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In the interrogation room, Wang Zuiying changed his attitude almost instantly, from the one who just stretched his neck and shouted to a turtle holding his head, and kept explaining:

“Comrade police officer, I really did smoke a long time ago. I definitely haven’t recently…”

The policewoman just now smiled slightly: “Our test strips are enough to detect the history of drug use within two weeks, but it’s not ‘that long’.”

Wang Zuiying choked, He continued to beg for mercy: “I-I really don’t dare anymore, I have…”

Next to the female police officer, the little police officer in charge of recording moved his eyes from the computer screen to him: “There was a record of drug use half a year ago. Ah? Did you say the same thing again?”

Wang Zuiying: “…”

Wang Zuiying sniffed: “I regret it now, I regret it very much…”

The policewoman tapped the pen in her hand on the table: “Okay, it’s useless for you to regret it. Come on, let’s talk about why you planted drugs on your roommate.”

The door of the mediation room was pushed open, and Jiang Zhao immediately stood up: ” Officer.”

The female police officer sat down, then sat at the other table in the mediation room, and explained, “We have already interrogated Wang Zuiying. He confessed to planting drugs. For this specific reason, he said that someone offered him drugs and instructed him to do so. If he succeeds, he will get 50,000 yuan in remuneration.”

Jiang Zhao immediately asked, “Who is that person?”

The policewoman shook her head: “The place they contacted was in the urban area that was not covered by surveillance, and we are still working hard to investigate surveillance. But according to Wang Zuiying, that person’s hand has very conspicuous scars, do you have any impressions?”

Jiang Zhao and Xiao Hu looked at each other, and then Xiao Siye, both of them denied.

The policewoman said: “If there is nothing else, Xiao He can go home now. Wang Zuiying is a second drug addict and will be detained for 15 days. As for the person who framed you, we will also do our best to investigate. Please go back and get a rest first.”

At this point, all Jiang Zhao and the others did was to believe the police.

Jiang Zhao had no choice but to nod: “You’ve worked hard work, comrade police.”

When he left the police station and returned to the nanny’s car, Xiao Hu was still at a loss: “Brother, did I offend anyone, but I don’t remember…”

” Don’t worry about it too much,” Jiang Zhao said, “Go home first and have a good rest, trust the people’s police.”

Xiao Hu had no choice but to respond, but he is also a big-hearted man, and he was happy when the driver brought him home. On the ground floor, he did not forget to wave goodbye to Jiang Zhao.

It was already three in the morning, but Jiang Zhao was not at all sleepy. He lowered his head and refreshed the news on WeChat on his mobile phone. After a while, he suddenly woke up and there was a living person beside him: “I’ll send you home first?” Fascinated, he just asked the driver to drive in the direction of his house, but he forgot that Xiao Siye was here.

Xiao Siye smiled, with a mocking tone: “I thought you were going to take me back to your house.”

Jiang Zhao: “…” The driver didn’t dare to speak in front of them – after all, it would be awkward.

“I’ll take you back now,” Jiang Zhao said decisively and was a little puzzled. “You’ve been tossing so late, aren’t you sleepy?”

Xiao Siye asked back, “Aren’t you sleepy?”

Jiang Zhao was silent for a second, then said: “I am, but I can’t sleep.” As soon as he finished speaking, a prompt sounded on WeChat.

Jiang Zhao immediately lowered his head, it was indeed the message he was expecting, and his eyes lit up a little.

Xiao Siye paid attention to his spirit and asked, “Who is it?”

He just asked casually, not expecting Jiang Zhao to tell him everything, but Jiang Zhao directly handed the screen of his mobile phone to him.

This act of taking him as his own made Xiao Siye paused, and then his eyes fell on the mobile phone screen:

Old Zhan: [There is no problem with the donor’s body, but he suddenly changed his mind. I went to check, and found that their family made a fortune from nowhere, and they are planning to travel, and they want their little girl to study abroad. 】

Jiang Zhao: 【No reason? 】

Old Zhan: [I Inquired about the circle with their neighbors, only one old man said that he had seen a strange man with an ordinary appearance come to their house one day. 】

Jiang Zhao: 【Does that person have any other characteristics? 】

Old Zhan: [Oh yes, the old man ‌‌ said that he also wore a hat, but I can’t remember the rest. ]

“Old Zhan used to be a paparazzi, I would ask him if I had anything to do,” Jiang Zhao put the screen of his mobile phone against his fingertips and turned around, “Someone paid a lot of money to buy donors, so they would refused to donate.”

But Zuo Xiaoqiu and father Zuo are not the type of characters who will casually enmity with others, and who would spend so much money on them?

Xiao Siye asked, “Have you already made a guess?”

Jiang Zhao didn’t speak, and the phone that was spinning at his fingertips stopped, “I have to know why he did this.”

His purpose has always been him, but he has always tried his best to deal with the people beside him.

What’s wrong with not coming at him? What the hell is this idiot doing, Han Tingfeng?

“I’m going to find him,” Jiang Zhao leaned back on the car seat and sneered, “Also, he’s just asking me to contact him.”

Xiao Siye said, when the phone in his jacket suddenly rang.

After the connection, the manager’s somewhat panicked voice came: “Aye! What are you doing at the police station in the middle of the night? You were filmed!”
Jiang Zhao immediately opened Weibo when he heard the words, and the hot search face was stunned with the entry # when the popular actor was suspected of entering the police station late at night. Netizens who stayed up late to eat melons began to think crazily in front of the only blurry photos, with tens of millions of views directly.

The angles of the photos in the hot search are all very subtle. It happened to be the silhouette of Xiao Siye entering the police station, which perfectly blocked the signs of Jiang Zhao.

“…Fuck,” Jiang Zhao couldn’t help cursing, “Is it true that he didn’t let anyone go?”

Xiao Siye was very calm: “Maybe he will leave it to deal with me at the end, after all, he hates mee the most.” The agent sister was so frightened that her voice became a bit sharp: “Who? Who hates you?”

“Sister Chun, it’s okay,” Xiao Siye whispered, “I I’ll call you back.”

“Go back and solve it first,” Jiang Zhao frowned, “Don’t let these things ferment, I’ll also speak to my public relations department to help you press the news.”

Before Xiao Siye could speak, Jiang Zhao instructed the driver: “Go to his company and send him first.”

Xiao Siye thought that Jiang Zhao decided to meet him and said, “What about you? Are you going to find him?”

Jiang Zhao glanced at him inexplicably: “Who am I looking for? I want to go home to catch up on sleep.”

Xiao Siye’s expression was a little more relaxed.

He stared into Jiang Zhao’s eyes: “If you want to find him, tell me first.”

Jiang Zhao nodded perfunctorily: “Okay, okay, I’ll ask you to come and support me.”

He was really sleepy, and bowed his head and yawned. The tossing of ‌night ‌ made him unable to open his eyes.

Xiao Siye smiled, took a small pillow from the back seat, and put it on Jiang Zhao.

Jiang Zhao was not polite, he took it and put it behind his head, closed his eyes and fell asleep.

The nanny car drove to the building of Xiao Siye’s company. Jiang Zhao was already asleep, and Xiao Siye got up gently and gave Jiang Zhao the coat he just took off.

After the car left, Jiang Zhao opened his eyes just as the driver turned around at the intersection ahead.

“Don’t go home,” he sat up and said to the driver, “Go ahead two intersections, then pull over and stop for a while, I’ll contact someone.”

The driver stopped by the side of the road, and Jiang Zhao stared at him . On the phone screen, drag a number out from the blacklist.

Jiang Zhao entered a 24-hour street convenience store and asked the driver to go back to rest first.

There was no one in the store, and the clerk kept bowing his head and playing, not paying attention to him.

He bought a cup of self-service hot coffee and sat in the corner, drinking and warming his hands.

Not long after, a Bentley came to the front of the convenience store and stopped steadily.

Jiang Zhao smashed the empty paper cup into a ball, threw it into the trash can next to it, and pushed the door to the convenience store. The driver wearing a peaked cap personally drove the car and opened the rear door for him.

When Jiang Zhao lowered his head, he caught a glimpse of the centipede-like scar on the driver’s right hand.

He paused for a moment, then lowered his head and got into the car.

“Xiao Zhao,” Han Tingfeng was sitting on the side of the car, smiling at him, his eyes were gentle and restrained, “I’m very happy that you called me.”

Jiang Zhao approached the window, clearly distinguishing himself from him: “Give me an explanation.”

Before Han Tingfeng could speak, Jiang Zhao turned to him coldly: “Don’t say you don’t know anything.”

After a few seconds of stalemate, Han Tingfeng laughed again: “Xiao Zhao, I’m really happy that you’re taking me so seriously.”

“Sure enough, the only way to get rid of all the rubbish around you is…” He sighed with emotion, “only looking at me.”

Jiang Zhao frowned at him: “What do you mean?”

Han Tingfeng looked at him calmly: ” That’s what I said. I don’t want garbage to approach you, they will make you unclean.”

Jiang Zhao’s heart skipped a beat, trying to keep calm: “So, the recent things are all done by you.”

Han Tingfeng nodded directly: “Yes.”

He did not hesitate to answer , and the hypocritical face did not even have the slightest bit of shame.

Jiang Zhao’s anger instantly drowned out his rationality.

‌‌ Han Tingfeng’s face was slanted to the side, and blood flowed from the corner of his broken mouth. Jiang Zhao retracted his fist, grabbed his collar, and roared, “What the hell are you doing?”

Han Tingfeng was clearly punched, but he grinned at Jiang Zhao. He gave a gentle and frantic smile: “Xiao Zhao, you only need me by your side, family, friends, lover, servant, I can be whoever you want.”

“Xiao Zhao, I love you,” a bit of sadness appeared in his eyes, “I didn’t want to do this…but you’re not obedient.”

Jiang Zhao’s back suddenly twitched.

He dared to use Han Tingfeng’s car because he was sure of his current status. If something happened, it would definitely be discovered by the people around him, and as an adult man who worked out all the year round, Han Tingfeng couldn’t do anything to him.

But at this moment, his self-confidence was suddenly shaken.

A bad premonition rushed to his head, and he turned his head sharply, but saw the raised hand of the driver in the front row—

and the black taser in his hand.

Translator’s Note:
He shouldn’t have entered the vehicle.

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