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Hearing that he didn’t even bother to shout his name, Xiao Siye’s lips twitched into a smile: “It’s just that he was slightly injured.”

“Nice job,” Jiang Zhao only felt very pleased, and wished he could participate, “By the way, the police told him that he wanted to meet me.”

Xiao Siye was silent for two seconds: “Do you want to go?”

Jiang Zhao pursed his lips: “I don’t want to see him, but I have to ask him about something.”

If it was someone else, he would definitely stop him from meeting Han Tingfeng again without hesitation at this time, not to mention psychological shadows and the like, just mentioning it is disgusting enough.​​

But he always felt that Xiao Siye would definitely support his idea.

Sure enough, Xiao Siye said, “Then go, I will accompany you.”

This promise made Jiang Zhao’s heart, which had been hanging a little, relax.

He also hung up on Xiao Siye, and after a while, Xiao Siye sent a picture.

The snow-white kitten stretched out, a lazy and cute model, followed by a video.

In the video ‌, the kitten jumped onto the cat climbing frame, looked at the camera on Xiao Siye’s side from a distance of two or three meters, opened his mouth and yawned. The next second, the white cat who was licking his paws suddenly raised his ears and jumped towards the camera!

Immediately after that, the scene was spinning, and the video came to an abrupt end.

Jiang Zhao almost laughed—he could almost imagine how Sister smashed into Xiao Siye’s face like a cannonball.

After he finished having fun, he long-pressed to download and saved the video on his phone.

A week later.

Jiang Zhao walked into the meeting room under the leadership of the police.

Only Jiang Zhao was allowed to meet, and Xiao Siye could only wait outside. Jiang Zhao walked into the meeting room and looked up. It was very clean and depressing, and a small space like this might be where Han Tingfeng lived for the rest of his life.

The company of the Han family was recently under pressure from Old Jiang and was facing an economic crisis. Old Jiang also reported good news to him, saying that several large companies that had previously cooperated with the Han family had also withdrawn their capital recently. With this trend, the Han family will have to fall every year. And because Han Tingfeng is not a Chinese national, he also has a certain reputation abroad. Currently, there are two ways to face his trial. One is to be sentenced in accordance with Chinese laws, and the other is to repatriate to China and be tried in accordance with foreign laws.

He doesn’t know if it was because of the news that Han Tingfeng, who was separated by glass, was also frighteningly thin, the cheekbones of both cheeks were prominent, and the eyes that used to pretend to be gentle in the past became more sunken and infiltrating.

Jiang Zhao pulled the chair in the meeting room and looked at Han Tingfeng: “I heard you want to meet?”

In just a week, he had broken free from this kidnapping storm and regained his usual vigor.

Han Tingfeng looked at him almost obsessively, and after a while, he said hoarsely, “Xiao Zhao…”

“It would be nice if you were alone,” he murmured in a low voice, “alone, alone…”

The policeman next to him frowned and was about to warn Han Tingfeng when he saw the arrogant star sneered and said unceremoniously, “I don’t belong to you, but I can be your grandfather.”

The policeman: “…”

Is the actor so wild in private?

“I didn’t come to see you to appease the mentally ill,” Jiang Zhao stared at him, “I’ll ask you something, tell me the truth.”

Han Tingfeng stared at him in a daze, not knowing whether he listened to him or not.

Jiang Zhao asked, “The cat that I hugged back then was it killed by the gardener, or was it you.”

He has been suspicious since he was locked in the villa. The gardener at that time was really responsible for their family, and never made any mistakes, but Jiang Zhao vaguely remembered that the gardener’s daughter was ill at the time and needed an operation fee urgently and need to borrow from them.

If he opened his mouth, Mrs. Xu certainly wouldn’t refuse, but he didn’t know what happened. The money for the surgery seemed to be settled, and then he had dealeed with the cat. Mrs. Xu showed no mercy to him, and directly chased him out.

Hearing what he said, Han Tingfeng giggled twice and laughed. His expression suddenly changed, becoming gloomy and terrifying:

“Why can a cat be so close to you? Huh? Shouldn’t the closest one to you me?”

“But since you have that cat, you don’t play outdorr anymore, you just watch the cat at home and play with it such a stupid game of throwing balls…”

“It’s obviously you who saved him,” Han Tingfeng looked at him madly, “how can you give your feelings to something who doesn’t care about you.”

Jiang Zhao’s fingers suddenly clenched the armrest of the chair, his knuckles stretched, and obvious blue veins appeared on the back of his hand.

He held back the anger surging in his chest and asked, “So the phone call back then…?”

Han Tingfeng smiled like a pure child: “I did it on purpose, Xiao Zhao.”

Jiang Zhao stood up abruptly, and the chair was brought down to the ground, making a “bang” sound.

“Mr. Jiang!” The policeman behind him hurriedly stopped him, “Don’t rush!”

Jiang Zhao’s muscles tightened, and he endured it to the limit, barely restraining his own reason.

“Han Tingfeng,” he said in a low voice, “you are not worthy of living in this world.”

However, Han Tingfeng suddenly laughed. He laughed so brightly that the policemen who were present became nervous.

Han Tingfeng turned a deaf ear, he raised his head on the interrogation chair, stared straight at the person standing in front of the glass, smiled wickedly but pure: “But, Xiao Zhao, even if I die, you will always remember me ‌.”

“I brought you so much pain…” He said with a smile, “Whether it’s a cat or a piano… As long as you touch these things, you’ll think about me.”

“You will remember and remember me for the rest of your life.”

There was a long silence in the meeting room.

He doesn’t know how long it took, Jiang Zhao suddenly straightened up and looked down at Han Tingfeng: “Is this your purpose?”

The policeman next to him noticed that Jiang Zhao’s expression seemed to be a little calmer than before.

Han Tingfeng was also startled, but heard Jiang Zhao calmly say to him:

“Some time ago, I played the piano at Xiao Siye’s house.”

Han Tingfeng’s eyes narrowed.

“And now I have a cat,” Jiang Zhao continued. “Its name is sister, just one year and two months old. Very beautiful blue-eyed puppet cat, I like it very much.”

He lifted up the chair he had just brought, and instead of sitting on it, he looked sideways at Han Tingfeng, who was a little dazed, like an indifferent judge, and lightly declared life and death to the sinner in front of him: “If this is what you mean, that’s very embarrassing. I will continue to raise cats, continue to practice the piano, and continue to do all the things I haven’t done before.”

“I won’t remember you anymore.”

His tone was calm, he suddenly broke free from a nightmare and woke up to see the sunny morning.

“Remember you…” Jiang Zhao snorted softly, walked towards the meeting room, and left a light sentence:

“Who the hell do you think you are?”

The moment he stepped into the meeting room, Han Tingfeng burst into roars and curses, as if he wanted him to come.

But the police’s voice suppressed him, and there was a chaotic silence in the interview room.

Jiang Zhao didn’t turn his head, nor did he stop, but the more he walked, the brisker he went, the more he threw all the past that he couldn’t speak bluntly away from his body.

The moment he came from the corridor, he saw bright sunlight reflecting from the glass window of the police station and falling on the people who were waiting for him outside.

The man’s amber eyes shone beautifully in the sun, and his eyebrows were warm and deep. He wore a camel-colored sweater today, which made his temperament a bit more gentle than usual, making people inexplicably think of “time is quiet”‌ characters.

Xiao Siye stood up from the seat and asked him, “It’s over?”

Jiang Zhao looked at him, and suddenly revealed a heartfelt, very bright smile: “Well, it’s over.”

Xiao Siye was stunned by his smile for a moment, and the next second, Jiang Zhao put on his mask, raised his hand and hooked his neck, and led him all the way to the nanny car: “Come on, go, just in case someone secretly took pictures, we have to go to the hot search together.”

Xiao Siye saw that he was in a good mood, as if he had suddenly put it down. He also knew that there shouldn’t be someone as bold as Han Tingfeng taking pictures secretly, so he let him get into the nanny car.

Zuo Xiaoqiu hired a nurse today to take care of his father, and waited in the car with Xiao Hu. As soon as the car door closed, the two of them came over: “What happened?”

Jiang Zhao looked relaxed: “Some old grievances are clear today.”

After a pause, he looked at Zuo Xiaoqiu again: “Speaking of this, it’s the reason…”

Seeing a hint of annoyance in his expression, Zuo Xiaoqiu smiled and said, “How can you blame yourself? It was originally the kidney source that you helped to find, it was because that family was too greedy, and it was Han Tingfeng’s stubbornness. What does it have to do with you?”

Jiang Zhao still wanted to say something, but saw Zuo Xiaoqiu handing over a thermos cup.

“If you’re really sorry,” Zuo Xiaoqiu’s eyes were kind, “drink this cup of fat sea silver flower reed root chrysanthemum tea, it’s been a long time since I made tea for you.”

Jiang Zhao: “…”

He took it and took a sip, almost bitter.

However, Zuo Xiaoqiu was as strict as always: “If you have a throat, you have to finish it.”

Jiang Zhao: “…” OK.

The atmosphere in the car was pleasant until they stopped in front of the villa, Jiang Zhao glanced at the house that had not been seen for several days, it was empty and not very popular.

“Do you want to come to the house?” He asked a few people around him.

Zuo Xiaoqiu was a little apologetic: “I have to go to the hospital.”

Xiao Hu scratched his head: “‌Today I’m going to see the newly rented house, sorry bro.”

Jiang Zhao didn’t care too much, and his eyes fell on Xiao Siye.

Xiao Siye got out of the car with great discernment: “‌Today I’m not very busy.”

The two entered the room one after the other, and when they were changing shoes, Jiang Zhao suddenly caught a glimpse of a piece of paper on the cabinet.

It was the last time he took the house, put it on the table and forgot to accept the contract.

He picked it up and turned two pages: “By the way, since the surnamed Han is gone, shouldn’t the contract between us also end?”

The smile on Xiao Siye’s lips suddenly froze.


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I Won’t Get Drunk With My Nemesis Again

I Won’t Get Drunk With My Nemesis Again

Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Chinese
On the day Jiang Zhao won the Golden Orchid Award for Best Actor, the reporter who interviewed him offstage deliberately asked: "I heard that you and Mr. Xiao Siye, the former film star, are brothers in the Film Academy. How is the relationship between the two of you?" The whole entertainment circle knows that Jiang Zhao and Xiao Siye are rivals, and they have been tit for tat since their debut, but there must be fan wars whenever they are in the same frame. Jiang Zhao held the golden trophy and smiled faintly in front of the camera:" We’re not familiar with each other." After the press conference, Jiang Zhao was walking in the empty VIP channel when someone suddenly pressed him against the wall. The tip of his nose rubbed against the man's bulging Adam's apple, and he heard the hot breath falling on his ear: "The one you've slept with, you’re not familiar?" Jiang Zhao snorted coldly: "Don't be so naive, Xiao Siye, we’re both adults, so what if we slept together once?" - Not long after, Jiang Zhao opened his eyes again after a hangover, and his body was sore. Xiao Siye was also sitting next to him, and looked at him with a leisurely look: "What about when you slept a second time?" Jiang Zhao: "..." #Urgent, what should I do if I have sex with my rival again# #How to explain the incident of walking out of the same hotel after disappearing with the rival for one-night # # it can't be true that I'm with my rival! #. 【Gong’s perspective】 Xiao Siye has also been interviewed by foreign fashion magazines, and the interviewer asked him a question: "Did you have a crush during your student days?" They thought this question would be perfunctory answered, but Xiao Siye's expression suddenly became serious and nodded:" I have." The interviewer hurriedly asked, "What kind of person is that?" The manager's face changed, and he immediately gestured to suspend the interview. But Xiao Siye, as if he didn't see it, curled the corners of his lips, looked at the camera and replied word by word:"There is no other one like him in the world." Lang Yan((From the Yuefu Folk Song 《白石郎曲》, it generally praises the beauty of the male god. )) is unique, second to none in the world.  


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