IGD Ch96

“Do you know that everyone in the Huo family is in danger recently, and their defensive tactics are just like stacking buffs on top of each other? What is the name of this generation of family owners whose qualifications are particularly mediocre? Huo Jianxing? It is said that they are scared to death. ”

Qin Youyou glowed with invincible gossip in her eyes and swallowed a mouthful of milk tea: “and you know, the Huo family has been retaliated by this fierce ghost nine times, each time it is a river of blood.”

Jiang Zhao bowed his head and wiped his sword. Listening to this remark, Jiang Zhao looked up at her and said, “A river of blood?”

Qin Youyou coughed a little sheepishly: “bragging and boasting, but I have dug through the records from my grandfather’s whole house, which is somewhat true.”

Jiang Zhao agrees that although the Qin family is not the best in strength, it is the longest-spread family of metaphysics, and their collection of books can be called a record of the history of metaphysics.

“A river of blood” must be an exaggeration. Jiang Zhao knows very well that the evil spirit is on are obviously not so bloody.

But as soon as he thought of this, the sword in his hand buzzed and startled Qin Youyou: “how do you do that?”

Jiang Zhao: “I suddenly want to cut ghosts.”

Qin Youyou: “……”

Miss Qin moved her buttocks and sat three meters away from Jiang Zhao.

“Yes,” Qin Youyou tried to change the subject. “didn’t you go to see the mountain near Huo’s house a week ago? Didn’t you meet that evil ghost? ”

Jiang Zhao’s face was even darker and gloomier.

Qin Youyou: “……” It’s over, don’t step on the landmine again.

” No, “Jiang Zhao took a breath and stood up” All I saw was a group of ghosts who had never hurt anyone, so I left directly. ”

Qin Youyou: “the reason why you didn’t see visitors for a week after you came back was because you didn’t cut down any ghost? ”

Jiang Zhao did not want to mention this matter very much, and the sword buzzed again.

Qin Youyou: “…… Ok, I won’t say anything. ”

Jiang Zhao went straight out of the house and said, “you want to have fun. The snacks are in the cupboard. I’m going to take up an assignment. ”

Qin Youyou gently touched a bag of potato chips to open, wheezing at the same time, he could not help but pity the evil spirits that were about to bump into the grumpy young master.

Maybe it will make them cry for their mother and father.

Jiang Zhao’s sword pierced a ghost, and when the spirit of the ghost dissipated, he put away his sword, but accidentally caught a glimpse of a very pale blue mark on his wrist.

Jiang Zhao: “.”

In fact, this is the reason why he stayed inside for a week.

He doesn’t know where the goddamn ghost came from to find the jade to make the jade body attached to it, and then it was just like a real human being, and even used the magic spell to warm the jade.

He didn’t know why he accepted the invitation to the devil– in short, he only remembered that when he was holding the tree, he looked at the other person’s white Adam’s apple and suddenly wanted to take a bite.

So he did the same thing.

And then who knows why he became the victim of that?!

He also recalled clearly what the demon said in a low hoarse voice, those words that made him so ashamed that he wanted to draw his sword and cut people.

As a result, as soon as he woke up, he found that he was sleeping on the bed at home, and he was obviously blue and black, and there were even half tooth marks on his cheek.

Jiang Zhao swore from that moment.

Let him meet this evil ghost again. He must cut the other side out of his mind!

“excuse me. Are you Master Jiang? ”

Jiang Zhao was stunned slightly and looked back, only to see a pale young man in a wheelchair coming slowly in a wheelchair.

Jiang Zhao has seen him. The Huo family’s only young master of Huo Shu, but it is said that he has been attacked by ghosts since he was born, and he only sits in a wheelchair when he was young.

However, there was little communication between them. Jiang Zhao seldom attended family-to-family social banquets, only at some metaphysical showdown matches or the suppression of fierce ghosts, and Huo Shu was also too weak to learn the magic spell because he was too weak. The two of them never said a sentence.

“Huo Shu?” Jiang Zhao still holds the sword in his hand, “what can I do for you?”

Huo Shu saw that he was on guard and coughed gently. “Master Jiang rest assured that I’m just a loser and won’t pose a threat to you,” Huo Shu said.

Jiang Zhao frowned and did not agree with his concept of “calling a useless person”, but he still said nothing.

Huo Shu also explained that he had come to see Jiang Zhao. Their family has recently been haunted by evil spirits, and they can be attacked by evil spirits at any time. The family hopes that Jiang Zhao will be hired to go to the Huo family for a month.

“ghosts will only riot within one month of winter every year,” Huo Shu said. “I know this may be a little difficult for you, but we can provide you with the best spiritual equipment to save the Huo family. Whatever you need, the Huo family will give it to you with all their strength.”

“in addition, the Huo family will regard you as the elder, second only to the Huo family. If you need it in the future, the whole Huo family will be your help. ”

Jiang Zhao looked at him impassively, as if he were thinking about whether it was worth agreeing to.

But he had already had the answer in his heart. Huo’s top-grade spiritual equipment are hard to get, and the their family elders can walk sideways in the field of metaphysics. But to let Huo Shu give such a heavy promise, Jiang Zhao does not think that he is too worth it, this only shows a problem-that the evil spirit is too powerful.

Even if the powerful Huo family spent all their financial and material resources, it was difficult to stop it, so they only sought help from others.

But what on earth does the Huo family do to humanize ghosts and hate them?

Jiang Zhao frowned and turned directly: “I don’t need it.”

Huo Shu’s face changed: “wait a minute.”… ”

“but I’m going to kill that ghost,” Jiang Zhao said without replying. “other things have nothing to do with me.”

Huo Shu blushed for a while, but finally turned into a smile: “take care.”

Jiang Zhao said that he would kill ghosts, but he would not bother to take care of the Huo family.

Huo Shu gritted his teeth secretly, and a trace of darkness passed through the bottom of his eyes.


Jiang Zhao stayed at the hotel near Huo’s house on the seventh night, the night of the full moon.

He opened his eyes abruptly during meditation and picked up his long sword, which he put in his backpack.

Evil spirits come and go.

In front of Huojiazheng Town Mountain Battle, countless ways were filled with golden light, each of which was impregnable, but it was so powerful that it was as if endless “ghosts” were torn open the paper, and it was easy to break one by one.

The Huo’s heavenly masters look pale, and their hands are trembling when they are “holding the spirit of their own life”-have they ever seen such a terrible ghost? Even Zhenshan Battalion has easily torn apart, so how long do they resist?

Some people have begun to regret agreeing to the Huo family to help this time, who knows that they thought it is only easy to make money, but become a life-threatening thing?!


Huo Shu pushed his wheelchair and coughed and walked from the rear of the mansion.

Among the heavenly masters, someone immediately jumped up and said, “Master Huo! You, you never said that your family should defend against evil spirits. You are trying to trick us to death! ”

The path above the sky is covered by layers of ghosts, but at this moment it seems to be killing frightening a number of heavenly masters.

But Huo Shu smiled and said, “Don’t panic. The Huo family is ready to do something about it, but it will not harm you.”

As he said that, he held a black bead in his hand that seemed plain, but as soon as the moonlight shone, the bead reflected the light of “faint green”.

Among the heavenly masters, an old man immediately exclaimed, “Infernal Ghost Prison?”

Others also looked at the bead in shock. The Infernal Ghost Prison was sealed with “the most ferocious” evil ghost since ancient times, and this small bead is the key to open the Infernal Ghost Prison.

“After a while, I will open the crack in the Infernal Ghost Prison,” Huo Shu said with a smile. “Please help me to lure the evil spirit into it, and I can seal him directly.”

The heavenly masters were immediately relieved to lure evil spirit, which is much easier than to kill evil spirits directly, at least they don’t necessarily need to die.

And under their nervous gaze, the last formation was finally broken.

“the Huo family.”

Xiao Siye stood in the air, entangling the layers of ghosts around him as if he had just stepped out of the grave, and his bloodless, jade and white face added to his evil nature: “Huo family, the tenth generation, I will keep my promise.”

He hooked up the corners of his lips, the “ghost gas condensed” sharp blade in his hand, and pointed to Huo Shu below.

But at the moment when the ghost was about to fall, suddenly a dazzling golden light flashed by, and the scabbard of the long sword was in a thunderous situation, and the ghost blade burst out a series of sparks in the air.

Then one person and one ghost suddenly bounced back. Jiang Zhao shook his hands and looked at the evil spirit. He was not surprised but delighted. He was really worth a dozen evil spirits!

The golden and black shadow was entangled in the air at a speed indiscernible to the naked eye, and the heavenly masters were stunned below, marveling while looking at them, saying that with their strength they could not help at all, but stood below to cheer on.

Huo Shu, on the other hand, narrowed his eyes and turned the beads in his hands for a moment, then stopped.

“it’s time.”

Jiang Zhao was inextricably separated from the “evil spirits” in the air, and suddenly he felt that there was a smell of horror.

The next moment, he was suddenly raised by the former evil spirit. Jiang Zhao did not hesitate to stab the sword into the devil’s shoulder, while he was hugged directly by the evil ghost around his waist and into his arms.

“You really don’t lighten your hand at all, young master Jiang, “the devil gave a low smile.” A dewy marriage can be regarded as a hundred favors. ”

“scram.” Jiang Zhao replied without hesitation, but the sword in his hand did not go any deeper. He suddenly looked back at something that had just come from the attack.

That’s a crack.

It appeared out of thin air, which is inexplicably dark and looks down on everything, but it has very strong suction and drags them into it.

Not only he but also Xiao Siye was sucked out of control.

At the bottom, the heavenly masters immediately exploded a pot of porridge: “Huo Shao, Master Jiang is still up there!”

“What are we going to do?”

“they’re going to be sucked into the Infernal Ghost prison together!”

Those who go to prison never survive.

Huo Shu explained without hesitation: “do not panic, I have secretly discussed with Master Jiang, as soon as he is sent to the prison, I will save him.”

The others looked at each other for a moment: “really?”

Huo Shu smiled flawlessly: “of course.”

However, when he saved him, Jiang Zhao would be left with only one body, or fragmentary limbs. He can’t guarantee it.

In the air, one person and one ghost were completely swallowed by the crack.

Jiang Zhao had heard of Infernal Ghost Prison, but he never thought he would come to such a crappy place.

In the ghost room, the stench of countless evil spirits came to his face, and Jiang Zhao frowned with a sword in his hand, feeling that some evil spirits smelled much better after that.

Countless “evil spirits” stared at them greedily and crazily, especially at Jiang Zhao, a living person, as if they were going to pounce on him and tear him to pieces.

But they all seemed to be afraid of something, deadlocked beside him, and did not jump on him the first time.

Xiao Siye suddenly grabbed his wrist and said, “come with me.”

Jiang Zhao: “?”

The body is light, the next moment, he is also carried by Xiao Siye with layers of something to cover another space, which is obviously still an endless ghost prison.

In the green ghost fire, he saw a coffin.

Without waiting for him to ask what it was, Xiao Siye pushed open the lid of the coffin, first lay down and waved to him: “come in?”

Jiang Zhao: “……”

What’s wrong with you?


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