be criticized at work but is rough in life. They don’t have time to think of this while working overtime. Generally, one person spends a lonely night with a cup of coffee.

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Boss, Let’s Not Get Divorce.

Boss, Let’s Not Get Divorce.

Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Zheng Shu read a danmei novel with deep sadomasochistic love and was deeply impressed by a wealthy cannon fodder with the same name and surname as him. The cannon fodder is ignorant, arrogant and domineering, and suppresses the protagonist Shou beyond his means, and finally ends up being broken by the protagonist's gong. In Zheng Shu's view, this is completely avoidable! Because the young master has a domineering ex-husband, who was appointed by his father to be a business elite to manage the huge Zheng Group for him, and he is the only character that the protagonist in the book fears! It's a pity that the young master left him for a little star. A car accident caused Zheng Shu to become this cannon fodder, and in the bright and clean CEO's office, he wanted to divorce the big boss. ……hehe. He grabbed the divorce agreement and sent it directly into the shredder. He hugged his wife's golden thigh with embarrassment, and said affectionately: "Honey, I don't think our relationship has broken down, we can still fix it." The original owner is so stupid, but he is not stupid, he is the winner in life if he lies flat, what more fancy things are needed? Not only will he, not divorce, but he will also be a good husband.


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