Lanke Chapter 9


The merchants were stunned for a moment, then their faces turned pale and bloodless, all of them realized what “it” referred to.

Ji Yuan was very scared. In fact, he was even more scared than these merchants. He was so scared that his breath trembled a little. At least he seemed calmed on the surface and he seemed to be in a better condition than those merchants.

There was a marked difference between the sound of walking on the ground with four paws and two feet. Ji Yuan closed his eyes, which have long been dry and sore, to have a better focus  on his hearing.

The step was very light, but it felt heavy, like a pad of flesh pressing down the dirt, the dried branches, and dead leaves. The limbs alternately placed on the ground made him feel like it was taking a stroll.

Ji Yuan didn’t know if it’s just his imagination, but the sound of the wind and the grass swayed a little louder than before.The birds in the forest all stopped chirping, as if they were scared to even make a sound.

Could it be a tiger? Or a tiger demon?

Ji Yuan’s shabby clothes were soaked with sweat. As the sound of claws approached closer, Ji Yuan became more doubtful if these people could be of any help.

Others in the temple simply didn’t even dare to breathe, they tightly clutched their weapons and shrunk behind a fire, looking out of the temple.

Although they have no keen sense of hearing, they know the changes of the wind. The surrounding flowers and trees were swaying in a different direction.

The atmosphere was so stifling that it was suffocating. The faces of all the merchants were covered in fine sweat.


A fierce howling sounded outside the temple, and startled the frightened birds. The night birds all flapped their wings and flew away.

Of course, the people in the temple were more terrified, and many felt their feet go soft.

By this point, no one was taking any chances that Old Jin and the others were still alive.

Ji Yuan was panicking. Whether it was the ghost puppet from before or its roar now, it all pointed toward that the tiger outside was definitely not an ordinary tiger.

With these weaklings plus a scared-of-death waste who’s also semi-blind, don’t mention about a fierce tiger demon, even if a normal tiger came, they would still going to kneel ah.

Before Ji Yuan could get a round of cursing the Heaven and Earth in, his thoughts were interrupted.

“You and I,  well water doesn’t touch the river. I never had a quarrel with you nor have I ever stepped foot into the temple, so why would you want to help them?”

A low, murky voice, mixed with the low roar came from the outside.

Ji Yuan’s heart convulsed, there was really a goddamn tiger demon!!

However he immediately reacted. Based on the tiger’s words, his mind worked at an electrifying speed. His mind worked faster than it had ever been, and in just a few, short breaths, he had thought of countless possibilities.

The merchants subconsciously looked at the beggar after their shock.

‘Damn it, coming to this kind of motherf*cking place. I’d died either way. Why don’t I take a gamble!! ‘

Ji Yuan gritted his teeth, his previous fear and humble mindset changed, and a powerful voice declared.

“It’s precisely that we don’t interfere with each other that I ignored the scholar that came in. This time I couldn’t ignore it because of Zhang Shilin’s kind heart. I owe him a small debt of gratitude for a bowl of warm water. I don’t want to let him die like this.”

After saying those words in one breath, Ji Yuan’s heart beat was as fast as a machine gun with a trigger pressed, so he couldn’t hold back.

There was silence from the outside for a while. Ji Yuan felt that after a while, his heart would pop out of his throat.

It seemed to consider the problem for a long time. The murky voice from the outside bared again, Ji Yuan was waiting for a signal whether it would eat them or not.

“Although I’ve never met you, I know you’ve been closer to death for a month. Why are you full of vitality at this time?”

Ji Yuan secretly heaved a sigh of relief. There’s no sign of it wanting to break into the temple.

His mind was spinning, trying his best to squeeze his IQ to think about the problem of tiger demon.

Combined with his previous words, Ji Yuan confirmed that he really had transmigrate, which means that he had occupied someone else’s body, and at least three key elements were explained in the other party’s question.

First, the tiger lives in the deep mountains, and the beggar lives in the mountain temple, and the two sides have never interacted with each other.

Second, maybe this beggar should not be simple in the first place, so the tiger demon didn’t touch him. Of course, it could be that he disdained eating disabled people or preferred his food to be clean.

The third was also the root of the tiger demon’s doubts. The beggar should have died soon, but because of Ji Yuan’s transmigration, the beggar became full of vitality in the eyes of the tiger demon.

Ji Yuan wanted only one result, to bluff the tiger demon to ensure everyone’s safety by ensuring his safety first.

It’s been a while, and if the thing outside would become impatient, it would be bad for them. Ji Yuan would have to throw caution to the wind. Some of the stories Ji Yuan once had read in his middle school days quickly flashed through his mind. On the surface, it seems that the beggar was silent for a while before speaking.

He deliberately slowed down his speech.

“There was nothing that I could say. It seems like a joke. I knew my days were numbered, so I’m only here waiting to die. I didn’t think that I would come to comprehend something beyond life and death.”

Outside the temple, the tiger’s eyes widened, and its sharp claws were so excited that it grabbed the ground. It was easy to say, but the information contained in it was very terrifying.

Two days ago, he had seen thunder falling in the clear sky. The terrifying and unpredictable aura of the sky was the only thing he had ever seen in his life. It was by no means comparable to ordinary thunderstorms and lightning.

Today, the tiger demon suddenly understood that the source of thunder was here!

He was a beast who had entered the path of cultivation. It was difficult for him to cultivate and it’s also the reason for his distress!

As for the person in the temple who was thought to be an ordinary beggar before, if he was able to turn into a butterfly and be reborn from death, his cultivation realm must be extremely far-reaching.

To be honest this was the first cultivator the tiger demon had met, but even if he had seen only one, he understood that this person was incomparable to the ordinary cultivators.

At this moment, even though he knows that he was a monster to the human, and that staying here may be dangerous, the tiger couldn’t help but ask with impatience and anxiety.

“Sir, what do you think about my cultivation?”

The tiger demon realized that it was too abrupt, and immediately added a sentence.

“I have been cultivating for more than a century on this mountain without any support. Now I’ve tried every method to further advance my cultivation. Sir, would you please give me some advice? Lu Shanjun is very grateful!”

He even used the proper honorific title, and it’s clear that there’s been a big change from the title to the tone of his voice. When it came to matters bigger than heaven, he couldn’t help but be careful. Furthermore, his cultivation has been stuck for a long time.

Of course, even the tiger demon understood that asking about the cultivation method was a taboo. The genus of beasts and birds had struggled to learn and self-cultivate for years. If there was little success, the tiger would be happy for a long time, and he would not easily tell other people. So he was cautious when he asked the beggar whose cultivation level could not be seen for a little bit of advice.

Since the two sides have no unsolvable enmity, he naturally had to seize the opportunity to try.

Thanks to the ghost puppet, Scholar Lu, the tiger demon learned some knowledge about the world’s etiquette, and it should be considered polite.

It was just the anxiety and unease that made Tiger walk around nervously after saying these words, looking at the temple expectantly, and at the same time getting ready, if the people in the temple attacked, he would fight back or escape as quickly as possible.

Ji Yuan originally thought that the tiger demon would appear more intense, but he didn’t expect that it also had a genteel side. He couldn’t even imagine how this big, old tiger would be so meticulous about his words.

Throwing away these absurd associations, Ji Yuan calmed down and spoke again, this time speaking at a much slower rate.

“Dare I ask Lu Shanjun, how many humans have you eaten for your cultivation so far?”

Ji Yuan knew very well about this situation. The more panicked he was, the less able he was to show it. Instead, he should be strong according to the situation.

Hearing the question from the temple, the tiger outside suddenly panicked for a while, and was so impatient that his claws were digging the soil without knowing it, and then he suddenly thought of something and puffed.


A burst of phantom mist flowed out and turned into a figure in front of him, it was Scholar Lu.

The fierce tiger looked at the side of the mountain temple where it was brightly lit, and whispered to the scholar.

“You heard what I just heard. How should I answer so that I don’t miss the wonderful opportunity? If you help me this time, I promise to let your soul free!”

However, Lu Shanjun never thought that all these low-level whispers were actually heard by Ji Yuan, which also made Ji Yuan more aware of how much this tiger demon cared about the so-called secrets of cultivation.

Scholar Lu bowed slightly to Lu Shanjun, then looked at the mountain temple.

“When I went to the temple, he was unconscious, this time he stood up for Zhang Shilin. He acts according to his heart, valuing truth and honor. Lu Shanjun would do well to answer truthfully, and must not deliberately cheat in order to achieve his goals.”

Hearing this, the huge hanging-eyed tiger actually frowned, with a slightly struggling expression, and then shook its head before opening his mouth.

“I dare not deceive sir. Shanjun has been practicing for a long time and has not been able to advance so I supplement my cultivation with human beings. I had already eaten 53 people. But I eat humans like humans eat birds and beasts. I have no intention of killing indiscriminately. During the day, I won’t eat those who do not disturb me. I only eat healthy adults, I won’t eat the old, young, sick, and the disabled.”

Oh, my God!!! It ate 53 people!!!

Although Ji Yuan just asked a sharp question just to elicit the rest of the conversation, when he heard the answer, his feet went weak. The merchants on the side were even more embarrassing, several were trembling in fear.

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