Lanke Chapter 22

A Combination of Events

However, Ji Yuan only glanced at the contracts. With his poor eyesight, he could not expect to read what was written on them. In any case, the current Lu Chengfeng was quite trustworthy.


At this time, a tingling and numbing sensation began to spread throughout his body, Ji Yuan quickly focused on it.


The strange thing was that the more he wanted to experience it, the more elusive it became. Instead, if he relaxed his mind and abandoned his thoughts, he could control it.


For a moment, it felt like his body was rising and expanding at an infinite rate. It was as if he could see his meridian turning into surging rivers, and the surrounding blood and bones were like mountains and rivers.


As his mind became more and more free, the feeling of looking at the world became more natural. He was immersed, his consciousness seemed to be transform into a spiritual wind roaming the world with a sense of weightlessness. The mountains and rivers rose and fell. There were the undercurrent and deep pools, misty winds and rains, clear and foggy skies, all kinds of extraordinary images with a myriad of changes and twists….


He was in a trance in this dazzling landscape of mountains, rivers, mists, and stars. Although Ji Yuan could not see it, he felt the existence of the illusory chess piece, floating between heaven and earth.


“Sir Ji, uh, that, according to the official records, this house may be haunted. Did sir already know about it?”


Lu Chengfeng could no longer bear it and wanted to find Ji Yuan to confirm.


But Ji Yuan at the moment had no distracting thoughts and was fully immersed in this rare inner visualization. Lu Chengfeng’s voice came and transformed into a series of rumbling thunderbolts, rising and falling along with the syllables.


This kind of feeling was extremely mystical, which made Ji Yuan feel very exhilarated. At this moment, for the first time, he truly felt that he could definitely have a wonderful life in this world. A smile couldn’t help but appear on his face. The blue spiritual air was probably the legendary ling qi***.


***“Ling qi is the subtlest and most highly refined of all the energies in the human system and the product of the most advanced stages of practice, whereby the ordinary energies of the body are transformed into pure spiritual vitality.” – Chi Gung – Harnessing the Power of the Universe by Daniel Reid.


Lu Chengfeng also smiled. Sir Ji was indeed sir Ji, how could he not see it? Anyone that bought the house might resent that their life was too long, but to sir Ji, it was really a bargain.


“When sir plans to eliminate that filthy thing, does sir want our help?”


Lu Chengfeng asked somewhat expectantly. It’s much more difficult to experience the skills of the mysterious taoist than the martial arts of a master.


But this time he saw Ji Yuan just smiled and didn’t answer. After a while, he saw sir Ji sitting with his eyes slightly closed, happily and contentedly sitting there.


Lu Chengfeng was somewhat embarrassed, thinking that sir must be silently refusing, moreover, he seemed to disturb sir’s practice just now.


“Well, sir, if you need anything, just let me know. We will be in Ning’an for the next two days. We won’t leave until Yan Fei, junior sister Luo and others are more stabilized…”


Ji Yuan still didn’t respond, and Lu Chengfeng didn’t dare to stay, fearing that he would offend him.


“Sir, please have a good rest. Lu Chenfeng retires!”


Lu Chengfeng quietly put down the brush holder on the table, then hurriedly walked away, and gently closed the door.




It took Ji Yuan more than an hour to get out of that feeling, not because he didn’t want to continue, but because he felt that it was getting weaker and weaker and he could no longer hold on to that state.


After coming to his senses, he looked around his room, there were a few documents still on the table. He didn’t know when Lu Chengfeng had left. He had no choice. The situation just now was slightly out of his expectations, he didn’t know that he would completely forgotten himself.


Naturally, he also found the brush holder on the table, and couldn’t help but secretly praised Lu Chengfeng for his consideration.


He picked it up for a closer look.


No need to say, although he had poor vision, if he held the paper close to his face, he could still see the blurred but meticulous texts, the neatly arranged rules, and the various sizes of red seals including the largest official seal.


Although to him the seals were just red blobs of patterns.


In addition to what Lu Chengfeng said, the official also kept a record, it seemed like similar contracts should still be relatively strict.


However, because it was only a piece of paper, it was difficult for him to feel what was written on it. This also made him think of a more serious problem.


Now, he could no longer buy books to learn about the culture and history of this world.


In fact, Ji Yuan always wondered whether he was back in ancient China or simply in a similar world. These past two days, he didn’t have the time to verify.


At this stage, based on his speculation from having close contact with the tiger demon and ghost puppet and seeing the martial arts of Yan Fei and others, Ji Yuan preferred to believe that he was in another space-time.


Perhaps when Lu Chengfeng and others leave the county, should he find a scholar who had extensive knowledge of general history to ask for guidance?


Ji Yuan has always been optimistic. Since the roadblock in the beginning was over, there’s always a way out, so there’s no need to rush to solve them all at once.


Looking at the four treasures of study on the table, Ji Yuan who was in a good mood was carried by a whim and suddenly wanted to try “blind writing”.


Right after grinding the ink stick, there was a strange feeling when he held the brush, it was as if the body remembered, the brushstrokes flowed naturally on the blank paper. Clerical script, seal script, standard script, he could casually weave between the complexity with ease.


“Oh my god, I’m too fucking awesome!!!”


Ji Yuan couldn’t help but let out a low cry of excitement. As for whether the characters were good or not? He felt it must not be bad at all!!


Seemed like this beggar had a story.


Time quickly flew by practicing calligraphy, coupled with the physical exertion, Ji Yuan was somewhat hungry.


Ji Yuan looked at the light outside the window, even if it wasn’t dinner time, it would soon be.


He stood up and stretched his body. He put away the house deeds that were on the table and intended to go meet with the several wounded heroes, and in passing, he would casually remind them it’s time to eat. It’s definitely not because of a free meal, rather, a friendly reminder!


They were all on the third floor, and there were a short distance between the rooms. After leaving the room, he took a few steps along the corridor of the third floor to where the young martial artists were staying.


After all, they have been practicing martial arts since young, and the foundation of their bodies were very good. In addition, they saw a doctor in time, their injuries had stabilized after a few days, and they could even walk around without any accompaniment.


Ji Yuan went to find them but it turned out the rooms were all empty, there was no sound of breathing including Lu Chengfeng’s.


Fortunately, if he listened attentively, he could distinguish the distinctive sounds of boxing and kicking from the cacophony of ambient sounds. It sounded like it was coming from the rear courtyard.




There is a large open space in the rear courtyard of Yun Lai Inn, it’s connected to the two small zhaiyuan that also belong to the inn. It was adjacent to the stable, the fodder and the firewood rooms.


This area could be expanded, but for now, it’s where the inn routinely dried the bed sheets, the beddings, and stored pickled vegetables.


At this moment, there were several wounded people that were resting on the side, while Lu Chengfeng and others were practicing against each other. Many guests and some servants who were not busy for the time being were watching.


Ning’an county was a small and remote place. There were not many people from the wulin, let alone those who are skilled in martial arts. So it was very exciting watching these warriors from Jianghu fight.


The weeping willows blithely sway in the wind followed by the sound of the fists.


When Ji Yuan arrived to the rear courtyard, it was already been blocked by a few servants, even gathered the few cooks, the proprietress, and the two working women.


Lu Chengfeng and a youth named Wang Ke were locked in battle. No weapons were used as the two parties fought with their fists.


Wang Ke can wield a sword, but he’s better at palm technique and Lu Chengfeng is better at fist and claw techniques.


“Pow pow…bang”


At this moment, the two sides happened to parry two blows at each other with their arms, and at the same time they kicked each other. After the heavy blows, Lu Chengfeng spun and slid back. Like a butterfly, Wang Ke flew to the weeping willow behind him and stepped on the trunk, he spun his body and kicked himself off. Borrowing the momentum from the kick, he suddenly struck Lu Chengfeng with his palm.


Just when he stood firm, he sensed the wind crashing at him. Instinctively, he laid down on the ground, using his hands for support, he kicked his left leg toward the palm and lunged Wang Ke a little higher, his right leg which held more power followed closely behind.


“Bang~ bang~”


Wang Ke thought that he had changed his stance fast enough, but the speed and strength of the two consecutive kicks were very strong. His palms against the kicks left him numb, and his body was kicked into the air.


“Watch out!”


Lu Chengfeng shouted a warning while turning his body around, blue veins burst out of his arms that supported the ground.




His left leg was slightly bent and the right leg was upright, his body quivered like a spring ready to pop and he’s doing his utmost to kick Wang Ke into the air.




One leg kicked away his defensive palms and pointed at his stomach, but the strength was obviously reduced in half.


The outcome of this spar was decided and each gracefully landed using their techniques.


The servants in front of Ji Yuan couldn’t help but applaud, their faces filled with excitement.


“Good fight!!”           “Much better than the theater in front of the temple!”


“Incredible, Hero Lu is really amazing!!”


“Hero Wang is not lacking either!!”


“One more, one more!!!”


Ji Yuan also applauded. Although he couldn’t see clearly, he still knew that the fight was exciting based on the silhouettes he saw and the rhythmic beats.


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Lan Ke Qi Yuan

Lan Ke Qi Yuan

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A rotten ax's handle beside the chess game, empty seats between the towering trees, His desired triggered him to place a stone down at the center, and unbeknownst, eons had passed. When he woke up, Ji Yuan found himself as a semi-blind beggar in a dilapidated temple. Armed with only a sword and his wits, he will established himself in this danger-filled world. "


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