IGD Ch91


The sun is shining.

In the courtyard of the old house, the carefully manicured vegetation is lush and lively, and the koi in the fountain gently swings its tail and raises a small splash.

In the bedroom on the second floor, Huo Shu is trying to move himself from the bed to a wheelchair.

It was just such a simple action, but it took nearly half an hour. The forehead and the tip of the nose were covered with sweat. He knocked his body on the armrest and pedal of the wheelchair more than once, and his pale skin was blue. Fortunately, the position under the waist was basically numb, but not painful.

Finally, he sat in a wheelchair by perseverance and breathed a sigh of relief.

The door of his room was pushed open by the babysitter, and when he saw him sitting in a wheelchair, the nanny almost exclaimed, anxious and worried, “Young Master, why didn’t you call us when you woke up? Are you tired? ”

The nanny wiped the sweat on the sideburns with a handkerchief. Huo Shu smiled a little embarrassed, and his cheeks became a little red: “it’s all right, I just want to try.”

“and I won’t be in a wheelchair forever, the doctor said. As long as I rebuild it, it’s possible for me to stand up. “Huo Shu smiled expectantly.” what if I can get out of bed and walk tomorrow? ”

Huo Shu’s eyes were bright, and it was a 17-year-old boy’s optimism and imagination about the future, so the nanny was silent for a moment and bowed her head.

“Sir,” the nanny whispered, “what kind of breakfast would you like to have today? I’ll take it to your room. Do you want to read a book? I’ll bring you that book yesterday, too. ”

Huo Shu looked out of the window at the wonderful weather and said casually, “No more reading today. The sun is so fine. I want to go for a walk.”

The nanny’s face swept across a trace of tension: “Sir, the doctor said, your body needs to be well taken care of, in case the wind blows.”

Huo Shu had to sigh: “all right, don’t worry, I’ll stay in my room. Auntie, I want to eat fried ham today. ”

The nanny breathed a sigh of relief, went to get Huo Shu half of the book she saw yesterday, and then went outside the door: “then wait a minute, I’ll go and make breakfast.”

When the nanny’s footsteps faded away outside, Huo Shu blinked and put down the book that he had not read a few lines at all.

He manipulated the wheelchair, slowly came to the door and opened the door. It takes a lot of effort to adjust the angle of the door, but when you walk into the hallway and feel the air that seems to be different from that in the room, the tiredness of the movement is swept away. instead, it was replaced by a small smile that achieved some kind of achievement.

He follow the corridor on the second floor and control the wheelchair all the way to the staircase. Although he could not get down the stairs, there was a newly built elevator next to the stairs, which Grandpa had specially rebuilt in order to make it easier for him to go downstairs.

He came all the way to the elevator. As soon as he was about to press the downstairs button, he heard Grandpa’s voice coming downstairs: “have those two children come yet?”

Huo Shu was stupefied.

Children? Have any of the relatives’ children come to visit?

However, Grandpa has always spoiled him, was worried about his lack of friends and introverted personality, and wanted to find him to be friends with him.

This time, Grandpa should also be afraid of him being too lonely, so he found someone else to come here.

Huo Shu stretched out immediately, wanting to slip away before the two children who didn’t know him came to talk to him.

When the elevator case lit up, he looked happily at the number of the LCD screen, but suddenly heard a shrill voice coming from downstairs:

“Dad! Why did have to pick up that bastard? ”

Then Huo Shu heard his grandfather knock on his crutch: “that’s not a bastard.”

“that’s my first grandson, the exiled grandson of the Huo family,” Grandpa Huo said, which made him tremble. “Why, what do you think of the blood of the Huo family?”

There was a sudden silence downstairs, and after a moment, Zhuang Xinrou’s trembling voice sounded:”But, but, you’re hurting Xiao Shu’s heart like this, suddenly taking the older one …”

“I heard what the doctor said.”

Grandfather Huo’s slow words completely plunged the atmosphere of the living room into deathly silence.

When the elevator reached the second floor, it made a slight “ding” sound and opened slowly, revealing the spacious car.

But Huo Shu, who had long been positioned in front of the elevator door, remained motionless, as if he had been fixed.

“the leg Xiao Shu is completely necrotic and can not be repaired. He will have to sit in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. He is so weak that it is impossible for me to hand over the Huo family to him in the future. The Huo family must have an excellent heir. I have observed him for a long time. He is a steady child. ”

Huo Shu could no longer hear the sound behind him.

He looked at the elevator door that closed slowly in front of him, looking a little dazed. The old house was bought by his grandfather when he was young. Since Grandma died, the furnishings here have not been touched at all. When a servant changed the position of the two furnishings while cleaning, Grandpa was furious and asked the servant to scram out of the Huo family.

But Grandpa is willing to destroy the original appearance of the old house and build a special elevator for use, which is a favor that even Dad has never had. Grandpa has always thought that Grandpa is eccentric and he will leave the Huo family to him.

However, they are now talking to each other, and said that his legs can’t stand up.

On the other hand, the most trusted grandfather has long begun to pay attention to another child, which means that the Huo family in the future cannot have anything to do with this loser who will be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

Huo Shu did not know how he came to the yard. He just felt a little confused. He felt like a rusty machine. even his head became a little slow.

From an early age, he doesn’t feel like he belongs in a family. His mother, whom his father did not love, he heard that his father had a love affair, but later he had to separate from his girlfriend in order to marry her. And the mother is not enthusiastic about this marriage, and always hates his weak and incompetent father. He has been here for a long time, but even he rarely sees his parents at the same dinner table.

In the lonely and helpless 17 years, only Grandpa tolerated everything without embarrassment. The majestic man, however, coax the baby when he cry and change his diaper, and when he got good grades at school, he smiled and touched his head with the broad palm of his hand.

But it turned out that those relatives who he thought were extremely precious could not compare with a Huo’s “heir”.

Grandpa has a grandson, and Grandpa doesn’t need him anymore.

No, maybe he was wrong in the first place. Grandpa loved and spoiled him, but he had a healthy body at that time, could run and jump, and could perfectly become the heir Grandpa wanted.

Now that he is crippled, of course Grandpa doesn’t like him.

Huo Shu manipulated the wheelchair in a trance and wandered boundlessly through the trees in the yard until he saw the koi pond not far away.

Leaning behind the rockery, the sun is shining, but is bound by the shadow of the rockery.

Just like his legs, he will be imprisoned by this wheelchair forever.

It turned out that when the babysitter took care of him, she occasionally showed the kind of loving look, as well as the occasional regret, is not an illusion.

They knew that he crippled, and could not stand up, he was the only one foolishly believing the words of the doctor who had long been bribed by their mother, holding on to the hope that had long been extinguished, like a fool.

Yes he is just a fool.

A fool who has lost his legs, lost his love, lost all the light he has for the rest of his life, and has been abandoned by the whole world.

Huo Shu gently touched his face. He doesn’t know when it was full of tears.

“Brother! There are fish! ”

A bright and crisp child’s voice came from not far away. Huo Shu was stiff, subconsciously curled up into the shadow, and then carefully looked through the cracks in the rockery and looked in the direction of the sound.

A tall and straight shadow appeared in the line of sight.

Handsome face, amber eyes like the most exquisite gem, a touch of warm gold in the sun.

He was followed by a ten-year-old child, thin and white, looking very cute, blinking curiously to look at the pool of koi.

“all right, take a look and go,” the young man rubbed the curly end of the child’s hair and smiled apologetically at the housekeeper. “excuse me, my brother likes these things and can’t walk at the sight of beautiful fish.”

The housekeeper hesitated, this is the first time to see this young master “how can we let the Huo family master wait?” It’s just for such a trivial matter.

However, at the thought of the owner’s orders, the housekeeper could only respond.

Xiao Nian got permission and immediately ran happily to the side of the koi pond and squatted down on the edge of the pond: “Hello!”

Xiao Siye stood beside him, with some helplessness and connivance to accompany his brother, always taking care not to let him accidentally fall into the pool.

This kind of natural Brotherhood, which can not be inserted at all, makes Huo Shu’s felt as if it was being gripped.

He also fantasized about such feelings from an early age, and there were few children of the same age with his relatives, and he did not like those flattering, calculating eyes from an early age, so when he was young, he was alone.”

But Zhuang Xinrou and Huo Jianxing are at odds with each other, and it is impossible to have new brothers and sisters, so it is impossible to have this kind of pure love.

But what you don’t have, you want.

He regarded his grandfather’s favor as a treasure, but it was never an everlasting dream.

Huo Shu’s life may be trapped in this small square meter, he can not struggle, can not escape.

Huo Shu’s fundus gradually emerged gray color, he turned his head, wanted to control the wheelchair back and do not want to look at the two brothers.

“Brother, these fish have never seen the sea. Aren’t they lonely?”

Xiao Nian’s voice is full of innocence, “you see, they have been trapped in this small pool, not free at all.”

Xiao Siye squatted down beside him, looked down with him, and asked, “do you want to put them back to the sea?”

Xiao Nian nodded immediately: “I also want to see what the sea is like. Brother, you haven’t taken me there yet.”

Xiao Siye just smiled: “but you know, as soon as these koi get to the sea, they die.”

Xiao Nian’s eyes widen.

“some fish are born in the pond, and only here can the fish survive.” Xiao Siye explained to him patiently, and Huo Shu heard the words clearly, with a mocking smile on his lips.

Fish is not the fish raised in the pond, no freedom, no future, like a rice worm, is raised to death in this way.

“but that doesn’t mean that only the sea is the direction that all fish ponds should chase,” Xiao Siye added. “even if they live in this small pool all their lives, they can see the courtyards and rockery that they don’t have by the seaside. They can see the flowers in the capital in March and the rain in April, and even if they encounter a rainy day, they will not be swept to the shore by the waves.”

“they can have a life that is completely different from the fish in the sea, and they don’t have to worry about eating and drinking. This kind of stability is something that fish in the sea can’t pursue all their lives. Can you say that this kind of life must be bad for koi?”

Xiao Nian subconsciously shook his head: “then I think it’s better to live in the pool…. Living in the sea and being eaten by sharks. ”

Shaw also laughed: “Yes, so not every fish’s goal is the sea. Being able to bask in the sun and swim around in this small pool can also be called freedom for koi. ”

Not every fish’s goal is the sea.

Even though he had gone the wrong way, at this moment, Huo Shu’s eyes were uncontrollably attracted by the shadow in the distance.

He was like a little mouse in a sewer. When he was very hungry and messy, he suddenly saw a dog and handed him a handful of warm and dry rice.

The sun was bathed in golden sunshine, so warm that it didn’t seem to be true.

Huo Shu suddenly realized that maybe what he wanted was not the inheritance of the Huo family.

He just yearns for a share, which can belong to the warmth of life.

For example, a person who only belongs to him.


Huo Shu put the tie clip under the neckline and smiled happily at Xiao Siye, like the innocent 17-year-old child many years ago.

“the doctor said that I can only stay in shape for a few months,” he tilted his head. “but I think it’s not bad that it ends now?”

As he said, he pressed the button for wheelchair support.

The explosion sounded from behind the cruise ship, screams, exclamations, and footsteps sounded in a mess on the deck, while Huo Shu seemed to enjoy it very much. He looked at Xiao Siye without blinking and chuckled:

“stay with me, brother.”

Shizun: Hou Shu just wants family affection

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