Lanke Chapter 7


Please! Don’t go, don’t go ah!!!

Ji Yuan was so anxious behind the statue. If something happened to these merchants, it would be his turn in the end!

He wanted nothing more than to scream. He could only listen to the sound of footsteps getting further and further away until it disappeared from his ears.

Under this intense inner struggle, Ji Yuan’s eyelids violently trembled, the corners of his mouth kept shaking, and his right pinky slightly twitched.

Ji Yuan felt the sudden change, which lifted his spirit up from his bad moods.

He felt his body carefully, and found that under the fierce struggle of consciousness, his paralysis had been slightly relieved, and he could slightly curl his fingertip, although this was not much, but it was a huge improvement.

Ji Yuan was wild with joy. The fate of those four had an undeniable end. If he could move and unite with the rest of the merchants, he might have a way to survive.

At the entrance of the temple, Zhang Shilin lit only two torches and handed them to Wang Dong and others. The cold wind at night made the flames sway side to side.

“Be careful and take good care of Sir Lu.”

“No problem, Brother Shilin!”

“Old Jin, you better watch over them!”

“Don’t worry Shilin! I will!”

Jin Shunfu took the torch, and together with a few others, they assured Zhang Shilin that after all, even though they’re merchants, they were also somewhat knowledgeable about the mountain conditions. They wouldn’t be afraid of what road they’re on.

Zhang Shilin wanted to give the second torch to Scholar Lu. After all, the other party was leading the way, but Scholar Lu rejected it.

“No, no, I’m a little afraid that the torch will burn my long gown, just let Little Brother Dong hold it!”

“Yes, yes, give it to me, hehehe”

Wang Dong smiled and grabbed the torch.

“You kid!”

Zhang Shilin laughed and scolded him. He put the remaining unlit torches on the basket that Liu Quan was carrying, and again instructed them to pay attention to the road under their feet, and then the group set off to dig the Monarch ginseng.

Inside the mountain temple, Ji Yuan’s face was twitching, his hands and feet were trembling. Naturally, this was not an onset, but the fierce struggle to gain control of his body.

The remaining eight foot merchants stood at the entrance and watched until the torches vanished. They all went back inside with their faces basking in anticipation and joy.

Even if it is not the mountain king ginseng, but a decade-old ginseng would still worth a lot of money. After all, rich people cherish their lives, so they are naturally willing to pay for good medicine.

“Leader Zhang, what is wrong with this beggar?”

Some people sat by the fire when they noticed the strangeness of Ji Yuan and couldn’t help exclaiming.

Zhang Shilin hurriedly walked over, and the others also gathered around. They were a little scared when they saw Ji Yuan struggling.

“He’s sweating a lot…”

“Is this epilepsy?”

“Bring a wooden stick and pry open his mouth before he bites off his tongue!!”

Zhang Shilin squatted down and held the beggar’s trembling body and roared at the others.

Immediately someone found a suitable one from the pile.

“I will pry his mouth open, and you immediately put it in!!”


Ji Yuan instinctively resisted, he didn’t have epilepsy. What’s worse was that he didn’t know how dirty this stick was.

“Help me hold him!!”

After a while, a wooden stick got stuck in Ji Yuan’s twitching mouth, luckily he bit it sideways.

The group watched for a while, then slowly returned to the fire.

Someone sighed.

“This beggar shouldn’t be able to survive tonight. If that’s the case, let’s dig a hole for him and bury him.”

“You;re right, we will still be using this temple in the future, we shouldn’t leave the corpse laying here”

Are you kidding me?

Knowing that they were well-intention, Ji Yuan inexplicably heard his vein burst.

That was until it happened 10 minutes after those four left.


A terrifying roar suddenly sounded from the distant, frightening everyone in the mountain temple to subconsciously tremble.

“Screech…” “pat-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta…”

Countless birds on the surrounding trees were frightened and flew in all directions, screeching frantically around the mountain temple.

At the same time, a cool breeze blew through the temple door, making the fire inside the temple sway.

“Leader Zhang!!!” “Shilin!! What’s the sound?”


Zhang Shilin’s face turned a little pale, and he subconsciously shrank while looking at the darkness outside of the temple.

“The roar of the tiger… It’s a tiger!!”


There was a sound of breathing around.

“Then what about Little Dong, Old Jin and the rest!?”

No one dared to go on.

Zhang Shilin also clenched his fists and looked outside the temple.

“The roar of the tiger sounds far away, Little Dong and the others… should be fine, yes, they have torches with them. Just in case, everyone also gets ready. We won’t be sleeping tonight!”

This tiger roar sent Ji Yuan into a fierce shock.

It’s just that after the shock, Ji Yuan found out that he actually regained control over his right part of the body!

He clenched his right hand. Although he felt a little awkward, he was able to control it. He didn’t stand up rashly, but carefully experienced this hard-won feeling.

Afterwards, Ji Yuan slowly opened his eyes. If he could see his own eyes, he would find that the center of his eyes was light, translucent gray color.

He felt that the light was a little weak, so dim that it was difficult to see clearly. If it weren’t for the fact that he could somewhat see, Ji Yuan almost thought that he was blind now.

He turned his head slightly to look at the fire and felt a little stunned in his heart.

The fire seemed very blurry, as if the fire seemed to be separated by a thick frosted glass, the light penetrating the eyes was limited.

His vision was not simply a little defective right…

“At least I am not completely blind…”

Ji Yuan consoled himself.

However, after just opening his eyes for a while, his eyes felt a little sore, although it was not unbearable, but it was definitely uncomfortable.

“Head Zhang, the beggar has woken up!!”

Although the rest of the merchants were very nervous now, some still noticed something strange about Ji Yuan. The sound also attracted everyone to look in the direction of the beggar. Sure enough, they saw that he was moving, and turning his head to look at this side.

It’s just that right now Zhang Shilin had no time to pay attention to this beggar who was neither friends nor relatives. Everyone took out the hatchets and short sticks from the baskets and held them tightly in their hands, nervously paying attention toward the entrance.

Ji Yuan didn’t have time to worry about his sight at this moment. The most important thing at this moment was his own life. He tried to sit up, but halfway through his arms, he felt a strong sense of dizziness and powerlessness.

“Crack…” After a while, Ji Yuan fell back to the ground and landed on the back of his head.


It was so painful this time that Ji Yuan couldn’t help baring his teeth. He found that although he was able to move, it was as if he was recovering from a serious illness, he couldn’t use his strength. None of the merchants had spared him any further attention.

Ji Yuan didn’t ask for help, he held the base of the statue with his right hand, and sat up with difficulty.

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Lan Ke Qi Yuan

Lan Ke Qi Yuan

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Chinese
A rotten ax's handle beside the chess game, empty seats between the towering trees, His desired triggered him to place a stone down at the center, and unbeknownst, eons had passed. When he woke up, Ji Yuan found himself as a semi-blind beggar in a dilapidated temple. Armed with only a sword and his wits, he will established himself in this danger-filled world. "


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