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Jiang Zhao originally thought that Xiao Siye would be here in a few minutes, but after waiting for a while, he heard the sound of water coming from the bathroom.

Why is this person taking a shower?

He’s not wearing pants yet!

The trousers that Xiao Siye handed to him earlier had been forgotten in the car. Jiang Zhao had to wrap his coat around his lower body and had to walk to the bathroom and knocked on the door: “Well, do you have any trousers?”

After a few seconds, the sound of water dripping, Xiao Siye’s slightly hoarse voice came: “The cloakroom next to the study, you can take it as you like.”

This kind of conversation across the bathroom always had a weird atmosphere, Jiang Zhao responded immediately, and followed Xiao Siye’s guidance to his cloakroom.

Jiang Zhao himself usually pays great attention to dressing up. The cloakroom at home has more than 100 square meters, and the inside is designed to be glittering and blind people’s eyes. He also designed several lamps for lighting.

In contrast, Xiao Siye is much more restrained than him, and the design of the cloakroom is also very simple. Several rows of built-in hanging wardrobes clearly divide the clothes into several categories, one for clothes and one for casual clothes. The rest of the jewelry, scarves, hats, and other cabinets are arranged.

Jiang Zhao casually found a pair of gray sports pants in the casual clothes, and put them on directly in the cloakroom. After changing, he glanced at the floor-to-ceiling mirror next to him, and couldn’t help but pout, these pants might be cropped trousers, but it was just right on him.

Just as he was about to turn around and leave, he suddenly noticed the jewelry cabinet next to him.

The jewelry cabinet is basically full of big-name jewelry, bracelets, necklaces, and rings of all kinds, but Jiang Zhao has rarely seen Xiao Siye wearing them. Thinking about it, it’s all about the brand.

But unlike the jewelry that was placed in the cabinet, the top row of the cabinet contained an entire row of velvet ring boxes, each of which had a different color. Jiang Zhao recognized it at a glance. The box on the far left had probably been stored for a long time, and the edges of the box had faded a little.

He suddenly remembered that on his twenty-seventh birthday, Xiao Siye stuffed him with a ring box like this. Inside the box was… a stack of condoms.

Does this person have a habit of collecting ring boxes? He even put that kind of stuff in a box for him!

Jiang Zhao’s teeth itch when he thinks of this. His eyes swept across the row of ring boxes, and he was a little puzzled. Could it be that all of them here have that inside?

…No, he doesn’t think his rival is so perverted.

Jiang Zhao straightened his clothes and was about to leave when he heard hurried footsteps.

The door of the cloakroom was pushed open, and Xiao Siye’s eyes flashed with a trace of tension, which happened to be caught by Jiang Zhao: “Have you found your clothes?”

Jiang Zhao was taken aback: “Just wear these pants. No, do you have any clothes that can fit?”

Xiao Siye’s eyes swept across the row of jewelry boxes not far away without a trace, and he didn’t see any traces of being touched, his expression relaxed.

Then he coughed lightly again: “No, but some clothes have not been worn for a long time. There should be mites. I’m afraid you have picked the wrong one and would have skin allergies.”

Jiang Zhao didn’t take it seriously: “How can you be so delicate, after you wash it…”

Before he finished speaking, the belt of Xiao Siye’s bathrobe suddenly loosened.

Immediately afterwards, the bathrobe, which originally only exposed the muscles of the waist and abdomen, suddenly opened wide, and the waistband of the bathrobe fell to the ground happily.

There was a moment of silence in the cloakroom.

Jiang Zhao: “…”

Xiao Siye, who suddenly pulled on his clothes, said, “…”

After a few seconds, Xiao Siye coughed lightly: “… Not on purpose.”

Jiang Zhao: “I want to go home.”

Xiao Siye: “…Okay, I’ll send you.”

“No,” Jiang Zhao walked towards the door and brushed his shoulders, “I have called Xiao Hu and the others, they should be there in a while.”

As if to verify his statement, Xiao Siye’s cell phone just rang, and Xiao Hu called, saying that they were waiting downstairs.

Before Xiao Siye even mentioned changing clothes and going downstairs with him, Jiang Zhao used Xiao Siye’s shoes that he borrowed when he came here: “These clothes will be returned to you later. ”


Jiang Zhao had just opened the door and went to the door, and his footsteps stopped. Just as he was about to look at Xiao Siye, a thick down jacket was suddenly draped over his shoulders.

“It’s cold outside.” Xiao Siye’s deep voice came from his ears.

Jiang Zhao was stunned for a while, then said “oh”, tightened his down jacket, and walked towards the elevator.

The elevator doors were closed. Jiang Zhao, standing alone in the elevator, looked at the elevator doors that reflected the shadows of people, and the scene just now flashed in his mind.

At that time, his first reaction was not to beat up his opponent, but… to be in good shape.

Just like what he felt that night.

–fuck! Do you want to!

Whether this bastard is in good shape or not has nothing to do with him!

Jiang Zhao shouted in his heart for a long time. He walked up to the elevator with his head down and saw the driver and Xiao Hu who came to pick him up.

As soon as he got into the nanny car, Xiao Hu rushed up and screamed: “Brother!! Are you alright, brother!!”

Jiang Zhao’s eardrums hurt because of the shock, but Xiao Hu is such an open-minded person, he didn’t say anything, but he heard Xiao Hu sniffing and saying, “Brother, do you have a fever, why are your ears? It’s all red? You’re wronged woo woo woo…”

Jiang Zhao: “?”

He looked stiffly at the sight glass, and sure enough, he saw the tips of his crimson ears.

Xiao Hu was still shouting, “Let’s go to the hospital, brother!”

Jiang Zhao: “…”

He suddenly said “no” viciously, then quickly put on the hood of his sweater and pulled on the drawstring, burying himself directly in the down jacket.

Xiao Hu: “?”

The hateful Han Tingfeng actually made his brother silent! Whoa, whoa, his poor brother!

Jiang Zhao went directly to the Jiang family.

Before the car reached the door, he saw Mrs. Xu who was looking out from the yard. When the nanny car drove all the way to the door, Jiang Zhao got out of the car, and Mrs. Xu’s eyes suddenly turned red.

“Son!” Mrs. Xu looked at Jiang Zhao’s arms and legs, and flipped him over like a pancake to see if he was injured.

Jiang Zhao sighed, stretched out his hand, and took her into his arms: “Mom, it’s alright.”

Mrs. Xu was stunned for a while, tears welling up in her eyes.

“Strange, I don’t even know that Han Tingfeng is actually a…”

Jiang Zhao patted Mrs. Xu on the back, and Ergou next to her also drooped its ears and whimpered sadly.

Old Jiang coughed lightly in front of his house: “Come in and talk.”

The family was sitting in the living room. Mrs. Xu was holding her son’s arm in one hand and picking up Ergou’s hair in the other. After listening to Jiang Zhao explain what happened in the past few days.

At this point, Jiang Zhao didn’t hide the reason for alienating Han Tingfeng, but just blurred the matter of drinking and drugging a little bit, lest the two elders are further stimulated.

After listening, Mrs. Xu took a deep breath and said, “Is he such a person? You, why didn’t you say earlier…”

Halfway through speaking, Mrs. Xu choked again.

How could she not know how virtuous this son of the family is, he has a good face, he reports good news and not bad news in everything, and doesn’t tell them any grievances.

Even when he was injured when he was a child, he would always hide the wound silently. When he was discovered, the little white dumpling, who was born in pink and jade, had his eyes reddened, and told them that a man can’t just shed tears.

“That was when I was so young,” Jiang Zhao felt his toes curled up when she heard Mrs. Xu mentioning his childhood, “I’m so big…Mom, please stop, Ergou will be bald.”

Ergou foolishly raised a sparsely-haired dog’s head.

Mrs. Xu threw down the dog hair in her hand, hammered off the sofa, and looked at Old Jiang: “This matter can’t be left like this!”

Old Jiang took a sip of the tea in the small purple sand pot and said leisurely, “It’s getting cold, let the Han family go bankrupt.”

Jiang Zhao almost choked: “I said you don’t read those tyrant literature!”

Old Jiang squinted his eyes disdainfully. Does the little bunny understand? Your mother is fine with that.

Jiang Zhao stayed at home with his parents for an afternoon, during which Zuo Xiaoqiu, Xiao Hu and Qin Youyou all visited him one by one to make sure he was fine. Jiang Zhao finally received a call from the police.

Han Tingfeng confessed to the act of illegal imprisonment and intentional harm to others, but he also relayed a message that Han Tingfeng strongly asked to see him again.

Jiang Zhao thanked the police for their hard work but then heard from the police that he would not be able to meet Han Tingfeng at the detention center until he left the hospital.

Jiang Zhao was stunned: “In the hospital?”

The policeman over there explained: “Yes, at the scene at the time, Han had a strong conflict with your friend. Your friend act in self-defense at the time, and he was slightly injured…”

The policeman on the other end of the phone subconsciously glanced at Han Tingfeng, who was wrapped like a mummy on the hospital bed. Although it looked scary, if the identification was carried out strictly… it was indeed a minor injury.

The one who did self-defense also took great pains.

Hanging up the phone, Jiang Zhao sat on the sofa for a while, then got up and said, “Go make a call.”

Mrs. Xu and Lao Jiang looked at each other, and immediately understood: “Go, go, Xiao Siye, this child has been busy for so long to find you, so you have to make a phone call.”

Old Jiang also said, “Wait for him to come back home for dinner.”

The two seemed to regard Xiao Siye as their future son-in-law, Jiang Zhao hummed and walked away with his phone in a guilty conscience.

He didn’t know that his previous mobile phone was hidden there by Han Tingfeng. Now he is using a new one bought by Xiao Hu. He has just synced the account data, but there is no previous chat history.

Looking at the empty chat screen with Xiao Siye, Jiang Zhao felt a little uncomfortable for a while.

After a while, he made a voice call.

However, to his surprise, Xiao Siye directly hung up the phone.

Jiang Zhao: “?”

He stared at the screen for a while, and before he started to get angry, the other party had already dialed the phone.

“At home?”

Xiao Siye sounded in a low voice, a little more hoarse than usual, with a slight gasp.

Jiang Zhao directly held his breath, and after a few seconds, he made a difficult voice: “…Am I disturbing you?”

On the other end of the phone, Xiao Siye picked up a towel to wipe off the sweat, and steadied the sandbag in front of him with one hand: “It’s okay, I was working out at home just now. What’s wrong?”

Jiang Zhao breathed a sigh of relief, it turned out that he was thinking crooked.

He immediately changed the subject: “Did you beat the surnamed Han into the hospital?”

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