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Although Yu Sinian sits in an important position, he is still too young among these old foxes at his age, and there is always some need for more experience. Therefore, in this meeting where big bosses gather, he didn’t express his views much but listened modestly, saying a word or two only when asked, which was very low-key.

Silence without strength will be considered stage fright. Still, Yu Sinian’s performance in the past four years is enough to show his ability, so such a low profile is interpreted as calmness and humility.

At the reception in the evening, he became a hot figure.

Even if the atmosphere of the afternoon symposium is relaxed, the theme is industry-related. It will not involve many personal matters, but the reception will be much more casual.

Glamorous men and women walked into the golden hall in their dresses. Under the bright lights and melodious music played by famous bands, they held tall glasses and swaying mellow wine while looking for people they were interested in, intending to further contact.

Yu Sinian is not interested in this cocktail party but can meet many “old friends” here.

For example, Mr Xie, who didn’t attend the symposium in the afternoon, came to the reception tonight.

Master Xie is over 80 years old this year. Although he is in a wheelchair because of the inconvenience of his legs and feet, his spirit and eyes are bright. Surrounded by Xie’s family, he is familiar with the surrounding areas, and his face is kind, as if he were just a kind old man with a grandson.

“The old man is blessed. He has many children and grandchildren who are diligent before him.” Beside Yu Sinian is Director Qiao from Hongguang Real Estate. Looking at Mr. Xie, surrounded by his children, he suddenly felt emotional towards Yu Sinian.

Yu Sinian adjusted his glasses and casually said, “He is blessed.”

“Yes, living for another ten or twenty years is not a problem, but the two sons below are in a hurry.” Director Qiao held his glass while watching.

At today’s symposium, although it was presided over by Xie Qing, Xie Zhang will say a few words from time to time in the later period to show his sense of existence.

Yu Sinian tugged at the corners of his mouth, saying it was a blessing.

“Director Yu, let’s look first and join the fun later.”

The real helm of the Fengyu Group is also an elderly elder. After Mr. Xie came, many aristocratic families, partners, and heads of large companies greeted him one after another and surrounded him. Squeezing in, of course, is not necessary.

Yu Sinian nodded, “No rush.”

Hongguang and Wanhuang have jointly developed many real estate projects in the past few years, and they are good partners.

Yu Sinian is still a newcomer to the younger generation in the circle. This time when he came to Beijing, this Director Qiao introduced many people to him and helped others get to know him.

Director Qiao looked at him and asked curiously, “Is Director Yu alone?”


Director Qiao was a little surprised. On this occasion, he would usually bring a companion to liven up or ease the atmosphere to better get into some conversations. Therefore, even Director Qiao, in his sixties, still has a companion on his arm.

“Director Yu is too cautious. This is the capital city. There is no need to be so conservative on this occasion.”

The Zheng family is well-informed in S City but can’t reach it in Beijing, thousands of miles away. He thinks it doesn’t matter if Yu Sinian is a bit more reckless. After all, the Zheng family now relies on him, and nothing is wrong with it.

Compared with Zheng Shu, who is idle, Director Qiao, whose eyes are vicious, values him more. He patted his female companion around him and joked: “Otherwise, I will lend you someone?”

Yu Sinian is young and handsome and the chairman of the group company. The moment he set foot here, he has already attracted a lot of people’s attention, especially young women. With a reserved smile, his heart is stirring. Director Qiao feels he might send one himself instead of letting him meet one here.

The girl’s eyes suddenly lit up when she heard this. Compared with an old man, she was more willing to accompany the dashing young president, even if she didn’t want any benefits; just looking made people happy.

However, Yu Sinian turned a blind eye to her eager eyes. He turned his back slightly and said, “I dare not take what Director Qiao likes. I brought an assistant.”

Fang Jie behind him was holding a fork in one hand and serving a plate in the other. Seeing that his boss had yet to start to walk around and talk, he swept the plates on the long table one by one as if hurrying to get his fill. Very experienced.

Director Qiao’s face twitched when he saw this. He couldn’t laugh or cry and didn’t say anything more.

Having worked with Yu Sinian many times, he knows this young man is frightening. Not only is his vision sharp, his skills are good, but he is quite restrained in his desires. Whether it is beauty or wealth, he is indifferent.

More than once, he lamented Zheng Fuyuan’s good luck and found such a partner for his son. If Yu Sinian had entered his house, Hongguang would be Wanhuang now, and even with his help, he could raise their household.

What a pity …

However, he heard that the Zheng family boy is divorcing Yu Sinian for his little lover. Although it is a bit ridiculous, he hopes it is true.

If he does, his little daughter will graduate this year. Maybe he can try.

Thinking of this, Director Qiao wanted to inquire, but before he could open his mouth, Yu Sinian’s assistant Fang Jie came over with a strange expression: “Director Yu, Mr. Zheng is looking for you.”

He handed over Yu Sinian’s mobile phone and secretly glanced at his boss, but he couldn’t help but be shocked. After the original divorce, did these two talk in private?

Master Zheng also has a day of pretending to be cute and selling cuteness?

Yu Sinian was slightly taken aback when he heard the words, then frowned, thinking, what is this kid doing again?

He took the mobile phone and quickly browsed it. Sure enough, the full screen was brushed by Zheng Shu’s news.

[Excuse me, is Zheng Shu’s cute brother Sinian free now? ]

[Kitten secretly opens the door. JPG]

[I have a very important trip to report to my brother. ]

[Kittens are cute and meowing. JPG]

[I still want to ask for a hug and comfort! ]

[Brother, please reply to me. I miss you. I’m anxious! ]


After reading it, Yu Sinian looked up silently, and Fang Jie grinned awkwardly. “Well, I accidentally saw a little.”

At this kind of reception, the suits are close to the style of dresses. Putting the mobile phone in the pocket would be awkward, and holding it in the hand is inconvenient. This is where the role of the assistant lies.


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Boss, Let’s Not Get Divorce.

Boss, Let’s Not Get Divorce.

Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Zheng Shu read a danmei novel with deep sadomasochistic love and was deeply impressed by a wealthy cannon fodder with the same name and surname as him. The cannon fodder is ignorant, arrogant and domineering, and suppresses the protagonist Shou beyond his means, and finally ends up being broken by the protagonist's gong. In Zheng Shu's view, this is completely avoidable! Because the young master has a domineering ex-husband, who was appointed by his father to be a business elite to manage the huge Zheng Group for him, and he is the only character that the protagonist in the book fears! It's a pity that the young master left him for a little star. A car accident caused Zheng Shu to become this cannon fodder, and in the bright and clean CEO's office, he wanted to divorce the big boss. ……hehe. He grabbed the divorce agreement and sent it directly into the shredder. He hugged his wife's golden thigh with embarrassment, and said affectionately: "Honey, I don't think our relationship has broken down, we can still fix it." The original owner is so stupid, but he is not stupid, he is the winner in life if he lies flat, what more fancy things are needed? Not only will he, not divorce, but he will also be a good husband.


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