LND Ch15part1


Lin Zicheng did not expect the funds to be settled after one night, and there was even a surplus, which is simply amazing.

“So you figured out who our big money owner is?”

“Zheng Shu.”

“The young master of your family?”


“Really rich!” Lin Zicheng was astounded but was a little worried after a moment’s thought.

“You didn’t promise him any messy conditions, did you?”

Yu Sinian was stunned. “What do you mean?”

“Didn’t you two want to get a divorce before? He suddenly gave you so much money for no reason and didn’t ask for anything? ” Rich people are not benevolent boys. They are smarter than ghosts, such as the one before them.

“No.” This is incredible to Yu Sinian, but Emma sent him a message just now telling him that Zheng Shu had signed an agreement and did not ask for anything.

Lin Zicheng was puzzled: “Why do I feel so strange?”

At this moment, Yu Sinian received Zheng Shu’s message, opened it to look at the screen capture, and said hesitantly, “It’s not like there isn’t.”

Lin Zicheng’s spirit was refreshed, and he asked questions one after another: “Is it too much to ask? I’m telling you, although money is important, dignity and the like are more important, which is priceless! Old classmates, don’t make a mistake and make a lasting regret … ”

Before Lin Zicheng finished talking, Yu Sinian said faintly, “He asked me for a secondary card, and the expenses will probably be counted on me in the future.”

Lin Zicheng’s mouth twitched, and suddenly he forgot the long speech afterwards and asked dryly, “Is that it?”

Yu Sinian looked at the darkened mobile phone screen. Master Zheng didn’t send any further messages, so he nodded. “That’s it.”

Lin Zicheng: “…” Are you two here to show your love? Transfer the money to you and then swipe your card. Rich people know how to play.

He patted Yu Sinian on the shoulder and said with great relief, “This gold master, you are doing well.”

When Yu Sinian raised his hand, he waved his hand, ignored his loquacious mouth, and helped the gold-rimmed glasses on the bridge of his nose, revealing the cold face of the capitalist. “Since the funds are in place, let’s make achievements early and not let the money go to waste.”

Lin Zicheng waved, “You don’t need to say that, don’t worry, we poor people are more anxious than you, and we all hope that the company will blossom and bear fruit early and embark on the path of winners in life.”

Although most of the shares are owned by Yu Sinian, Lin Zicheng’s technology investment can be regarded as their own company, and they will not be unscrupulous.

“By the way, when will you go back to S city?”

“Next week.”

“That’s just right. These days, help us look at the partners and screen them. Some people look like dogs with bumps in their stomachs. We technical nerds can’t see clearly. You still have to be the CEO.”

Then Yu Sinian said, “Organize the information and send it to me.” The implication is that there is little free time.

Lin Zicheng wondered, “Isn’t the government meeting over?”

Yu Sinian’s look was faint, and his lens blocked his cold eyes. He hooked his lower lip and said, “There are several cooperations to talk about and some people I should meet.”


Lin Xi had a hard time these days. After the breakup in the restaurant that night, he didn’t see Zheng Shu again.

It’s not that he is hiding but that Zheng Shu doesn’t want to see him.

“Whenever he contacts him, he asks me how things are going before he speaks. How can I talk to him about feelings?”

He violently walked around the villa, his beautiful eyebrows full of irritability, and he looked back at the man playing with his mobile phone, but he couldn’t help yelling, “You’d better do something!”

The man put down his mobile phone, puzzled. “No, didn’t you say that he loves you to death? How could he be so unfeeling?”

“How would I know?” Lin Xi thought for a few days and didn’t understand. “On that day, he went to talk to Yu Sinian about divorce, but he failed. He kept asking me to wait until the middle of the night to see me. Instead of comforting me, he wanted to make a clean break with me. He asked me to return the house and the car company. Do you think Yu Sinian is so terrible? ”

When Yu Sinian was mentioned, the man suddenly fell silent.

Of course, it’s terrible. In the past four years, they have tried their best to win over Zheng Shu and provoke the relationship between the two men just to drive Yu Sinian out of the Zheng family and Wanhuang. It can be said that all means have been used, and even Zheng Shu was lured to cheat into the company, giving him ambushes and letting Wanhuang’s stock continue to fall.

But this one resisted the pressure forcefully. The project of half moon Bay directly made him stand on his feet, made achievements, and successfully won the support of other shareholders, stabilised the stock price and secure the position of chairman.

That’s not to mention. In turn, he seized the Zheng family’s flaws and handles in their work, mercilessly kicked them out of the group head office, and sent them to the branch office.

Now, Yu Sinian is in charge of the whole Wanhuang unless he divorces Zheng Shu and loses the qualification to hold shares on behalf of him.

The original plan was well planned, that idiot Zheng Shu was so dazzled by Lin Xi that he wanted to give him a title, but he didn’t expect it to fail!

“What did he threaten Zheng Shu, and what happened in the negotiations that day?” Lin Xi asked.

The man shook his head. “I don’t know.”

“Aren’t you from the Zheng family? Can’t you find out?”

“The 20th floor is the president’s office, all of which are the confidants of Yu Sinian. No one knows what happened in it except the lawyers of the two sides and themselves.”

Lin Xi sniffed, “You are so useless.”

The man got angry when he heard it, followed by irony, “I’m useless? Are you useful? Who assured me that Zheng Shu has been dead set on him and will be Mrs. Zheng soon? ”

“He did, and my company has been established!” Lin Xi yelled.

“Then don’t give it back if you can. Let him continue to invest in you!”

One sentence made Lin Xi’s forehead twitch with veins, and he was so angry that he couldn’t speak.

If he had the ability, would he still come here to discuss?

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Boss, Let’s Not Get Divorce.

Boss, Let’s Not Get Divorce.

Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Zheng Shu read a danmei novel with deep sadomasochistic love and was deeply impressed by a wealthy cannon fodder with the same name and surname as him. The cannon fodder is ignorant, arrogant and domineering, and suppresses the protagonist Shou beyond his means, and finally ends up being broken by the protagonist's gong. In Zheng Shu's view, this is completely avoidable! Because the young master has a domineering ex-husband, who was appointed by his father to be a business elite to manage the huge Zheng Group for him, and he is the only character that the protagonist in the book fears! It's a pity that the young master left him for a little star. A car accident caused Zheng Shu to become this cannon fodder, and in the bright and clean CEO's office, he wanted to divorce the big boss. ……hehe. He grabbed the divorce agreement and sent it directly into the shredder. He hugged his wife's golden thigh with embarrassment, and said affectionately: "Honey, I don't think our relationship has broken down, we can still fix it." The original owner is so stupid, but he is not stupid, he is the winner in life if he lies flat, what more fancy things are needed? Not only will he, not divorce, but he will also be a good husband.


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