Jiang Zhao’s body suddenly tensed.

He responded very quickly, and immediately sneered, a disdainful smile raised on the corners of his lips:

“Don’t be so naive, Xiao Siye, we’re both adults, so what if we slept together once?”

Speaking, he raised his eyebrows and deliberately lowered his voice:

“Or, did I accidentally become the first person to sleep on Emperor Xiao’s bed, so you can never forget me?”

This is actually Jiang Zhao’s first time, but at the moment, even if he plays hard, he still has to act like a seasoned lover.

No matter what you lose, you can’t lose your aura in front of your opponent.

Xiao Siye’s eyes suddenly darkened.

He was very close to Jiang Zhao, so as soon as Jiang Zhao opened his mouth to speak, his warm breath fell on the side of his neck, as if he had been scratched lightly by a feather.

There was a viscous smell brewing in the air, but it seemed that a string of sparks would splash out in the next second.

After a brief silence, Jiang Zhao heard Xiao Siye also speak:

“You’re right.”

Jiang Zhao: “?”

A trace of shock flashed across Jiang Zhao’s eyes, and he was instantly suppressed by him.

No, isn’t it true that their family is a Gaoling flower as clean as the rumors say, and has never slept with anyone?!

Jiang Zhao has always felt that there are not many clean people from top to bottom in the entertainment industry, especially Xiao Siye who has no background and climbed to where he is today.

It’s not that he is blind, it’s because he has seen too many dirty things over the years. If it weren’t for his family’s capital, he is afraid he wouldn’t be able to get to where he is today.

His first time?

He didn’t believe Xiao Siye’s nonsense.

Jiang Zhao sneered, he pushed Xiao Siye’s shoulder away, and forcibly kept a distance from the person in front of him: “Do you think I will believe it?”

Xiao Siye naturally didn’t think he would believe it, so he changed the subject: “Does the ointment work?”

Jiang Zhao’s expression froze, and then he glared at him fiercely: “You take care of Laozi!”

Xiao Siye also chuckled and took out his mobile phone from his pocket: “I’ll be responsible for what I did, can you please add me?”

“If it’s not convenient for you to go to the hospital…” He paused, “I know a reliable private doctor.”

Xiao Siye took the initiative to add WeChat, if this kind of opportunity was disclosed, the entire entertainment industry would not know how many people would break their heads just to grab it.

But for Jiang Zhao, it is not uncommon – who the hell isn’t a movie star anymore?

And when you sleep, you sleep. What the hell is responsibility? He is not some old lady whose innocence was tainted in ancient times, and this “responsible” statement made him inexplicably annoyed.

He didn’t even look at the QR code that Xiao Siye handed over, and stared at him coldly: “Xiao Siye, everyone has their own needs. You know what is the relationship between us, what happened last night was an accident, I hope a third person won’t know.”

“Also,” he raised a contemptuous smile, with naked provocation at the end of his eyes, “I have never been short of people on my bed. If you want to be responsible, you may have to make a number first.”

After he finished speaking, he didn’t see Xiao Siye’s reaction, he turned around and left.

Xiao Siye also stood quietly, watching his back, his smile faded.

After Jiang Zhao’s figure completely disappeared at the end of the passage, Xiao Siye also lowered his head and lit a cigarette. Those amber eyes were drowning in the hazy smoke, his emotions unclear.

He suddenly raised the corners of his lips, and with a hint of self-deprecation, he repeated in a low voice:

“Everyone has their own needs?”

The barbecue party to celebrate Jiang Zhao’s best actor was held on the rooftop of Jiang Zhao’s villa. Aimi and his assistant were in charge of setting up the barbecue grill and smokeless stove. Zuo Xiaoqiu brought seven or eight fresh-keeping boxes of cured meat, and prepared in advance. The fruit cake is enough for a few people until tomorrow morning.

Just as the meat was placed on the barbecue grill, the neighbor next door heard the wind and rolled his eyes: “Yo? Do you want to eat barbecue?”

Jiang Zhao pretended to close the door: “You are not welcome to eat rice.”

“Hey, you,” Qin Youyou hurriedly grabbed the door handle, and pushed forward the box that she labored to carry, “The king crab just arrived by air today, congratulations on winning the best actor!”

Ten minutes later, Qin Youyou buried her head in a large plate of freshly baked barbecued meat and inhaled the aroma happily.

Jiang Zhao took a sip of beer next to her with disgust: “Anyway, it’s an afterthought, pay attention to how you eat.”

Ms. Qin swallowed a mouthful of meat and didn’t care: “Do you know how long I’ve eaten salad for this meat? And I’m not as particular as you, I can eat a skewer even if it is not made by three Michelin stars chef.”

Qin Youyou hasn’t changed much since college. Jiang Zhao was accustomed to her being like this, and asked casually, “Is the TV series finished?”

“Of course, otherwise how dare I eat so much,” Qin Youyou hiccupped, “Speaking of which, Xiao Siye actually gave you an award today, and the organizer really attracted big traffic. You two have three hot searches in a row tonight. Do you know?”

When Jiang Zhao heard the words “Xiao Siye”, his face habitually darkened. After drinking the beer, he took a bite of the pork belly dipped in sauce, as if he was biting Xiao Siye’s meat.

Qin Youyou couldn’t help sighing: “Anyway, you two were also the double walls of our school’s theater back then, how could the relationship be so bad.”

Jiang Zhao thought that it might not have been this bad before, but after last night, it was really broken.

Of course, it was impossible to say such a reason. He simply said with a cold face: I don’t like the way he looks.

Qin Youyou took a swig of beer, “You’re handsome, so you’re justified to say that.”

“Oh yes, are you going to have a variety show next month? Who are the guests?” Qin Youyou’s eyes lit up,

“It just so happens that I have no schedule recently, and I also want to play.”

Jiang Zhao picked up a life variety show called “Morning in the Country” two months ago. It was the producer of this variety show who introduced him to the director of his award-winning work. He owed him a favor, so he took this variety show.

But Jiang Zhao didn’t know who the other guests are, so he turned to look at Zuo Xiaoqiu, who was roasting king crab legs.

Zuo Xiaoqiu proficiently reported names: “Currently confirmed guests are Jiang Han, Xu Qingqing, Wang Zuosi, He Qing, and the rest are yet to be decided.”

These are all currently popular artists, Qin Youyou narrowed her eyes: “There is Xu Qingqing, no wonder they didn’t invite this old lady.”

Xu Qingqing and Qin Youyou debuted at the same time, and the two of them cannot be called tit-for-tat as Jiang Zhao and Xiao Siye, but they are not harmonious either.

Just a few months ago, one of Qin Youyou’s favorite roles was snatched by Xu Qingqing halfway. Xu Qingqing held the gold master’s arm and smiled like a flower, while Qin Youyou was so angry that she ran over to Jiang Zhao to overeat three meals of fried chicken.

Qin Youyou’s big eyes flashed with vengeance, and she said angrily, “I tell you, she’s not a good person, you remember to stay away from her and be careful of getting stuck.”

Jiang Zhao clicked on a cute cat video in the video software, and stared intently at the cat playing with feathers: “You think too much, she’s not within the scope of my sexual orientation.”

Qin Youyou heard the words, and immediately began to worry again: “So, although you are gay, how come we have known each other for so many years, and I have never seen anyone you are interested in?”

Jiang Zhao sucked the cat intently: “There is no one suitable.”

“What is appropriate?” Qin Youyou looked at him as if he was a fool, “Us actors are not as restricted as idols when they fall in love, but your standards are so high. Well, as long as you are not going to be lonely forever.”

Jiang Zhao has already slid to the next cat video. He stared at the cute little white cat with a bow on the screen, and replied casually, “Then it should look good.”

Qin Youyou: “…I think your sexual orientation is a cat, right?”

Zuo Xiaoqiu brought a freshly baked plate of king crab legs. Aimi and his assistant next to him had already played boxing. Qin Youyou glanced at the protagonist of the celebration feast who was immersed in the cat world, and joined next to him without looking back

Jiang Zhao who was cat sucking[1]吸猫: Cat-sucking is an Internet term that refers to the favorite actions of pet cat owners for cats, including kissing and hugging cats and even sniffing hard., looked up at Zuo Xiaoqiu, who was handing him the crab legs, frowning, “You’ve baked enough, you can eat it yourself.”

Zuo Xiaoqiu was extremely happy tonight, he actually brought out an actor in his career, he can boast at his grandchildren, and his eyes were full of kindness when he looked at Jiang Zhao all night.

Jiang Zhao also stopped persuading him. When he eats, he likes to be immersed in the world of one person. He lowered his head and continued to scan cat videos. Zuo Xiaoqiu saw it and said casually: “If you really like it so much, you can raise one, and let Xiaohu help take care of it. Just fine.”

Xiao Hu is a little assistant who is playing boxing beside him. He has three cats at home, and he can be called a big shit shoveler.

Jiang Zhao shook his head: “I’ll just take a look.”

Zuo Xiaoqiu picked up a new box of cured meat in confusion. Jiang Zhao likes cats, his mobile phone avatar and wallpaper are cats, and he likes to watch cat videos on the Internet when he is free, but he is never willing to raise them by himself.

However, Zuo Xiaoqiu didn’t insist any longer. No one else could ask Jiang Zhao what he didn’t want to say.

The barbecue was eaten until after one o’clock in the evening, and Zuo Xiaoqiu was in charge of sending the group of drunks home who had drunk too much beer. Qin Youyou lived next door, so she simply jumped over the wall: “Goodbye! I’m sleeping!”

Jiang Zhao: “…don’t plant your face directly in the yard.”

Fortunately, this queen still had some sense of reason. Jiang Zhao watched her stagger into the house, so he was relieved and turned back.

He doesn’t like to be lively by nature. Even if he wins the best actor, he just casually celebrates with the people he knows well. After returning to the bedroom, there was still a dizzying feeling of alcohol in his head, and he glanced at the messages on his mobile phone, and suddenly caught a glimpse of a strange friend request.

The friend request was sent a few hours ago. It is estimated that he was still arguing with Qin Youyou at the time and didn’t see it in time.

The applicant’s id is a simple number “9”, and there is no information in the remarks, but Jiang Zhao suddenly found out that the head of the other party is a very beautiful blue-eyed puppet cat with a small black and white on his head.

After hesitating for a few seconds, Jiang Zhao clicked through.

Only his closest family members, teachers, and friends know about his WeChat account, and he is very relieved that no one has pushed his account to a messy person for so many years.

After the friend application was approved, Jiang Zhao just clicked on the avatar on the opposite side and took a breath, and the other party sent a message directly:

“You haven’t slept yet?”

Jiang Zhao frowned and replied with a “?”.

The other party didn’t reply immediately, but “the other party is typing” above his head was always displayed. Jiang Zhao waited for a long time without any messages, and couldn’t help but ask, “What are you typing?”

After a few seconds, the other party replied.

9: “You really don’t need a doctor?”

Jiang Zhao’s eyes froze, and a certain face that was very rude flashed across his mind.

He snorted and pressed the voice without hesitation: “You fucking need a doctor!”

On the other side of the screen, in the living room where the lights were not turned on, only the mobile phone was lit with a faint blue light.

Xiao Siye had just finished bathing, his upper body was naked. The muscles on his shoulders and back were tight and neat, and there were still the messy scratches from last night.

He looked at the voice message on the screen and the emoticon with the capital “go”. He wanted to reply, but as soon as the message was sent, a bright red dot appeared in front of him.

It was the first time that Emperor Xiao had eaten such a direct and unpretentious closed-door soup, but it was a very novel experience.

He opened the voice message again, and the clear and pleasant voice of the young man echoed in the room. It was clearly said in a hurry, but he repeated it over and over again.

He doesn’t know how many times he listened to it, he lowered his eyes and stared at the screen, showing a somewhat helpless smile:

“It’s really a little bit of everything.[2]“真是一点就着啊。” I’m not sure if I translated this one correct”

Translator’s Note: I forgot to say, but please don’t put spoiler in the comments since I’m the type of person who reads as I translate. I’m guessing JZ might be allergic to cats but I’m not sure.


1 吸猫: Cat-sucking is an Internet term that refers to the favorite actions of pet cat owners for cats, including kissing and hugging cats and even sniffing hard.
2 “真是一点就着啊。” I’m not sure if I translated this one correct”

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