Lanke Chapter 24

The common room in Yunlai inn costs 50 coins a day, and the upper room Ji Yuan stay costs 100 coins which was previously paid by Lu Chengfeng and others.


Now that they’re gone, Ji Yuan would not stay here again.


Just kidding, he was now someone who owned a property in Ning’an. Why would he be wasteful?




Ji Yuan suddenly slapped his hand hard. It suddenly occurred to him that Lu Chengfeng had paid for his house, but he didn’t give him the money for it!!


‘So I saved another 36 taels?’


As the proverb says, the poor are scholars and the rich are martial artists. It’s really true, this Lu Chengfeng didn’t even ask for the 36 taels, this huge sum of money back. What kind of money does he have at home!


That’s right, Ji Yuan had no intention of catching up with the carriage to pay back the money at all. If he met him in the future and he had ample money, then it’s not too late. If it didn’t happen, eh, just think that Hero Lu had paid him a bit more for saving his life!


It was already past noon, according to the inn’s calculation, the rent for this room had already been collected, so Ji Yuan stayed for another night with peace of mind.


There was no one to invite to dinner, so he had a bowl of Yangchun noodles in the inn.


Early the next morning, Ji Yuan checked out at the inn counter and was returned one tael.


He had to admit that these young warriors were quite good. He just didn’t know if they would still be so enthusiastic if they figured out that Ji Yuan was not a hidden expert, probably not.




Although many people in Ning’an County knew that the man-eating tiger in Mt. Bullhip had been killed, and the matter had been recorded in the local county annals, as well as on the official notices, but the yamen had not made public the fact that the nine heroes reside in Yunlai inn.


It could also be seen that the county magistrate is experienced in handling affairs. If everyone knows that the heroes stay at Yunlai Inn, then wouldn’t the heroes be treated like monkeys? How could they rest in peace?


This was also the reason why Ning’an County has been bustling in recent days, but they could still enjoy peace and quietness. Naturally, very few people know about Ji Yuan.


In fact, even the contents of the official notice and the names of the nine heroes was remembered by only a handful of people as the majority were overtaken by the liveliness to see the tiger pelt.


After leaving the inn, Ji Yuan of course went directly to the street market and prepared to buy some bedding and furniture. Anyway, since there was a bed in the house, he only needed to hire people to move and clean. Even if he did not have enough time, it is enough to buy a quilt and clean the bed; he wouldn’t have to spend money to stay in the inn anyway.


Ning’an county was still bustling with noises and excitement. The temple fair lasted for several days and the white tiger pelt that was publicly displayed was still hanging outside the yamen. Ji Yuan wandered with half-open eyes as if he was a normal person, almost no one would’ve thought that he’s blind.


Listening to all kinds of peddling and whispering, he swore to God that it wasn’t him trying to actively pry into people’s private matters, it was all forced!


Others can tell which store sells what by looking, but he could only rely on listening. Searching for the sound, he arrived at the place that sells sheets and bedding.


The interesting thing was that there was a cotton shop next to this store, inside there was a “bang bang bang”  sound of popping cotton.


A very magical, charming song of popping cotton echoed in his mind, impossible to get rid of, to the point that he almost started singing before walking into the store.


“Owner, are there any quilts, blankets, and pillows here?”


While asking, Ji Yuan reached out and carefully touched the blankets on the stall outside the store, feeling whether it’s good quality.


“Yes!!! Does this customer want a ready-made or custom-made? We have a cotton store next to us. The new cotton can be fluffed in half a day, afterwards, we can sew the quilt!”


The owner seemed to be a pair of couples. When she saw Ji Yuan asking for the price, the mistress quickly came out of the shop to greet him.


“No need, I’m just going to buy the ready made, how about this one?”


“Yes, yes, that piece you touched….eh, it’s only 150 copper coins!! Look, the fabric is woven by Xiu’er workshop here. It’s very comfortable to sleep on!”


150 coins? Like I believe you! Didn’t I just clearly hear you and your husband whispering in the store before I came in that it only needs 120 coins to make a profit? Now you’re scamming me 30 coins more?


Ji Yuan frowned.


“What about the new one?”


“The new one is a bit more expensive, adding the labor of the popping cotton master, it’s about 180 coins.”


Good, it’s another expensive piece.


“I’ll tell you what, boss I’m going to buy three sets of bedding, two pillows, and two blankets. How about 450 coins in total?”


The mistress was shocked when she heard the price offered by the haggard guest, coincidentally, was the base price of the items.


“How about it? If you sell it, you can send it to my resident for an extra 20 coins. It’s just south of the city, not that far away.”


Maybe she thought she met an expert, and the mistress answered without much hesitation. Ji Yuan also gave a deposit and asked them to deliver the items to his door in two hours.


After Ji Yuan left, the mistress walked back to the shop with a small note left by Ji Yuan.


“Husband, don’t you think it’s strange? Not only was he accurate with the prices, but he also chose the mattress very well. But he always seems to talk with his eyes closed. Now, this is the place he is going to send you. Look at what he wrote.”


The woman could not read, so she handed the note to her husband.


“You care too much, in any case, it’s the first business of this morning.”


The man took the note from the woman’s hand and looked at the paper. The handwriting was neat and strong, even with his rudimentary literary skills, he thought it was good.


“Ss… Ju’an Pavilion at the east corner of Tianniu street…”


“Hey, hey… it couldn’t be that Ju’an Pavilion?”


The woman asked nervously.


“There are still several small Ju’an Pavillions in Tianniu street!! It couldn’t be possible that place was sold?”


The man didn’t look too happy either.




Ji Yuan wandered around the market and bought various household furniture one after another. In addition to bedding and blankets, he also bought towels and basins, as well as some simple furniture, such as washbowls, shelves, closets, brooms and mops. He even found stone furniture and asked the old masters to send a stone table and four stone stools to be put under the jujube tree in the courtyard.


Of course, he didn’t forget to hire several people to clean the house.


In addition, Ji Yuan didn’t forget his previous thoughts, he found a good clothing shop and bought some clothes. He basically copy according to the appearance of the third villa master.


Just for the sake of being more ostentatious, Ji Yuan changed his hair to a short bun and inserted a jade hairpin that was bought for two hundred coins. In addition, there’s fringes on his forehead, hair in both temples, and a not too short length draped his back. This style was not unusual according to common sense here, but it surprisingly fitted him.


Not to mention the fact that fine clothes made fine men. Even though he was not as handsome as Luo Feng, the foundation of this poor beggar was not bad, Ji Yuan now seemed to be quite upright and outstanding.


From Ji Yuan’s understanding, his current self was simply like a model of an ancient costume fashion show!


Everything was almost ready, Ji Yuan went to his residence to welcome the “decoration team”. The road he only walked once was very clear in his mind. He didn’t even need to find someone to lead the way.


Ji Yuan was quite satisfied with the name Ju’an pavilion, and did not plan to change it.


Unlocking the brass lock and opening the gate, the jujube tree in the courtyard was still swaying with the wind. This time, there was only one person. There was no broker who spoke in mumbles and brought him around. Walking into the courtyard, Ji Yuan always felt an indescribably strange feeling.


“Is mister Ji in?”


There was a shout at the door, and there were more than one footsteps.


Ji Yuan had originally set the time to come to the gate after weishi**. But he didn’t expect that the gui bao** of every place in the county had already reached wushi**, and some merchants already arrived at the gate with their own goods. Luckily, he returned early, otherwise they would have to wait here.

**weishi- between 1pm-3pm

**gui bao- similar to a sundial

**wushi- between 11am-1pm

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