IGD Ch68


Jiang Zhao immediately froze.

Maybe Xiao Siye’s expression was so upright that he only stared at the man for two seconds and finally let him in the room.

It’s really troublesome for him to massage himself. He can still deal with bruises on his face, but he can’t get enough strength on his back, and sometimes it’s better to rub for a long time than not.

Jiang Zhao’s waist is still very sensitive, but never felt it when he massaged himself, and only the stimulation of pain was left in his brain. It is estimated that it would be the same when others to rub it so that nothing embarrassing would happen.

With this idea in mind, Jiang Zhao went to the bedside and watched Xiao Siye wash his hands, and then came to his bed and sat down. “Can you lie down?”

Jiang Zhao pursed his lower lip, turned to lie down, and lifted the back of his T-shirt.

The young man’s back slipped all the way down, forming a beautiful sunken arc, like a bridge reflected in the water. The skin is jade white, the waistline is tight, the two sunken waist fossa is more shaped under the blue and purple swelling above, and the buttocks are slightly warped, which is quite a lovely shape.

Xiao Siye glanced past without a trace, then bowed his head and gently poured safflower oil into the palm of his hand, looking distracted.

Jiang Zhao waited on the bed for a long time, but Xiao Siye did not move, so he could not help but turn his head to urge: “why aren’t you doing anything?”

He was so nervous that he almost wanted to run away.

Xiao Siye looked at him and suddenly pressed the safflower oil in his palm on Jiang Zhao’s back.

Jiang Zhao “hissed” and suddenly buried his head in the pillow.

The hot and spicy touch felt as if several needles were pierced on the skin, and Xiao Siye’s palms were also hot, causing his bruises to be so hot that he subconsciously wanted to struggle.

But Xiao Siye directly pressed up the other hand and wrapped it around his waist: “Don’t move.”

The sound was like an order, and Jiang Zhao stopped moving.

Because he found that after the worst period of safflower oil had passed, in addition to the pain, he also felt a strange numbness.

Xiao Siye’s palms gently and powerfully rubbed his blood stasis, and the sensitive waist skin almost shuddered, whether the fingertips rubbed against the waist fossa, the muscles on the side of the waist, the depression of the spine, and the different temperatures made the hands of Xiao Syei become extremely existent. Obviously, it was only the most normal massage, but Jiang Zhao subconsciously held his breath.

His self-conscious breath became hot as well.

Mind confused for a long time, Xiao Siye suddenly withdrew his hand, picked up the safflower oil next to it and continued to apply.

Jiang Zhao quietly breathed a sigh of relief and let go of his lower lip, but he felt that the waistline was a little chilly and a little …… Empty.

It was as if he felt cold without that hand.

Without waiting for him to think about it, Xiao Siye went and returned, but this time, he directly touched the safflower oil with both hands and pressed it on Jiang Zhao’s two most serious bruises.

” Uhh! ”

It was not Jiang Zhao who made the sound, but Xiao Siye, who suddenly bent down.

Jiang Zhao immediately propped up his upper body, looking a little flustered: “are you all right?”

He has just been stimulated by the pain. Unconsciously, as soon as he kicked his legs, coincidentally, he kicked Xiao Siye, who was kneeling beside him.

He looks at Xiao Siye who bowed his head in pain, it seems that the position he kicked is not right ……

” Are you all right? ” Jiang Zhao pupil shook, he hold Xiao Siye’s shoulder, “do you want me to make an emergency call?”

That kick made him a little cold behind his back, and he wouldn’t have kicked and made Xiao Siye impotent, did he?.

“Jiang Zhao.”

Jiang Zhao was stupefied, and without waiting for him to answer, Xiao Siye suddenly reached out and he fell on the bed.

As the sky turned around, Jiang Zhao subconsciously closed his eyes, and when he opened them, he saw a pair of aggrieved eyes.

“it hurts.” Xiao Siye’s long eyelashes drooped, as if he had been hurt so much.

Jiang Zhao said with a guilty heart, “it was really not intentional, it was a subconscious reaction just now.”… ”

Seeing that Xiao Siye’s expression was still resentful, Jiang Zhao surrendered and simply held out his hand: “I will rub it for you.”… ”

His hand reached halfway, and Xiao Siye grabbed his wrist.

Then he saw the strange look on Xiao Siye’s face, too, as if surprised by his reaction.

Jiang Zhao was stupefied for a moment, and then came back– wait a minute, where was he going to rub Xiao Siye?!

The air in the room became a little silent.

A few seconds later, Xiao Siye rose to his feet and said, “I’m going back.”

Jiang Zhao: “. Oh. ”

He lay motionless on the bed and heard the footsteps of Xiao Siye hurrying away, followed by the sound of the door closing.

After all the movement disappeared, Jiang Zhao raised his hand and covered his eyes.

……. What has he done? aah!

He collapsed secretly for a while, and his cell phone rang.

Jiang Zhao picked it up and looked at it and sat up straight again.

It’s a voice message from Xiao Siye.

Jiang Zhao’s fingers trembled, and he hesitated for a minute before clicking on the voice message.

Instead of the expected accountability, the man said to him in a low voice:

“go to bed early. Good night.”

Jiang Zhao stared at the screen for a moment and listened to the voice message again.

A moment later, it was played again.

He doesn’t know how many times he played it in the end. Just unconsciously, he fell asleep listening to that voice.


When you are busy, time often passes slowly, like getting up one second and getting up late at night the next.

Jiang Zhao has always had no idea of the world. He glanced at the calendar and found that he had been living with the group for half a month.

The bruises on his body had long gone, but every time he ran into Xiao Siye in a hotel or on set, he couldn’t help thinking of that night.

It was clear that nothing had happened, but still, whenever he saw Xiao Siye, he is just like a mouse who saw a cat, and turned to hide.

Director Chen wondered, “I think you two had a good relationship that day? Why are you running? ”

Jiang Zhao looked serious: “…… Old Chen, I think there is something wrong with your words. ”

Director Chen was immediately drawn to his attention: “what’s the problem?”

Jiang Zhao also didn’t want to run. Master Jiang had never been such a coward in the past 27 years, but recently he found that the more contact he had with Xiao Siye, the more he felt flustered.

He doesn’t know the reason, but it doesn’t feel good.

Only this time, he really can’t leave. Old Chen didn’t rehearse with Jiang Zhao all day. Grabbing Jiang Zhao by the shoulder, he called Director Mai with a smile:

“Hello? Yes, I caught the man for you. No problem! Come and take him now! ”

Jiang Zhao: “…”

He can’t run it even if he wanted to run. At first, he simply agreed to go to the show next door, but now he can’t avoid meeting with Xiao Siye this time.

When Jiang Zhao was taken over by the Jiangshan guest crew, the crew next door was filming another scene.

In the green lake, there is a pavilion in the middle of the lake, and Xiao Siye is standing side by side with the female actress, talking to each other.

Jiang Zhao saw Xiao Siye wearing ancient clothes for the first time. The man was dressed in a brocade robe in Tsing Yi and had a jade crown with hair. He had an outstanding charm, amber eyes and a smile. He looked at the female heroine and handed her a peach blossom. “Why did I appear here? To give you a birthday present”

The female heroine’s eyes widened slightly, showing that she was surprised, Xiao Siye had long eyelashes, covered up his restrained affection in his eyes, and laughed wantonly: “is it difficult for brother to remember and forget your birthday?”

The woman stared at him for a moment. A few seconds later, she laughed and gently grabbed the other person’s sleeve. “No, I know. My brother never forgets. ”


“one more time, Qianqian’s expression can be a little more subtle, so don’t show your emotions so obviously.” Director Mai turned to see Jiang Zhao and immediately laughed. “teacher Jiang is here? Let the makeup teacher fix your makeup, have a rest, and we’ll start right away! ”

Jiang Zhao avoided the line of sight that Xiao Siye looked at not far away, nodded to Director Mai, turned and followed the staff to leave.

He mentioned that he had seen the scene he had played in. He was a noble son of the capital. During a lantern festival in the Yuan Dynasty, he singled out 20 lantern riddles and was qualified to challenge the lantern king, but he could not even guess the answer.

Until the men and women strolled to him at the lantern fair, Xiao Siye “moved” and gave him the answer to the riddle. The shopkeeper was giving away the lantern king, while Jiang Zhao, in a cheerful mood, gave the lantern king to Xiao Siye.

“I just came to guess the riddles. Isn’t it beautiful that the king of the lantern gave me a favor and gave it to my brother?”

When he had finished, he laughed and went away.

Jiang Zhao likes the setting of coming unrestrained, but the scene of Xiao Siye playing with the female actress suddenly appears in his mind.

In his mind, the position of the female heroine gradually changed into another person who he could not see his face clearly.

Did Xiao Siye look the same way when he looked at the person he likes?

No, it should be more affectionate, after all, the play with the girl is only acting, and looking at the sweetheart, it should be true feelings.

He pursed his lower lip.

After taking a deep breath, he suppressed all the emotions that should not have emerged.

Working hours can not be mixed with personal feelings, he knows this better than anyone else, but for the first time in his life, he can’t help himself.

He can only control his expression, make it looks like he doesn’t care, and cover up the feeling of emptiness in the chest.

He has never felt this feeling of being out of control, but it has become more and more serious recently, and all signs indicate that the source of his mood swings is Xiao Siye.

He tries to change his mood, so he can only avoid him.

But now he can’t hide.

“you didn’t reply to my message yesterday.”

The man’s low voice sounded behind him. Jiang Zhao was stunned. He immediately turned around and saw that Xiao Siye had some heavy eyes.

“I.” Jiang Zhao subconsciously avoided his line of sight. “Last night I was so busy that I forgot.”

Xiao Siye looked at him for a few seconds and whispered, “if anything happens, be sure to let me know, okay?”

Jiang Zhao answered vaguely, saying that it was because of you that something happened.

But he can’t say it, these thoughts… It can only be sealed in the bottom of his heart.

Before long, the props of the scene were all set up and the group performance was in place on the street.

Jiang Zhao, dressed in red, just as the poem says, “Young Lang with fresh clothes and angry horses”, walks in the brightly lit Lantern Festival night, shakes the folding fan, and leisurely reads out the riddles:

“Taiwan clearly reflects the moon-”

As soon as his eyebrows and eyes bent, the folding fan brushed and his eyebrows bent up: “the shopkeeper, it is the word ‘shop’, isn’t it?”

With eyes full of affection, the tail of the eye lifts a slender arc, but one person, one fan, one red dress, provokes everyone’s eyes to pour on him.

The shopkeeper had to nod reluctantly to hand him the lantern, but he smiled and changed hands and gave it to the little girl who followed her mother to look at the lantern, causing the little girl to exclaim.

In the long street people come and go, lively and bustling, Jiang Zhao shook a fan all the way, guessing, it was not long before he came to the most exquisite lantern king’s temple.

He was absorbed, frowned, and meditated, but he was still puzzled.

When the lantern boss finally showed a look of complacency, there was a voice, which sounded behind Jiang Zhao turned and, in surprise, looked at the man who was walking towards him.

And the moment he saw Xiao Siye, the surprise in his eyes became real.

The Childe of Tsing Yi came in the dim light and night, with a hot and strong light in his eyes, as if a little starlight had been gathered between his eyes, just to reflect the figure of that person.

And the young man in red looked back at him, one green and one red, but they only seemed to see each other in this sea of red dust.


The atmosphere was just right, but the director shouted a stop.

Jiang Zhao moved his eyes and quickly went out of the play and looked at Director Mai.

Director Mai smiled a little reluctantly, “, Mr. Xiao isn’t the way you look at Mr. Jiang a little warm? You see, the female heroine have never been so enthusiastic! ”

Jiang Zhao was embarrassed, but Xiao Siye smiled calmly: “I understand the director. I’ll restrain myself.”

So he just lost control, and his true feelings were revealed?

Jiang Zhao subconsciously looked at Xiao Siye and only received a smile as usual.

He pursed his lower lip, “ Come again. ”

The second time, Xiao Siye’s eyes converged a lot, this time they passed very smoothly.

The last shot is the scene of Jiang Zhao leading the horse away with a smile. Under the moon, lights, and the back of the young man in red, he folded the fan gently and disappeared in the dim lights.


Jiang Zhao turned over and came down from the horse, gave the horse to the staff, and Director Mai came over with a smile: “Mr. Jiang, it was a beautiful performance. I don’t want to let you go.”

“Why don’t you discuss it with Director Chen?” Jiang Zhao also joked with him, “I’d like to stay here, as long as Director Chen doesn’t make trouble.”

“Then forget it. That old thing’s voice is scary.”

Director Mai smiled and patted him on the shoulder: ” We will send Mr. Xiao to you in the afternoon.”

Jiang Zhao smiled and said, “No problem.”

He was about to leave when he was tugged at his sleeve.

Jiang Zhao turned around, and Xiao Siye determined to look at him: “Want to have lunch together?”

Jiang Zhao wanted to find an excuse to say that he was busy, when he heard Xiao Siye say, “Director Chen said that you had no work for a day except filming this scene.”

Jiang Zhao: “.”

Old Chen is really, how can he be sold in the twinkling of an eye?

Jiang Zhao caught a glimpse of the side under his eyes and was searching for other excuses, but he heard the man whisper, “I …… What have you done to make you unhappy? ”

“No!” Jiang Zhao immediately said, “it’s not your fault.”

“then what is it?” Xiao Siye looked at him with a rare unsmiling expression. “you haven’t wanted to see me lately.”

Jiang Zhao touched the tip of his nose. “ You can see ” He was supposed to hide from him.

Xiao Siye whispered, “I’m sure I can see that.”

When a person’s eyes are always focused on another person’s body, no matter how small the wind blows, it is also a huge wave.

The person he misses and wants to see every day, how can he not notice the changes in him?

Jiang Zhao only thought that he had keen attention and sighed: “All right, I won’t run. Let’s have lunch together today.”

Xiao Siye, the gloom of the fundus dissipated a little and smiled softly: “I have one more scene. Shall we go to Bihuating later? Have some local food. ”

Jiang Zhao immediately swallowed. The blackfish pot in this restaurant is so good that he hasn’t eaten it for a long time.

” Jiang Zhao found an empty stool beside him and sat down. “Go and finish the scene. I’ll be waiting for you.”

This dress has to be worn in the afternoon, and Jiang Zhao has to change again, and he still has to trouble the makeup artist to remove the headgear. It just so happens that the weather is not hot. After a while, he can put on a coat and go out directly. At that time, the meal is also in the box, and no one can see him.

Jiang Zhao took Weibo and browsed it for a while. Xiao Siye in the distance seemed to be ready to go, and the staff were helping him prepare his things.

Jiang Zhao looked up and then looked down at the self-inflicted Weibo page– there was a newly refreshed Weibo from “I am the Civil Affairs Bureau”:

“Sisters, I have updated! 5, 6, this time there is a coffin play oh hey ~ ”

Jiang Zhao: “.”

What a weird thing a coffin play is! What are these little girls thinking about every day?

Having said that, Jiang Zhao covered the tip of his hot ears and continued to watch.

This is what he saw that day, the story of him and Xiao Siye, the ghost king of the metaphysical family, although there are some unhealthy plots interspersed with them. But the plot and writing are good, and still attracted his attention, he forwards the comments to urge more wave.

The updated plot of “Civil Affairs Bureau” is very interesting, and in the article, he and Xiao Siye transmigrated into a strange small world crack, which is a place where no one else can enter, only the two of them and a group of dead zombies.

As soon as one person and one ghost went in, he was besieged by dozens of zombies. In a hurry, he and Xiao Siye could only hide in a coffin together.

……. Okay, the following plot can be quickly slipped and skipped.

Jiang Zhao was preparing for a rapid slide, and suddenly he heard a cry of a surprise coming from not far away: “Mr. Xiao!”

Jiang Zhao suddenly looked up, but not far away, Xiao Siye, who was hanging in mid-air, also fell sharply, and then the wire tug on his waist loosened!

“Xiao Siye!”

Jiang Zhao’s voice was drowned in the uproar, and Xiao Siye quickly grabbed the half-broken strap, but the strap was not strong and was about to break.

In an urgent situation, he suddenly swung, and in the next second, the upper strap was disconnected in his hand. And with that force, he fell directly from the edge of the cliff into the lake not far away!

The lake was agitated and splashed everywhere.

Jiang Zhao’s pupil shrinks.

In the midst of hindrance and exclamations, he did not hesitate to throw off his robe that was in the way and jumped into the lake.


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