IGD Ch37

broken window

The on-screen game character flies a backspin kick, knocking another character to the ground.

As the opponent’s health bar was cleared, a cheerful victory tone sounded in the room, and the winning character laughed off the screen, even showing a “Yeah” gesture.

It’s just that the player who manipulates the character still looks cold, and there is no fluctuation in the game’s winning or losing.

“Of course, it’s still the same, but,” Han Tingfeng smiled happily and said with emotion, “It was like this before.”

Jiang Zhao didn’t answer. Many years ago, Han Tingfeng’s game skills were not very good. He had to lose 9 out of 10 games against Jiang Zhao, but Jiang Zhao would pretend to accidental loss and let him once or twice to also make Han Tingfeng feel a sense of victory.

For now, Jiang Zhao just wanted to smash him with his fist and let Han Tingfeng check out what a real PK is.

However, his current condition is still very uncomfortable, and there is a driver in this villa who he has never seen before. Until he finds a chance to leave this room, he can only temporarily recharge his batteries and be ready to escape and face an enemy at any time.

Under Jiang Zhao’s vigilant gaze, Han Tingfeng let go of the game handle: “It’s been three hours of playing today, let’s play again tomorrow, it’s time for dinner. ”

“Want to eat at the restaurant?” Jiang Zhao suddenly asked.

Han Tingfeng was stunned for a moment, then smiled again and said, “What does Zhao Zhao means, do you want to have dinner with me?”

Jiang Zhao stiffened for a moment, then endured nausea and nodded.

Han Tingfeng smiled even brighter: “Of course, I also really want to have a relationship, but it’s best not to leave this room until our relationship is confirmed.”

Jiang Zhao withdrew his gaze expressionlessly, and in his heart turned over Han Tingfeng’s ancestor for eight lifetimes.

Han Tingfeng stood up from the carpet and said, “I’ll bring dinner over later, wait for me, Zhao Zhao.”

The door lock clicked, Jiang Zhao sat on the carpet for a while, then threw away the game handle in the room, and came to the door that he had never opened.

Hesitating again and again.

He still lifted it and pressed the cold doorknob.

Han Tingfeng knocked on the door: “Zhao Zhao?”

There was no movement in the bedroom.

Han Tingfeng’s movements paused for a while, and he pushed the door directly in, without hesitation, he looked at the door that he had been waiting for Jiang Zhao to push open.

However, the moment he turned his head, a basketball smashed straight at him!

Han Tingfeng immediately turned sideways to avoid it. Just when he was holding a plate and was too late to guard behind him, Jiang Zhao, who had been hiding behind the door, suddenly appeared and slammed the contents around Han Tingfeng’s neck!

The cold and heavy feeling made Han Tingfeng suffocate. Only then did he realize that what locked his throat was actually a chain of shackles.

“Cough… Zhao Zhao,” Jiang Zhao pressed him directly on the ground, and the food in the room also spilled on the ground. In the midst of confusion, Han Tingfeng still looked straight at Jiang Zhao, as if in a world he can only see, “‌ Are you going to… kill me?”

Jiang Zhao didn’t say a word, and the chains tightened inch by inch.

The heartbeat in his chest was getting faster and faster, as if it was about to penetrate his chest. This was the first time Jiang Zhao had done such a thing. But he didn’t dare to let go.

Is he going to kill him?

Should this be considered legitimate defense?

He didn’t want to do this, but if he didn’t move, could he wait for a chance to escape?

“… Zhao.”

Han Tingfeng was on the verge of death, but Han Tingfeng’s eyes were always clear. He seemed to ignore the chains around his neck and said intermittently, “I… I’ve always been very grateful…”

“There… saved… me…”

Jiang Zhao’s pupils shrank slightly.

What Han Tingfeng said was their first meeting.

At that time, the Han family had just moved to the villa area, and Han Tingfeng, a child of a single-parent family, naturally became the laughing stock of these children when they were playing.

Jiang Zhao had just returned from the compound where his grandparents lived, and he was not familiar with the children in this area. However, he was so beautiful that he could play the best games no matter what, and immediately became the most sought after existence ‌.

He had never cared about the existence of Han Tingfeng, a cowardly and timid ghost who could only watch from afar when they were playing, which made Jiang Zhao, who was playing with his heart at the time, not interested.

Until one day, Jiang Zhao bumped into a few children’s federations who pressed Han Tingfeng’s face into a dirty puddle that had just rained, and called Han Tingfeng a motherless thing.

Although Jiang Zhao was young, Mrs. Xu taught him what it means to see injustice, and he always acted recklessly, beating the group of children directly.

After that, Han Tingfeng became the sticky spirit around him.

But back then that bright-eyed, daringly holding on by the corner of his shirt, and eating all the candy given by the teacher, he was a well-behaved ghost, how did he turn into the odious appearance he is now?

At the moment when Jiang Zhao was distracted, Han Tingfeng suddenly took out the electric shocker from his pocket.

There was a sharp pain in the neck, and when the darkness in front of him disappeared, Jiang Zhao silently gave a self-deprecating smile.

Since then, all his old friendships with Han Tingfeng have completely vanished.

After waking up again, Jiang Zhao didn’t sit down for the first time, but moved his fingers slightly.

His body didn’t feel as painful as the previous time, but he was still very uncomfortable.

He slowly opened his eyes weakly, consciously looked towards the bedside, and shuddered instantly.

Han Tingfeng was sitting beside the bed, staring at him for a long time.

When he met his gaze, Han Tingfeng didn’t panic. The hypocritical scum didn’t feel guilty at all, but gave him an apologetic smile: “Are you okay, Zhao Zhao?”

This kind of sincere and earnest gaze formed a strong contrast with what he did. If it was normal, he would probably be too frightened to speak.

But Jiang Zhao’s heart palpitated for only two seconds, and then he immediately regained his composure.

He gently moved his somewhat heavy foot, but as expected, the weapon used to attack Han Tingfeng returned to his ankle once again.

His original purpose was to make Han Tingfeng suffocate and faint, but now it seems that it is better to slam the other party’s forehead directly with a shackle to kill him.

Jiang Zhao’s thoughts were spinning rapidly, but Han Tingfeng was silent. Han Tingfeng measured his pale complexion, but he thought it was his excitement.

He liked the arrogant appearance of Jiang Zhao yelling at him, but when Jiang Zhao showed a vulnerable side that was hard to see at ordinary times, it made him even more excited.

Han Tingfeng couldn’t hide his joy, and in a softer tone than usual, he comforted him, “Zhao Zhao, I won’t do anything to you, don’t be afraid.”

Jiang Zhao’s eyelashes trembled, and he turned his face away from him.

Seeing that Han Tingfeng couldn’t be coaxed, he didn’t bother anymore. He left briefly for a while, and when he came back, he pushed a wheelchair into the room.

Jiang Zhao looked at the wheelchair that was brought all the way to the bedside but did not speak.

Han Tingfeng leaned over and said, “Zhao Zhao, I’ll carry you up.”

Just as he stretched out, Jiang Zhao’s cold, frosty voice sounded: “Don’t touch me.”

Not as tough as before, but rather like trying to be brave.

Han Tingfeng withdrew with a smile. He watched Jiang Zhao struggling to prop up his body from the bed, enduring the intense discomfort on his body and moved from the bed to the wheelchair little by little.

The whole process took a few minutes before Jiang Zhao sat firmly in the wheelchair, with a little sweat oozing from his forehead.

“Where do you want to push me?” His voice was a little hoarse.

Han Tingfeng looked at him with a look so gentle that it seemed to melt into water: “Zhao Zhao, do you really not want to go to that room?”

Jiang Zhao was silent for a while.

He stood in front of that door for a long time today, but he still didn’t go in.

Once inside, Han Tingfeng’s wish would be fulfilled, and he would not bow his head even if he died.

But the situation is different now, Jiang Zhao sneered: “I can’t even move, do I have the right to choose?”

Han Tingfeng said warmly: “If you are more obedient, you will be able to do anything.”

Jiang Zhao pretended he could not hear.

Han Tingfeng stopped forcing him, and pushed the wheelchair to the closed door.

Jiang Zhao’s finger curled up involuntarily.

What on earth would be in that room, the dark room? Mess with the instruments used to humiliate him?

The thoughts in his mind were getting more and more outrageous. Jiang Zhao pretended to be calm, but in reality, he watched Han Tingfeng push the door in extremely nervously, and turned on the ceiling light on the wall.

The soft light shrouded and shrouded, Jiang Zhao looked at everything in the room, but was stunned.

There are indeed a lot of things in the room, but there are no strange things. Instead, there are some sundries everywhere.

Game consoles, basketball jerseys, nunchucks, from a pen to an old piano, all seem to be old things that have long been idle.

But when Jiang Zhao’s eyes swept over those items, a guess suddenly exploded in his mind.

His goose bumps were visibly standing up to the naked eye, but it seemed to pierce his mind. Han Tingfeng happened to lean over and chuckled softly beside him:

“That’s right, Zhao Zhao, these are all things you used and gave me.”

“It’s the proof of my… love.”

Jiang Zhao froze in the wheelchair, unable to say a word.

He recognized everything here, the game console he didn’t want after the replacement, the jersey that he couldn’t find after the high-school game, and the nunchucks that he gave Han Tingfeng as a gift.

Immediately afterwards, he watched Han Tingfeng walk to the tightly drawn curtains in this room and lift them up.

Behind the curtains is an entire wall without windows, and on this wall, densely layered, there are at least thousands of photos posted.

His photo.

Jiang Zhao didn’t know how to evaluate this.

He could only try to remain calm, and when Han Tingfeng introduced these things to him with infatuation, he said coldly, “What a lunatic.”

“The moment I fell in love with you, I was already crazy, Zhao Zhao,” Han Tingfeng didn’t feel humiliated at all. “And, you are going to marry a lunatic soon.”

Jiang Zhao looked at the corner of the room in disbelief.

When he entered the door, he noticed that there was a snow-white wedding dress hanging there, but this wedding dress was not a woman’s size, it was hung on a male plastic mold without a head.

The wedding dress perfectly fits the shape of the plastic mold, yet it looks so weird.

Jiang Zhao had been puzzled all the time, but Han Fangting kept saying “family”, and finally got the answer.

“Keep dreaming,” he sneered coldly. “In such a ghost place, do you want to look for God to preside over the wedding?”

However, Han Tingfeng pulled his arm. After Jiang Zhao shook it off, he didn’t have any anger. He lightly sniffed his fingertips and said with a smile:

“No way.”

“No one is needed to officiate, this is a wedding for only the two of us.”

Jiang Zhao fell asleep all night.

When morning came, he looked at the wedding dress on the bed with cold eyes.

Letting him wear this kind of thing, it is really more uncomfortable than killing him. However, Han Tingfeng only let him choose to wear it himself, or Han Tingfeng helped him wear it.

In this case, he had no other choice at all.

Ten minutes later, Jiang Zhao knocked on the bedroom door from the inside out and said, “I’m finished.”

Han Tingfeng unlocked the door, and the moment the bedroom was opened, his eyes lit up.

The young man was wearing a clean tube top wedding dress with lotus leaf collar, the upper body was tucked close to the body, a slender waistline was pinched out, and the pure skirt hem of the half body fell to the ground.The inner skirt supports a pair of long legs that are smooth and white.

His face is not powdered, but his face and his affectionate eyes still catch his attention, especially Jiang Zhao’s hair has grown a little longer during this period, and he can almost tie it. The strands of hair that came lazily hung down the back of his neck, blurring his sense of gender more and more, and only made him feel that this was an exquisitely carved beauty.

“Zhao Zhao,” Han Tingfeng’s eyes seemed to be enchanted, “You’re so beautiful today.”

Jiang Zhao’s expression did not waver: “‌Will we go or not?”

Han Tingfeng stretched out his arm extremely gentlemanly, Jiang Zhao glanced at the glove he was wearing, deliberately continued to pretend to be weak, and put on his arm.

This is Jiang Zhao’s first chance to step out of the room since he was kidnapped, and it is also his only chance to escape.

According to Han Tingfeng, once the two have “confirmed their relationship”, then Han Tingfeng will not just play games with him in the same room.

Just thinking about going to bed with Han Tingfeng in his mind, Jiang Zhao felt so disgusting that he could even spit out the food he had eaten in his previous life.

But one night has passed… Have the others found any trace of him? Han Tingfeng really did things so cleanly that he didn’t leave any clues?

Jiang Zhao’s mind was a little confused, he forced himself to calm down, his face was still very pale, and it was no different from yesterday’s state.

After the two walked through the long corridor, Jiang Zhao realized that they were supposed to be on the second floor of a villa. At this time, Han Tingfeng was leading him to the third floor.

The dome on the third floor was absurdly high, nearly five or six meters. When Jiang Zhaowas full of doubts, he followed Han Tingfeng to open the door on the third floor, and rose petals fell from the top of his head.

The red carpet, flowers, imitation church design, and the windows here finally have no fences, but glass similar to the church. The bright light from the window in the morning brightened the whole room.

Han Tingfeng smiled slightly: “Zhao Zhao, today you are the most beautiful bride.”

Jiang Zhao hooked his lips mockingly.

Indeed, a bride who gets married with shackles is truly unique.

Han Tingfeng grabbed his hand and walked step by step towards the empty marriage witness not far away. The seats prepared for the guests were also placed. At this time, it was naturally empty, only scattered petals of color fell from the flower balls on the roof, like a group of silent onlookers.

Jiang Zhao suddenly said: “Why didn’t you lock the church as well?”

Obviously, the other windows have been installed with iron fences with thick arms.

Han Tingfeng smiled: “It doesn’t matter, Zhao Zhao.”

The meaning of the words is that even if Jiang Zhao smashes the glass, it is of no use. This is the third floor, not to mention that he is still wearing a pair of shackles weighing more than ten pounds.

Jiang Zhao snorted: “But I think today’s shackles seem to be heavier, do you know why?”

Han Tingfeng looked at him, and Jiang Zhao looked back at him, showing a rather brilliant smile.

When he had a cold face, he was good-looking enough, but when he smiled, it was enough to make him fascinated, and Han Tingfeng lost his mind in an instant.

For a second, Jiang Zhao directly lifted the hem of his skirt, pulled out a thing stuck on the skirt support, and slapped it directly on Han Tingfeng’s face: “Because I am your grandfather! Stupid!!”

Han Tingfeng cried out in pain, covered his face and took a few steps back, while Jiang Zhao kicked off the high heels on his feet and ran towards the glass not far away.

“Come back!!!”

Behind him came Han Ting’s hoarse roar.

Jiang Zhao doesn’t care about that, what third floor, what shackles, what sick brain–

Nothing can stop him.

With the sound of “crashing”, Jiang Zhao’s figure, accompanied by countless colored glass fragments, jumped into the extremely bright sunlight outside.

An hour ago.

Xiao Siye looked at the message sent by the guard, and said in a hoarse voice, “Got it.”

He simply shifted gears neatly and rushed out.

The searched address was on a very remote mountain on the outskirts of the capital city. The mountain road up the mountain was steep and without any guardrails. The driver who came after him set his speed at full speed for stability, but Xiao Siye stepped on the accelerator directly. The SUV seemed to have turned into a ghost in the sun and rushed up the mountain without hesitation.

When he rode to the top of the mountain, he saw a high-rise villa, designed like a European-style castle, and like a solitary cage.

He opened the door, took the car, and took out a folding knife and a pair of finger tigers.

But just as he was about to reach the door of the villa, the stained glass on the third floor of the villa suddenly shattered!

Amidst the shards of glass, a colored shadow appeared like a blooming flower, and his body was covered with the light reflected from the sunlight from the glass, and then he fell straight down.

Like a messenger who has fallen into a room.

Xiao Siye rushed forward almost instinctively, and suddenly hugged the group of exploding colors.

The huge impact caused the two to roll directly on the ground for several laps. Jiang Zhao was dizzy, thinking that he might go to say hi to God with the unlucky ghost he just hit.

But when he endured the pain all over his body and crawled from the grass, suddenly the unlucky ghost hugged him tightly.

Before he could push the other party away, a sense of familiarity came over his face, Jiang Zhao’s mind moved: “Xiao Siye?”

Xiao Siye didn’t speak.

A few seconds later, Jiang Zhao found that he seemed to be shaking.

Could it be that there are any sequelae from this fall?!

Jiang Zhao was shocked, but he immediately noticed that it wasn’t his body that was shaking.

——It was Xiao Siye who hugged him tightly, trembling involuntarily.

As if …… some kind of lost item was found after, fluke luck and he felt joyful.

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I Won’t Get Drunk With My Nemesis Again

I Won’t Get Drunk With My Nemesis Again

Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Chinese
On the day Jiang Zhao won the Golden Orchid Award for Best Actor, the reporter who interviewed him offstage deliberately asked: "I heard that you and Mr. Xiao Siye, the former film star, are brothers in the Film Academy. How is the relationship between the two of you?" The whole entertainment circle knows that Jiang Zhao and Xiao Siye are rivals, and they have been tit for tat since their debut, but there must be fan wars whenever they are in the same frame. Jiang Zhao held the golden trophy and smiled faintly in front of the camera:" We’re not familiar with each other." After the press conference, Jiang Zhao was walking in the empty VIP channel when someone suddenly pressed him against the wall. The tip of his nose rubbed against the man's bulging Adam's apple, and he heard the hot breath falling on his ear: "The one you've slept with, you’re not familiar?" Jiang Zhao snorted coldly: "Don't be so naive, Xiao Siye, we’re both adults, so what if we slept together once?" - Not long after, Jiang Zhao opened his eyes again after a hangover, and his body was sore. Xiao Siye was also sitting next to him, and looked at him with a leisurely look: "What about when you slept a second time?" Jiang Zhao: "..." #Urgent, what should I do if I have sex with my rival again# #How to explain the incident of walking out of the same hotel after disappearing with the rival for one-night # # it can't be true that I'm with my rival! #. 【Gong’s perspective】 Xiao Siye has also been interviewed by foreign fashion magazines, and the interviewer asked him a question: "Did you have a crush during your student days?" They thought this question would be perfunctory answered, but Xiao Siye's expression suddenly became serious and nodded:" I have." The interviewer hurriedly asked, "What kind of person is that?" The manager's face changed, and he immediately gestured to suspend the interview. But Xiao Siye, as if he didn't see it, curled the corners of his lips, looked at the camera and replied word by word:"There is no other one like him in the world." Lang Yan((From the Yuefu Folk Song 《白石郎曲》, it generally praises the beauty of the male god. )) is unique, second to none in the world.  


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