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“Oh, have you finished drying the tea?”

Xu Qingqing walked out of the room. When she came, she was wearing a T-shirt and shorts, but now she has changed into a long floral dress with suspenders.

She softened her voice and looked at Jiang Zhao quietly from the corner of her eye: “Well, I’m really sorry, it took too long to apply sunscreen just now.”

On the surface, she looked apologetic, but in fact, there was a burst of joy in her heart.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Zhao actually helped her with the task.

Does that mean that Jiang Zhao just looks cold, but he actually has feelings for her?

Thinking like this, Xu Qingqing tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, deliberately showing her collarbone, and looked at Jiang Zhao with charming eyes.

Jiang Zhao glanced at her speechlessly.

He really didn’t see what Xu Qingqing was embarrassed about.

However, his unintentional eyes made Xu Qingqing even more excited, and he stuck to him directly: “Brother Jiang, you are so amazing, you have finished your task so quickly, and come back to help me.”

Jiang Zhao suppressed the urge to frown, and immediately took a step back, avoiding the body she wanted to get close to.

Qin Youyou said it again – this Xu Qingqing really didn’t even look at anyone, so she ran towards him.

Seeing him hiding from her, Xu Qingqing felt aggrieved: “Brother Jiang, you are so indifferent, I just want to thank you.”

“Then Miss Xu should also thank me and Xiao He?”

Xiao Siye also suddenly approached Jiang Zhao’s side with a gentle smile: “Just now, my junior and I helped you finish the task. Xiao He took care of everything by himself when you were away.”

Xu Qingqing’s expression froze, and then she suppressed the displeasure in her eyes and looked at Xiao Siye with a smile: “I’m sorry, I just forgot. Thank you Brother Xiao and Xiao He, when you need help, just call me.”

She didn’t expect that Xiao Siye would also appear in this show, but the other party was a senior. She couldn’t shake her face yet, so she had to make a perfunctory attitude first.

Who knows, Xiao Siye doesn’t seem to plan to expose her like this: “In that case, you should be responsible for helping to wash the dishes after meals.”

Xu Qingqing’s smile almost disappeared.

Did she make a mistake, she specially wore such a beautiful dress, but Xiao Siye asked her to wash the dishes?

Do you know what cherish jade means, what if it gets stained with the oil!

“Brother Xiao, don’t you want to wash the dishes?” Xu Qingqing bit her lower lip, “I’m not very good at washing dishes, it would be bad if I fell. Brother Jiang, what do you think?”

As she spoke, she looked at Jiang Zhao with pitiful eyes, expecting Jiang Zhao to speak and refute Xiao Siye’s words.

After all, these two people are notoriously fighting in the circle. Even if Jiang Zhao is not interested in her, he will definitely not pay attention to Xiao Siye.

Xiao Siye also said leisurely, “I’m afraid my younger brother doesn’t think so.”

Xu Qingqing’s smile faded a bit: “Brother Xiao, Brother Jiang hasn’t spoken yet. Your thoughts don’t represent Brother Jiang, right?”

Then, her voice softened again and said to Jiang Zhao, “Isn’t that right, Brother Jiang?”

She has clearly expressed her position. Even if she would have a feud with Xiao Siye, she chose to stand on Jiang Zhao’s side. As a result, Jiang Zhao would change his words to help her speak.

Jiang Zhao narrowed his eyes slightly.

He and Xiao Siye also met their gazes, and undercurrents flowed between them.

Then, under Xu Qingqing’s expectant gaze, he said:

“You can’t wash dishes well, but practice makes perfect.”

Xu Qingqing’s eyes suddenly widened.

She saw that Jiang Zhao showed her the first smile since meeting her: “I’ll give you the dishes today, come on.”

Xu Qingqing: “…”

This is unreasonable!

Aren’t these two people who have a particularly bad relationship? Why would Jiang Zhao agree with what Xiao Siye said? !

“Hey! We’re back!”

While the atmosphere in the small courtyard was awkward, Wang Zuosi and Jiang Han pushed in the door with the reward in time.

He Jinuo was the first to greet them at the entrance of the small courtyard. Although he was not familiar with these two, the air pressure surrounding Xu Qingqing just now… was really terrifying.

“These are the supplies we got,” Jiang Han shook the bag in his hand with a bright smile,

“There are onions, ginger, garlic and mutton.”

Wang Zuosi covered his stomach exaggeratedly: “I picked tea all morning, I’m so hungry that I’m dizzy, remember to catch me, Xiao Han.”

Jiang Han pushed him: “You should just fall directly to the ground!”

The two of them quarreled, and suddenly they saw Xiao Siye in the courtyard, and they greeted him enthusiastically. For a while, the small courtyard was filled with a happy atmosphere.

He Jinuo showed them the food he had just received from the staff: “I have two pockets of green vegetables here, and a packet of hot pot seasoning.”

Xiao Si also suggested: “We have potatoes, meatballs, fans, and two goose eggs. Why don’t we have hot pot for lunch today?”

“Okay!” Jiang Han was the first to answer, “It just so happens that everyone is still relatively unfamiliar now, but there is no sense of distance that cannot be solved by one meal of hot pot. If there is, then two meals.”

Everyone laughed and began to discuss the hot pot at noon. Only Xu Qingqing stood beside and couldn’t laugh.

Eat hot pot? The hot pot smells so great, but she has to wash the dishes, so isn’t this dress on her body going to be stained?

Don’t these people ask her for her opinion? Are they all targeting her?

“I won’t eat it.”

In the sound of lively discussions on the division of labor, Xu Qingqing’s speech was particularly abrupt.

With a cold face, she turned around and left: “I have an uncomfortable stomach, so I’ll go back first.”

The small courtyard was silent for a few seconds.

It was Jiang Han who broke the embarrassment: “Then wait a while, let’s cook Qingqing some dishes in clear soup.”

“I think it’s okay,” Wang Zuosi nodded immediately, “Chef Jiang, what are we going to do next? There are still a group of pretty boys waiting to be fed.”

Jiang Han smiled and smacked his shoulder: “I’ll prepare the hot pot soup and cut vegetables. Others will be responsible for washing and picking vegetables. Those who can cut vegetables can also join me. Let’s move now.”

After the division of labor was over, Jiang Zhao took the initiative to pick up a bag of vegetables and walked to the pool in the corner of the small courtyard.

In this circle of beauties, Jiang Han is not very good-looking, but she has a wonderful affinity, which can bring the atmosphere to life and take care of everyone.

Comparing this emotional intelligence with Xu Qingqing’s, it’s already clear who is more intelligent.

Jiang Zhao took the cabbage under the faucet and just turned on the faucet, when there was another figure standing in the way.

Taking advantage of the interaction between Jiang Han and Wang Zuosi not far from the camera, Jiang Zhao said unhappily, “Why don’t you cut vegetables?”

Xiao Siye also picked up a carrot familiarly: “I don’t want to be a light bulb.”

Jiang Zhao curled the corners of his lips. He wanted to move to the well, but He Jinuo had already taken the only bucket and was waggling for water.

It happened that the camera moved the camera over again, and he could only hold his expression: “That’s why you’re here to make people look bad, right?”

Xiao Siye also lowered his voice: “You despise me so much, but you spoke for me. Junior is really fickle.”

Jiang Zhao only felt a blue vein on his forehead jump: “It’s none of your business.”

Xiao Siye also suddenly said, “Brother.”


“Look outside.”

Jiang Zhao was stunned for a moment, and subconsciously looked at the place he pointed to.

The terrain of the small courtyard is relatively high. From here, you can see that the clouds and mists that originally shrouded the tea mountain have been penetrated by the sun, and large swaths of gold are shrouded in the continuous terraced fields and tea trees. Butterflies pass around the trees, birds swept across the mountains, this is a beautiful scene that can never be felt on TV.

Jiang Zhao looked at it for a while, then came back to his senses and pretended to be indifferent: “It’s just the sun coming out, I was shocked…”

Before he could finish speaking, he suddenly realized that Xiao Siye, who was beside him, hadn’t raised his head at all, and most of the vegetables in his basin had already been washed.

Jiang Zhao: “…”

This bastard is so sneaky!

After washing the dishes, Jiang Zhao took them to the kitchen.

Xiao Siye also washed the vegetables one step ahead of him, and was helping Jiang Han cut the vegetables in the kitchen. Wang Zuosi and He Jinuo went to the yard to play with pots and utensils. Jiang Zhao was idle, and his eyes fell on the extra kitchen knife.

Jiang Han noticed his gaze and asked, “Brother Jiang, are you here to cut vegetables too?”

Jiang Zhao: “…Well.”

He didn’t want to agree at first, but when he saw Xiao Siye next to him, he gave a mysterious nod.

Jiang Han helped him find an extra chopping board, and then stuffed him with a potato that had been washed and peeled: “There are some potatoes left uncut. They’re very slippery. Brother Jiang, be careful with your hands.”

Jiang Zhao took the potatoes and put them on the chopping board, with the other hand clenching the handle of the kitchen knife.

He didn’t actually cook.

He also wanted to learn something like fried rice on a whim, but after beating three eggs out of the bowl, he had to admit that cooking also depends on talent.

As for chopping vegetables, he played an undercover role before, and there was a scene where he used a dagger to accurately cut off a debtor’s finger, for which he practiced chopping prop fingers for more than an hour.

If you think about it this way, it should be about the same?

Jiang Zhao became blindly confident and cut the potato in half from the middle.

Xiao Siye also heard the movement and glanced at him. Jiang Zhao looked back immediately, and passed the message into his eyes: What are you looking at?

Xiao Siye looked at him motionless, Jiang Zhao felt the provocation in his eyes, and simply stuck in place, staring at him.

After Jiang Han finished cutting a tomato, he suddenly found that there was no movement around him.

She looked up at the movie stars on the left and right, and joked, “Am I a little redundant?”

“No.” Jiang Zhao immediately withdrew his gaze.

Xiao Siye smiled: “I am done here, these should be almost done, right?”

As soon as Jiang Zhao heard what he said, a sense of impatience appeared in his heart, and he didn’t pay much attention to the knife.

It wasn’t until Jiang Han exclaimed that he realized that he had just cut through the tip of his left finger with the knife, and the bright red blood dripping on the yellow potatoes was particularly clear.

Jiang Zhao hesitated: “Sorry, it was a waste.”

This knife made his whole person calm down, and even his brain was sobered up a lot.

He took the tissue that Jiang Han handed over to hold the wound, and began to reflect in his heart on why he would be so restless when he met Xiao Siye. Even if they were from opposite families and had a bad night, according to his experience of the past twenty-seven years, no one had ever stirred up his emotions so easily.

Maybe he should stay away from Xiao Siye and stay calm.

Before Jiang Zhao could think about it, someone suddenly grabbed his wrist.

Xiao Siye stared at the blood-soaked toilet paper in his hand, frowning: “Come here.”

Before Jiang Zhao could react, Xiao Siye dragged him all the way into the bedroom.

Translator’s notes:
Of course he would be worried JZ. Starting tomorrow it would be one chapter per day.

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