IGD Ch43

Chinese New year's Eve.


This “Brother Jiang” directly caught Jiang Zhao off guard.

He was shocked by Xiao Siye and found that he doesn’t even feel ashamed. Jiang Zhao’s lips moved a few times, and it took a moment to say:”… You want to be shameless?”

Clearly, he is more than a year older than him, but he opened his mouth to call his brother. It happened that Jiang Zhao was a man who ate this set very much. At the moment when he heard that “brother”, he had to shamefully admit that he felt he was cool to the extreme.

His rival, who has not dealt with the light and shade for many years, took the initiative to lower his profile in front of him, which made Jiang Zhao’s respect for him in his heart instantly get great satisfaction.

What’s more ….. Xiao Siye said “Brother Jiang”, with a bit of demagogic flavor. If a little girl heard it, she might just blush with shame.

“What’s wrong with me?” Xiao Siye also smiled at him, and he was the kind of innocent god, and his amber eyes were like the setting sun reflected on the lake in the evening, dyed with a layer of refreshing light. “Don’t you like it?” Brother Jiang? ”

“… Ahem !” Jiang Zhao felt that the tip of his ear was a little hot, and he was ashamed.
However, since Xiao Siye is not ashamed and thick-faced, he has to maintain the momentum that Mount Tai collapses and does not change color. “it’s all right, it’s fine, I like it very much,” he said calmly. ”

Xiao Siye also followed: “Then let me out of the hospital tomorrow?”

Jiang Zhao’s lips tightened for a few moments, then he replied, “If the doctor allows, I will do.”

Xiao Siye bloomed a very bright smile. When a handsome man like him really smiles, he can almost shake his mind.

Jiang Zhao looked away, and he didn’t understand why it would kill this man to rest in the hospital for two more days. He didn’t sign with Xiao Siye to hire a cook, but Xiao Siye insisted on helping him with these daily chores.

Having said that, he also enjoys it, because Xiao Siye is really a person who pays great attention to the quality and details of life. It’s just that as his contact with Xiao Siye increases, it seems that he finds that Xiao Siye appears by his side more and more. In other words, Xiao Siye is gradually infiltrating into his life.


In fact, Jiang is a person who pursues a sense of “stability”. He is very considerate of others who suddenly occupy a position in his life. As an unaccustomed person in the circle, he can deal with people politely on the surface, but in private, he never regards the relationships he knows as friends, and no one can rely on a short period of enthusiasm to get another favor from him.

His real circle of friends has always been stable, even unchangeable. Only Zuo Xiaoqiu and Qin Youyou, who have known him for many years, can get close to him. It’s like taking the initiative to draw a safe area for himself. The area is his own people, and the area is the existence that he feels is crucial and too lazy to ignore. It’s totally different.

But suddenly a man broke the line and impolitely turned over directly across the wall.

Jiang Zhao had “paid attention” to this matter, but he watched the man climb over the wall, but he could not directly scold Xiao Siye, just because his every move happened to step on his weakness, or tickled his heart. or make him angry but helpless.

Shameless, when he really loses his temper, the person who is as proud as he is will not hesitate to lower his posture and openly reveal his heart to him.

This way of playing straight ball, Jiang Zhao can’t do and can’t resist.

He couldn’t help feeling that Xiao Siye did so much for him, so how much will the person who is loved by Xiao Siye be cherished?

At the thought, Jiang Zhao suddenly became a little discouraged.


Thinking so much about what to do, he’s not the one Xiao Siye likes, and Xiao Siye also treats him … that is, his normal attitude towards his friends.

Jiang Zhao gathered his thoughts, got up, and said, “Then you have a good rest. I have to go back to Jiang’s home this afternoon.”

Xiao Siye asked, “Uncle also drank a lot of wine last night. Is he in good health?”

“He only drinks this once when he is happy, and he will feel refreshed after a sleep.” Jiang Zhao looked at him. “Old Jiang is usually healthy, and he won’t eat Sichuan food as soon as he wakes up.”


Xiao Siye blinked, and looked at him with a look of admitting his mistake while he is being scolded. But the more he did this, the more Jiang Zhao couldn’t bear to open his mouth to mock him again, and his tone was subconsciously softer: “I’m going to help my mother buy new year’s goods this afternoon.”

Xiao Siye was stunned.

“It’s not the coming New Year. It’s the 20th day of the lunar calendar today.” Jiang Zhao looked at the calendar on his mobile phone.”you don’t know, my mother has to buy enough food for half a year every year, and she can almost fill up the whole house. I don’t need much. I basically have to wait for other relatives to send them one by one when they come to our house to pay New year’s greetings. My cousins who are in charge of counting red envelopes have been assigned by my mother to do this job since childhood, just like a boy with loose wealth. ”

Xiao Siye smiled and said, “It’s cute.”

Jiang Zhao was a little curious and asked, “When do you usually buy new year’s goods in your family?”

Xiao Siye paused, and seemed to think about it, then said, “It’s probably the days before the Chinese New Year.”

Jiang Zhao sighed: “It’s nice, there’s no hurry. Are you here or going back to your hometown for the Chinese New Year? ”

He didn’t know where Xiao Siye’s hometown was, but when he thought of it, he suddenly found that Xiao Siye had never talked to him about his own family.

Hearing this, Xiao Siye said, “My hometown is in Jiangcheng, so I should go back then.”

Jiang Zhao raised his eyebrow, but nothing happened.

When he first met Xiao Siye at the adult banquet, he felt that this man should be a southerner, with a cool temperament that was not found in the north, like the moonlight recited in ancient poems.

Of course, from getting to know Xiao Siye and seeing through the nature of this man, this impression directly vanished.

After all, Xiao Si’s coquettish appearance is not exactly the same as the moonlight.

“You have a good rest,” Jiang Zhao stood up. “See you after the new year.”

It’s rare for him to have no job during the Chinese New Year. He doesn’t have to go out to film or run for announcements. He must have been with his family for ten days. That is to say, from today to the end of the year, he would not see Xiao Siye again.

But Xiao Siye grabbed him again: “Wait a minute.”

Jiang Zhao looked at him.

Xiao Siye looked up at him and whispered, “Jiangcheng is too far away, and Sister seldom goes out of town. I’m afraid she will be stressed.”

“So … in the meantime, can you foster her in your home first?”

The Jiang family.

The little white puppet cat sits on the wooden floor, with its long fluffy tail curled up, and only the tips of its ears are stained with coffee color, like a soft marshmallow dipped in chocolate sauce.

Those blue eyes are round, as if there is a whole ocean in them, which makes people feel relaxed and happy just looking at them.

However, it is such an expensive kitten, but she is not afraid at all. As soon as Mrs. Xui’s hand reaches out, the little one obediently puts her chin in her palm, and looks dull and cute, just hanging a sign of “Come and rub Me” directly on its chest.

Mrs. Xui immediately sent out a scream, hugged Sister directly into her arms, and rubbed it into an exploded marshmallow.

“I regret not having a cat at the beginning,” Xu Shi hugged Sister happily, as if she had found a long-lost relative. “When your uncle asked me if I wanted a Berea cat or Alaska, I said a dog, of course. It’s so big, how awesome it is to carry it out …”

Saying that she swept her eyes at Ergou with its tongue sticking out beside her, and was extremely sad: “As a result, you see this disappointing play. Every day when we go out, it goes to someone else’s grass to roll and pounce on butterflies. Even a Chihuahua can scold it. Fortunately, it rolls on someone else’s lawn.”
Ergou raised his dog head cheerfully, smelling the new members a little curiously, and he looked like a silly dog.

“You are simply stepping on it.”

Although Jiang Zhao was partial to Sister, he patted Ergou. As a result, the dog got excited and directly arched into his arms.

Seeing this silly dog ​​licking his face of saliva again, Jiang Zhao hurriedly pushed away the dog’s head close at hand.

Even he can’t say anything now, and he always feels that this virtue is a bit different from some shameless movie-winner.

Xu Shi’s purchase of new year’s goods actually took a whole afternoon to make a long list, but she ordered her men to buy it.

Jiang Zhao accompanied her in choosing between two kinds of rice cake gift boxes, when his cell phone suddenly rang.

He looked down at the call note, pushed Ergou, who wanted to get close, away, and got up and went to the bathroom.

As soon as the answer button was pressed, the old Zhan’s big, awkward voice came over: “You pick up so late. Are you in love?”

Jiang Zhao turned pale on the phone: ” Who are you talking to? If I fall in love, can you not know? ”

Old Zhan smiled, “I think your relationship with that Emperor Xiao is quite unusual. It turns out that you are not in love.”

Jiang Zhao expressed: “So concerned about the boss’s private life, there must be a lot of year-end awards, right?”

Caught in his soft spot, Old Zhan immediately screamed, “I’ll wait for the year-end award to buy wine. Be merciful, brother!”

“All right, don’t be poor,” Jiang Zhao said with one hand. “What’s the matter?”

Old Zhan is always a well-informed paparazzi collected by him. He has been living a semi-retired life in their studio, and he has never been in the Three Treasures. Taking the initiative to call him this time, it’s definitely not just a trivial matter like gossiping about the boss’s private life.

Sure enough, when he saw the old Zhan on the other end of the phone coughing twice, his voice was positive: “I’m telling you, do you remember the person who regretted donating at the beginning? They came to me again.”

In the beginning, he helped Zuo Xiaoqiu find a suitable kidney source, learned of the other party’s donation wish and found that their family had some difficulties, so he contacted them in the name of Jiang’s family , and said that he would give them a certain donation subsidy.

However, this is against the articles of association, so Jiang Zhao didn’t tell Zuo Xiaoqiu, but he didn’t expect that this family would violate his own bad heart because of the temptation of Han Tingfeng’s interests at that time.

Of course, he despises this, and he is happy to see that the family is as anxious as ants on hot bricks because they can’t get the money given by Han Tingfeng and the advance loan can’t be paid back. But when these ants really came to him for help, he couldn’t really stand by.

After all, this is the lifeblood of Zuo Xiaoqiu’s father. Since he chose to get involved at first, he couldn’t ignore it.

“I’ll tell Xiaoqiu first,” Jiang Zhao said in silence for a moment. “This matter, we have to let him know.”

He can’t let Zuo Xiaoqiu learn these things only after the transplant operation, which will only aggravate Zuo Xiaoqiu’s guilt for him.

Jiang Zhao is used to fighting righteousness for his friends, but he doesn’t like his friends feeling that they owe him.

Old Zhan readily responded, and talked with Jiang Zhao about the year-end bonus for a while. After making sure his bonus was safe, he hung up the phone with alacrity.

Jiang Zhao stood at the sink for a moment and dialed the telephone of Zuo Xiaoqiu.

Zuo Xiaoqiu should still be in the hospital. He can hearr the faint noise coming from there. It should be Zuo Xiaoqiu taking medicine for his father and walking in the corridor of the hospital.

When he explained things, Zuo Xiaoqiu really fell silent.

But before waiting for the other party to give a response, Jiang Zhao said, “I’ll tell you first, I’m making this call to let you know, not ask you to make a choice.”
Zuo Xiaoqiu was stunned at that end, obviously, he didn’t expect him to say so.

“People’s lives are at stake, and that family is despicable, but nothing is more important than my uncle’s health,” Jiang Zhao then said. “I just want you to know that you don’t have to accept donations because you feel that would help the people who have indirectly hurt me, and don’t take it as any trouble for me-if it’s trouble, I’ll make a hot search go to the bar and get a picture of my disco dancing. You can do this if you want to help me.”

“… but those are my job.” Zuo Xiaoqiu’s voice is sullen.

“Playing these things is also old Zhan’s job. If you can’t pass it, find time to buy him two bottles of good wine, and he can call you Dad directly.” Jiang Zhao was impolite. “You are my employee, but you are also my friend. I’m only loyal to my friends, and I don’t talk about who owes whom, you know? ”

His words, even directly dragged Zuo Xiaoqiu out of the dilemma, directly brushed away those unnecessary emotional pressures.

Zuo Xiaoqiu couldn’t understand his thoughts again. After a while, he sniffled, “Jiang Zhao …”

Jiang Zhao touched the goose bumps on his body: “OK, don’t talk about anything sensational, I can’t.”

“No,” Zuo Xiaoqiu said. “I just want to ask, have you finished the packet of chrysanthemum heat-clearing tea that I sent you last time? According to one cup a day, it should be finished.”

Jiang Zhao: “…”

Jiang Zhao: “Well, it seems that the signal is not very good? Hello? Hey, what did you say? ”

In Zuo Xiaoqiu’s singling out, Jiang Zhao quickly hung up the phone and returned to the living room.

Xu Shi looked up at him: “Things at work?”

Jiang Zhao wanted to answer and suddenly remembered that Xu Shi had complained to him for a long time. Since he started his own studio, he didn’t tell his family anything and was unfamiliar with her.

For a moment, Jiang Zhao simply told her about it.

Xu Shi sighed when he finished, “Xiaoqiu is a good boy and filial.”
When Jiang Zhao wanted to answer the phone, Xu Shi said with faint emotion, “Unlike some people, who just helped me walk my dog ​​for two days, then quit, don’t you think?”

Jiang Zhao: “…”

Before Xu Shi could continue, Jiang Zhao surrendered, picked up the leash, and took two Ergou to the streets to encourage his dog to gallop, which was very disgraceful.

Xu Shi smiled and touched the kitten in her arms: “This provocation, brother Jiang, is easy to use.”

Sister gave a milk meow to express her praise.

Ten days’ holiday looks like a lot, but it seems that the time during the holiday will be accelerated. Just eating, drinking, and having fun, will pass half of the time unconsciously.
On New Year’s Eve, Jiang Zhao stood at the door and posted Spring Festival couplets.

The nanny and driver are back for the New Year, Lao Jiang and Xu Shi cook, and Ergou is chasing Sister parkour in the living room. After being scratched by Sister, Ergou dare not move again, but obediently shakes his tail in front of

Jiang Zhao angrily slapped the dog’s head: “Are you the dog of the fighting nation or not?”

Ergou barked very wrongfully, with his wronged little appearance, but then Sister who just ignored it seemed to calm down, and a pair of pink paws stepped on two dog’s fleshy belly, and her little paws rose and fell, and turned out to be stepping on the dog.

Ergou let out a cry of excitement, directly exposed the whole belly, and let the cat step on it for Sister to play.

Jiang Zhao couldn’t help smiling at the happy appearance of cat and dog. He couldn’t wait to leave Sister in their home.

At the moment Xiao Siye should also have been in his hometown, right?

Jiang Zhao moved, took out his mobile phone, and wanted to send a message to Xiao Siye.

“Son, come and help with the dough!”

Xu Shi in the kitchen called, and Jiang Zhao should answer, putting the mobile phone into his pocket again for the time being.

At a distance of several kilometers from the Jiang family, there is a magnificent villa built on the mountain, which is brightly lit at the moment.

The New Year’s Eve was supposed to be a time for family excitement, but the family in the villa fell into an eerie silence.

On the main seat in the central sitting room, an old man with all white sideburns is leaning on a golden nanmu crutch, and the old god is closed on the ground.

He should be old, dressed in a black Tang suit, but still tall and straight. Although his face is full of wrinkles, it can be vaguely seen that he was handsome when he was young. Even with his eyes closed, the sense of dignity of the shape tilted out of him involuntarily and enveloped him.

He doesn’t know how long it took, but a middle-aged man beside him, who was somewhat wide and fat, pulled his too-tight tie and wiped the sweat on his oily face. He didn’t dare to complain to the old man, so he had to turn his head and glared at the housekeeper: “Why hasn’t he come yet?”

“The gentleman said that he was on his way.” The housekeeper leaned over and replied respectfully.

“Tell him to hurry up,” the middle-aged man said with impatience. “The whole family is waiting for him here.”

“It’s easy to get stuck in traffic at this time, so big brother shouldn’t be doing it intentionally.”

Some feminine youth voices sounded from the side of the sofa. It was a young man with gentle eyebrows. He was born out of proportion, but his temperament was outstanding. Unfortunately, he was in a wheelchair, and his disabled legs doomed him to some fate.

“What Xiao Shu said is true,” said the belle beside the middle-aged man. “There must be a traffic jam on the road. He can’t have forgotten such an important day.”

Ttwo people echo each other and seem to be cleaning up for the late person, but on the New Year’s Eve, everyone is celebrating the New Year. How can there be a traffic jam? This is a dark irony that the other party doesn’t take going home for the Spring Festival seriously at all.

The middle-aged man was even angrier: “This boy, as a descendant of our family, not only does he goes out in public every day, and doesn’t even pay attention to Chinese New Year. When he arrives, I must teach him a good lesson …”

“All right!”

The majestic voice sounded, and the three men were almost silent, but they saw the old man sitting in the center slowly opening his eyes, leaving only three words: “Silence.”

Even the elderly lion king still has a frightening power, and almost all the others waiting beside him hold their breath and dare not go out.

Not long after he finished yelling, he heard the sound of parking.

The door was opened, and a tall and straight figure calmly walked into the villa.

He was dressed casually, with creases accumulated after a day’s action. It looked as if he was wearing the same suit that he went out in the morning, so he came to dinner, and he didn’t take the New Year’s Eve dinner seriously at all.

“It’s hard to think, there’s a traffic jam on the road.” Xiao Siye faced a pair of eyes staring at him. He felt no guilt at all and didn’t even bother to make up a more appropriate excuse. “Since everyone is here, isn’t it time for dinner?”

“You this boy …”

Just as the middle-aged man wanted to reprimand him, the old man suddenly threw his cane on the ground: “You think you are hiking and eating.”

Huo Jianxing’s voice got stuck in his throat, and Xiao Siye handed his coat to the housekeeper, passing by him with a half-smile: “Father still needs to take care of his body, or his anger will hurt his liver.”

Huo Jianing snorted and was livid.

“Big brother.” The youth in the wheelchair looked at him with a smile and a simple look.

“Welcome home.”
Xiao Siye looked at Huo Shu, too, and gave a very sincere smile: “How is Xiao Shu’s body?”

Before Huo Shu could speak, Zhuang Xinrou next to him rushed to answer, “My son is in good health, so he doesn’t need your concern.”

Her voice was a little bitter, and Xiao Siye raised his eyebrows and said, “Congratulations.
Maybe you can stand up after two years of training?”


This sentence directly stung Zhuang Xinrou, and she glared at Xiao Siye. If it weren’t for the old man, she is designated to scold Xiao Siye for the dog’s blood.

The seemingly separated family took a seat at the dinner table, and Huo Jianxing habitually wanted to sit on the left-hand side of Master Huo. However, before he took a seat, Master Huo first called his hand, “Ah Ye, come here.”

Huo Jianxing’s face turned white directly, and Huo Shu’s smiles could not be maintained.

Xiao Siye didn’t answer. Instead, he pulled a chair: “No, Grandpa, I’ll just sit here.”

Father Huo narrowed his eyes, and his mind was too heavy to see his mood.

The rest of the Huo family were so surprised that they didn’t make a sound for a moment, and the housekeeper who stood by changed his face slightly-Xiao Siye was the only one who dared not give the old man face.

In an awkward situation, Zhuang Xinrou gloated and glanced at Xiao Siye, just waiting for the old man to get angry with this f * * king grandson.

However, Mr He just handed the hand crutch to the housekeeper, and adjusted his sleeve:

“Since everyone is seated, let’s have dinner.”

The dishes on the table were full of beautiful things, only a slight chewing sound came, and it was so quiet that no one dare to breathe, which made this supposed lively reunion dinner seem more bizarre.

Xiao Siye has been looking down at the food on the plate, and his eyes are focused. When he has finished eating, he picks up his napkin, wipes his mouth, and gets up straight from his seat: “I’ve finished eating, so I’ll go upstairs first.”

The old man glanced at him and said nothing.

Xiao Siye turned to leave, waiting for his figure to disappear on the stairs, before Huo Jianxing spoke, his voice was angry: “Dad, look at this kid’s temper. If you don’t care, he will climb on your head!”

“And how long did you tell him about the name change? He was right, and even dared to trifle with the genealogy …”

He listened to his son’s complaint, and for a moment, he put down his chopsticks and stood up.
Although he is old, his eyes are still like a blade, lightly sweeping his son’s family, and finally fixing on his potbellied son:

“He has no one to discipline him until today … What do you think, all because of who? ”

Huo Jianxing immediately felt like he was choked by his neck and couldn’t say a word.

He snorted, took the crutch, left, and walked to his room.


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I Won’t Get Drunk With My Nemesis Again

I Won’t Get Drunk With My Nemesis Again

Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Chinese
On the day Jiang Zhao won the Golden Orchid Award for Best Actor, the reporter who interviewed him offstage deliberately asked: "I heard that you and Mr. Xiao Siye, the former film star, are brothers in the Film Academy. How is the relationship between the two of you?" The whole entertainment circle knows that Jiang Zhao and Xiao Siye are rivals, and they have been tit for tat since their debut, but there must be fan wars whenever they are in the same frame. Jiang Zhao held the golden trophy and smiled faintly in front of the camera:" We’re not familiar with each other." After the press conference, Jiang Zhao was walking in the empty VIP channel when someone suddenly pressed him against the wall. The tip of his nose rubbed against the man's bulging Adam's apple, and he heard the hot breath falling on his ear: "The one you've slept with, you’re not familiar?" Jiang Zhao snorted coldly: "Don't be so naive, Xiao Siye, we’re both adults, so what if we slept together once?" - Not long after, Jiang Zhao opened his eyes again after a hangover, and his body was sore. Xiao Siye was also sitting next to him, and looked at him with a leisurely look: "What about when you slept a second time?" Jiang Zhao: "..." #Urgent, what should I do if I have sex with my rival again# #How to explain the incident of walking out of the same hotel after disappearing with the rival for one-night # # it can't be true that I'm with my rival! #. 【Gong’s perspective】 Xiao Siye has also been interviewed by foreign fashion magazines, and the interviewer asked him a question: "Did you have a crush during your student days?" They thought this question would be perfunctory answered, but Xiao Siye's expression suddenly became serious and nodded:" I have." The interviewer hurriedly asked, "What kind of person is that?" The manager's face changed, and he immediately gestured to suspend the interview. But Xiao Siye, as if he didn't see it, curled the corners of his lips, looked at the camera and replied word by word:"There is no other one like him in the world." Lang Yan((From the Yuefu Folk Song 《白石郎曲》, it generally praises the beauty of the male god. )) is unique, second to none in the world.  


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