Lanke Chapter 8

While Ji Yuan was still feeling fatigued and dizzy from sitting up, a voice suddenly came closer toward the temple.

“Brother Shilin!!! Brother Shilin!!!”

The people in the temple suddenly became excited

“It’s Little Dong! Little Dong is back!”

Sure enough, Wang Dong’s figure quickly ran inside, and he was immediately surrounded by nervous Zhang Shilin and others

“Little Dong, why are you alone? Are Old Jin and the others all right? Where’s the scholar? Did you hear a tiger roar just now?”

Zhang Shilin asked a series of questions, eager to get answers from Wang Dong.

Wang Dong was panting heavily. He wore an unnatural expression. He didn’t take the water bowl offered. He looked at Zhang Shilin and then looked away. Catching his breath, he began to answer.

“Old Jin and the others were with Sir Lu. The digging of ginseng went well, but…”

“But what? Little Dong, aren’t you the best at talking, why are you mumbling now!!!”

“Stop interrupting him!”

Zhang Shilin shouted and looked at Wang Dong, whose face was pale.

“Little Dong, go on.”

“Well, the Mountain King ginseng was on a slope. When we dug out the Mountain King ginseng, we heard a tiger roar in the distance. We were terrified. As a result, Old Jin, Scholar Lu, and Liu Quan were so frightened that their footholds weren’t stable when they climbed up. So they slipped off!”

Hearing what Wang Dong, with his head slightly down, said, Zhang Shilin and the rest were in a hurry.

“What? They slipped?”

“How are Old Jin and Liu Quan?” ” How high was it?”

“Little Dong, say something!!!”

Zhang Shilin was anxious and grabbed Wang Dong’s arm and asked him.

Which seemed to jolt Wang Dong awake and he quickly spoke .

“The slope is not too high and not too steep. Old Jin and the others are all fine, except that their ankle was badly bruised. Old Jin asked me to bring two or three people back to help them and carried them back together. Li Gui is currently taking care of them”

“What are we waiting for? Let’s go! !”

“Yes, yes!””Count me in!”

Since he didn’t encounter the tiger, everyone felt a lot more at ease, and were eager to help.

The same was true to Zhang Shilin

“This time I will bring Little Du and Ah Hua together with Little Dong to help, while the others will stay in the temple to watch our goods.”

While he was speaking, Zhang Shilin and several people beside him had already taken out a few torches and lit them.

Ji Yuan’s limbs were ice-cold, with a burst of chilling, numbness ran straight to his scalp.

He recognized the young merchant’s voice, but, apart from his voice, Ji Yuan didn’t hear his footsteps at all.

With his gray eyes, Ji Yuan saw a blurry Wang Dong that had two shadows, one was normal, and the other neck was strangely crooked to one side, and twitching from time to time.

The scene made Ji Yuan’s goosebumps not subsiding at all.

However, Zhang Shilin and others on the side had no idea about it.

That Wang Dong was no longer a human!

Recalling the roar from before, Ji Yuan suddenly understood something.

He was naturally scared to death, but when he heard that Zhang Shilin planned to take people out with this ghost, he couldn’t care less. Apart from not wanting Zhang Shilin to die, he also felt that if there were only five people left in the temple, it would be dangerous

On Zhang Shilin’s side, their torches were all lit and ready to rush out.

“Let’s go, Little Dong, you lead the way, we…”


Suddenly, an unfamiliar voice sounded, startling everyone. They nervously looked for the source of the sound and realized that it was from the beggar. They didn’t know when he leaned against the statue of the mountain god and looked in the direction of the temple entrance.

Ji Yuan’s voice at this time was different from his physical state, his words were clear and energetic.

“Zhang Shilin, there’s something wrong with Wang Dong, you can’t follow him!”

In Ji Yuan’s eyes, his own voice caused Wang Dong to stiffly turn his head, numbing the back of head.

“That beggar, what nonsense are you talking about, Brother Shilin, let’s go, Old Jin and the others are still waiting!!”


Zhang Shilin didn’t need to decide whether to believe his companions or a rotten beggar, so he rushed out the temple door.

“Stop!! Wang Dong is dead!!”

His yell immediately stopped Zhang Shilin and others. They subconsciously looked at Wang Dong, who stood outside the temple looking back at them, his face covered in the darkness.

“Brother Shilin, let’s go, Old Jin and the others are waiting for us. Don’t listen to this rotten beggar’s nonsense. Aren’t I still fine?”.

Wang Dong came a step closer, half his face illuminated by the flame, and a forced smile hung on his pale complexion……

This was out of tune. Something’s wrong!!

Every merchant here felt the chill go down their spine, and those that were leaving subconsciously took a step back.

Zhang Shilin gulped and looked at Wang Dong and the beggar.

“Little Dong, ar-are you really okay?”

But before Wang Dong spoke, Ji Yuan who was sitting in the temple coldly interrupted.

“He’s helping the tiger, he’s helping the tiger. Wang Dong has become a tiger’s puppet, just like the scholar before him. He’s planning to lure you to the tiger to eat you! ! If you go with him, you won’t be able to come back!”

“Shit! A tiger’s puppet”

Zhang Shilin and other people were frightened back several steps. They remember the previous roar and the suspicious situation of Wang Dong’s return. The merchants felt their scalp went numb.

“Don’t believe him, brother Shilin. Old Jin and the others are waiting.”

Wang Dong walked towards the temple gate, but his voice held no emotion.

“Don’t come here, Little Dong!!”

Zhang Shilin had raised the torch to his front, and Wang Dong stopped.

He looked at the people at the entrance of the temple. The people also stared back at him. They remained silent for a moment and the scene that followed made everyone almost suffocated. Wang Dong suddenly became fuzzy, his breath turned into smoke and drifted away from the temple.


A hatchet fell on the floor and two merchants collapsed in fear.

“G-G-Ghost! !” “Aah!!” “Help me mommy!!”

“Enter the temple! Temple!”

“R-r-right, go to the temple! !! Take out your weapon! Take out your weapon! !”

The remaining eight merchants scurried back to the temple, all subconsciously approached the statue and the beggar.

Zhang Shilin’s breath became a little disorderly. Look at the darkness outside the temple.

“This, this master, you……”

Before Zhang Shilin finished speaking, Ji Yuan raised his hand and stopped him. Ji Yuan’s face was now very pale, his lips were slightly trembling, because the surroundings were dimmed, others couldn’t see his expression clearly.


The wind became stronger, and the grass and trees swayed randomly in the forest.

Ji Yuan heard a series of steady and powerful non-human footsteps that were getting closer and closer, and the sound of the beast grinning and hissing came, occasionally mixed with the low roars.

Ji Yuan swallowed his saliva, nervously watching the outside of the temple, his back was drenched in a few seconds.

“Don’t talk……It’s here……”

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