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Jiang Zhao put away his props and swords, and a staff member immediately ran over to help him untie him.

Today’s camera needs to use wires to fly from one side of the roof to the other. It sounds simple, but Director Chen strives for perfection and has to be photographed several times before he is satisfied.

Jiang Zhao has been hanging for a long time, and his waist and arms are very sore. He sat down with Zuo Xiaoqiu’s chair in the rest area and rolled up his sleeves, revealing a large area of bluish red swelling.

“Ah!” Song Xinglan’s eyes widen beside him. “Brother Jiang, you cut your arm.”… ”

Jiang Zhao explained: “I have been hanging like this for a long time. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt if you get used to it.”

“How can you get used to it?” Song Xinglan murmured in a low voice.

Zuo Xiaoqiu came over with safflower oil for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, massaged Jiang Zhao with one arm with the help of Xiao Hu, and said casually, “I remember that Xiao Song also needs to use the wired in two scenes, right? Have a mental preparation first. ”

Song Xinglan turned pale and said with a smile, “Brother Jiang, I think I can work a little hard.”… ”

“it’s all right,” Jiang Zhao disagreed. “Director Chen will give you some advice. If you don’t know anything, come and ask me.”

Song Xinglan pursed his lower lip.

A few seconds later, he softened his voice and whispered, “Brother Jiang, actually my physique is quite special.”… ”

Jiang Zhao picked his eyebrow and looked at him.

“as soon as I hit my body, it’s very easy to be bruised,” said Song Xinglan, pinching his arm, and that small piece of skin suddenly became slightly red and swollen. “you see, this one will turn blue in a moment.”

” If I really use the wires, the skin of my arms and waist will bruise. ”

Jiang Zhao looked at him and said, “so you want to use Martial arts to show instead?”

Song Xinglan’s eyes suddenly showed the light of hope: “do you want to see it, Brother Jiang?”

That pair of watery eyes, looking so pitiful, can cause one to soften.

While Jiang Zhao was silent for a while, there was nothing to say: “if you are sure that there is something to show, just use them. I’ll have Xiaoqiu arrange it for you. ”

Zuo Xiaoqiu gave him a massage and then said, “OK, I’ll arrange it.”

After Song Xingling left happily, Xiao Hu whispered, “Brother, how did you say yes?”

In his impression, Jiang Zhao did not indulge his employees so much. Even when he occasionally gave acting lessons to those little girls, Jiang Zhao would never sell them miserably, so he treated them lightly even a little bit.

The field that Jiang Zhao values has never tolerated any hindrance or blemish.

Jiang Zhao did not open his mouth, but Zuo Xiaoqiu looked at Jiang Zhao and said, “after this time, he will not have any acting resources for at least these two years.”

After all, he has been following Jiang Zhao for a long time, which means that he knew Jiang Zhao’s character. Jiang Zhao just leaned back in his chair lazily and nodded: “If he doesn’t suffer, what do I want him to do?”

After a pause, he frowned again: “who picked him out at that time?”

Zuo Xiaoqiu said that another one in the studio was responsible for taking the name of the “agent” of the young artist.

Jiang Zhao nodded his head and said nothing more.

He began to have a good feelings toward Song Xinglan, who is sweet-mouthed, but since Xiao Siye ate the spicy food handed over by Song Xinglan, as a result, he suffered from stomach trouble, and his affection for Song Xinglan dissipated a lot.

As a matter of fact, Xiao Siye is solely the one responsible. he could not eat spicy food and try to be brave, but Jiang Zhao is such a protector. No matter 3-7-2-1, as long as it’s the person he cares about as long as he is aggrieved, it must be someone else’s problem.

Jiang Zhao did not have any filters on Song Xinglan, but he was not narrow-minded enough to suppress Song Xinglan. The resources and activities of the arrangement were all being arranged, at the same level as other newlyweds, and he was specially asked to take part in this movie.

Song Xinglan is a disgrace, it is his first time acting but he use a stand-in.

Jiang Zhao doesn’t really want to say anything.

The pain in his arm barely eased after a massage. Jiang Zhao breathed a sigh of relief, threw Song Xinglan out of his head, took the tablet and began to read the script.

He has two scenes left today, and it will be one or two o’clock in the middle of the night. Before Jiang Zhao had read two pages, Director Chen suddenly got up and patted him on the shoulder: “you will have dinner with me in the evening and have dinner with the crew next door.”

” Jiangshan traveler”?” Jiang Zhao thought for a moment, “who is the director?”

Director Chen said a name. Jiang Zhao unexpectedly knew this one. He was an old friend of Director Chen, and he also had a chance to meet him.

They are all in the same circle, so they still have to give them a little face. Jiang Zhao nodded, “OK, I’ll say yes first. You’ll drink and I’ll eat vegetables.”

Director Chen said”: “you are a big shot, I’ll listen to you.”

Jiang Zhao smiled and scolded, “Director Chen, you can do it.”

Both of them laughed for a while, just before the props were ready, Director Chen got to the front of the machine.

After filming was finished today, Jiang Zhao dragged his aching body to the hotel. At this time, I was still in the hotel, and basically, all the cast members just finished work. When Jiang Zhao took the elevator, he saw a familiar female figure rushing by.

He subconsciously lost his head, and many people came and went, but did not see anyone familiar.

Zuo Xiaoqiu asked, “what’s the matter?”

Jiang Zhao: ” It’s nothing. ”

He should be dazzled. Rong Chun must be with Xiao Siye, how can she appear here?


In the second afternoon, Jiang Zhao finished filming another scene. He has finished filming almost all of his scenes, and now he has finished more than half of them, and it is estimated that he will be almost done.

The director of martial arts especially admired Jiang Zhao, and every time he gave advice, he kept boasting that Jiang Zhao had a good foundation, good manners and good blessings. Jiang Zhao just smiled, but said in his heart that this was not a blessing.

When he was going to make a costume martial arts movie, he followed a martial arts master in the mountains for more than a month, getting up at five o’clock every morning to practice boxing and swordplay, rain or shine. In those days, he was so thin that he almost lost his face, but the director didn’t recognize him for a while, later Zuo Xiaoqiu ask him to put on five pounds of weight before he barely met the requirements of joining the group.

In order to create an image, many actors will experience countless ordinary people’s pain of the screen, either overeating, eating salad and fainting from hypoglycemia, or risking their lives just to shoot a few flashes. But there are also some actors who take the “price” pay, dawdle along and rely on doubles to save them.

Jiang Zhao has always looked down on this kind of perfunctory actors, but he does not deny that there are such bad money bastards in all kinds of industries. So he can make sure that only in his own studio, the newcomer will not become such an unprofessional actor in the future.

Tonight is the first scene of Song Xinglan’s death. Jiang Zhao originally wanted to watch it, but he still had dinner with the crew next door. He could only keep Zuo Xiaoqiu behind and let him watch for himself.

“except for the martial arts stand-in, all the others are strict with him,” Jiang Zhao told him before leaving. “even if the deputy director curses and cries, don’t worry about it.”

Zuo Xiaoqiu nodded: “I said, don’t worry.”

Jiang Zhao nodded and left with Director Chen and his party.

He tolerates the existence of thugs in the circle, but he will never allow himself to have thugs under him.

Today, the dinner is on the first floor of their hotel. Jiang Zhao originally wanted to ask “Jiangshan guests” who was there besides the director, but Director Chen didn’t even give him enough time: “come, come with me to see the scenes of your Mingyi.”

Jiang Zhao had to chat with him for a while and then pretended to sleep next to him under the pretext of carsickness, taking advantage of the opportunity to play with his mobile phone quietly.

Xiao Siye has just sent a picture of a wine bottle with a revolving table, but it hasn’t been served yet.

Jiang Zhao frowned: “Don’t drink.”

Xiao Siye: “Don’t worry, I have told them in advance.”

Jiang Zhao paused and then said, “I’m not in charge of you.”

He always feels that he is a little too strict, like the head teacher.

Xiao Siye replied, “well, I want to hear from you.”

Jiang Zhao looked at the screen and his face was a little hot for no reason.

Jiang Zhao: “I also have dinner tonight. I don’t want to drink because of my high prestige. ”

Jiang Zhao: [cats are annoying. Jpg].

Xiao Siye: “is there a lot of bruising on the body?”

They both don’t use stand-ins very much, so they naturally “react” to what it will be like after using intimidation.

Jiang Zhao: “not bad but here is more on the waist. ”

It was quiet for a few seconds, and then Xiao Siye said, “are you putting safflower oil on yourself?”

Jiang Zhao: “there is a little autumn tiger on my arm and I wipe it on my waist.”

Jiang Zhao: “what’s wrong?”

Xiao Siye: “Nothing. Have a good rest. ”

Xiao Siye: [dog hook sticker .jpg].

Jiang Zhao thought it was a bit strange that Xiao Sie had a problem. The car had already arrived at the hotel without a reply from him.

When he got up, a dull pain came from his waist. Jiang Zhao frowned, took a deep breath and got out of the car with Director Chen.

Tonight can be regarded as a small gathering of two directors, Director Chen brought Jiang Zhao and their cast actress. After pushing open the door of the box, Jiang Zhao saw that there was only one actress around Director Mai, and it was estimated that there were almost two or three people from the opposite crew.

The table is not big. There are only six seats. The two directors sit inside. Jiang Zhao let the heroine sit on the inside and sit on the outside in the direction of serving food. After they all sat down, only the chair on Jiang Zhao’s right-hand side was still empty. Jiang Zhao thought there was no one there, but after another glance, he found that the cutlery had been moved.

“our male master just went out to answer the phone,” laughed Director Mai. “speaking of which, do Mr. Jiang know him?”

Jiang Zhao was stupefied, and as soon as he was about to ask who it was, the box door opened with a squeak.

As soon as the man with wide shoulders and narrow waist lifted his long legs and stepped into the box, Jiang Zhao found that Xiao Siye was indeed a little stronger than he was half a month ago, and when he came to him in that black suit, he felt a sense of pressure.


Until Xiao Siye pulled his chair beside him and smiled at him, Jiang Zhao did not respond.


Isn’t Xiao Siye supposed to be filming in some corner of the South China Sea?

Why did he show up in this box?!

Jiang Zhao’s brain crashed for a while, and in the meantime, Xiao Siye took his cup to the service and filled it with tea, pushed it to him, and whispered, “Mr. Jiang, wake up.”

Jiang Zhao stared at the yellowish tea in the cup. After a moment, he whispered, “explain it to me.”

Xiao Siye blinked, looking innocent: “you never asked, I thought I told you.”

Jiang Zhao: “.”

He really didn’t ask Xiao Siye about where he was filming, “because he always felt that China was so vast and that so many crews were filming at the same time that the odds of meeting him were as high as those of primitive people.”

As a result, now the situation is that primitive people have indeed met.

Jiang Zhao suppressed the wishful thinking in his head, and while Director Chen and Director Mai were talking loudly about the past, he stared at Xiao Siye secretly: “how long are you going to stay here?”

Xiao Siya: “at present, it is expected to be two months, about to the beginning of May.”

Jiang Zhao: “.”

That’s great. His shooting plan is also in early May.

Why don’t you just come and go together?

An untimely remark suddenly popped out of Jiang Zhao’s head, and before he had erased it from his head, he heard Xiao Siye say, “are we both going to return home at the same time?”

Jiang Zhao: “.”

That’s what he said in his head. Xiao Siye said it accurately, but he couldn’t really punch Xiao Siye or something. He can only stare at him.

What’s the matter? We’ll both return home, and we’ll all fly separately in the face of disaster!

“well, we are all so close to each other, since we are both costume dramas,” said Director Mai, laughing as he looked at Jiang Zhao. “is Mr. Jiang interested in coming to our side for a show when he is free?”

Jiang Zhao was stupefied. Director Mai’s proposal was not overdone, but he was a little caught off guard, but he nodded without much hesitation: “No problem.”

Director Chen immediately followed: “Hey! Why did you turn our family actor in front of me? Then I’ll borrow Mr. Xiao, do you agree? ”

Xiao Siye immediately smiled and said, “Director Chen has said so, so I certainly have to follow it.”

Director Chen laughed and said, “then it’s a deal! No running is allowed at that time! ”

Everyone laughed, and the food was almost served, the waiter opened the wine. Jiang Zhao said that he didn’t drink alcohol.

Director Chen helped his own actor and said, “he hung on wires all day, his body is black and blue. If he doesn’t drink, he won’t drink.”

Director Mai didn’t mind: “Oh, our Mr. Xiao doesn’t drink either. he didn’t even touch the wine at the start-up dinner yesterday, someone in the family doesn’t allow him. Tonight, it’s just the two of us old buddies. It’s agreed that we won’t go home until we get drunk! ”

Director Chen: “when you were in college, you never beat me in drinking and now you such words. Who is afraid of who?”

The two directors were there and speaks loudly, while the two heroines were holding juice and laughing and listening to them talk.

Jiang Zhao took a look at Xiao Siye and narrowed his eyes: “Family?”

Xiao Siye coughed softly: “… Something like that. ”

Jiang Zhao glared at him and held up the teacup with his head down, which happened to cover up the panic at the bottom of his eyes.

When he heard “Family”, he immediately thought of himself, and as a result, Xiao Siye really admitted it, which subconsciously made him feel a little hot at the tip of his ears.

……. Who is his family?

In order to hide this sense of shame, Jiang Zhao has been bowing his head to eat. Only his head has not been raised at the whole table, and he has not treated himself badly.

Xiao Siye needs to control calories for dinner and hasn’t moved his chopsticks much. Jiang Zhao took a sip of Plum juice during the meal, looked at his clean plate, and frowned: “won’t you have a stomachache?”

Xiao Siye smiled, tilted his head, and whispered, “I’ll have some extra food after dinner. This table is too greasy for me to eat. ”

Jiang Zhao’s brow was relieved a little and was about to continue to eat, but Xiao Siye pushed a small bowl of white porcelain in front of him. The white, tender double skin milk was dotted with a layer of bright, ruddy red beans, which was a dessert just delivered by the waiter.

“I can’t eat,” Xiao Siye blinked. “Brother Jiang help me?”

Jiang Zhao raised his head: “No problem.”

He is also different from Xiao Siye, when he is a busy he has an easy to lose weight physique, but after joining the group, he needs every extra meal to maintain his physique, which can be consumed even if he eats more food.

The heroine of Mingya smiled and said, “it turns out that Mr. Jiang and Mr. Xiao have such a good relationship. I always thought you two didn’t have a good relationship. It seems that I was confused by the marketing account.”

Opposite her, the hostess of “Jiangshan guest” also smiled: “I remember that the two teachers are from the same school, right? Division brothers, the relationship must be good. ”

Xiao Siye smiled and said: “As schoolmates, of course, we should take care of each other. I remember you were both in drama schools. ”

“Oh, how dare Mr. Xiao flatter me?”

“When I was 15, I almost went to the Film Academy at that time. I am really sad that I did not become teacher Xiao’s sister.”

Jiang Zhao watched Xiao Siye laugh with the two actresses, holding Plum juice in his hand and posing a cool brother’s face.


It’s just a school. There’s nothing to talk about.

How can you believe what the marketing account said? Last time, the marketing account also said that Sichuan-Shu area rides giant pandas to school, and Guangzhou City does not take the subway to work.

Jiang Zhao muttered in his heart for a long time, but after a while, he began to think of other things.

He and Xiao Siye, in the eyes of others, are really incompatible with each other.

After the first episode of “Morning in the country” was broadcast, it did make some passers-by start to change their relationship, while others thought that the way they played on the show was very interesting and harmonious, and their relationship doesn’t look too bad.

But the comments quickly swamped fans who thought they have a good relationship.

Their relationship now is really not a family relationship.

You can even be called … friends.

Jiang Zhao was in a trance when he thought about it. A moment later, his eyes fell on the double skin milk in front of him.

A few minutes later.

Jiang Zhao’s fans suddenly found that Jiang Zhao who had not updated for a month or two posted something. The Weibo account went online and sent a picture of double-skinned milk with the caption:

“I ate two desserts.”

When fans heard the news, the comment area immediately became active, and there were more than a thousand comments in a few minutes:

“good evening, brother! Is the double-skinned milk so delicious? show me a bite, too! ”

“It turned out that the double-skinned milk can be used to catch Brother Jiang. My family opened a dessert shop, brother Jiang think about it.”

“I’m the only one who cares. Why two? Brother, did you rob someone? ha. ”


Jiang Zhao just picked a few complex, look at the “who robbed” comments, he thought for two seconds, and said:

“It’s really robbed: P”

The floor of the comment was soon filled with laughter and curiosity, and Jiang Zhao did not reply.

Slowly changing the attitude of fans can’t be done overnight, which will scare these little girls who really like him

The meal lasted until after midnight when the two actresses went to the room first, Jiang Zhao and Xiao Siye sent the two directors to the room.

Jiang Zhao went to the elevator and waited for his floor, but in the next second when the elevator opened, he and Xiao Siye met in the elevator.

Jiang Zhao was slightly stupefied and walked in “what a coincidence.”

“it’s a coincidence,” Xiao Siye said. “which floor are you on?”

Jiang Zhao glanced at the elevator button: “…” Just like you. ”

The elevator rises slowly, in this kind of small space, the gap between people is very small, so that there will be some silence.

Xiao Siye broke the silence first: “I think you sent a Weibo message.”

Jiang Zhao pursed his lower lip and explained, ” There is a strong relationship between us, and it is necessary to let more people talk about it. ”

Xiao Siye nodded: “I know what you mean.”

Jiang Zhao subconsciously touched the tip of his nose, but listened to Xiao Siye and said, “by the way, I’ll give you a gift.”

Jiang Zhao looked at Xiao Siye’s movements, and his face changed: “what?”

Xiao Siye reminded him of the small box that Jiang Zhao received in the elevator. He has now completely PTSD during the scene of “Xiao Siye, Elevator, Gift”.

Xiao Siye laughed: “it’s not what you want think.”

Jiang Zhao: “.”

Xiao Siye took out a plate of food tablets from his pocket and handed them to him: “take one, or you will feel sick.”

Jiang Zhao was in a daze.

Tonight he did eat a little more full than usual, and his stomach was a little bloated. He didn’t expect Xiao Siye to observe so carefully.

The elevator “Ding” when they arrived on the floor, Jiang Zhao step out of the elevator, and Xiao Siye accompany him, toward the room.

When he got to the door of the room, Jiang Zhao turned his head and found that Xiao Siye was still there.

“you.” Jiang Zhao paused. Is this man going to come to his room as a guest?

It’s not impossible, but when he think of the dream he had in the bedroom a few days ago…

Jiang Zhao felt that his brain was out of control and hurriedly said, “Don’t come in.”

Xiao Siye looked at him for two seconds, and then pointed to the room next door: “My room is that way.”

The implication is that he happened to be on his way here, and he didn’t want to enter Jiang Zhao’s room.

Jiang Zhao: “.”

He turned and pushed the door into the room, closed the door, and locked it, and Xiao Siye watched the door close angrily in front of him and burst into laughter.

After two seconds, the door of the room suddenly opened again.

Jiang Zhao wrinkled his nose and said to him, “Hello, good night.”

Xiao Siye looked at him in surprise.

Then, with a deeper smile: “well, good night.”

When he got to the room, Jiang Zhao was just about to lie down on the bed for a while, but there was a pain in his back.

He sighed, took off his upper T-shirt, and took a look in the bathroom– all right, green and red, covered with a large area.

He frowned when he raised his finger and touched it.

In fact, he did not say but, like Song Xinglan, his body is easy to leave imprints on his physique, especially his skin is whiter, as long as he gets hits a little, it will leave a particularly clear mark.

Fortunately, the days of hanging on wires were almost over. Jiang Zhao sighed and was ready to press the safflower oil for himself. He can’t use his strength to press my waist, but it’s better than nothing.

He went out of the bathroom and rummaged through his bag for a moment, but couldn’t find it.

Jiang Zhao suddenly remembered that before he left, he gave safflower oil to Zuo Xiaoqiu and did not put it in the bag.

Jiang Zhao took a deep breath.

He suddenly blessed his soul. When he opened Wechat, he sent a message: “do you have safflower oil there?”

To order takeout here, he has to go downstairs to pick it up. Now he really doesn’t want to move.

A few minutes later, someone knocked on the door.

Xiao Siye had safflower oil in his hand. Jiang Zhao immediately stood up and smiled, “Thank you.”

The man in front of him was staring at him and calmly proposed.

“You can’t use your strength by pressing it yourself.”

“Do you want me to help you?”

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I Won’t Get Drunk With My Nemesis Again

I Won’t Get Drunk With My Nemesis Again

Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Chinese
On the day Jiang Zhao won the Golden Orchid Award for Best Actor, the reporter who interviewed him offstage deliberately asked: "I heard that you and Mr. Xiao Siye, the former film star, are brothers in the Film Academy. How is the relationship between the two of you?" The whole entertainment circle knows that Jiang Zhao and Xiao Siye are rivals, and they have been tit for tat since their debut, but there must be fan wars whenever they are in the same frame. Jiang Zhao held the golden trophy and smiled faintly in front of the camera:" We’re not familiar with each other." After the press conference, Jiang Zhao was walking in the empty VIP channel when someone suddenly pressed him against the wall. The tip of his nose rubbed against the man's bulging Adam's apple, and he heard the hot breath falling on his ear: "The one you've slept with, you’re not familiar?" Jiang Zhao snorted coldly: "Don't be so naive, Xiao Siye, we’re both adults, so what if we slept together once?" - Not long after, Jiang Zhao opened his eyes again after a hangover, and his body was sore. Xiao Siye was also sitting next to him, and looked at him with a leisurely look: "What about when you slept a second time?" Jiang Zhao: "..." #Urgent, what should I do if I have sex with my rival again# #How to explain the incident of walking out of the same hotel after disappearing with the rival for one-night # # it can't be true that I'm with my rival! #. 【Gong’s perspective】 Xiao Siye has also been interviewed by foreign fashion magazines, and the interviewer asked him a question: "Did you have a crush during your student days?" They thought this question would be perfunctory answered, but Xiao Siye's expression suddenly became serious and nodded:" I have." The interviewer hurriedly asked, "What kind of person is that?" The manager's face changed, and he immediately gestured to suspend the interview. But Xiao Siye, as if he didn't see it, curled the corners of his lips, looked at the camera and replied word by word:"There is no other one like him in the world." Lang Yan((From the Yuefu Folk Song 《白石郎曲》, it generally praises the beauty of the male god. )) is unique, second to none in the world.  


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