IGD Ch78part1

After getting off the plane and getting on three or four small cars, the town gradually faded away, and the grasslands covered with bright sunshine seemed to be covered with a wide soft carpet, dotted with countless pale yellow or white nameless flowers.

Jiang Zhao couldn’t help thinking that if he wanted to bring Sister, the little guy would have to roll several times on the grass before he could stop.

The deeper the prairie, the more sparse the people everywhere will be. Now, when it is not the peak tourist season, the prairie that he is about to visit is basically no man’s land. Looking at it, you can only see the crystal clear blue and green grass.

Jiang Zhao looked bright in front of his eyes and saw a large flock of plush yellow-and-white dumplings in the distance: Sheep?

He subconsciously tugged at other people’s clothes and wanted him to see them. He turned his head and looked at the blank camera.

Jiang Zhao thought at this moment, Xiao Siye is sitting in another car, not next to him.

He coughed and said a few words to the camera, pretending that he wanted the camera to shoot the sheep outside the window.

After the introduction, he began to stare at the prairie and sheep outside the window.

The boyfriend is not around. It’s a little boring.

In the afternoon, the overheated power of the sun finally waned, and he finally came to the destination of the trip.

More than a dozen yurts are pulled out in the prairie with red door curtains and white covers, which make them feel lovely. When he walked into the yurt, Jiang Zhao found that the internal structure was not as primitive as he had imagined. The wooden floor under his feet was covered with a red carpet with local elements, and the room was more than enough to hold a big bed and some small furniture. There is also a separate bathroom, only this time the bed is a double bed.

Jiang Zhao almost guessed that the program group must find some activities for him to decide on the allocation of the room.

This time, of course, he wanted to live with Xiao Siye too. Jiang Zhao has to admit how unwilling he was at the time, and how willing he is now.

He doesn’t know if he can get what he wants in the end. If he, unfortunately, loses the game, he and Xiao Siye will live in separate rooms.

Thinking that Xiao Siye would live in a bed with someone else, Jiang Zhao could not help squinting his eyes.



Emperor Jiang held the invisible jealousy jar in his arms. After watching the accommodation, he went to meet the others in the yurt that entertained the guests.

Both He Jinuo and Wang Zuosi were close. Since the last time they had had a drink at the seaside, the feelings between them had warmed up, so they took the initiative to ask Jiang Zhao to sit next to him.

Jiang Zhao only turned and sat in the position closest to the edge.

It looks like he wants to be a cool guy out of the crowd, but in fact, there are only two seats available.

His boyfriend hasn’t come yet.

“good afternoon, everyone,” Jiang Zhao thought just now. The door of the yurt was pushed open again, and Xiao Siye came in happily. “am I not late?”

“No, Mr. Xiao! You’re just in time. “Wang Zuosi began to recommend the position next to him.” come and sit down? ”

Xiao Siye flashed his eyes all over the place, then suddenly paused on Jiang Zhao, then bent his eyes and said, “No, this is still for the only lady here.”

With that, he walked up to Jiang Zhao and asked politely, “I don’t know if there is anyone around my younger brother.”

Jiang Zhao pretended to be reserved: “you can sit.”

Xiao Siye concealed his eyes and sat down beside him.

Wang Zuosi, not far away, could not help but wonder.

There is something wrong with him. In his impression, Xiao Siye has a similar competitive relationship with Jiang Zhao. Although he has cooperated with him several times in the first two episodes, they are limited to this, and there is no more overlap between these two people.

But he suddenly recalled that the last time he drank by the sea, he wanted to continue to drink with Jiang Zhao, but he was dragged away by Jiang Han directly away from the two men.

Jiang Han, as the host, has always been exquisite in mind, and must have seen something.

When Wang Zuo thought carefully, Jiang Zhao went to a place where there were still two seats, and Xiao Siye’s did not choose the center position but also went to the side. The two men always revealed their inexplicable familiarity in their polite pleasantries.

“there’s something on your face.”

He heard a low voice. Wang Zuosi immediately looked over. Xiao Siye held out his hand and gently wiped off the grass crumbs that came from Jiang Zhao’s eyes and gently wiped it with his thumb.

Jiang Zhao still sat calmly in his seat, narrowing his eyes slightly and looking lazy, as he finished the action and was in an unguarded state.

Wang Zuosi’s body trembled when he realized.

……. Damn it, gay men are by his side?!

He asked why Jiang Han had to pull him away. How blind he was that he could be transformed into such a high wattage light bulb.

“by the way, senior, thank you for the autograph you sent last time.” He Jinuo suddenly approached Jiang Zhao with gratitude. “my sister was happy several times and said she was going to sprint for this signature at the end of the term.”

The little girl is always very cute when she works hard to live and study for her idol. Jiang Zhao could not help saying, “really? Then tell her that if she passes the exam, I’ll give her another copy. ”

For example, the kind signed on the three-year simulation of the five-year college entrance examination.

He Jinuo was excited and was about to say something more when Wang Zuosi raised his hand and hooked his neck: “Oh, Xiao Jinuo! I remember you just got back from the bathroom. Show me the way. ”

He Jinuo is a real child and did not notice the strangeness of why Wang Zuosi did not ask the staff, and took him away.

Wang Zuosi, who walked out the door behind He Jinuo sighed secretly. He really didn’t think about it. It turned out that there was someone who had less eyesight than him.

After walking into the bathroom, taking advantage of the fact that there was no camera here, Wang Zuosi whispered and asked HeJinuo, “Xiao Jinuo, what do you think of the relationship between Mr. Jiang and Mr. Xiao?”

He Jinuo: “seniors and younger brothers.”

Wang Zuosi: “well, what else?”

He Jinuo blinked his innocent eyes: Huh?

Wang Zuosi: “……”

He can only pat He Jinuo on the shoulder: “always listen to my brother’s advice. In the future, you should try not to join the party between Mr. Jiang and Mr. Xiao, do you understand?”

He Jinuo listened at a loss, but his agent told him that the guests in this program were of good character, and if any of his seniors were willing to guide him, he would definitely listen to it.

He Jinuo nodded earnestly: “I see, senior!”

When the two men came back, Jiang Zhao notice something wrong.

He Jinuo, just changed his state and bowed his head for five minutes to talk about the pattern on the carpet with Wang Zuosihu.

Jiang Zhao really could not see what there was to talk about about the pattern. He turned and looked at Xiao Siye beside him and gave him a look: how much distance does we neeed to keep?

Xiao Siye gave him a look: it was the same as before.

Jiang Zhao continued to make eye contact: for example? Should he talk for a while?

He Jinuo noticed the silent communication between the two people next to him and asked Wang Zuosi in a low voice: “what are the seniors doing?”

Wang Zuosi: “…… Come on, keep looking at the carpet with me and don’t think about things you shouldn’t think about at your age. ”

Before long, Jiang Han pushed open the curtain and said, “am I too late?”

The crowd greeted each other, and when all the guests were seated, the director finally showed up and released his task for the day:

“Wrestling is a traditional event on the prairie. Wrestlers wear ‘Zhuodege’ and wear five-colored silk strips around their necks, just like the ‘Zhanga’ of the collar. The more games they win, the more colorful stripes they have around their necks. ”

After the introduction, the director said, “Let’s try to wrestle the way we allocate accommodation this time.”

“in a pairwise group, the winner will be decided, and the winner will wrestle again. The winner can choose his own roommate, and the remaining two will automatically form a team.”

“in addition, women will also join, but it will not be included in the ranking.”

Everyone looked at the ginger in the center with some surprise. The ginger contained slight muscle and calmly touched the sleeves of the T-shirt, revealing a tight, well-defined arm, strong and beautiful.

“Don’t look at me like that,” Jiang Han raised her eyebrows. “I keep fit all the year round and have won two women’s Sanda championships.”

The men around her said, “Respect. ”

The wrestling match began, and before long, all the guests changed into their special wrestling clothes and stood on the empty wrestling field.

The wrestling ring also covers a large area of soft lawn, which can provide a large buffer, so that it won’t hurt too much even if you fall to the ground. The two local wrestling coaches had been waiting for a long time, and when he had finished, they began to teach him how to wrestle.

Prairie wrestling is very ceremonial, first circling the court, shaking hands, then lunging, grabbing each other by the shoulder or arm to bring him down.

The collision between this kind of power made people excited, and the guests suddenly became “active” and went to draw lots one after another.

As there are five of them, there must be an individual in the first round who will be lucky to enter the second round.

Jiang Zhao was eager to try from the moment he put on his wrestling suit, but when the result of the draw came out, he was very lucky.

Jiang Zhao: “.”

Actually, he doesn’t want to lie down and win.

Among the remaining four, Xiao Siye fought the Wang Zuosi, while Jiang Han fought against He Jinuo. He Jinuo was so nervous that his face was serious and his lips were tight. Jiang Han was amused by his appearance and comforted him, saying, “if you treat me like a girl, then just forget it.”

He Jinuo nodded nervously, then followed the procedure and shook hands with Jiang Han.

Then he fastened his lunge firmly and was just about to start when the ground twirled in front of him–.

Jiang Han vs He Jinuo’s match was over in 3 secs.

Jiang Zhao looked at the dazed and delirious He Jinuo, and almost felt bad for the child.

Who knew that when it was his turn, Jiang Han walked away in front of him and said, “wait for the next round.”

Jiang Zhao: “?”

Jiang Han pointed out at Xiao Siye and Wang Zuosi were not far away and said, “the winner of his game will fall with you. Let’s have a friendly match between the two of us.”

Jiang Zhao suddenly began to play and said, “I’m not the same as He Jinuo.”

Jiang Han wheezed: “mm-hmm, I know, Xiao Jinuo just gave way to me,” she said.

He Jinuo, who tried to save face but was still very lost by losing to a girl, said: “…” Um, QAQ, come on, Mr. Jiang. ”

Jiang Han could not help but cry out again, teasing the younger generation is simply too much fun.

A few meters away, Xiao Siye is also shaking hands with Wang Zuosi before wrestling. His eyes pretended to pass inadvertently over Jiang Zhao, who was not far away. He found that his boyfriend was saying something to someone else, but his eyes did not fall on him.

Xiao Siye showed a little bit of his dark aura.

Wang Zuosi’s hair stands upright: “Show mercy, Mr. Xiao. ”

Xiao Siye determined to remain the same: “good.”

Wang Zuosi took a deep breath, and at the moment the referee announced the start, he grabbed Xiao Siye by the shoulder and tried to bring him down.

However, to his shock, he lost 100% of his strength, and Xiao Siye’s body was almost motionless. he could even feel the muscles that shrugged under Emperor Xiao’s shoulder, obviously the result of regular fitness.

Wang Zuosi’s heart is cold– don’t worry, sir! Do you want to roll it so much? he doesn’t even have abs!

Xiao Siye was in a bad mood and sent him away without hesitation.

Jiang Zhao finished, and then walked off the court with Jiang Han. Around the field, he could obviously feel that two burning eyes were glued to him, and he didn’t have to look back to know it is Xiao Siye.

Jiang Zhao can’t help but wonder, didn’t you say to restrain? Why are you still staring at him…

He looks like a scumbag who has done something wrong.

When this kind of thought appeared, Jiang Zhao’s face became a little strange.

Jiang Han was shaking hands with him and asked, “what are you thinking, Brother Jiang?”

Jiang Zhao returned to his senses and said, “nothing.”

Xiao Siye’s appearance is even more meaningful-well, not only looking at him but also at others.

Jiang Han has a lot of experience in Sanda, but wrestling is a sport that pays attention to weight and pure strength. In order to keep her weight under 100 jin all the year round, Jiang Zhao is a regular fitness adult man. In the end, there is no accident, and Jiang Zhao wins.

After being thrown to the ground by the shoulder, Jiang Han could feel that Jiang Zhao had relieved her strength at the last moment to prevent her from hurting her body.

She was pulled from the ground by Jiang Zhao, showing her face and taking the initiative to take a few steps aside: “Oh, I’m done. Now it’s your turn and Mr. Xiao’s turn.”

Hearing the words, Jiang Zhao turned his head and looked at Xiao Siye.

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