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Happy birthday

Having said that, Jiang Zhao pinched his nose and re-added Xiao Siye’s WeChat account.

After all, serious things come first. In contrast, this can’t stop him from getting acquainted with Director Qu Zhen.

However, Qu Zhen’s audition is not in a hurry. It is estimated that it will not end until next summer. When the crew has planned everything to start filming, at least until the end of the year.

“By the way,” Tang Yandong said suddenly, “there is one more thing.”

Jiang Zhao immediately regained his composure, ready to listen to Master’s orders.

However, Tang Yandong’s face was stern one second before, and the next second he looked at him and laughed, while his mistress patted him on the shoulder: “Did you forget it? The weekend is your birthday, and master and I prepared it for you a long time ago. Get your present ready.”

Saying that, Mistress took out two gift boxes from the shelf under the coffee table and stuffed them into his arms.

Jiang Zhao was stunned for a while, and suddenly he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “How old am I, and you even prepared gifts for my birthday.”

The wife said, “No matter how old you are. I put candles on the cake for your master every year. This is the ritual of life.”

Jiang Zhao touched the tip of his nose embarrassedly: “The teacher taught me.”

In fact, he doesn’t pay attention to the form of birthdays. When he was busy in the past few years, he didn’t even care about eating cakes.

But when the things that he has forgotten are remembered by others, it always warms his heart.

He opened the first gift box and took out an off-white scarf from it.

“Teacher, did you knit it yourself?” Jiang Zhao saw it at a glance, “This scarf is really soft.”

The wife smiled happily: “Quickly put it on and try it.”

Jiang Zhao did as he heard the words. His natural complexion is cold and white, and when his cheeks are wrapped in beige, his whole person looks a little softer, and even the arrogance between his eyebrows and eyes has faded a lot.

The stitches of the scarf are very dense, and it is warm to wear, and it takes a lot of effort to look at it.

He took off the scarf and carefully folded it again, feeling a little embarrassed: “Teacher, you’ve been bothered.”

“Oh, I just said that this color is suitable for Xiao Jiang,” the wife smiled and pushed the other box over, “Look, this is from your master.”

Jiang Zhao picked up the smaller box. The moment the box was opened, he was stunned and raised his head: “Master, this…”

Inside the box is a small Golden Orchid Award trophy.

Different from Jiang Zhao’s one, the design of this trophy is relatively simple, with only a small golden orchid, and the traces of time can still be vaguely seen on the gilded surface.

“This is the first Golden Orchid Award trophy that Master won back then,” Tang Yandong looked at him seriously. “Although it’s not worth much, Master hopes that you can remember the spirit of the actor and not forget the original intention.”

“Master… Master,” Jiang Zhao rarely said incoherently, “I can’t…”

“Take it.”

The mistress handed the trophy to him and patted the back of his hand: “It’s because your master is partial to you. Not even Xiao Siye has one right?”

Xiao Siye also laughed beside him: “Yes, I don’t have one either.”

Jiang Zhao’s heart suddenly felt a little sour. The trophy in his hand is not heavy, but it is like a piece of meteorite iron, which is heavy in his heart.

This represents the inheritance of the film industry and the continuation of an actor’s spirit – always use the most sincere and wonderful acting skills to do everything possible to bring the best works to the audience.

This is the reason for the establishment of the Golden Orchid Award, and it is also the meaning of the actor’s job.

It was past ten o’clock in the evening when he left the Tang family.

Jiang Zhao was holding the two birthday gifts, and he was still immersed in the emotions of the night. It was not until the elevator opened that he suddenly realized that there was an opponent standing next to him.

“Aren’t you going?” Xiao Siye also stood in the elevator and looked at him.

Jiang Zhao raised his eyebrows and raised his long leg: “Let’s go.”

If he refused, he would seem a little afraid of Xiao Siye.

What’s more, Jiang Zhao was in a very good mood tonight, and even with the bastard in front of him, his rival looked a bit pleasing to the eye.

He looked at the gift box in his arms, and the corners of his lips curled up. While descending the elevator, he pretended to casually ask, “I said, Master, has never given you anything like that?”

Xiao Siye also gave him a look: “No.”

Jiang Zhao said with a “tsk”, “That’s a pity—it’s a pity I have it.”

His tone was full of arrogance. Ordinarily, even if Xiao Siye wasn’t angry, he would stab him back.

But what puzzled Jiang Zhao was that Xiao Siye didn’t speak.

Are you really jealous?

Jiang Zhao laughed in his heart.

The more proud he was, the more he wanted to provoke Xiao Siye. He deliberately turned to look at Xiao Siye: “Since both my master and his wife have given me gifts, I don’t know what Senior Brother Xiao intends to give to Junior Brother?”

“Or, senior brother is not prepared at all?” Jiang Zhao touched his chin and exaggeratedly sighed, “It doesn’t matter, anyway, with the relationship between us, I have long expected this kind of situation…”


Xiao Si also suddenly took out a small black velvet box from the pocket of his coat and handed it to him, obviously, it had been prepared a long time ago.

Jiang Zhao’s smile froze directly on his face.

……what’s the situation?

Did Xiao Siye really prepare a present for him?

What the hell?!

He could hardly control the shock on his face and looked at Xiao Siye subconsciously.

In the elevator, the warm light shrouded Xiao Siye, traced down his tall browbones, and cast a deep shadow on his cheeks. And in those amber eyes, there was no joke.

Xiao Siye is also serious.

The elevator was about to land on the first floor. Jiang Zhao heard the sound of the cables rubbing when the elevator went down, the warm air blowing from the elevator’s air conditioner, and Xiao Siye’s deep, slightly hoarse voice:

“Jiang Zhao, happy birthday.”

Jiang Zhao didn’t know how he took over the small box.

He saw Xiao Siye handing the box to him, then turned around and walked out of the elevator. He felt in a trance that he seemed to be a little too rude.

Yes, the dog is so calm, why is he so nervous…

With a sense of complexity, Jiang Zhao lowered his head and opened the box.

Three seconds later.

A roar erupted from the elevator:

“Xiao Siye also!”

This bastard! He can’t believe it!!

He put a dozen of condoms in the box! !!

On the weekend, Jiang Zhao came to the villa area in the west of the city early in the morning.

Every villa has its own garden. When he opened the garden door, Jiang Zhao happened to see his mother, Xu Xinnan, leading their Alaskan dog to go out.

As soon as Xu Xinnan saw Jiang Zhao, her eyes lit up: “Yo, are you back?”

Jiang Zhao paused: “I came at the wrong time.”

Xu Xinnan stepped forward without hesitation and tucked the dog leash into his arms: “No, you came at the right time.”

Jiang Zhao: “…”

The first morning at the age of twenty-seven, he started with walking the dog of their family.

This Alaskan was given by Jiang Zhao’s uncle who worked in country E. It looked like a hairball when he was a milk dog and was given the name Jiang Maoqiu and it’s nickname is Ergou given by Mrs. Xu.

Alaskans are different from some small dogs. They are usually big and energetic, and it is extremely troublesome to walk. It is said that it has lost ten pounds since it started walking every morning. And their Ergou deserves to inherit the noble blood from country E. Whenever it see some flowers and plants, it wants to rush in and roll happily. If no one is watching, it has to clean up the greens in the villa area.

In the morning, Jiang Zhao’s WeChat steps easily exceeded 10,000, and he finally knew how the dog lost ten pounds of meat.

After returning home, Jiang Zhao slumped on the sofa. He looked at Mrs. Xu who was picking out a skirt in front of the mirror: “Old Jiang is in the company?”

“Yeah,” Mrs. Xu chose one of them and hung it next to her, “Isn’t there a project to be acquired recently? It’s really annoying because he is busy every day. But he’ll definitely come back tonight to celebrate with you, he said, he has a present for you.”

Jiang Zhao: “…let’s leave the gift.”

His biological father, Jiang Yinglong, has been with Mes. Xu, a fashionista, for 30 years, but his aesthetics have always been a mystery. For his birthday last year, he was given a Barbie-pink Ferrari, and the year before, a solid gold watch studded with diamonds.

The Barbie car is still sitting in Jiang Zhao’s garage to eat ashes. In his collection of sports cars, which are mainly black and blue, it looks very unique. That watch has never been worn – let alone put on, it makes him upset when he sees it.

Mrs. Xu is also well aware of her husband’s virtue: “He plausibly said last year that you definitely have a girlfriend, and the Ferrari was originally for your little girlfriend…”

Ms. Xu covered her mouth subconsciously, Jiang Zhao stood up sharply, and asked suspiciously, “What little girlfriend?”

Ms. Xu: “…Oh, can you pretend that I didn’t say anything?”

The mother and son stared at each other for a long time in silence, only Ergou, who didn’t know anything, was still happily rolling on the carpet, shaking their fur like snow.

In the end, Mrs. Xu was defeated: “Well, let me confess. Your dad and I really thought you were in love last year. Otherwise, why would someone send gifts to the family? The note above is still in the tone of a little girl.”

Jiang Zhao just remembered that Mrs. Xu was talking about the pile of big boxes that were sent to his house. On his birthday last year, he was filming in the group, so Mrs. Xu went to his place in advance, and he probably saw it at that time.

“That’s a gift sent to me by my fans,” he was speechless. “After the studio has reviewed it, Zuo Xiaoqiu will send it to my house for me. And I’m gay, and falling in love with a girl is called cheating marriage. ”

This tradition of sending gifts started about five years ago, from a small cardboard box at the beginning, to a large cardboard box at the back, and then to a pile of cardboard boxes.

Jiang Zhao looks like he doesn’t care about anything, but in fact every year the gifts sent to him by fans are kept in a room specially by him, and he takes them out from time to time.

Some hats, scarves, earrings, etc., whether they are famous brands or not, as long as they suit his mind, he usually wears them. He has a fan who sends him a pair of earrings from a small foreign brand every year. Jiang Zhao likes it very much. He even went to the official website of the earrings to find them, but it is estimated that they are specially customized. There is no similar pattern on the official website.

Mrs. Xu sighed: “You have been shouting about your sexuality for so many years, and I haven’t seen anyone you really liked. Oh, don’t be stinky, I’m not urging you to fall in love, and tonight I will celebrate you being single for 20 years. Seven years of achievement. Come on, Ergou, let’s applaud your brother—”

Ergou immediately raised two front paws and patted them very cooperatively.

Jiang Zhao: “…”

These people ah.

Translator’s notes:
Little girlfriend? No, ma’am, he is the little bf.

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