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When he came to Xiao Siye’s home, Jiang Zhao was not in a hurry to go straight to the cloakroom, but he looked around Xiao Siye’s home.

The last time he came here, he was a guest. He still felt uncomfortable when he saw Xiao Siye specially set up two lazy sofas by the window.

At that time, he never thought about where his faint unhappiness came from, and now he thought about it, perhaps from the early days, he was also excited about Xiao Siye.

Just because of the spell of the “secret crush”, Jiang Zhao has been hypnotizing himself and refusing to recognize his true heart.

But now, unlike in the past, the legendary secret crush is himself.

Emperor Jiang ran directly to the small sofa and sat down– it made sense, and this was the place for him.

Xiao Siye could probably guess what he was thinking and walked to the bar with a smile. The house was always cleaned by a housekeeper, so everything was neat and tidy he made a cup of honey grapefruit tea and put it on the low table by the window. He went to the cloakroom to get the rings.

Jiang Zhao drank the drink happily, the sweetness was just right, and Xiao Siye followed his taste. Several books were scattered on the low table, one of which was Marguerite Duras’s Lover, a pure English version. Jiang Zhao turned it twice and suddenly found a picture.

He was stunned for a moment and took out the picture.

Nowadays, most people choose to keep their photos on their mobile phones or cloud disks few people develop photos. Even the number of young people using photo albums is much less. the last time Jiang Zhao saw a film, it was at his master’s house.

Coincidentally, he remembered that when he was looking through the book, his wife said that a photo was also taken away by Xiao Siye, so there was a vacancy in the book.

The photo he is now holding in his hand shows more than 20 young girls, all beautiful, but there are two in the corner who can almost catch the line of sight at a glance.

One with a handsome face of twenty or eighty thousand yuan, one hand in his pocket, and an appearance that I am too lazy to care about, is incredibly cool.

The other stood beside him with a gentle smile, but his acting skills were not honed yet, and it was inevitable to see a bit of alienation.

Xiao Siye came out of the cloakroom and saw Jiang Zhao staring down at a picture.

He remembered almost immediately that he left something in the same place.

The feeling of secret love in the past has been picked out from different places. His face is tempered into steel, and it is difficult to beat the smile in his affectionate eyes.

As long as Jiang Zhao smiled, he would lose without a fight.

“Why do you keep this picture?” Jiang Zhao seldom made a joke and looked at the picture carefully, “it makes our relationship so plastic.”

However, this is indeed the relationship between him and Xiao Siye. One of the seniors and younger brothers, who started school for a month, gently revealed his alienation, while the other was naturally cool and unsociable. He didn’t say a few words, but there was no friendship.

Xiao Siye put a pile of small boxes in his jewelry tray on the table, took the picture and smiled, “this is the first picture of you with me.”

Jiang Zhao was stunned slightly.

“Actually, I was going to leave one alone” Xiao Siye coughed again, “but the enlarged film was too muddy, and the photographer was outsourced by the school. I couldn’t find the film.”

Jiang Zhao said something ironic: “because of this?”

Without waiting for Xiao Siye to answer, he picked up his phone, casually opened a photo app and hooked it around his neck: “come on, look at the camera.”

Xiao Siye took a breath, while Jiang Zhao used a peace sign, and just showed a wild smile that could make fans scream, then he and Xiao Siye in the camera also wore sunglasses, a big word appeared on the top of his head:

“if a mountain dragon meets a mountain tiger, it is not up to you to decide who would stay!”

Jiang Zhao: “…”

Xiao Siye: “……”

Jiang Zhao uninstalled the app without expression: “… This is the software in my phone last time. ”

Xiao Siye: “…… Mm-hmm. ” He can be sure that what Jiang Zhao loves is the image of a cool brother, not a spiritual guy.

Due to fear of the power of today’s selfie software, Jiang Zhao is still turning on the original machine, the so-called insipid is true.

However, he and Xiao Siye are both movie stars, and their appearance naturally belongs to the type of high-end beauty, and even without any filter they are still handsome and has temperament.

Jiang Zhao was thinking about Xiao Siye, who had been holding this picture in his hand for the past nine years, and was so sad that he take 40 or 50 photos in a row and change several different positions before he could stop.

After taking pictures, he sent these photos in a series of posts to professional logistics staff, Xiao Hu.

However, only a few seconds after he sent it out, he suddenly received several messages:

Qin Youyou: are you human!

Qin Youyou: show love in the evening!

Qin Youyou: bullying me, single dogs can only stay in an empty bed, right?!

The back seat is followed by a “cat back thorn!” .jpg “meme.

Jiang Zhao then found that he sent it to the wrong person, but fortunately, she was not an outsider, and he did not bother to withdraw so many messages. He simply replied directly: “just saying we are now together”.

Qin Youyou: ……

Qin Youyou: So you weren’t together before.

Jiang Zhao: Huh?

Qin Youyou: When I was recording a variety show at the seaside, I saw how sticky you two were. Why did you stick together? I guess even Jiang Han could tell. As a result, you told me that you just started dating now?

Qin Youyou:You can notify me in this way! You are arrogant!

Jiang Zhao:.

Jiang Zhao couldn’t help looking at Xiao Siye next to him: “…… Am I having an affair on the show? ”

Xiao Siye looked at him and said, “do you?”

A few seconds later, he suddenly bowed his head and kissed Jiang Zhao on his lips.

Then he looked up solemnly: “this is ambiguity.”

Jiang Zhao: “.”

Jiang Zhao: “I’d better look at the ring.”

There is a boyfriend who is flirting everywhere, it is really a little irresistible.

Xiao Siye bent the corners of his lips and took him by the hand to open the velvet boxes.

Crystal, jade, diamond, some are directly used to make a pair of rings, and the materials that cannot be polished into rings are inlaid with sterling silver rings underneath, and the lines carved by Xiao Siye himself can even be clearly seen on the top.

Jiang Zhao looked at the five neat pairs of rings in front of him and said, “I feel like I’m making a fortune.”

In an instant, there were so many birthday presents, each of which carried his love for him in a different year.


“I remember your birthday was at the end of December,” he said, looking up at Xiao Siye and pursing his lips. “I’ve missed it.”

Xiao SIye’s birthday is December 24, Christmas Eve.

On that day last year, he and Shaw had not concluded the contract, and the relationship was not very good, and he certainly would not use the precious brain capacity to write down the birthday of the opposite family.

Now, however, the couple has become boyfriends.

Jiang Zhao has a special virtue to protect his shortcomings. He likes to ignore strangers, but as long as he is a man who he recognizes, he will treat him with 100% of his heart.

Just like Qin Youyou, although he has been angry with her every day since college, every year on Qin Youyou’s birthday in July, he will relentlessly forward Weibo to send wishes, and then go offline to attend Qin Youyou’s birthday party.

And Xiao Siye is his first boyfriend, even if he does not bother to check at all, Jiang Zhao naturally remembered countless details that should be remembered.

But the last birthday was a thing of the past, and he didn’t have a chance to make up for it.

Xiao Siye held out his hand and smiled gently at him: “it doesn’t matter, I usually don’t celebrate birthdays.”

Birthday is just an ordinary day for him. He can spend his birthday as he should. At most, he will be given a cake during his stay at the crew. If he is doing any other work, he may not remember that it is his birthday.

Jiang Zhao frowned and glanced at him: “I just want to celebrate my boyfriend’s birthday. Do you have a problem with that?”

Xiao Siye was stunned, then took him by the hand and smiled, “your boyfriend has no problem with it.”

Jiang Zhao let him play with his own hand, but in his heart he silently began to think about how to make up for his birthday.

Just holding hands, Xiao Siye’s hand began to explore where he should not have gone.

Jiang Zhao: ” I have to go to the airport in less than three hours. ”

Xiao SIye bowed his head and dropped a kiss on the side of his neck, saying in a hoarse voice, “I know, so just once.”

When the low table was touched, Jiang Zhao hurriedly held it steady, gasped for breath, and hugged him by the neck.

In the crew, he and his wife are the main leads. They have to arrange seven or eight scenes every day, and they can only return to the hotel wearily just before dawn, and they can’t wait for each other to finish work together.

Even if there is an occasional free night, the two do not dare to toss about, at most to promote hand blood circulation to relax muscle because they need to save energy for tomorrow’s work.

Jiang Zhao was hugged by Xiao Siye around his waist and carried to the big bed.

It was the first time for him to enter Xiao Siye’s master bedroom. The last time he slept was in the guest bedroom. In fact, he always wondered what Xiao Siye’s master bedroom looked like.

But at the moment, he didn’t have a chance to look around. He only vaguely remember that the lamp in the master bedroom seemed to be an European-style ring lamp. The warm light shone into his moist eyes.


The result of feeling uncontrollable is that he missed the plane at last.

In the most confused period of Jiang Zhao’s mind, Xiao Siye had to say in his ear that he had missed the plane, so he was “going to be here tonight.”

Jiang Zhao was so angry but he didn’t have the strength to bite him. Finally, he bit on his lips, and was blocked and kissed thoroughly.

After returning to the crew, Jiang Zhao got the news that Xiao Hai’s confession was still the same as before, saying that it was his own initiative.

It was impossible to get through this line, and Jiang Zhao’s mood sank a little bit. In the next few days, he had to pull Xiao Siye several times before going out to start work and told him to pay attention to safety.

Jiang Zhao has never been a nagger before, and now he also feels that he has caught some of the magic of Zuo Xiaoqiu.

But Xiao Siye didn’t have a temper. He is neither perfunctory nor impatient. Every time he listens to him earnestly, he answers, and then bows his head to ask for a kiss before going out.

Every time Jiang Zhao was dizzily kissed by him, he wondered whether the purpose of this person every day was this kiss.

……. It’s a big-tailed wolf.

A week later, Jiang Zhao finally packed up and left the crew for the first time and went to the prairie thousands of miles away with Xiao Siye

Jiang Zhao is full of expectations for the grassland. he has not been to the prairie, but he has always been looking forward to a place where he can ride freely. He used to learn equestrian to ride in the racetrack, and the coach had to follow him carefully, which was not enough for him to play at all.

Xiao Siye is also looking forward to it.

The prairie, the curtain, the sky and the ground, the soft grass, looking up is the bright starry sky.

If he don’t do something, he would be really sorry for the gift from nature.


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I Won’t Get Drunk With My Nemesis Again

I Won’t Get Drunk With My Nemesis Again

Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Chinese
On the day Jiang Zhao won the Golden Orchid Award for Best Actor, the reporter who interviewed him offstage deliberately asked: "I heard that you and Mr. Xiao Siye, the former film star, are brothers in the Film Academy. How is the relationship between the two of you?" The whole entertainment circle knows that Jiang Zhao and Xiao Siye are rivals, and they have been tit for tat since their debut, but there must be fan wars whenever they are in the same frame. Jiang Zhao held the golden trophy and smiled faintly in front of the camera:" We’re not familiar with each other." After the press conference, Jiang Zhao was walking in the empty VIP channel when someone suddenly pressed him against the wall. The tip of his nose rubbed against the man's bulging Adam's apple, and he heard the hot breath falling on his ear: "The one you've slept with, you’re not familiar?" Jiang Zhao snorted coldly: "Don't be so naive, Xiao Siye, we’re both adults, so what if we slept together once?" - Not long after, Jiang Zhao opened his eyes again after a hangover, and his body was sore. Xiao Siye was also sitting next to him, and looked at him with a leisurely look: "What about when you slept a second time?" Jiang Zhao: "..." #Urgent, what should I do if I have sex with my rival again# #How to explain the incident of walking out of the same hotel after disappearing with the rival for one-night # # it can't be true that I'm with my rival! #. 【Gong’s perspective】 Xiao Siye has also been interviewed by foreign fashion magazines, and the interviewer asked him a question: "Did you have a crush during your student days?" They thought this question would be perfunctory answered, but Xiao Siye's expression suddenly became serious and nodded:" I have." The interviewer hurriedly asked, "What kind of person is that?" The manager's face changed, and he immediately gestured to suspend the interview. But Xiao Siye, as if he didn't see it, curled the corners of his lips, looked at the camera and replied word by word:"There is no other one like him in the world." Lang Yan((From the Yuefu Folk Song 《白石郎曲》, it generally praises the beauty of the male god. )) is unique, second to none in the world.  


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