IGD Ch86part1


“What … what the hell is going on here?”

Until getting in the car, Weiyu hasn’t come back from the shock.

Jiang Zhao calmly took off his dirty robe: “It’s a fake blood bag. There’s a scene that needs to be used today, so I took two and put them on my body.”

Wei Yu was stunned for a moment: “Aren’t they frisked? My mobile phones have been taken away … ”

“It’s tied to the waist, and it’s protected by a belt layer by layer. Guess they didn’t touch it.” Jiang Zhao slowly untied his upper body clothes and took the shirt handed by Xiao Si.ye “Why else do you think I can be so calm?”

Wei Yu: “So … idol, you’ve been acting?”

He looked at Xiao Siye in an incredible way again: “You … you are?”

Xiao Siye thought for a moment: “Should I be a film winner?”

I watched them both in front of the car seat for a long time, and finally confirmed a fact-this is a play played by two film winners!

And he’s the one who’s been played.

……. No, the one who has the biggest kind of resentment is obviously the one who controls the robot.

Wei Yu’s heart was barely comfortable, and he wanted to say something, but Xiao Siye raised his eyebrows to look at him: “Do you want to keep watching?”

Before Wei Yu answered, the shutter in the back seat was raised.

Wei Yu: “…”

When the shutter closed, Jiang Zhao untied the clothes that had been badly stained by fake blood, wiped the red color on the white skin with wet wipes, and put on the shirt.

When he changed his trousers, he took advantage of the opportunity to look at Xiao Siye and wanted him to bring his changed trousers.

Haven’t talk, Xiao Siye then conveniently leaned over, put his arms around his waist and kissed him.

…… and then was blocked by Jiang Zhao’s hand.

“Wait a minute,” Jiang Zhao said with a trace of meaning in his eyes. “Did I say I was dead?”

Xiao Siye looked him in the eye at a close distance, and his warm lips grazed Jiang Zhao’s palm.

A few seconds later, he suddenly lowered his head and buried the tip of his nose in Jiang Zhao’s neck.


His voice was calm, but his arms tightened and he trembled slightly.

He and Jiang Zhao did act all the time. When the video communication started, Jiang Zhao blinked at him three times slowly.

That’s Jiang Zhao’s habit that not many people know. When he needs to enter the play immediately, he will blink to adjust his state. This is his hint to Xiao Siye.

But it’s one thing to see the hint, but it’s another thing to really act it out. This thrilling play has no script at all; it is all improvised.

Their purpose is to drag out Xiao Siye’s men to stop Huo Shu and find the warehouse. However, at the moment of answering the wrong question, Xiao Siye did not deny that his always calm heart really began to panic.

Jiang Zhao wore a conspicuous white suit, and it was so obvious whether the knife was stabbed in or whether the blood came out, that he couldn’t hide from Huo Shu at the other end of the monitoring system.

How could he really do something to Jiang Zhao?

But when Jiang Zhaon came up and took his hand, Xiao Siye saw his eyes.

Be decisive, firm, and not hesitate.

With strong conviction and faith, it seems that there is light flashing.

It’s like in the stage play where they participated together many years ago, the prop sword had an accident and broke in the hands of Xiao Siye. At that moment, Jiang Zhao came at his arms without hesitation, blocking the broken sword with his chest, as if Xiao Siye had stabbed the sword into his body.

That moment’s eyes almost overlapped with Jiang Zhao’s now.

After a long silence, Jiang Zhao’s hand was gently placed on Xiao Siye’s back.

“Actually, I shouldn’t say anything,” he said with very light voice. “Because I was … the same before.”

When he thought Xiao Siye was just an ordinary person with no background, he once hid the story of Huo Shu and didn’t tell Xiao Siye at the first time.

In the final analysis, they are both think that they can hide from their lovers and bear all the difficulties and dangers.

But he always forgets that trust and honesty are always the most important factors in a relationship.

When Jiang Zhao made a mockery of Xiao Siye in the warehouse, he was not scolding himself for being arbitrary and big.

“Even if it’s even this time,” Jiang Zhao said softly, “it’s agreed that nothing can be hidden from each other in the future.”

Xiao Siye hugged him tightly: “Here you go.”

“What misunderstandings should be explained in time before?” Jiang Zhao thought for a moment and added, “Just like that video.”

Speaking of which, Xiao Siye’s movements froze again.

The things you hid before …

He really remembered something.

For example, because Song Xinglan was an eyesore, he wanted Jiang Zhao to feel sorry for himself, so he deliberately ate so much Sichuan food and went to the hospital.

For example, in that variety show, Jiang Zhao didn’t fish with his boat, and his dark thoughts surged up again, deliberately letting the thorn on the back of the fish cut his hand.


Jiang Zhao felt someone’s silence.

Jiang Zhao: “? So you really have something to hide from me. ”

Xiao Siye: “… well, let’s talk about it first.”

Jiang Zhao: “…”

He felt that the man who held himself had tightened his arms a little as if he was afraid of him, he didn’t want him.

Jiang Zhao couldn’t help feeling funny, and his voice slowed down a bit: “Ok, go ahead, I won’t get angry.”

Ten minutes later.

Jiang Zhao: “You tricked me.”

Xiao SIye: “…No.”

Jiang Zhao: “Why did you trick Lao Tzu!”

Xiao Siye hugged him abruptly in his arms: “Didn’t you say you wouldn’t get angry?”

He almost gave Jiang Zhao a little grievance.

d face injustice? ! Why didn’t you see him wronged when he was disabled?

“Xiao Siye,” Jiang Zhao’s voice was cool. “If you don’t loosen it, don’t sleep in my bed this month.”

Xiao Siye: “…………………”

Being ordered big and threatened in such a scary way. Emperor Xiao’s whole back is cold, and he hurriedly loosened Jiang Zhao and sat up straight beside him.

Then, he quietly stretched out a hand and wanted to hold Jiang Zhao’s hand.

Jiang Zhao slaps the back of his hand without hesitation.

Xiao Siye: “…”

Obviously, the shutter can’t completely cover all the voices, so when getting off the car, Wei Yu saw his smelly-faced idol and Emperor Xiao coaxing softly beside the idol.

Jiang Zhao ignored him and entered the police station alone.

Xiao Siye who was left behind: “…”

Wei Yu: “Is my brother angry?”

Xiao Siye glanced at him: “Who’s your brother?”

Wei Yu: “My brother is my brother.”

Xiao Siye: “Then I am your sister-in-law.”

Wei Yu: “…Idol, do you know that your lover is so shameless!

In the police station, Wei Yu’s parents had been waiting there for a long time. When they saw their unharmed son, their eyes immediately turned red, and they hugged their child and began to cry.

Wei Yu has a big heart and walked over to coax his parents. Jiang Zhao glanced at him and whispered, “This kid wants to be admitted to the Film Academy.”

Xiao Siye turned to look at him.

“The role of Song Xinglan, I told Director Chen, will be remade,” Jiang Zhao mused. “Can you let him?”

Before Xiao Siye opened, Jiang Zhao added, “Forget it. You don’t have to say it. You have no right to express your opinion now.”

Xiao Siye: “…”

It was already ten hours after the police station finished the statement.

The process still has to go, but no one expects Huo Shu to be caught out so simply. He has perfectly hidden his figure behind the scenes, and even if he can catch the “murderer”, it is mostly the scapegoat he pushed out.

“But since he didn’t show off this time, I can contact Grandpa here,” Xiao Siye said on the way back. “He will be grounded at home for at least a month.”

Jiang: “… grounded?”

What is the atmosphere of this house? Is it a drama of the Qing Dynasty?

“My grandfather is more arbitrary and … traditional,” Xiao Siye shrugged his shoulders. “So I let him out, just because I didn’t want him to be influenced by the atmosphere of the Huo family. Fortunately, he is not the blood of the Huo family, and my grandfather won’t stop him. ”

Jiang Zhao was very confused. Seeing that he was still confused, Xiao Siye smiled softly: “I didn’t lie to you before. Nian is really my only relative.”

“Strictly speaking, I am the illegitimate child of the Huo family.”

Then, Jiang Zhao and Xiao Siye finished this complicated drama of the big family’s blood relationship.

Xiao Siye’s mother’s name is Tan Fei. She is not from a wealthy family, but a writer living in Beijing. She met Xiao Siye’s biological father Huo Jianxing because of a party accident.

When Huo Jianxing was still handsome, he didn’t have the problem of being aloof and looking down on people like the children of the rich, but he was very approachable and loved literature, so two young people with excellent appearance and literary accomplishments quickly fell in love.

At that time, Tan Fei never knew that her boyfriend who was in love with her was actually the son of an upper-class rich family. Huo Jianxing always tried to hide his rich family status and didn’t want to put pressure on his girlfriend.

At that time, he really wanted to marry Tan Fei, so he always wanted to find a chance to confess to Tan Fei, until later, when Master Huo discovered their love relationship, he was furious about it.

For no other reason, Huo Jianxing has always had a betrothed, who is now Zhuang Xinrou. At that time, the Huo family was not the richest in Beijing, and it still needed to expand its territory and consolidate its position through marriage. However, Huo Jianxing had never resisted marriage before, but suddenly such a thing happened.

Master Huo gave him an ultimatum, either to break up or to apologize and to bear all the anger and subsequent compensation of the Zhuang.

Huo Jianxing’s choice is to break up.

In fact, he has always been a coward. He loves Tan Fei very much, but he doesn’t want to take responsibility. Even at first, he wanted Mr. Huo to help solve this problem. However, Mr. Huo, as the owner of the shopping mall, is arrogant. How can he apologize to the dealer for the nasty things made by the next generation? Besides, if he comes forward, Huo Jianxing will be secretly

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