Tonight’s family banquet can be regarded as a pleasant one. Of course, if there is no Xiao Siye who comes out from time to time to brush his presence, the atmosphere will definitely be more harmonious.

Tang Yandong has been focusing on teaching for a long time, and he doesn’t usually pay much attention to the Internet. Jiang Zhao thinks that his master probably doesn’t know that his two apprentices are rivals in the circle, so he will call Xiao Siye over tonight, creating such a situation.

And the person who pushed his personal WeChat account to Xiao Siye before was also his master.

If he was in someone else’s house today, Jiang Zhao would definitely tear up with Xiao Siye the moment he entered the door, no matter if he would be embarrassed or not.

But when standing in front of him were the two people who cared about him most besides his parents, his usual eloquence and thorns all softened, and he became a mute who could only nod his head.

As long as the master and his wife are happy, he can put aside his grievances for a while, and pretend to be in harmony with Xiao Siye.

Anyway, everyone here is the best actor, which one is not very good at acting?

Thinking so, Jiang Zhao looked at Xiao Siye: “Senior brother, do you want to add a bowl of chicken soup?”

Xiao Siye also smiled back: “I’ll trouble, Junior Brother.”

Under the satisfied eyes of Master and his wife, Jiang Zhao picked up the empty bowl in Xiao Siye’s hand and stood up to pour the soup.

The clay pot for chicken soup was placed on the table next to him. He turned his back to pour the soup, and all his movements were covered when he turned his back to the table. When he filled a bowl of chicken soup, he didn’t look back and said, “Senior brother, I’ll add salt for you.”

Xiao Siye over there also responded, and Jiang Zhao’s eyes showed a hint of evil interest.

He quickly picked up the salt jar and threw it at the soup bowl.

He still hasn’t forgotten how Xiao Siye laughed at his black history photo in the study before.

Since Xiao Siye dares to laugh at him, then this Chicken Soup with Lethal Salt is added…

Brother, have a good time.

The chicken soup was brought back to Xiao Siye. At the same time as he picked up the spoon, Jiang Zhao quietly and precisely locked his expression with his peripheral vision.

He looked at Xiao Siye and lowered his head, his thin lips were lightly close to the edge of the white spoon, then the chicken soup entered, his Adam’s apple rolled…

Jiang Zhao’s eyes lit up – come on, spit it out, he will never laugh hahahahaha!

However, to his disappointment, Xiao Siye only paused for a moment, then drank the whole spoonful of chicken soup without changing his face, and it looked the same as usual.

Jiang Zhao’s expectations failed, and he clicked in his heart a little unhappily.

As expected of an actor, he really knows how to act.

He suddenly had a plan in his mind, and a pair of flattering and affectionate eyes rolled up to look at his master’s wife: “Master, the soup you simmered today is really delicious.”

The wife was naturally happy: “If you like it so much, drink more.”

“Well,” Jiang Zhao responded, then turned to look at Xiao Siye, “Senior brother thinks so too?”

Xiao Si also smiled warmly: “Of course, the wife’s craftsmanship is the best.”

“That senior brother must drink it all,” Jiang Zhao looked at him seriously, “Don’t let the time spent by the teacher for so long be wasted.”

“That’s for sure,” Xiao Siye made eye contact with him without any hesitation. “What’s more, this is the soup that my junior brother personally prepared for me.”

He made the word “personally” a little more serious, but Jiang Zhao looked like he didn’t know anything, and looked extraordinarily innocent.

In fact, there are already a hundred kittens in his heart jumping up and down with joy.

He’s too happy to see that Xiao Siye is also deflated.

Jiang Zhao had to lower his head and cover up the corners of his mouth that rose wildly with the action of picking the rice.

When he was halfway through eating the rice, a pair of male chopsticks suddenly stretched out from the bowl, with a large piece of plump and tender fish on it.

Jiang Zhao raised his head suspiciously, but saw Xiao Siye’s expression as usual, and said to him, “The meat under the fish’s gills is the most delicious, and there are no fish bones. Junior brother try it.”

Jiang Zhao immediately became alert.

As a person who has just done bad things, it is hard for him not to suspect that Xiao Siye is ready to retaliate.

However, his master’s eyes had already come over, as if he was going to watch the scene of them getting along in harmony. Jiang Zhao could only twitch the corners of his lips hypocritically: “Thank you, Senior Brother.”

It was just a piece of fish, even if Xiao Si had hidden a thorn in it, with his countless experience in reading fish, he could easily pick it out.

Jiang Zhao casually put the piece of fish into his mouth, and the moment he bit it, his expression froze.


Xiao Si is also a bastard, actually hiding coriander[1]Coriander is an annual herb in the family Apiaceae. It is also known as Chinese parsley under the fish!

There are only two kinds of people in the world. One is the one who regards coriander as life, and the other is the one who wishes to never see coriander again. Unfortunately, Jiang Zhao belongs to the latter.

But the arrow was on the string, and he could only bite down one bite at a time, letting the scent of coriander scurry wildly in his extremely sensitive olfactory system, like a rampant southern cockroach.

Jiang Zhao swallowed the fish, and in his voice, there was a gnashing of teeth that only Xiao Siye could hear: “It’s delicious, thank you, teacher and brother.”

Xiao Siye was also smiling: “You’re welcome, Junior Brother.”

After a bad meal, both sides have their own strengths and it is difficult to compete, so they can only wait until the next time to break it down.

After the meal, Jiang Zhao took the initiative to get up to wash the dishes, and Xiao Siye also stood up with him: “I’ll help too.”

Jiang Zhao sneered coldly in his heart, heh, a scholar.

The mistress quickly grabbed them: “Oh, put it there, I’ll fix it.”

“You and master cook, so there’s no reason to let the cook wash the dishes,” Jiang Zhao grabbed the plate she was about to take, “please rest with my master.”

The wife and the master went to the living room. Jiang Zhao glanced at Xiao Siye while clearing the dishes and said, “I said.”

Xiao Siye also lowered his eyes when he heard the words and looked at him.

Jiang Zhao was inexplicably a little upset. His height of 181 is not short among boys, but in the face of Xiao Siye, who is 188, he is always a little lower.

He couldn’t help saying, “You bow your head.”

To his surprise, Xiao Siye also leaned over slightly obediently. The distance between the two suddenly narrowed a lot, and when they looked at each other, they could almost feel the airflow when the other party was breathing.

Jiang Zhao leaned back subconsciously: “…you don’t need to be so close.”

Xiao Siye also chuckled: “What do you want to say?”

Jiang Zhao distanced himself from him: “If Master asks anything later, don’t reveal anything.”

Xiao Siye: “You mean how you unfriended me?”

Jiang Zhao: “…Yes.”

Xiao Siye also nodded, “That’s easy too.”

Seeing him talk so well, Jiang Zhao was inexplicably relieved.

Who knew that in the next second, Xiao Siye took out the phone from his pocket: “Just add it back.”

Jiang Zhao: “…”

Jiang Zhao: “I don’t mean that, are you out of your mind recently? Why do you want to add to me?”

He really didn’t understand Xiao Siye’s brain circuit. The two were clearly from two opposite families.

And Xiao Siye is acting like he wants to invite Jiang Zhao to form a friendship, in the middle of the night to have a heart-to-heart talk – the capitalization is outrageous.

Xiao Siye also looked like he was asking seriously: “Why can’t you add it?”

Jiang Zhao stared at Xiao Siye for a few seconds, then suddenly said, “Then do you eat sweet or beancurd ?”

Xiao Siye was also slightly startled: “It’s salty.”

“Then let me tell you,” Jiang Zhao said with a blank face, “I will never add the people who drink salty beancurd in my life.”

Xiao Siye: “…”

The sweet bean curd party and the salty bean curd party washed their bowls clearly.

When Jiang Zhao came to the living room, his wife immediately patted the place next to her: “Xiao Jiang, Xiao Siye, come here.”

This is a sign that the master is ready to teach. Jiang Zhao immediately chose the seat next to his wife and sat down, occupying a corner of the sofa. When Xiao Siye came over, he had to choose Tang Yandong’s side.

Tang Yandong glanced at each of his two apprentices and said, “You are all famous people in the Chinese film industry. Master is very happy to see what you have achieved now.”

“But, the more we must guard against arrogance and impatience.”

Tang Yandong’s remarks lasted for more than an hour, and when the pot of tea came down, he finally finished talking, and Jiang Zhao also breathed a sigh of relief beside him.

Before he could completely relax, Tang Yandong spoke again: “Today, I broke the rules and asked you brothers to meet because of Master’s selfishness.”

Jiang Zhao was stunned for a moment, and Xiao Siye also looked over.

“I have an old friend who is planning a new movie next year, you all know it,” Tang Yandong showed a faint smile, “Qu Zhen.”

Jiang Zhao opened his eyes slightly.

The name Qu Zhen is known to everyone in the film industry. He has directed more than ten films that have won major awards, and more than half of them have won awards. In his hands, he has even made more than a dozen movie stars and queens. He is a Gold Medal Myth”.

But Qu Zhen and Tang Yandong are people of the same generation. He has suffered from many physical problems in recent years. In addition, he is extremely strict and strives for perfection. In the past ten years, he has hardly directed dramas. It is said that he has faded out of the movie world.

Who would have guessed that such an old senior who was written in the textbook was going to come out again.

Jiang Zhao’s heart couldn’t help but feel hot. Qu Zhen’s film, to put it bluntly, is ready to win awards. But it would be too tacky to only talk about awards. Qu Zhen’s films are actually more worthy of the title of “artwork”.

What he pursues is not the same as other literary and artistic films, requiring every picture to be something deep in the spring and white snow. He pays attention to art not only to have connotation, but also to be in line with the public, so that everyone who sees the finished film, even if it is completely incomprehensible, can also shed tears.

This is a force that can resonate with all human beings, and if he can participate in the production of such a film, for Jiang Zhao, even if he is the one who would pay, he is willing.

At this moment, Tang Yandong mentioned this matter in front of him and Xiao Siye, could it be…

“Old Qu trusts my eyesight, but I can’t betray the trust of my old friends,” Tang Yandong touched his chin with a smile, “Now I want to ask about your attitude, if you are willing, I will recommend you to him. Of course, the audition is still solely Old Qu’s responsible and I have no right to interfere.”

Jiang Zhao said almost immediately, “Master, I am willing.”

“Master,” Xiao Siye agreed at about the same time as him, “I am also willing.”

Tang Yandong nodded in relief: “Okay, okay, but remember, no matter what the audition results are, you will still be brothers, understand?”

Jiang Zhao immediately understood why Tang Yandong wanted to call them together tonight.

With such a good opportunity, he neither wanted to favor one over the other, but also feared that his two disciples would turn against each other, so he simply told the truth and let the two compete fairly.

However, his master could not have imagined that his two apprentices had already become rivals 800 years ago.

Having said that, Jiang Zhao is still very willing to show solidarity and friendship at this moment. He looked at Xiao Siye and showed the most sincere smile tonight: “That’s for sure, no matter what the result is, the friendship between my senior brother and I will not change. We are friends until we die.”

Xiao Siye also looked at him and responded with kindness: “That’s right, my junior brother and I have hit it off right away, and we love each other. How could we be estranged because of competition.”

Jiang Zhao grinned on the surface, but in his heart, he said that the ghost was in love with him.

Tang Yandong was very satisfied with the result and picked up the phone: “That’s good. Come on, I’ll share Lao Qu’s WeChat account with you. Didn’t you add Xiao Zhao? Just forward it to him.”

Jiang Zhao’s expression suddenly froze.

He chuckled: “Master, you can forward it to me, I’ll forward it to my brother…”

But he saw his master, the old god, shaking his head on the ground: “Your WeChat name is a mess. It’s your brother’s name that is easy to find.”

Speaking, Tang Yandong, who had never learned to add name notes, slowly forwarded Qu Zhen’s WeChat business card to Xiao Siye under the guidance of his wife.

And Xiao Siye also smiled slightly and looked at Jiang Zhao who was not far away: “Junior Brother, shall I forward it to you?”

Jiang Zhao: “…”

Xiao Siye’s WeChat is still on his blacklist.

Translator’s Note: 
Blocking XS backfired for JZ. I updated 5 chapters since this is a new proj, hope you guys get hooked like me.


1 Coriander is an annual herb in the family Apiaceae. It is also known as Chinese parsley

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