Lanke: Chapter 4

Hey, I’m still alive!

Even if you see a dead body, shouldn’t you call the police?

Ji Yuan could not understand what was going on in the brains of these people. What they did was tantamount to murder!

Some of the conversations just now were also strange, could it be that these people really have some problems in their brains?

Ji Yuan sense that this group of people was not joking. They really ignored him. After one of them covered himself with a little cloth and put a wet cloth on his forehead, everyone went about their business.

Zhang Shilin told everyone to put the fire closer to the statue of the mountain god, so that the dying beggar wouldn’t freeze to death.

 “Boom, boom, boom……”

Sparks flew from the beating of the flints, and after a few strokes a small piece of tinder was set on fire.

“There we go, add firewood!”

“Coming, coming.”

“Don’t overdo it! !”

They put in the small branches and carefully guarded the flames, which soon set ablazed.

The merchants then set up their earthen stoves and put their iron pots on them. Some also took bamboo tubes from the temple entrance to fill it with rainwater and poured the water into the pots to boil. Everything was done in an orderly way.

When the work was done, the merchants relaxed temporarily and sat down on the ground to rest.


The sky was full of rolling thunder and the rain showed signs of strengthening.

The merchants who waited for the water to boil looked at the rain outside the temple in bewilderment.

“Will the rain be over before night falls?”

Someone sighs worriedly.

“Look at the state it’s pouring. It won’t stop for a while!”

Another casually answered while tightening his clothes.

“What a cold spring rain!”

“It seems that the thin cows and horses will have difficulty surviving until February 8th ah!”

A crowd huddled around a small fire, with the damp clothes were hung on one side by a thin temple pole.

The lid of the iron pot became restless as the temperature of the water rose, and soon afterward, “ping-pong” began to shake up.

“The water is boiling!”

Liu Quan said with a smile, and pulled a wooden ladle from the basket, while other merchants took out their wooden bowls or bamboo tubes.

One by one, Liu Quan took wooden bowls and bamboo tubes, filled them with boiled water, and handed them back.

A young man opened a basket and took out a cloth bag. The bag was filled with varicolored millet cakes and other rations. He held the bag and shared it with others one by one.

“Here.””Take it!”

“Brother Zhao, your favorite steamed buns!”


Every time the young man distributed the food to someone, some patted him on the arm and some thanked him, he quickly reached Zhang.

“Brother Shilin! Steamed buns and millet cakes. What do you want?”

Zhang Shilin glanced at the cloth bag.

“Give me the millet cake!”


The young man took out a millet cake and handed it to Zhang Shilin, who then nodded. He then returned the bag to the basket and took a steamed buns for himself.

Someone had already blown the boiled water in the wooden bowl, just cooled it a little and started eating the dry food.

In the process, Ji Yuan could hear the crackling of firewood, the bubbling of the water and the popping of the pot lid. He could even hear the sound of ladle water and the stilled chatter.

This is too fucking real, this group of people actually started eating one by one. They really did not care about his fate ah!

“Shilin, when we were in Shuixian Town, I heard that Bullhip Mountain had not been very stable in recent years. No one stays on the mountain at night. If the rain keeps falling, won’t we have to spend the night in the mountain?”

The man who spoke was a middle-aged man nibbling on a flat cake. His name was Jin Shunfu. His face was full of deep, interlocking wrinkles.

Zhang Shilin looked out at the rain.

“It shouldn’t be a problem to be careful at night, and..”

He looked at where Ji Yuan was lying.

“This beggar should have been here for quite some time already, he is still fine. With so many of us here, even if a tiger came, we would scare it away. “

The youngsters who had been dividing up their food got a shiver and choked on water.

“Cough, cough. Cough. Cough……Bro-brother Shilin, don’t scare me! !! Is there really a tiger on this mountain?”

“Ha ha ha ha”          “This kid, ha ha ha”

“Little Dong, you have to work on your guts. Ha ha ha”

The people around the young man all laughed. The young man had only been in the group for less than two months. Moreover, he was very diligent. Those who were familiar with him all shared the same hometown so they took good care of him.

Zhang Shilin smiled and looked at Wang Dong.

“Xiao Dong, this mountain peak is so deep in the forest. If you were to calculate, this forest spans over 100km. It’s normal that there would be a few ferocious beasts. But we will be fine, all the roads we took are outside of the forest.”

This Bullhip Mountain really was not Bullhead Mountain? Beast? Shuixian Town?

Ji Yuan became more and more confused, how did he get from Mt. Bullhead to Mt. Bullhip, the beast refers to the tiger?  On the other hand, the name of Daffodil Town was unimportant as China was so big, the .

The merchants around the fire were talking and laughing. Zhang Shilin noticed that Jin shunfu was still frowning, so he leaned over and asked in a low voice.

“Old Jin, what’s wrong? What exactly did you hear from Shuixian Town?”

Jin Shunfu swallowed the biscuits with a mouthful of hot water, looked to his left and right and answered Zhang Shilin in a low voice.

“Shilin, I’ve heard from some people that this mountain might have a monster ….”

For some reason, these words gave Zhang Shilin’s goose bumps.

“At that time, I only thought of it as a joke. We went here twice last year and nothing had happened. But now, I suddenly feel an indescribable nervousness. Shilin, please don’t laugh at me”

The sentence Jin Shunfu added in addition to the explanation was more like a consolation to himself.

“Stop scaring yourself and rest!”

 Zhang Shilin patted the arm of Jin shunfu. Whenever they go out, they have this little private rule, whether it was day or night, they absolutely can not pat people on the shoulder.

There was also another person in the temple who also got goosebumps. That was the semi-vegetative, Ji Yuan.

What these people said did not sound like they were joking, nor was it an act. To be honest, if it was an act, Ji Yuan was confident that he could hear the sound of the venue and the filming equipment, he was sure there were only twelve people here besides himself.

The sound of footsteps creeping up, pulling Ji Yuan thoughts back to his mind.

Zhang Shilin carried a wooden bowl to the side of the beggar. He touched his forehead. It was still hot, and his breath was so weak that it seemed as if it did not exist. He carefully examined the beggar. Although his face was dirty, there was no festering spot.

After a moment of hesitation, Zhang Shilin stretched his hand to lift up his head a little, holding a wooden bowl over the edge of his cracked lips.

“There’s not much we can do. Please drink”

A small amount of warm water leaked from the corners of Ji Yuan’s mouth, but a lot was able to flow into the mouth and into his stomach.

The warm water moistening his inside, leaving him much more comfortable.

This voice Ji Yuan could recognize. He was the one that everyone mentioned “Brother Shilin”, “Shilin”, “Leader Zhang”, that was Zhang Shilin.

It was clear that this man was not crazy, nor was anyone else. An extremely strong suspicion was born in his mind.

Did he really transmigrate?

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