Lanke Chapter 12

The Red Fox

In Ji Yuan’s heart, Zhang Shilin and others have been greeted by the eighteenth generation of their ancestors. Although it was for his sake, he saved them after all. Why the hell didn’t they bring him along when they left? They even left without a sound!


The most indignant thing was that Ji Yuan wanted to curse but he didn’t dare to utter a sound. He could only hold it in, making his face red.


It took most of the day for his mood to stabilize.




After he vented his emotion, Ji Yuan sat beside the mountain god.


‘Damn it, what am I going to do now? Should I risk going down the mountain? ‘


Ji Yuan looked at the food and water left by the side of the statue, at least, those guys had some conscience.


As he calmed down, Ji Yuan remembered that he had heard Zhang Shilin calling him when he was asleep, but he was sleeping soundly at that time and maybe didn’t answer.


“In any case, I still save your lives. Couldn’t you guys wait for me to wake up and thank me before leaving or shake me awake….”


Ji Yuan couldn’t help but sighed, this group of merchants had disrupted his plan.


After all, this world is unfamiliar, Ji Yuan originally planned to go down the mountain with the merchants. It would be best if he used the identity as their savior to ask them to find a place to settle down, and make plans then.


Since there was a fierce tiger demon in this world, then there should also be a genuine master. Maybe there would be immortal cultivators or even immortals. Even if his eyes can’t be cured, if he was lucky, he might step into the path of cultivation.


He had already experienced transmigration and already faced a tiger demon head-on. Ji Yuan reckoned that with his continuous encounters with these low probability events, from the perspective of probabilities, it could be said that he was full of good luck.


With such thought, Ji Yuan actually felt a little excited.


Picking up the small sack of food from the ground, he took out a steamed bun and held it in his mouth, then lifted the hemp rope on the bamboo tube and hung it diagonally on his body, and carefully groped and advanced to the outside of the temple.


His eyesight, without talking about the details, was still barely adequate, he could at least see outlines of the surrounding landscape, but he must be careful where he placed his foot.




Just arriving at the gate of the temple, there was a howl of a tiger from far away, in the deep mountain.


Jiyuan shuddered, and his excitement was immediately cooled. He retreated like a conditioned reflex, and then suddenly stepped on something round. His body instantly lost its center of gravity.


“Wham…”   “Bang Dang~”






Ji Yuan stepped on a candle under his feet, then fell backward and bumped into the offering table, he then fell again and collapsed.


“Hiss…hiss……Damn…I’m so unlucky that I can’t drink cold water without getting something stuck in my teeth! ”


Ji Yuan struggled to sit up, and carefully touch the back of his head for pain. He found a big bump and it hurt every time he touched it. Fortunately, the pain was only skin deep, and there should be no problem with his brain.


After resting for a while, Ji Yuan felt better and blankly stared at the small sack and bamboo tube beside him. If he climbed down the mountain and had an accident like this, wouldn’t it be possible for him to be directly reimbursed?


The fall eased Ji Yuan’s impulse to go down the mountain, and if he did it by accident when he was climbing downhill, wouldn’t it be possible for him to claim his expenses directly?


Ji Yuan had always been a person who treasured his life. In fact, he was a person who was afraid of pain. He died in his previous life, although he did not get off to a good start in this life, he still had something to look forward to.




The thunder sounded, and the silver serpent once again danced in the horizon. Ji Yuan was not shocked this time, but seeing that the mountain was about to rain, it seemed even more inappropriate for him to come down the mountain as a semi-blind.


As the saying goes, it’s easy to climb up the mountain, but it’s harder to climb down. Mother, it’s really raining at a good time!


‘How about…I take a break? ‘


“Clatter clatter clatter……”


Before long, the rain began to fall intensively. The mountain weather really changed quickly and irregularly. Ji Yuan didn’t need to worry about it as now he didn’t need to go out for nothing.


Fortunately, Ji Yuan sat in front of the offering table, closed his eyes to collect his mind, and calmed himself down.


Sure enough, as the mind settled, the beautiful, colorless painting slowly emerged in his heart along with the sound of rain. The vivid, beautiful scene bathed in the rain slowly unfolded.


In the heavy rain, Ji Yuan liked to listen to the sound of animals running around. The painting is very dynamic and even reminded Ji Yuan of the smell of barbecue.


Suddenly, Ji Yuan heard a small animal panicking in the rain. It seemed to be running towards the mountain temple. After a short trot, it ran into the temple eaves.


The little animal was still dripping with water droplets, and carefully walked into the mountain temple under the hearing of Ji Yuan, but stopped as soon as he stepped into the temple gate, as if he found Ji Yuan sitting in front of the offering table.


Ji Yuan opened his eyes, in front of him was a blur of light and shadow. The appearance of this small animal was also a vague outline, which seemed to be a little smaller than the native dog.


From his observation in the rain, Ji Yuan knew that it should be a fox.


This kind of animal is relatively timid and will not attack humans, so Ji Yuan was more at ease.


Strictly speaking, this deserted mountain temple belongs to the animals most of the time. Based on the animal excrement in the temple, it can be seen that Ji Yuan and the travel merchants are the passers-by.


They were all taking shelter from the rain, and Ji Yuan had no intention of ​​driving away this fox and it’s boring to be alone.


This was a red fox with relatively vivid fur. The fox stared at Ji Yuan from the temple gate. Seeing the person didn’t respond for a long time, it relaxed a little and hesitated for a while before it walked into the temple. It stuck to the side of the front wall and began to shake its body.




The rainwater on the red fox’s fur was thrown away with the rapid shake of its body, and many drops flew to Ji Yuan, who was a few meters away. Ji Yuan could not help blocking his face with his hands.


When the fox was shaking the water, Ji Yuan could hear the details of the fox more clearly, and its fluffy fur could be seen to the smallest details. Clearly, it is a very beautiful little animal.


This fox was also well-behaved. After shaking the water, he leaned against the wall of the temple gate and rested on his stomach. From time to time, he would vigilantly observe Ji Yuan’s reaction


A man and a fox, one temporarily couldn’t leave, and the other was sheltering from the rain.


At last, Ji Yuan felt somewhat hungry. Naturally he didn’t have anything good to eat, but at least he had a small bag of dry food to fill his stomach.


Fumbling to open the bag and squeezed it with his hand, the dry biscuits were as hard as stones, the steamed bun wasn’t soft but it was much better than the dry biscuit, so he took out a steamed bun.


He tore a small bit off and sniffed it. There’s no mildew smell, so he stuffed it into his mouth and ate it. The more he ate, the more hungry he became. The steamed bun was eaten in less than ten seconds.


Ji Yuan couldn’t help but take another steamed bun, he wolfed it down to solve his hunger and he then stubbornly stopped the urge to eat another one.


This bag was not big. Once the two steamed buns were gone, it shrunk down a bit. He reached out his hand and carefully counted, there were two steamed buns and three dry biscuits left.


As a good young man in the 21st century, he has a legitimate job. Although people always talk about their worries about their livelihood, they never worry about whether they will starve to death. So the response in this aspect was a bit slow. At this moment, he suddenly realized that he would not have enough food.


And even if he went down the mountain, he probably wouldn’t have any relatives and friends to rely on. How would he make a living? What can he do, begging?


“So frustrating ahhhh!!”


Ji Yuan couldn’t help but scream nervously.


Scaring the fox on the side to get up and be on guard.


Instead, it attracted Ji Yuan’s attention.


“Hey, little fox, I don’t have anything to feed you. As a blind man, I do have some steamed buns and biscuits, but you won’t eat them and I won’t give them to you. If you can eat me, it will save me some trouble”




The fox’s hair was slightly parted, his limbs were taut, and hissed at Ji Yuan.


“I’m just joking! It will be good if you can catch a field mouse and a rabbit……”


Ji Yuan’s voice was soft and polite. He felt that his voice and actions just now must have provoked the fox. Even an anxious rabbit would bite, don’t treat the fox as a beast!


A man and a fox didn’t move for a long time. The fox carefully lay down in the corner, Ji Yuan was also relieved and continued to be lost in thought by the table.

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Lan Ke Qi Yuan

Lan Ke Qi Yuan

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A rotten ax's handle beside the chess game, empty seats between the towering trees, His desired triggered him to place a stone down at the center, and unbeknownst, eons had passed. When he woke up, Ji Yuan found himself as a semi-blind beggar in a dilapidated temple. Armed with only a sword and his wits, he will established himself in this danger-filled world. "


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