IGD Ch42part2

Song Xinglan felt that he had achieved what he wanted, and his chopsticks were cheerful. Xiao Siye, on the other side, quietly took the last bite of duck on the plate to his mouth.

What did Jiang Zhao call that kid just now? “Xinglan”.

How long have they known each other? He only call him by his full name and never his first.

He briefly recalled Jiang Zhao’s call to him in the past-smiling falsely, calling senior, gnashing his teeth, and red-tailed unconsciously calling f * * king. But more often, it’s all three words with a surname.

He has never called him so intimately.

Xiao Siye also lowered his eyes, unable to see clearly his emotions.

Jiang Zhao took a sip of cold water, and when he turned to see Xiao Siye, he was still eating spicy food. He suddenly felt very strange. He thought about the reaction of Xiao Siye this whole meal today, which was different from before.

Normally, Jiang Zhao doesn’t even have to speak at dinner, Xiao Siye will be able to speak and attract everyone’s attention to him.

He frowned and pushed Xiao Siye with a small elbow. “Hello.”

Xiao Siye looked up at him: “Huh?”

Jiang frowns and stares at him: “What’s with you today?”

Xiao Siye made a slight movement and chuckled, ” I’m just a little curious and want to try it.”

A person who never eats spicy food, of course, knows that he can’t eat spicy food, so he chooses not to eat it, and won’t die because of temporary curiosity.

Jiang Zhao recognized that he was lying almost instantly, and his anger was pressed down with difficulty, and suddenly he “rubbed” it again.

“All right,” he chuckled. “Keep being curious.”

Jiang Zhao turned to talk to others, while Xiao Siye was silently rubbing the glass wall of orange juice, and suddenly he heard Song Xinglan giggling over there, saying something: “Oh, Brother Jiang, I really have no experience in tearing up with others. I don’t hold grudges …”

Hold grudges.

In a flash, Xiao Siye’s mind also seemed to have remembered, and the memory of last night poured out, and every scene was replayed very clearly.

Jiang Zhao thought he regarded him as someone else.

Jiang Zhao is angry.

Jiang Zhao said that he didn’t care what happened before, but if he dared to continue like this, he would bear grudges.

I see, it’s strange that Jiang Zhao was so cold to him today. With his past understanding of Jiang Zhao, Jiang Zhao didn’t throw him in the living room directly last night and turned to leave. It was simply he spent a lot of patience.

Xiao Siye’s Adam’s apple rolled a few times. He suddenly grabbed Jiang Zhao’s wrist under the table and said, “Wait for me after dinner.”

Jiang Zhao threw his hand away from his hand and went on chatting with others.

Xiao Siye didn’t pester again. He waited quietly for the end of the meal. Several people got up and changed their coats, and walked out of the box one after another.

After everyone else went out, only he and Jiang Zhao were left in the box. Jiang Zhao’s windbreaker jacket was a bit wrinkled, and he took a while to put it on. Just as he was about to open the balcony door, the doorknob was held down by the other hand.

Xiao Siye pressed the door firmly: “Wait a minute. ”

When the newcomers were gone, Jiang Zhao was too lazy to put on any steady boss airs, and looked at him impatiently, “What are you doing?”

Xiao Siye looked down at him: “I never thought of you as anyone. ”

Jiang Zhao was stunned.

A few seconds later, he understood that Xiao Siye should also remember what happened last night and is explaining it to him.

It’s not that he doesn’t understand the whole story, but it’s his nature that he is easily emotional.
As long as he is given a few days to ease up, he will be able to return to his previous mood and continue to live in peace with Xiao Siye.

However, Xiao Si also insisted on making it clear before his mood subsided, and even giving him such a little time.

He can almost how Xiao Siye would explain it next, but it’s just those words, such as “he’s just drunk and mistook him for another person” and “he’s not trying to be abrupt with him”, but he also knows that he’s being angry and has is just making trouble. After Xiao Siye explained it, if he doesn’t accept this apology, it will be even more troublesome.

Jiang Zhao’s resentment rises for nothing-why don’t you even give him a chance to sulk for a few days?

It is necessary to spread out these words that he understands bluntly and then persuade him to be wise.

“I know,” Jiang Zhao’s voice was unemotional. “Let go .”

He is obviously still angry,

Xiao Siye immediately grabbed his wrist: “Wait a minute, and …”

Jiang Zhao flung a hand and shook him off.

Xiao Siye looked rather pale.

Jiang Zhao pushed the door open. When he was about to go out, he looked behind him in the corner, and his face changed.

“why? !”

Xiao Siye half knelt on the ground and pressed his hand on his abdomen. Bead-sized sweat dripped from his sideburns, and his lips, which were ruddy because of today’s spicy food, lost color at the moment.

Jiang Zhao immediately squatted down to hold his shoulder, looking flustered: “What’s the matter? Xiao Siye, don’t fucking scare me! Does your stomach hurt? ”

The man’s lips trembled, but the next second, he slowly bent down and put his forehead on his shoulder.

“… I really, didn’t see you as someone else.”

A light, but sad tone.

The apex of Jiang Zhao’s heart jerked.

He pressed his lips tightly, shook Xiao Siye’s hand, and whispered, “… I’ll call an ambulance.”

An ordinary dinner party actually took people to the hospital, which no one expected.

Jiang Zhao sat in the director’s room, before which he was constantly told by the doctor: ” The patient has had chronic gastritis for a long time. He just drank wine last night, and now he eats so many spicy dishes at once, which will definitely stimulate the gastric mucosa. That is, he is young, and his body is still holding up. If it becomes more serious, it will probably develop into gastric perforation. Pay attention to diet at ordinary times, touchless spicy food … ”

After listening carefully, Jiang Zhao leaned over to the doctor: “I know, thank you.”

The doctor sighed, “I know about your profession, and it’s inevitable to socialize, but we still have to pay attention to our health.”

Jiang Zhao thanked the doctor again and walked all the way from the clinic to the ward.

In the single ward, there was only one pale patient. As soon as he came back, his amber eyes brightened, and then he looked away guiltily.

Jiang Zhao unceremoniously sat down beside his bed and said, “Come on, tell me about it. Which nerve are you pumping today? ”

He knows that his body can’t eat spicy food, but he still comes to Sichuan restaurant with them and eats so much spicy food.

If he hadn’t looked back before he left, Xiao Siye would have collapsed in that box, living in pain and passed out?

He stared at Xiao Siye in front of him, the man was familiar with him and would know that Jiang Zhao was really angry.

He waited quietly for Xiao Siye to give him an explanation of his death behavior. A long time later, he saw Xiao Siye grabbing his shirt and whispered:

“I just … want to know why you are unhappy.”

the tone on the phone was a little cold and he ran to look for him on his own.

Because he looked different from usual, he racked his brains to guess the reason.

Because he doesn’t want to spoil the new employees’ fun, he accepts the dishes lightly.

Xiao Siye didn’t say it, but Jiang Zhao realized it without anyone telling him.

He looked at Xiao Siye: “… that’s it?”

Xiao Siye responded, and his eyelashes trembled. His extremely clear eyes seemed like the rippling light of Sheng Lake. He looked at him and whispered, “So don’t be angry, okay?”

Jiang Zhao stared at him.

His eyes fell on Xiao Siye’s hand, which also tugged at the corner of his sleeve tightly. The man’s slender fingers had distinct joints, but he looked like a child asking for sugar, which was quite a bit of a life-or-death thing.

He even felt that if he turned and left now, Xiao Siye would follow him even if he tore open the infusion tube on the back of his hand.

After a moment, Jiang Zhao breathed out a sigh of relief silently.

Then, he gave Xiao Siye a vicious stare, saying, “I won’t be responsible if you dare to do such self-abuse again, you know?”

Xiao Siye responsibly reimbursed: “I understand the boss, so it can be reimbursed this time, right ?”

Jiang Zhao: “… I will reimburse my head. This private hospital ward costs 2,500 yuan a day, which will be deducted from your salary.”

Even so, he had already paid Xiao Siye’s medical expenses, and Xiao Siye’s contract didn’t have the so-called basic salary, but he just took advantage of it verbally.

“Come to my house for dinner tomorrow?”

Jiang skimmed the corners of his mouth: “How can you cook like this? I don’t oppress my employees. ”

Xiao Siye smiled: “I feel like cooking. I should be able to get out of bed tonight. I have experience.”
“Give me a good lie here,” Jiang Zhao glared at him. “You don’t want to pay your hospitalization expenses, so you have to run away?”

Xiao Siye said, “Then I’ll stay here tonight and go back tomorrow?”

Jiang Zhao narrowed his eyes, and when he didn’t say the word “no”, he heard the man speak in a low voice, and his voice called out:

“Let me go back, Brother Jiang.”

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