IGD Ch74


After laying drying in the nest for a long time, Jiang Zhao finally remembered a piece of serious business.

He turned over to face Xiao Siye while in his arms, less than ten centimeters away from his handsome face: “did we leave your brother in the restaurant last night?”

Jiang Zhao thought of this as soon as he woke up today, but Xiao Siye messed with him again, so that he had time to take a breath and ask.

Xiao Siye put one hand around his waist and the other casually played with Jiang Zhao’s hand on his chest: “it’s all right. I should have left my room card to him. He’ll go back by himself.”

Jiang Zhao: ” Should had left? ”

Xiao Siye pursed his lips and said, “even if he can’t go back, he’ll find a place for himself. Don’t worry about him. ”

Jiang Zhao once again had deep doubts about whether Xiao Nian was his brother.

“that Song Xinglan,” he squinted his eyes and was very bitter about the fact that he had made a fool of himself. “there must be other reasons why he did such a thing. He didn’t dare to have so much courage before.”

Xiao Siye kissed him on the back of his hand and said, “well, my boyfriend is right.”

Jiang Zhao blushed and drew back his hand. When he fell in love for the first time in more than 20 years, it was the first time that he blushed, and his heartbeat quickened. He was not as calm as Xiao Siye.

After a pause, he suddenly frowned and stared at Xiao Siye: “then when the contract is over.”… ”

Xiao Siye looked at him and waited for him to finish.

Jiang Zhao still found it difficult to say these words, but now that Xiao Siye is his boyfriend, he needs to accept all of the man’s past.

“No matter what kind of relationship you have had with others, whether it is a man or a woman, love or benefit.” He worded slowly, “but from now on.”

“I’m the only one who should take care of you.”

“you can only take my money and take my things, and you can only look at me with your eyes,” he said, and he couldn’t help biting on Xiao Siye’s collarbone, leaving a pink tooth mark, and staring up at him ferociously: “do you understand?”

Like a baby cat with open teeth and claws.

Xiao Siye suddenly wanted to kiss him again, but restrained himself, for there were more important things to explain: “I only had a relationship with you.”

Jiang Zhao froze.

He slowly opened his eyes wide and suddenly realized that his misunderstanding of Xiao Siye was not just 1.2 points.

“You.” He said with difficulty, “you and Sister Zhao.”

“We’re just partners,” Xiao Siye said, drooping his eyes. “and Sister Zhao doesn’t like me. She likes cute and coquettish ones. I have never had a relationship with anyone. ”

“over the past few years, I have only liked you.”

Jiang Zhao only felt that his brain was messed up.

He subconsciously grasped the corners:

“Then why did you sign the agreement with me? ”

“I need money.”

” Tell me the truth. ”

“Ahem. ”

Xiao Siye turned his head slightly, pretended not to see the embarrassed eyes of the person in his arms, thought about it for a moment, and finally confessed: “for …… Chasing you. ”


Jiang Zhao was simply convinced.

He has never seen the world, how can people chase by eating soft food!

What a scheming pretty boy Xiao Siye is!

But he knew that Xiao Siye had never bought money or resources with him, and now in retrospect Jiang Zhao suddenly realized that this man actually had nothing to lack, that is, he was performing with him.

……. What a movie star he is!

Jiang Zhao simply itched his teeth, but the root of the matter was that he had mistakenly missed Xiao Siye so that this man had the opportunity to beat the snake with the stick.

Angry and ashamed, Emperor Jiang’s face was lost today, and he couldn’t help yanking up and covering his head.

Xiao Siu looked at the ostrich with his face under the covers and felt it is funny. He raised his hand and touched the position of his head: “Xiao Zhao?”

” Don’t touch me “!”

Xiao Siye cleared his throat: “Zhao Zhao?”


“Brother Jiang? Brother? ”


Seeing that Jiang ostrich still did not respond, Xiao Siye thought for two seconds and called out the name that Jiang Zhao had called Jiang Zhao at the height of his love last night.


“… You shut up! ”

Xiao Siye smiled.

He patted the man in his arms on the back across the ledge, giving his baby some buffer to dilute his shame and anger.

At the same time, he swallowed back what he had intended to say about his real-life experience.

Jiang Zhao has been stimulated by such a little thing if he makes complete peace now …… Won’t he just scare off his boyfriend?

Falling in love is not a roller coaster, it’s better to take your time.

Before long, the hotel brought a meal and laid a table so richly that Jiang Zhao almost suspected that the man had ordered all the menus.

After a simple meal, Jiang Zhao finally recovered his senses.

While changing his clothes, he called Zuo Xiaoqiu. The master asked about the direction of Song Xinglan, only to learn that the other party had boarded the flight back to Beijing early this morning.

Jiang Zhao, with his slender and beautiful hands, buttoned up his shirt, smiled coldly in the mirror. Song Xinglan is a brainless thing, running so fast, isn’t it telling everyone that he has done something wrong?

But it doesn’t matter. Song Xinglan’s contract is still in his company, and he can’t get away anyway.

Xiao Siye handed him a tie next to him. In the dressing mirror, Jiang Zhao was dressed in a shirt and trousers with the neckline buttoned to the top, and the shirt hem fitted into the waistline, just sketching a narrow waist.

He looks like he was on the Golden Orchid Award podium at the beginning of his dress. The only difference is that his tight neckline and meticulous hair are less wanton and add a little more abstinence.

Xiao Siye’s Adam’s apple broke and asked in a low voice, “is it necessary to be so formal to see a child?”

Jiang Zhao heard the words and glared back at him: “Last night he must have been frightened. I have to pacify it today, you know.”

Xiao Siye’s boyfriend scolded and had to nod as if he were a clever big dog, but his heart began to rub out a dark thought.

He is such a good boyfriend, he should stay in the nest and let no one see him.

Then you can peel off the only white tender flesh, put it on the softest scales of the dragon, taste the most delicious juice, and suck on the softest flesh.

As soon as Jiang Zhao looked up, he saw that Xiao Siye was looking directly at him, and the emotion in his eyes was very familiar-he had been watching it all night and an afternoon.

He almost pulled a button out of his hand.

……. didn’t this guy get enough?! Does he want do in bed?!

For the first time in his life, Jiang Zhao began to wonder whether Xiao Siye had been holding back for so long that he was dissatisfied, or that his taste was too poor.

While Jiang Zhao was getting dressed, Xiao Siye went back to his room to change his clothes and went to his own room.

Xiao Nian was not in the room as expected. Xiao Siye changed off his crumpled clothes last night and got through to his younger brother: “Don’t wear your gaudy clothes at night. Let Sister Chun tidy up for you.”

Xiao Nian was very shocked: “Brother, you …… ”

Xiao Siye coughed and tried to make his tone more serious, but no matter how he pressed it, he could not suppress the smile on his lips:

“well, we’re together.”

Outside the window was the lazy sunset in the afternoon, the leaves of Indus were golden, and groups of magpies skimmed from the treetops, chirping and chirping.

Xiao Siye has never had a preference for the four seasons in the past, but now he feels that spring is an excellent season.


Jiang Zhao wanted to book a more formal restaurant for dinner, but Xiao Siye stopped him.

Jiang Zhao could not help frowning: “but this is the first time I have met your family.”

And still depend on Xiao Siye until now, he is his only family, the degree of heavy love is self-evident.

Xiao Siye was slightly stunned, and his eyes became softer and softer: “it is precisely because it is a family member that the family banquet should be less formal.”

This “family banquet” is to include Jiang Zhao. Emperor Jiang is rarely shy in his life, but he doesn’t know how many times he made his ears burn.

This kind of brain dizziness, it turns out that it is love?

Jiang Zhao looked away and pretended not to see the redness of his ears in the mirror, thinking that it seemed good.

Bihuating has no lobby, all are small boxess, led by the waiter. Jiang Zhao just walked into the box door, and before the waiter closed the door, Xiao Siye’s hand came up.

Xiao Nian, who had just jumped up at the dinner table to say hello, suddenly his eyes widen.

Jiang Zhao’s heart beat faster and subconsciously shook off Xiao Siye’s hand.

In public– please restrain a little bit!

But as soon as he withdrew his hand, he saw Xiao Siye looking down at him with a hurt look in his eyes.

Jiang Zhao: “.”

He turned to say hello to Xiao Nian: “how do you do, Xiao Nian? just call me Brother Jiang.”

Xiao Nian hurriedly replied, “Hello, Brother Jiang!”

Jiang Zhao stepped up, only to find that the man behind him didn’t. His steps pause, then he gritted his teeth in his heart, fished his hand back, and took Xiao Siye’s thumb and forefinger.

Xiao Siye’s look can be said to be blooming in spring. He clasped his fingers directly with Jiang Zhao. While taking an inch, he looked back at Jiang Zhao with his innocent eyes. Jiang Zhao almost wanted to give him two punches.

What else is he supposed to do? The boyfriend he chose by himself is too childish.

When the two men sat down, Xiao Nian ate a mouthful of dog food, and he finally believed that his brother and his sister-in-law were really together.

Xiao Nian burst into tears and directly held up Plum juice and said, “Brother Jiang, I wish you a hundred years of harmony, harmony, a long life together, and an early birth of a noble son!”

Jiang Zhao: “. The last one is a little difficult. ”

Xiao Siye directly and impolitely gave his brother a shudder: “after going out for a few years, his Chinese level is not good.”

Xiao Nian covered his head with an aggrieved face, he just said it because it was catchy. Who would have thought!

He rolled his eyes and suddenly said, “You are too arrogant. After all, you have been secretly in love with Brother Jiang for so many years.”

Jiang Zhao: “Hmm?”

Xiao Siye’s tiger body shook, and his sharp eyes swept directly at Xiao Nian.

But then he pulled Jiang Zhao back to the side. The words “I am very interested.” is written on Jiang Zhao’s face, he looked at Xiao Nian and said, “Yes?”

“of course!” When Xiao Nian saw his elder brother eating shrivelled for the first time in his life, he immediately realized that there was nothing wrong with following his sister-in-law. “my brother gives you a birthday present with his hand every year,” he said excitedly.

Jiang Zhao was slightly stupefied: “handmade?”

Xiao Nian smiled and revealed a little tiger tooth: “that’s right, Brother Jiang! Do you get a pair of unmarked earrings every year? that’s my brother– ow– ”

Xiao Siye raised his hand and pressed Xiao Nian’s head under the table, then coughed softly: “Don’t listen to him.”

Jiang Zhao, on the other hand, was able to recover his mind and look at Xiao Siye.

A few seconds later, it was quite difficult to say:
” ‘be brave and not afraid of difficulties year after year.’ is it you? ”

Every year, gifts are marked with the gift giver’s Weibo ID. Jiang Zhao remembers this word simply because he is so impressed by the other person’s earrings every year.

Xiao Nian raised his hand painstakingly beside him: “it was my brother who took my trumpet! Brother Jiang, he also quietly put you on the list and forwarded it for data! ”

Xiao Siye: “.”

The younger brother doesn’t seem to be sick anymore.

Jiang Zhao blinked, suddenly laughed, and then looked at Xiao Siye: “wait a minute.”

He went to the balcony to wash his hands, and when he came back, Xiao Siye keenly noticed the pair of familiar black earrings on his ears.

It was a birthday present he gave Jiang Zhao last year.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Zhao took it with him all the time.

“I like it very much.”

Jiang Zhao looked at him and rubbed the tip of his nose a little sheepishly. ” I like every pair very much. ”


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